Chapter 453: The Mysterious House’s Internal Conflict

Chapter 453: The Mysterious House’s Internal Conflict


“If you follow me any longer, I will attack you!”

A few minutes later, the old man almost went mad from Ayrin’s pestering as his killing intent flared up.

“Uncle Rei, don’t......” The skinny youth weakly pleaded.

“If fighting won’t cause any further damage to your body, will you fight me?” Ayrin’s eyes shone. He could not wait to fight against the legendary Psychic Style.

“You......” The old man seemed very obedient toward the skinny youth’s words. However, as he saw Ayrin’s enthusiasm to fight, he became speechless from anger.

Ayrin looked in the distance. “Are you heading towards the Doa Royal City? If so, we’re going to the same place!” He exclaimed as if he had found a new continent.

The old man’s expression worsened. He stiffened up and was about to turn away.

“Uncle Rei, they’re not bad people. If we’re going to the same place anyway, can we travel with them?” The skinny youth suddenly pleaded.

“I cannot allow that!” The old man resolutely rejected. However, after saying so, he seemed a little regretful. He took a deep breath and quickly explained, “I know that because we have been hiding for all these years, you haven’t had the chance to make any friends of similar age. I also know you love to listen to their stories. The Holy Dawn Academy team that was initially evaluated as a weeds-level team eventually rising to become the champion is very inspiring, especially considering they dared to make Baratheon an enemy. However, even if we ignore our situation, they have a massive bounty of a dragon egg on their heads. The enemies that they will attract can even affect us. You also know that I’m already......”

“Could it be......” Rinloran unconsciously frowned. He could hear some implied meaning from the last words of the old man.

“I don’t know what kind of enemies you have. But even if they are as strong as the Baratheon, are you going to hide forever?” Ayrin maintained his passionate and encouraging tone as he continued, “Gramps, you’re already old. If you continue hiding like this and not give him a chance to make any friends, who will take care of him when you are unable to?”

Those words seemed to have hit the old man’s weak spot. He paled and his hands started trembling violently.

“Oi oi oi! Ayrin, what do you mean!?” Stingham interjected. He then grumbled, “Ayrin, if you want to take care of that guy, carry him yourself. Don’t ask me to carry him.”

The skinny youth heard Stingham’s complaint and lowered his head in dejection.

“Idiot!” Rinloran coldly scolded Stingham.

“It’s fine.” Ayrin kept his passionate and serious tone, “If gramps is really unwell, we can bring them back to the Holy Dawn Academy.”

The old man’s breath strangely paused for a moment.

He could feel a slight trembling from the skinny youth on his back.

Is it possible?

He unconsciously stopped to think about the possibility.


At that moment, his mind suddenly warned him of danger. He instantly stood upright and raised his head.

“Who’s there?” Ayrin also felt the presence and followed the old man’s gaze.


An invisible wave suddenly appeared behind the old man and cut toward the skinny youth’s nape.


Several gem-like crimson feathers appeared in front of the youth’s nape, blocking the invisible wave.

The old man immediately turned around and showed a shocked expression.

Even he failed to respond to that ambush in time. If not for Ferguillo’s interference, the skinny youth on his back would probably be a corpse right now.


Ayrin, Rinloran and Stingham moved on reflex. In the blink of an eye, they stood in a triangle formation to protect the old man and skinny youth at the center.

A haughty voice could be heard, “Yinreizou, looks like you have suffered a heavy injury. Old age hasn’t been kind to your strength either, I see. You were even deceived by an ambush of that level.”

A tall young man wearing a high-collar arcane robe appeared before them.

At the same time, bursts of black smoke exploded around them.

There was no arcane energy fluctuation. However, a person appeared from each burst of black smoke.

At least a dozen arcane masters soundlessly appeared.

Those arcane masters had different heights, but all of them wore neatly trimmed, tight black leather arcane robes. Various materialized weapons or artifacts hung on their backs.

They also wore various kinds of masks. The forehead of the mask had a ‘Psychic’ character marking.

When the skinny youth saw the tall young man, his expression became even more pale. He started wobbling.

The skinny youth bit his lips and spoke with a trembling voice, “I’m the one you want, let Uncle Rei and the others go......”

“My dear younger brother, I can satisfy your demand. However, even if I let him go, do you think he will? Besides, you could stay out of our hands thanks to him. It caused us a great deal of trouble.” The tall young man smiled and revealed his white teeth.

