Chapter 458: Another Incident!

Chapter 458: Another Incident!


He actually has True Sight talent! How pure must his Green Dragon bloodline be?

And that Demonic Foxvine is also very powerful! Funenyin had to exhaust almost all of his arcane particles in an instant just to escape from it.

Every wind department arcane master changed their impression of Stingham and Ayrin’s group.

Every member in this Holy Dawn Academy team is a monster!

“Where is my Spirit Gathering Pearl!?” A wind department arcane master suddenly shouted as he could not find his most important artifact.

“My Fragrance Condensing Pearl is also missing!”

“My Soul Amber!”

“My entire Treasure Bag is gone!”

Many shouts spread out amongst the wind department arcane masters. Almost every single one of them was checking their pockets. At least half of them realized that they lost their most important treasures.

“Great King......”

Stingham, Ayrin, and Rinloran immediately turned around to look at Merlin. Their faces turned into a sly smile.

The big metal box on Merlin’s back had become the Faerie Dragon’s new home.

The three of them were certain the ‘lost’ treasures were inside that big metal box.

The wind department arcane masters were drenched in cold sweat. It was definitely not an accident when that many people lost their items. A large scale theft must have happened. However, who had the ability to steal so many items from them without anyone noticing?

Sweat appeared on Tzanshe’s forehead again.

He could tell those wind department arcane masters were not faking it. Could it be that there is a Shadow Dance level arcane master hiding nearby?

One arcane master could not endure anymore and chanted, “Formless Psychic: Scan!”

A ring of red light shot out from his body and spread out after forming into a unique domain.


Suddenly, a white silhouette flashed from far away. The silhouette seemed as if it were made up of countless pale white particles.

“It’s Lotton, he’s following us as expected.”

Ayrin and Rinloran thought to themselves.

“It’s him again! Why is he always following us!?” Stingham wanted to cry. He felt scared when thinking about Lotton’s colorless face with black eye circles.

“There is a Shadow Dance level arcane master hiding after all!”

Tzanshe and the wind department arcane masters were even more astonished. The change in expression of the Holy Dawn group did not escape their eyes. That person was clearly someone they knew! They assumed that it was the hidden Lotton who stole those treasures from them.

If Lotton could steal from them without revealing any presence, it would be very easy for him to assassinate any one of them.

“No wonder they are so arrogant and not worried!” A wind department arcane master said to his companions as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Tzanshe’s mouth twitched. He was about to order a retreat.

While Tzanshe and the wind department arcane masters were in awe, Ayrin suddenly shouted excitedly, “It seems to be almost ready!”

He stopped ‘beating up’ Beshe.

“You pervert, are you finally satisfied?” Stingham wanted to pass out.

“It’s really...... fine......” However, Beshe had tears of gratitude welled up in his eyes and looked at Ayrin with the utmost respect, “Thank you, big brother Ayrin......”

“No way?” Stingham was dumbfounded, “He’s actually a masochist!”


Meraly was totally speechless, “It’s obviously because Ayrin cleared away the seals inside Beshe’s body. See, his skin is starting to look healthy again. His blood is circulating normally again!”

Stingham glanced at Beshe and mumbled, “It got red because Ayrin hit him?”

“You!” Meraly felt like she was talking to a pig. It seemed to be a challenge and humiliation to her intelligence.


However, at that moment, even Stingham felt something amiss.

Beshe’s body began to release a strange aura as if a layer of glowing light began flowing within Beshe’s body. A layer of glittering color started flowing on Beshe’s skin.


It felt like a cold gale blew past several hundred meters around them.

Every wind department arcane master could not help but draw a cold breath.

They had received various mental training since they were young and had greater sensitivity towards mental strength than normal people. The aura released by the current Beshe even gave them a feeling that a terrifying monster was released from a seal.

“Impossible! How can the Swashe God-killing Art lose its effect? How can you possess such powerful mental strength!?” Tzanshe lost control of his emotions and screamed.

“My Liege!”

Yinreizou’s body also uncontrollably trembled. Beshe had completely revived. As long as they could survive this ordeal right now, Beshe’s health would definitely return to normal.

A groan came out from Beshe’s mouth all of a sudden.

His dried up body suddenly shook. The skin that just regained its color became a little waxen.

