Chapter 456: Beating Up The Handicapped Child

Chapter 456: Beating Up The Handicapped Child


“This is a good method.”

Ayrin rubbed his chin and mumbled with a stern face, “Ferguillo, why don’t you challenge them like Rinloran?”

“Why?” Meraly asked, an army of cats and dogs following behind her.

“Didn’t they say their wind department is an ancient arcane master clan and won’t reject such a duel invitation?” Ayrin asked with a cunning expression, “You see, Rinloran’s battle has gained their respect instead. Plus, if we do one-on-one fights like that, we can exhaust their power. I may also secretly learn many of their arcane skills.”


Yinreizou and Beshe were speechless as they heard Ayrin’s plan.

Ayrin was still so hot-blooded a moment ago, yet now he looks like a cunning fox.

And secretly learn arcane skills?

Is it possible for him to learn arcane skills in these kinds of battles? Isn’t that impossible?

Ferguillo nodded and plainly commented, “That makes sense.”

He stepped forward and scanned every masked arcane master, then calmly asked, “Since all of you believe duels like this are a display of respect towards arcane masters and reject the thought of winning with numbers in your heart, which of you wants to duel with me?”

“Me. Wind department Funento will take on the challenge. Just now, it was you who blocked my attack.”

A short arcane master moved out from the crowd and stood before Ferguillo.

Is he the one who attacked Beshe?

It’s a strange arcane skill. If not for Ferguillo noticing, Beshe might have been killed.

Ayrin’s gaze fell on the short wind department arcane master.

Suddenly, he had a strange feeling.

It was as if countless dust spread out from the short arcane master but he could not see them.

“Arcane particles?”

Suddenly, Ayrin’s body shook and showed a surprised look.

The ‘dust’ he sensed touched his body and was immediately absorbed, converting into arcane particles within his body.

But if they were arcane particles, why doesn’t it disperse after separating so far away from the body?

Ayrin could not understand.

That was because he could sense that after the wind department arcane master spread the arcane particles, he did not lose control over those arcane particles despite the low density. The arcane particles just floated in the air. Apart from those that came into contact with him and got absorbed, the rest did not disperse on their own.

“Let us begin.”

Ferguillo slightly nodded as if he was emotionless the whole time.

Killing an opponent that cannot fight back would be a humiliation even if it’s for a mission. Only a battle like this can uphold an arcane master’s dignity......

The short arcane master nodded and showed a little respect.

“Then be careful.” He warned Ferguillo.

Without any sign, Ayrin sensed something strange by using his mind and became alert.

A gem-like feather suddenly manifested at Ferguillo’s back.

With a colliding sound, that feather seemed to have blocked something invisible. Then, the gem-like feather shattered along with a ball of black wind currents dispersing.

The short arcane master did not show any movement, but his eyes flickered.

Pieces of gem-like feathers continuously manifested around Ferguillo.

Continuous colliding sounds could be heard.

The wind department arcane master’s attacks were becoming faster and faster. Ferguillo equally increased the speed of blocking those attacks with his feathers.

As each invisible attack was blocked, a ball of black wind currents exploded.

“What is this arcane skill?”

Meraly looked a little pale. Ferguillo’s strength far exceeded her imagination. She could not grasp the wind department arcane master’s attacking pattern at all. However, before she could even sense where the attack would be, Ferguillo had completed the interception.

“Even Psychic Blade: Black Wind Cut can be blocked! How did these youths train to be able to do that?” Yinreizou’s mind heated up uncontrollably.

Ferguillo possessed the ability to predict the opponent’s attack!

Ferguillo stood still while pink and black flowers constantly bloomed around him, giving others a great shock to the mind. However, at that moment, Ferguillo could still calmly turn round and glance at Ayrin. He spoke with his usual calm demeanor, “How about it?”

Ayrin shook his head in disappointment, “I can’t.”

Although Ayrin could clearly sense how the floating arcane particles gathered into arcane power, he could not understand what method the arcane master used in order to let the arcane particles spread out yet not disperse.

That was the key point.

Ayrin already understood the other steps. As long as he grasped that key point, he was confident he could cast the same arcane skill as that arcane master. However, it was exactly that key point which he could not understand.


“What? He can still talk!”

