Chapter 457: White Butt Wind Department Arcane Master

Chapter 457: White Butt Wind Department Arcane Master


Yinreizou suspected that Ayrin had fallen for the opponent’s secret skill and became mad.

He saw Beshe’s pained expression and wanted to strike back at Ayrin on reflex.

However, at that moment, Beshe’s pained and groaning voice rang next to his ear, “Uncle Rei, it’s fine...... The Swashe God-killing Art’s arcane structure is collapsing inside my body......”


Yinreizou looked at Ayrin in disbelief.

The arcane particles emitting from Ayrin’s hands splashed onto Beshe’s body. Beshe was spasming from the hits and looked in pain.

However, he could also vaguely sense the clotted blood in Beshe’s body slowly starting to flow again. The originally withered body was beginning to revive.

It really is effective!

Hot tears started to flow down the old man’s face.

They had been running and hiding from the wind department. However, as Beshe’s condition got worse, the Swashe bloodline he protected would eventually die.

If Ayrin could save Beshe’s life, then everything Yinreizou had done, including his own life, would regain their meaning.

“What are they doing!?”

Tzanshe’s expression was extremely grim.

Although the wind department arcane masters indicated they would protect his life with their own, doing the one-on-one duels against the opponent was already disobeying him in a sense.


“Can he really see through my next action and predict the attack?”

The short arcane master fighting against Ferguillo felt a little anxious.

He already used his full strength. The Psychic Blade: Black Wind Cut could not go any faster, but Ferguillo still stood casually without leaving an opening.

“I can only use this.”

Funento’s eyes glittered with a cold glint. The black wind currents exploding around Ferguillo disappeared immediately. At the same time, he raised his hands and pointed at his forehead. An invisible, powerful mental strength surged out like a tide.


Ferguillo only glanced at him.

A mysterious power suddenly gushed out from Ferguillo’s pink pupils at an even faster speed.


Every spectating wind department arcane master was shocked.

It was a mysterious and creepy mental shockwave. The air vibration caused by it alone made one’s body stiffen.

“I can’t move! What is this arcane skill!?”

Funento’s body was stiffened and could not move.

Before he could react, a chilling sensation spread from his throat to the rest of his body.

Ferguillo had already appeared before him and pointed a pink flexible sword at his throat.

The sword tip poked his throat without any pause, then disappeared in Ferguillo’s hand. Ferguillo returned to Ayrin’s side.


Only then did Funento let out a breath as he regained mobility.

His body sweated uncontrollably.

“You’re actually this strong. I lost.” Funento took a few deep breaths, then hung his head down and returned to the wind department’s formation.

“It’s over? Ferguillo, your fight wasn’t exciting at all! You should at least stab the guy once and incapacitate him. Otherwise, he will still be able to fight later on and we will be at a disadvantage.” Stingham called out in a proud yet frustrated tone.

“This guy......” Rinloran and Meraly lamented.

Only a fist fight is called exciting? And you even dare to openly assert stabbing the opponent in this situation.

As Funento found his place behind the other wind department arcane masters, he heard Stingham’s complaint. He responded, “I have lost. I won’t attack in the battle later on should it happen.”

“What’s wrong with all of you!? Can’t you tell you have fallen for their trap? Is something wrong with your brain? Stopping any further attack just because you lost? Are you attempting to break your pledge by doing this? Do you not want to receive the inheritance of House Swashe’s forbidden skill!?” Hearing Funento’s words, the grim-looking Tzanshe could not hold back anymore and scolded.The mood suddenly turned stagnant.

Every wind department arcane master’s aura seemed to chill.

“I’m not attacking anymore because I would have died if his sword stabbed my throat. Since my life is spared by him, I cannot possibly attack anymore in this fight at least.” Funento spoke again, “And I wish that Master Tzanshe would not misunderstand another point. Us wind department pledged loyalty to House Swashe not for the forbidden skills House Swashe rewards, but for our tradition and the blood of the wind department flowing in our veins. Just like pledging loyalty to House Swashe, the dignity and tradition of our wind department also cannot be compromised.”

“You bunch of fools!” Tzanshe’s gritted his teeth. It seems I cannot just rely on these inflexible fools to handle things next time. I need to bring some other arcane teams.

“What a personality! We can be friends!” Ayrin, who had been hitting Beshe non-stop, excitedly shouted.

“......” Everyone was speechless.

We are still enemies right now, alright?

