Chapter 454: Unstoppable Attack

Chapter 454: Unstoppable Attack



You actually killed your father just because he passed down the strongest Psychic Style to your younger brother! And yet you feel so proud of yourself after making your younger brother suffer so much.

People like you are targets every righteous arcane master should eliminate!

Ayrin was truly furious.

The ‘Swashe God-killing Art’ that the young man used was very strange, as if countless sheets of ice stuck to his bones and caused him great pain. Even his consciousness was almost robbed by the pain.

This guy used that arcane skill on his younger brother. That handicapped skinny youth must still be suffering from it!

Fueled by the flames of anger, Ayrin’s body devoured the strange arcane power at a greater speed. In a situation where he could not control arcane particles with his will...... Even if I can only use my fists, I will beat that guy into a putty on the wall!



The arcane masters wearing the mask with a ‘Psychic’ character in the surroundings were also shocked.

He got hit by Swashe God-killing Art and can still move?

The old man and skinny youth were similarly astonished. They looked at Ayrin with incredulity, unable to believe that what they saw was true.

“Haha, I told you, enraging this pervert won’t end well.” Stingham began laughing uncontrollably.

“What are you waiting for!? Kill him!”

The young man roared as he was knocked back.

One of his eyes became bloodshot from the punch, its vision turning black. His neck almost fractured, an intense pain shot through his spine.


The masked arcane masters only reacted after hearing the young man’s roar.

“Waterfall Slash!”

An arcane master wielding a saber with both hands dashed forward with unbelievable speed and cut towards Ayrin from the left. As the black saber moved, it looked like a waterfall.

A Crimson Gold sword flash shot out from Ayrin’s right hand.

A crisp crack could be heard.

The arcane master was shocked. The saber in his hand was broken into two.

Without a pause, Ayrin held the longsword and furiously slashed towards the young man.

The action was completed smoothly and fluently.

“Has he really not trained in the sword before?” Meraly paled from the scene unfolding before her eyes. Ayrin’s attack gave her a feeling as if he had trained for years, completely unlike a beginner.

An arcane master rushed in between Ayrin and the young man like a phantom.

He held a strange materialized weapon with both hands. It looked like two short sticks, but had blades at one end and joined together with a chain at the other end.


The intercepting arcane master steadily blocked Ayrin’s slash by crossing the sticks in front of his chest.

However, sparks scattered and the arcane master quickly became shocked.

The two sticks were almost severed in two, only a thin layer still connected them.

Meanwhile, the powerful impact caused his upper body to be paralyzed for a moment.

This strange sword-wielding youth not only held a legendary level longsword, his physical strength is also tremendous!

“You blocked it? So quick! These masked guys are also strong......”

“You can still hold your ground? Looks like your body is stronger than I thought.”

At the same time, an icy glint flashed across Ayrin’s burning gaze.

Although the young man had a swollen eye, he had stabilized himself and stood behind the arcane master wielding the strange materialized weapon.

“Holy Body Ignition!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

With a loud boom and overflowing power brand, Ayrin tightly clenched his left fist and smashed forward.

The paralyzed arcane master contracted his pupils.

He let go of his materialized weapon and unconsciously lifted his knees, taking a strange curled up hovering defensive posture.

However, before the posture could completely take form, Ayrin’s left fist had rushed in between his arms and legs, fiercely smashing onto his chest.


The arcane master spat out a mouthful of blood.

The black leather on his back bloated up as if his body swelled up on the back.


The young man behind the arcane master had just balanced himself, only to be crashed into.

Both of them were knocked back several meters by Ayrin’s punch and fell onto the ground.

“Master......” The eyelids of the other masked arcane masters greatly twitched.

The old man carrying the skinny youth was astonished. Just minutes ago, Ayrin looked like a naive young boy, but once the battle started, he seemed like a super rampaging beast. Even two high rank Swashe ‘Psychic’-character arcane masters were unable to stop him!

In his despaired gaze, the flames of hope were lit.

“Psychic Bind!”

“Psychic Dance!”