His face was very handsome. However, the white teeth had sharp ends, making him look demonic.

“What? He’s your older brother?” Ayrin was taken aback for a moment, then immediately shouted, “Your older brother wants to kill you, his younger brother?”

The old man took deep breaths and told Ayrin’s group with a low voice, “While I can still attack, all of you run! Their goal is only me and my Liege, you may be able to escape.”

However, Ayrin did not seem to have heard it. A flame was lit in his eyes for some reason. He turned around to look at the skinny youth on the old man’s back and asked, “What’s going on? Why do they want to kill you!?”

“We......” The skinny youth saw Ayrin’s gaze and felt a mysterious warmth in his chest, his eyes becoming teary again.

He had not been acquainted with Ayrin’s group in the past, he had only heard of their various achievements and treated them as his admiring target. He also had no friends in the past, but Ayrin’s gaze...... that should be a friend’s gaze, right?

If we can escape, if we can survive...... we can really become friends, right?

“All of you better go, don’t get involved.”

The skinny youth held back his tears and bit his lips, “House Swashe...... is a secluded House that has been passing down the Psychic Style. Although we aren’t famous outside, we actually had the same length of history as the Sky Psyche Academy. The Sky Psyche Academy is actually a branch of the Psychic Style lineage. However, the most powerful Psychic Style in Sky Psyche Academy has been lost, while our Swashe’s inheritance has been safely passed down. In our generation, my older brother has less talent than me. My father thinks the Psychic Style doesn’t suit him. It would only be a waste of time if he learned, hence my father passed some of the Psychic Style down only to me. However, my older brother raised a revolt and killed my father. Uncle Rei and the others managed to save me after desperate efforts......”

“What a joke!”

Stingham’s enraged voice could be heard.

Everyone believed he would immediately criticize the tall young man.

However, everyone became speechless as Stingham looked at the skinny youth with disdain, “You think I’m an idiot? You’re handicapped like this, yet you claim your older brother has less talent than you? You need to be more convincing if you want to lie!”

“I’m not like this originally. I was hit by my older brother’s Swashe God-killing Art...... My older brother’s forbidden skill not only made my body handicapped like this, even my mental strength cannot grow......” The skinny youth explained in humiliation.

“What? That’s what happened? You’re such a bitch!” Stingham immediately changed his expression and cursed the tall young man.

“Is what he said true? You actually did something like that just for the inheritance of an arcane skill?”

“Everyone has their own suitable arcane skill. Not letting you train in some of the forbidden skills is to not waste your time, so that you can spend the time to train in other areas and achieve greater heights in future...... But not only did you not understand that reasoning, you even killed your father and now want to kill your younger brother!”

Before the tall young man could say anything in response, Ayrin’s angry roar accompanied with a loud boom could be heard. His body lit up with countless red flames.

“It’s over. You’re finished.” Stingham looked at Ayrin whose expression was twisted by rage, his body seemingly on fire, then gloated at the tall young man, “You actually managed to enrage this pervert.”

The young man who wore a neat arcane robe and behaved like an elegant noble was slightly taken aback.

“Although I don’t know who you people are, you do look capable...... However, do you think you can oppose House Swashe with just that much strength?” After getting taken aback a little, he whistled and felt that it was interesting.

“You harmed your younger brother to this extent, and yet you look so proud of yourself. People like you...... do not deserve to live in this world!”

Ayrin furiously raised his head. The instant Ayrin’s angry voice called out, the young man’s eyes twitched.

Before the young man could react, Ayrin already disappeared from his vision.


A huge pillar of ice suddenly surged out from beneath his feet and crashed into his body.


The young man’s body stiffened. Before the impact could spread out through his body, a burning fist was enlarging in his pupil.

“Swashe God-killing Art!”

A transparent wave flashed from the forehead of the young man as he was left without a choice.

Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

Sound came from Ayrin’s body, as if extremely sharp blades were embedding into his bones.

“He actually......” Only at that moment did everyone else begin to feel shocked about the turn of events.

Facing such a powerful House, knowing that the other party would be extremely strong from the description of the old man and the skinny youth, Ayrin still rushed toward the opponent’s boss without a care.

Ayrin’s body seemed a little stiffened.

The young man revealed a sarcastic smile.

However, that smile suddenly froze.


Ayrin’s fist did not stop and heavily smashed onto his eye socket.

He flew back like a spinning wheel!

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