“Oi, since the mood is getting nice, why don’t we go for a meal? I haven’t had hotpots for too long already.” What made them even more speechless was that Stingham actually suggested having a hotpot with the wind department arcane masters.

Even worse, Stingham told Tzanshe in a serious tone, “You are not invited, though. You look ugly and even your subordinates don’t seem to like you. If you come, we will not have the mood for hotpot.”

“This guy has definitely become an idiot due to the seal in his subconsciousness...... Just how did he think of hotpot!?” Meraly was furious. She thought she had seen various bizarre students in the Golden Academy, but they still had ways to go compared to Stingham.

“Hotpot......” Tzanshe was equally furious. He had never seen a team as strange as the Holy Dawn Academy team, which seemed utterly unconcerned about how strong the strong opponent was.

“No, I must remain calm...... I must not attack in a hurry. Yinreizou can probably launch one more attack. I must not waste my mental strength......”

Tzanshe reminded himself to stay calm while sweeping a glance at every wind department arcane master, then commanded, “As House Swashe’s master, I will respect your tradition and dignity. However, who amongst you can teach those arrogant brats a lesson?”

“What? Want to fight? I’m not interested, maybe you can fight her.” The usually lazy Stingham immediately shook his head and pointed at Meraly next to him.

“Are you a man!? You actually push a girl in front the moment a fight might break out!” Meraly’s face turned green from anger. She was not afraid of fighting, but was enraged by Stingham’s ungentlemanly behavior.

“Funenyin challenges you, please accept!”

A tall and skinny wind department arcane master walked forward and politely spoke to Stingham.

“I’m too lazy, go find her.” However, Stingham repeated that line and even shrank behind Meraly.

“I will never fight for a guy like you.” Meraly was furious. She sidestepped and hid behind Rinloran.

The tall, skinny wind department arcane master Funenyin looked straight at Stingham and dignifiedly spoke, “She should be the genius girl Meraly from the Golden Academy. We have heard of the Golden Academy, but we wish to witness the arcane skills from you people who came from the Kingdom of Eiche. Please let me experience it.”

Stingham felt that the other party would not give up and bitterly suggested, “But don’t you find fighting tiring? Let’s go eat hotpot instead.”

Many wind department arcane masters almost fell down.

“Are you going to attack or not? If you won’t, I will attack instead!” Funenyin’s body trembled. He finally roared out, unable to endure any longer.


“Water Dragon!”

Stingham mumbled in resignation. A Water Dragon suddenly rushed out and instantly swallowed Funenyin.


Ayrin and Rinloran exclaimed in surprise.

Funenyin seemed to have disappeared in the Water Dragon without any collision.

He also did not seem to show up anywhere else.

“Demonic Foxvines!”

Stingham just chanted the next arcane skill instead.

A green fox tail-like vine suddenly grew out from an empty space.

The instant the green vine grew out, that patch of empty space suddenly wavered and Funenyin appeared.

Funenyin’s body was trapped by the demonic foxvines!

Every wind department arcane master was astonished.

A concealment skill that was soundless!

Even the air would not flow due to body movement, there was no way to sense it!

True Sight!

However, Stingham possessed the high Green Dragon’s talent, True Sight. So, he instantly saw through the concealment.

Ayrin and Rinloran also realized that.


Arcane particles surged out of the trapped Funenyin. He immediately responded and dozens of transparent bubble-like light rays rushed towards Stingham.

However, a layer of yellow hue immediately appeared on Stingham’s body and blocked the light rays.

While the Lover’s Corpse manifested on Stingham, Funenyin’s arcane robe was torn apart by the demonic foxvines.

Funenyin rapidly chanted as arcane particles gushed out. They turned into several sharp blades which cut apart the demonic foxvines entangling him.

However, he immediately became dumbfounded.

That was because the demonic foxvines were still growing from the root while he was already completely naked.

“......” Everyone else was dumbfounded as well. A naked wind department arcane master was standing there.

Meraly immediately blushed and turned around.

“I lost!”

Funenyin screamed, then he disappeared without a trace, running into the nearby forest.

He’s a stripper!

The wind department arcane master wanted to cry as his face stung from embarrassment.

It was lucky he wore a mask and others could not see his face.


Ayrin and Rinloran looked at each other.

“Haha!” Ayrin could not hold back his laughter, “His butt is so white.”

“......” The arcane master hiding in the forest almost wanted to bury himself in a hole after hearing that comment.

“Sorry. I told you we should eat hotpot. You forced me to attack.” Stingham innocently spoke.

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