Each of the black leather-robed arcane masters seemed to possess strange arcane skills and phantom-like speed.

One of them raised his index fingers, pressed them together in front of his forehead, and gave a shout.

There seemed to be invisible currents suddenly wrapping around Ayrin, dragging his advancing body.


At the same time, a shadow blinked behind Ayrin like a dancing leaf and heavily slapped Ayrin’s back with a palm strike.


Ayrin’s body staggered and tipped forward.


However, another explosive sound rang out.

Ayrin ignored the person behind him and used the force to punch out another fist onto the arcane master and young man on the ground.

The two stacked up together and sunk into the ground, then jumped up like a prawn.


At almost the same time, loud snapping sounds came from Ayrin’s surroundings. It seemed those invisible currents wrapping around Ayrin were snapped by him.

“Impossible! Even Psychic Bind can’t trap him!”

“Psychic Style: Wind Control!”

A few black leather-robed arcane masters changed their expressions and instantly started making strange hand signs.

Gusts of raging gale swarmed in and forcefully blew Ayrin away from the young man.

Who are these people?

For a moment, the rest of the arcane masters did not counterattack after separating Ayrin from the young man.

If the youths standing around Yinreizou and Liege Beshe are as strange as that guy...... If even the Swashe God-killing Art doesn’t work against them, the situation will become dire.

Plus, that youth has such great strength at such a young age, he may very well be a descendant of a powerful House.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five black leather-robed arcane masters appeared around the young man along with bursts of black smoke, ready to protect him.

“What? You finally stopped being so arrogant after learning you can’t beat us and now you want to negotiate?” Stingham was not so foolish. He saw the stance those arcane masters took and started laughing.

“He’s really the natural-born arcane master told of in legends. A warrior forever burning with fighting spirit...... No, he’s even more incredible than the legends......” The skinny youth, who was on the back of the old man those arcane masters called Yinreizou, was filled with excitement and admiration.

“This guy is so powerful! No wonder Teacher Wurinlan and Teacher Leyu persuaded us to make peace with House Eclipse Moon.” Meraly looked at Ayrin in a daze. Due to a combination of nervousness and thrill, her face was tinged with a blush.

Although it was not the first time seeing Ayrin’s group in action, she would exclaim so every time she saw it.

“Oi, flat-chest, don’t look at Ayrin like that, it’s useless even if you like him. He has a girlfriend already. She’s Charlotte, the goddess of our St. Lauren’s Divine Shield Academy.” Stingham spoke. When Meraly turned around on reflex, she saw Stingham proudly pointing at her chest, “And Charlotte is not as flat as you......”

“Do you really want to die!?” Meraly was fuming. She pounced on Stingham and tried to tear him apart.

“St. Lauren, Divine Shield Academy’s goddess, his girlfriend?”

Those phrases were heard by the black leather-robed arcane masters. One of them suddenly trembled, “You are the Holy Dawn Academy team?”

“Idiot, can’t you keep a lower profile!?”

Rinloran lamented. He also wanted to tear Singham apart.

“Stop fooling around! Now is not the time for an undeveloped girl like you to make a fuss.” Stingham pushed away the furious Meraly and looked seriously at the young man who just got up from the ground, “Hey, have you experienced our greatness? How about it? Since you killed your father, you should be the boss of House Swashe, right? What’s your name? House Swashe should have a lot of good stuff, right? As long as you obediently hand them over, we can consider accepting your surrender.”

“He’s called Tzanshe. Be careful, he has a Psychic Style called Octa Shifting Art. It can pull out your mental strength and trap you in an illusion world. You will be unable to move for a while, but his subordinates are unaffected and they will try to kill you.” Yinreizou quickly explained with a low voice.

The young man’s eye was swollen to the point it looked like an egg was stuffed in it. He clenched his sharp teeth and coldly spoke, “Holy Dawn Academy team...... We can get Baratheon’s dragon egg if we kill you...... you are really looking for death!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, more black smoke burst out as more masked black leather-robed arcane masters appeared.

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