Chapter 455: Simple Solution

Chapter 455: Simple Solution


“So many people?” Stingham was stunned.

“House Swashe has a hidden arcane master village. Although it isn’t famous outside, there should be at least a hundred ‘Psychic’-character arcane masters left after the revolt he raised.” The skinny youth on Yinreizou’s back said with a trembling voice.

Seeing the many shadows around, his older brother Tzanshe should have brought at least one third of his elite subordinates.

“What? Numerical advantage huh! You want to scare us with your numbers huh!” Meraly snorted with a proud tone.

“Holy Light Summon!”

She unsheathed her Golden Holy Sword and chanted.

Countless golden light rays shot out from her Golden Holy Sword into the distance.

Many footsteps could be heard from afar.


Meraly snorted proudly, showing an expression that seemed to say ‘You’re doomed’.

“What’s the meaning of this? There are more ambushes?” The Swashe arcane masters that surrounded the Holy Dawn group became nervous.


Suddenly, a barking sound could be heard.

A Corgi dog rushed out first with a golden sigil on its forehead.

Next, cats and dogs alike rushed out, each with a golden sigil on their forehead. They gave off a fierce look.

Everyone became dumbfounded.

“These are reinforcements you called?” Stingham stared at the dogs and cats dumbfounded, and turned to ask Meraly.

“......” Meraly was also dumbfounded.

After a second, she regained herself and grumbled, “I forgot that this is not Hunting Forest. There shouldn’t be many demonic beasts here. Also, it’s your fault that my Golden Holy Armor is spoiled, weakening my Holy Light Summon by a large extent.”

“If the Holy Light Summon is boosted, will you summon even more dogs and cats? You want to fight them with dogs and cats huh......” Stingham was speechless.

“I’m going to kill you if you say another word!” Meraly was enraged again.

“It’s useless no matter how many people there are.” Ayrin interrupted them.

“What do you mean?”

Due to his performance just now, especially the strong resistance against Psychic Style, Ayrin’s words gained an intangible weight. Every Swashe arcane master, including the swollen-eyed Tzanshe, stiffened up.

“In a House like yours, aren’t they your servants and would only listen to you? In that case, no matter how many people they have, won’t it be fine if I just kill you?” Ayrin’s fearless gaze fell onto the tall Tzanshe, then turned to the skinny youth on Yinreizou’s back.

“What’s your name?” Ayrin asked the skinny youth.

“I’m Beshe.” The skinny youth answered.

Ayrin’s determined and murderous tone caused everyone to feel wary. However, Beshe did not understand why Ayrin would suddenly turn around to ask him that question.

“All of you!” Ayrin nodded, but turned to the masked arcane masters instead, “Aren’t you loyal to House Swashe? If House Swashe’s descendents are only Tzanshe and Beshe, as long as Tzanshe is killed, you can only be loyal to Beshe, right?”

Rinloran and Ferguillo looked at each other. The quiet two felt motivated.

Although Ayrin was as idiotic as Stingham at times and was insensitive, he did possess superhuman instinct and judgement during battles.

In an ancient House like that...... Ayrin’s words were strangely sensible!

The subordinate arcane masters that pledged to serve House Swashe since the ancestors only existed to serve the descendents of House Swashe. If there was only one descendent left, they would not have a choice.

“How about it? If we kill this guy, then you must defend Beshe with your lives, right?” Everyone thought deeply on Ayrin’s words, but at that moment, Ayrin shouted towards the masked arcane masters with even greater fighting spirit.

The masked arcane masters remained silent.

House Swashe’s subordinate arcane masters were divided into the shadow department and wind department. Amongst them, the wind department was loyal to the current generation’s elder son Tzanshe. The shadow department was almost gone after the revolt.

However, it was exactly as Ayrin claimed. If Tzanshe was killed, the wind department’s sole duty would be to guard Beshe, the sole bloodline left.

However, before that, they would still desperately fight to prevent Ayrin from killing Tzanshe.

“Is it? Go ahead and try.”

Tzanshe was furious to the limit. Ayrin’s expression was too arrogant, completely belittling him.

“Want to fight?”

At that moment, Rinloran’s chilling voice suddenly called out.