The other wind department arcane masters, including the current House Swashe Chief Tzanshe, could not comprehend what Ferguillo meant by that. However, seeing that Ferguillo could still chat with Ayrin while fighting, their expressions changed.

It meant that Ferguillo was not pressured even under such attacks!

The short arcane master felt a chill, his eyes flickering even more intensely.

However, all of his attacks were blocked by Ferguillo.

Ferguillo’s body was almost completely covered by the exploding black wind currents.

That’s right! Yinreizou and Beshe may know the key point.

At that moment, Ayrin’s eyes flickered. He immediately turned around to ask Yinreizou and Beshe, “Gramps, I can sense the first step of his arcane skill is to evenly spread out his arcane particles in the air. However, how does he manage to retain control over them without letting them disperse?”

“You can sense that!?” Yinreizou was greatly shocked.

“Big brother Ayrin...... This......” Beshe hesitated for a moment, but immediately explained, “This is the foundation of various secret skills in our Psychic Style. To be able to do this, you need to complete many unique mental trainings. It’s done by using mental strength to wrap around the arcane particles.”

“Using mental strength?” Ayrin had a flash of inspiration. He immediately understood, “Arcane particle is the integration of our mental strength and the energy stored in our cells. Using arcane particles is the same as using mental strength...... If I go through the unique training of the Psychic Style, will I be able to use mental strength to control those arcane particles and do something like that?”

“Yes. For our Psychic Style arcane masters, the better our control over arcane particles using mental strength is, the more powerful we are. Of course, the most important factor in the Psychic Style is our mental strength. The greater it is, the more powerful the arcane master will be.” Beshe explained.

“House Swashe, the bloodline of Tzanshe and my Liege Beshe is a mutated bloodline that has more powerful mental strength compared to others. Also, House Swashe, including the shadow department and wind department, received mental training and special training since we were young. After several years of mental training, we begin practising arcane skills from beginner to expert. That is why I told you from the start that even if I pass the Psychic Style forbidden skills to you, it is only a waste of time for normal arcane masters to learn.” Yinreizou looked at Ayrin and took a deep breath, “Even for Tzanshe, due to his insufficient talent and poor control over the arcane particles, it would be a waste of time to practice the most difficult and most powerful Psychic Style forbidden skills. Hence, the old master decided to pass them down to Beshe.”

Ayrin completely understood. He asked Yinreizou and Beshe with anticipation, “I see! Then, with this arcane skill as an example, what is the most fundamental mental training like?”

“Using mental strength to wrap the arcane particles to keep them afloat without letting them disperse is the same as Psychokinesis.” Beshe explained.

“Let me try!” Ayrin exclaimed.

He immediately entered a highly focused state. A small ball of arcane particles surged out of his palm and floated up.

“What? He succeeded on his first try?”

Yinreizou and Beshe were both shocked.

“It’s not so difficult. Is it because I have been practising Teacher Ciaran’s Logic Fingers that I am able to reach a highly focused state so quickly?”

Ayrin scratched his head as he tried to explain it to himself.

Suddenly, Ayrin seemed to think of something and asked Beshe, “Beshe, according to what you said, your mental control is stronger than Tzanshe, right? However, you cannot cast any arcane skills right now because Tzanshe’s Swashe God-killing Art is still affecting you. Am I correct?”

“Yes, older brother’s Swashe God-killing Art...... The unique arcane power can remain in the body for a long period of time. It’s just like creating a seal formation inside the body. Although it cannot control my mental strength, I cannot circulate the arcane particles in my body. Even a portion of my blood circulation is blocked, hence I gradually became like this.” Beshe sadly explained.

“I should be able to remove his Swashe God-killing Art’s power!”

Ayrin excitedly spoke. Before Beshe could say anything, he already used his hands to continuously slap Beshe’s body.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone’s attention had been on Ferguillo’s duel with that arcane master just a moment ago. However, the sound from Ayrin constantly slapping Beshe gathered everyone’s attention.

“No way?”

Stingham turned around and coincidentally saw Ayrin ‘beating up’ Beshe. Stingham immediately wanted to cry, “Ayrin, you pervert! Leaving aside your usual battle maniac attitude, how can you beat up a handicapped child!?”

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