However, his body released the presence of arcane particles.

“He’s trying to gather arcane particles and letting them flow!”

Ayrin and everyone else immediately realized.

The blood circulation and arcane particles in Beshe’s body had been sealed for too long. His veins were almost dried up and blocked. When Beshe tried to gather arcane particles under such a body condition, it was equivalent to squeezing his body even more.

Arcane particles flowing in his dried up and blocked veins must have felt extremely painful.

However, Beshe’s will was extremely strong.

“Beshe, you’re a true brave warrior!” Ayrin encouraged Beshe.

Beshe showed a small smile.

He had been living in hiding with Yinreizou for all those years and never had any friends due to his handicapped state.

Ayrin’s friendly gaze and encouragement seemed to give him immense power. Even the pain in his body seemed to have been lightened somewhat.

“No way! How can his mental strength be stronger than mine!?”

“Is it really the problem of natural talent!?”

“Father has taught him the strongest Psychic Style. If I can’t kill him this time, he will soon become too powerful!”

Tzanshe was preparing to withdraw and wait for the next chance originally. However, the current situation changed his mind.

“Kill him!” He roared out.

“Octa Shifting Art!”

Along with the roar, his entire head seemed to have become transparent. The brain inside his head could be seen clearly. Countless transparent light rays spilled out along with the terrifying mental wave.


Everyone felt a chill and dizzy as if a portion of their strength was instantly sucked out.

“Be careful! Concentrate your mind! Otherwise, you will receive an even greater injury!”

“Mirror God: Dazzling Soul Art!”

Yinreizou’s expression completely changed. He stabbed his forehead with three fingers of each hand.

Ayrin and the rest only felt their surroundings had completely changed.

They were standing in a vast and large hall. The hall was at least a hundred meters high. More than eight silhouettes wriggled around them and appeared to be manifesting. However, a mirror in the hall was shining an invisible light onto those huge silhouettes, preventing them from taking form.

“This is the battle of the mental world huh!”

Ayrin and the others realized the situation. They had an indescribably uncomfortable feeling in their body.

It was not a simple illusion. A unique power seemed to have separated their mind from their body.

Their current body was the product of their mind!

No matter how they moved this body, their real body would remain standing still.


Yinreizou’s hand sign changed again. All ten fingers pressed on his forehead.


He spewed out a mouthful of blood. Blood filled the wrinkles on his face.


What Ayrin and the others saw in the mental world was the explosion of the mirror and the hall. After the scenery disappeared, Tzanshe and the wind department arcane masters appeared again.

“There’s actually such a strange forbidden skill! It seemed to have pulled out our souls and threw them into a created mental world!”

Ayrin’s group felt cold sweat dripping down their forehead.

“He can actually stop my forbidden skill!”

“Beshe has actually taught you this forbidden skill! However, you’re too old and heavily injured. You should be reaching your limit. You cannot stop me again!”

Tzanshe’s expression was also strangely pale. However, at that moment, his facial features seemed to release transparent light rays.

“Netherworld: Fatal Seven!”

Seven streaks of light crossed one another and became a light formation before him. Seven monstrous silhouettes appeared within the formation.

The light formation flashed for a moment before disappearing within Ayrin and Rinloran’s sight.

“He actually learned this forbidden skill!”

Yinreizou and Beshe were shocked and felt despair.

Feel despair!

Know your mistake!

You know why I revolted back then?

Because this is the forbidden skill that father determined I couldn’t learn and would be a waste of time to try and learn!

Tzanshe’s gaze was filled with pleasure.


Meraly shouted at that moment.

The light formation had appeared before Yinreizou and Beshe. However, Stingham appeared right before them and blocked the light formation like a shield.

“I can get rid of an extra one like this.” Tzanshe revealed a menacing and cruel laughter.

The light formation passed through Stingham’s body as if it seeped through.

Seven monstrous silhouettes rampaged non-stop as if trying to tear apart something within Stingham.

“Ah!” Stingham suddenly cried out in pain and hugged his head.


A strange vibration passed through the air.

Tzanshe’s pupils greatly contracted and his expression stiffened.

A ring of dark purple glow formed into an egg-shape structure outside Stingham and shattered.

The instant it shattered, the intangible mental strength directly destroyed the light formation!

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