Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 2)

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 2)


Moss' voice paused after every word.

Only, the voice currently coming from him wasn't a tremendous roar like the ones before. It produced raging winds instead, shaping into terrifying sound waves. Ring after ring of sonic waves visible to the naked eye appeared in the air in front of him!


Ayrin's hair even started to stand erect. Not only his eardrums, even his brain was shaking, as if it were soon going to break. The pain was incomparably sharp.


There were many students in the middle of their training in other spots inside the Thinker's Stone Forest at this moment. Their ears likewise shook painfully, golden stars swimming in their visions. They were incomparably alarmed, having no idea what was happening.

“Hm? It's War Blast!”

“What happened in the Thinker's Stone Forest?”

A blue silhouette shot down like a meteor from the top of a building, arriving at the edge of the Thinker's Stone Forest in only two successive jumps.

At the same time, a black gust of wind also rushed from inside a forest nearby.

The blue silhouette and the black gust of wind charged inside the Thinker's Stone Forest at the same time, without the slightest pause, falling on top of the huge boulder Ayrin previously took his test at.

The blue silhouette halted. It was the full-bearded teacher Minlur. The black gust of wind dispersed. It was actually another elite teacher, the low-key teacher Rui.

“It's actually that red-haired kid from clan Quinn?”

The full-bearded Minlur suddenly blinked in astonishment when he took in the scene of the duel between Ayrin and Moss.


Moss crashed in Ayrin's direction, still roaring at the top of his lungs. Every time his feet stamped on the ground, the dry hard soil cracked open under him, sending dust splashing up.

Ayrin couldn't tell east from west anymore under the shocks of the sonic booms coming from Moss. Moss crashed dead center into his body, sending him flying off straight away.


Ayrin's felt his vision go black. He simply couldn't regain his breath; his entire body seemed to be falling apart.

“How's that, why don't you obediently surrender now!” Moss shouted, puffing rough breaths like a raging bull, his blood-red eyes looking at the prone figure of Ayrin lying on the ground.

“What kind of move was that?”

Ayrin's hands pushed on the ground, standing up. “It's indeed somewhat powerful, but you won't intimidate me. Come, brave warrior! Even your eyes look like panda eyes after my beating, you won't be able to keep them open for very long, right? No need for empty bluffs, I'll definitely beat you!”

“...” Minlur and Rui immediately looked at each other in dismay. “Are these two just having a friendly match?”

“I'm bluffing? War Crash!”

“Explosive Air Burst!”

“War Crash!”

“Ardent Whirlwinds!”


Two silhouettes, one big and one small, collided nonstop against each other, producing rumble after tremendous rumble, bursting with blast after blast of air.

Minlur looked on dumbstruck, his mouth and eyes open wide. “The kid fighting against the red-hair, it's the little guy with the mysterious bloodline Liszt has his eyes on? When did his momentum become so powerful?”

Rui watched in silence, not making any sound for a little while.

“Such momentum, such resistance and fighting ability! This guy's indeed a genius.” Minlur actually turned excited the longer he watched, his breathing turning thoroughly heated. “It's just, his way of fighting is too stupid, he's too lacking in techniques!”

Moss and Ayrin now entirely looked like two reckless bulls clashing horns head-on. Every time, Moss sent Ayrin crashing back, and every time, Ayrin desperately struck Moss with a heavy blow the moment he was sent crashing back.

However, Ayrin's “momentum” actually made Minlur extremely astounded.

Momentum, in the world of arcane masters, referred in particular to the ability to act continuously, the ability for constant explosiveness.

Some people could burst out with very powerful speed and explosiveness in an instant, but they could only sustain it for a short instant. Some people had very good endurance, but their speed and explosiveness were lacking. Some people could run an entire day at their normal speed, but didn't have the power to sprint at their fastest speed for even half an hour.

Those who were in possession of perfect explosiveness and persisting endurance at the same time were extremely rare. Now however, the Ayrin in front of their eyes obviously possessed stunning “momentum.” In such a full-fledged showdown, Minlur couldn't see any sign of exhaustion whatsoever from him!

“This little guy's indeed too astonishing. It's indeed a strange bloodline I've never seen before.” Rui clearly heard the meaning contained in Minlur's tone, but he calmly shook his head. “I know you feel he's the most suitable candidate for your arcane skills, but I'll remind you, his arcane power isn't weak either. An excessive emphasis on physical training can't bring out the entirety of his talents. Also, I feel it would be best if none of us intervenes in his training. Because without too many techniques, each of his fights will be that much harder, and the benefits he'll gain from them will be all that much higher.”

Minlur blinked in surprise. One second later, he patted his head in embarrassment. “Rui, you're right, it'll be better if we let him grow like a wild grass just like this.”

When Minlur said that, he couldn't imagine at all that he, Ciaran, and Rui had reached the same conclusion at different times concerning Ayrin, reaching a total harmony.

“You still don't admit defeat!”

“Nonsense, how will I possibly lose! Come, brave warrior!”


During the time Minlur and Rui were talking to each other, Moss and Ayrin had already clashed head-on more than a dozen times in succession. The two of them were already at their limits and couldn't even stand up anymore, but they were still shouting.

All of a sudden, both Moss and Ayrin started laughing together like madmen, out of nowhere.

“You can't even see anything anymore with your swollen eyes, you still want to fight!”

“Aren't you the same!”

“Whatever, let's call it a draw this time, otherwise we won't be able to go to Divine Shield Academy and inquire some news.”

Rui looked at Moss and Ayrin, slowly saying, “A few small cobbles, stirring up ripples through the entire pond.”

“You clearly know my brain isn't all that serviceable, next time don't speak such mystical words in front of me.” Minlur excitedly bumped his fists together a few times. “He's actually already able to draw against a Multi-Sized giant. At this rate, it might not be impossible for this little guy Ayrin to condense arcane particles in a few months... These little guys will definitely turn everyone's head.”

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