One of the masked arcane masters had a slightly strange arcane energy fluctuation. Rinloran immediately noticed it and locked onto him.

That black leather-robed arcane master had a black longsword on his waist. He stood upright and released an indescribable sharpness.

“Looks like you are also a sword user. If you want to fight, do you dare to accept my duel?” Rinloran coldly stared at the arcane master and asked.

How arrogant!

They still maintain a casual attitude despite facing so many opponents.

Did these Holy Dawn Academy youths come from the same mold?

Yinreizou’s mind was greatly confused.

The confidence and aura of those Holy Dawn people were definitely not the arrogance of noble descendents that was built on family background.

“Our wind department will pledge loyalty towards House Swashe every generation. If you want to kill our master, we will use our lives to defend him. However, our wind department is also an ancient warrior clan that possesses dignity. We won’t reject an invitation to a duel. The rest of us won’t attack.”

Hering Rinloran’s chilling voice, the arcane master with a longsword slowly walked towards Rinloran.

“Be careful, that is Fuwujen, he’s the strongest swordmaster of the wind department!” The skinny Beshe called out in worry.

Rinloran raised his palm to indicate Beshe not to say any more.

It was clearly to make the duel more fair. The arcane master opposite Rinloran unsheathed the human height black longsword and bowed towards Rinloran, indicating his respect towards the opponent.

“There’s still someone who will compete in a sword duel against Rinloran!”

Stingham became excited again, “Then I will be the judge!”

Rinloran and the black longsword-wielding Fuwujen did not object.

“I will call the start!”

“Three, two, one, get ready, start!”

Stingham raised his hand and swung down like a real judge.


The black longsword moved.

The black longsword in Fuwujen’s hand was longer than himself. The blade was thick, giving off a clumsy image when swinging it.

However, the moment he attacked, that very same longsword was unbelievably fast.

“So fast!”

Just when Ayrin had such a thought, a layer of black sword flashes had already appeared before Fuwujen.

The scale-like sword flashes actually formed a black fish in the air!

“Ghost Fish: Scale Flash!”

As Fuwujen’s sword rushed towards Rinloran, its blade gained a layer of fish scale-like waves. Power seemed to be constantly surging out of it and rushing towards the sword tip.

That attack not only pursued terrifying explosive power and speed, the thrust was also charging.

A creepy but powerful sword skill!

Rinloran could see that the normal-looking black longsword was probably a rare treasure sword.

“Sword Swirl!”

However, facing such an attack, Rinloran’s expression did not change.

He stretched out both hands and two pale blue sword swirls appeared before him simultaneously.


Two swirls formed by countless sword tips collided with the black fish-like sword flash. Rinloran’s feet slid back along the ground for a dozen meters in an instant.

Fuwujen stood where Rinloran originally stood. His sword-wielding right hand and Rinloran’s both hands were slightly trembling.

What’s that sword skill...... Even though his arcane level and materialized sword’s power are weaker than mine, and my casting speed allowed me to take the initiative, he still managed to stop it.

A layer of sweat seeped out from Fuwujen’s palm.

It’s my turn now, right?

Rinloran’s head slightly rose up.

The pale blue crystal-like swords in his hands disappeared as if they melted.

At the same time, countless white sword flashes appeared on his body.

“This again. The opponent is going to be in trouble.” Stingham completely forgot his judge role and excitedly commented.

Fuwujen suddenly sensed danger, instinctively feeling he should defend rather than attack.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

A terrifying sword flash rushed out.

Fuwujen’s body suddenly stiffened.

The black longsword in his hand had already moved to his front and formed a fan-shape defense with his arm swing.

However, that sword flash’s speed completely exceeded his imagination.


His right shoulder was punctured. He also flew back as if he was hammered away. He dropped the black longsword in his right hand and it fell to the ground.


Fuwujen’s body heavily crashed onto the ground.


Every black leather-robed arcane master was astonished.

“What’s that sword skill? Even Fuwujen couldn’t stop it!” Yinreizou and Beshe were also shocked.

“I lost!”

Fuwujen spat out blood as he stood up with some difficulty.

He and the other wind department arcane masters clearly knew that Rinloran had gone easy on him. Otherwise, that sword could have pierced his heart.

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