Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yasha Form

Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yaksha Form


Every sane arcane master was stunned by the scenario.

“This is what that guy wanted to do?”

Amongst the Silver Fox Trio, Fesh and Manguu opened their eyes wide in shock from the situation and asked Yugou, “Captain, what forbidden skill is this?”

“I got it......” Yugou suddenly took out an ancient book and quickly flipped the pages.

You’re still flipping a book in this situation!

Fesh and Manguu lamented and felt an urge to cut Yugou down.

“It’s this! Hell, Blood Yaksha Form!”

Yugou pointed at a page in the ancient book and excitedly spoke.

“Beastly Love? This is a love novel from bards?” Fesh and Manguu accidentally saw the title of the ancient book and almost fell down.

“Can you believe things told in a love novel?” The two almost roared out.

“Even a description of an arcane skill from a third-rate story book cannot be so detailed by using pure imagination. Hell: Blood Yaksha Form’s description is completely the same as the current scene. According to the description, this is a forbidden skill only an extremely few high beastman bloodlines that awakened their ancestors' blood can complete. By using the power of Hell to complete a blood filter and transform into a Blood Yaksha, not only will he greatly improve his physical strength and arcane level, his body functions will also be enhanced. He will be able to revive with just a fist-sized amount of blood. Most importantly...... He can control the mixed blood and control the arcane masters that went berserk from his blood!”

Yugou waved the ancient love novel and explained while looking towards the center of the battlefield.

At the center, Belo’s eyes abruptly opened.

Countless rays even redder than blood bloomed from his body.

He looked like a king descending onto the battlefield. Many berserk arcane masters near him stopped in place.


A terrifying aura spread out on the battlefield.

Every berserk arcane master suddenly roared like beasts, their eyes glowed even redder. Next, those arcane masters rampaged more violently and attacked the sane arcane masters.

“See that! The contents in the book are correct. These berserk arcane masters are no longer attacking each other, they are attacking those sane arcane masters together as if they were listening to commands!”

Yugou swallowed hard and looked at Fesh and Manguu seriously, “You see, don’t judge me for reading love novels all the time. I’m doing academic research and finding out undiscovered contents.”

“We trust you.” Fesh and Manguu gave him a stare and snorted.

“But why do I feel that your tone says otherwise?” Yugou pinched his nose and grumbled.


“He...... He actually managed to control those berserk arcane masters......”

Hiruka lost all her strength as if she had just experienced a real death. However, her heart was still beating stronger than ever.

“I didn’t die in such a battle...... General, Captain, did you see? This time, I didn’t shame the name of the Bat Corps.”

Bat, who did not show any change when facing death a moment ago, let out a loud yell at that moment, just like a wolf howl in the Eternal Winter Forest.


Chris had also lost the stamina to continue fighting and sat next to Moss.

The blood on the ground seemed to have evaporated in an instant. The ground became very dry. The bloody hue in the air also completely dispersed.

Under the starry sky, many berserk arcane masters were chasing after the sane arcane masters.

Apart from the Silver Fox trio, the remaining sane arcane masters were frightened by the scene and did not dare to stay any longer.

“Oi, muscle head, can you make it? Are you going to die?”

Belo seemed uninterested in the pursuit between the berserk arcane masters and sane arcane masters. He walked next to Chris and Moss and kicked Moss’s body as he spoke.

Hiruka’s mouth was twitching.

So heartless. Your teammate is already on the verge of death, many weapons are stuck in his body, yet you just kick him without minding if it would worsen his injury.

The redness in Moss’s eyes had dissipated, allowing him to regain sanity.

“How can I die so easily...... You haven’t died yet, if I die like that, I will be mocked by Ayrin......” Moss could not get up, his face distorted in pain. However, he said those lines in response to Belo’s question.

He’s not afraid of death, yet afraid of getting mocked by teammates. What kind of team is this!?

Hiruka’s mind felt numb again.

“What are you standing there for? Start looting, see if there’s any medicine that can save him.” Belo turned around and told her at that moment.

The bloody hue on Belo’s skin had completely disappeared. His body seemed to have returned to normal. There were no wounds left, and he did not look any different from before. However, the arcane robe he wore became blood red, as if countless blood cells condensed into a unique material and made the common arcane robe look like a special red robe that seemed to be made of neither leather nor metal.

“Understood, Lord.”

Hearing Belo’s instruction, Hiruka immediately began looting like the previous two times. However, she did not notice that she called Belo ‘Lord’ out of her own accord for the first time.

A black silhouette suddenly crawled over from nearby.

“Black Snake Eyes?” Bat was surprised after realizing that the silhouette was Black Snake Eyes.

Black Snake Eyes actually managed to survive through that chaotic battlefield.

“I will abide by the promise with you before.” Black Snake Eyes spoke with difficulty as he had several horrendous wounds on his body.

“Another retainer? Looks like our team is getting stronger.” Bat took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

A drop of blood flew out from Belo and landed on Black Snake Eyes’s body.

“Very well, from now on, you are my third retainer.” Belo nodded and turned around, not taking another look at Black Snake Eyes. Instead, he peered into the darkness not far away and called out, “Oi...... Who are you three? Why did you help us just now?”

Yugou, Fesh and Manguu walked out from the darkness.

“We are the righteous Silver Team, fighting evil is our job.” Yugou excitedly looked at Belo’s red robe, then his ancient book, “Hey, what you’re wearing should be Hell: Blood Yaksha Form’s product, Yaksha Blood Robe, right...... Does it really have strong arcane resistance and can repair itself automatically after getting damaged?”

“They are the Silver Fox Team. They are famous as the strange robinhood team in our Kingdom of Doa. They rob bandit teams, then exchange the loot into money and distribute them to the poor and needy.” Bat whispered to Belo.

“Is it?” Belo seemed to have lost interest all of a sudden, “That’s right, this is the Yaksha Blood Robe, it’s also called Mixed Blood Elemental Robe.” First, he answered Yugou’s question, then continued, “In that case, you can take one third of the loot here.”

“How generous, you’re a good man!” Yugou immediately gave a thumb-up.

“I will help treat his injuries.” Manguu squatted down and pulled out all the materialized weapons on Moss in one go. Then, he quickly took out a medicine bottle, applied the medicine and bandaged the wounds.

“So professional, is he a medical master?” Chris looked at Manguu with surprise. She had never expected such a robust arcane master handling injury as professional and agile as Ciaran.

“No, he was a vet, specialized in treating huge beasts and monsters in Beast Ring.” Yugou explained with a smile.


Moss did not faint from the pain at first, but after hearing Yugou’s explanation, his expression stiffened and fainted.

“He should survive.”

Manguu picked around amongst the medicine Hiruka looted and nonchalantly spoke, “This giant’s body is no different from a huge beast.”

“Are you interested in licking my foot?”

Belo looked at the trio and suddenly asked.

“......” Chris was speechless.

Stop saying that line at every moment.

Manguu and Fesh were also speechless.

That was because Yugou took out that love novel and flipped around again.

“The ancient ritual of beastmen? Usually seen when the royalty is recruiting retainers?”

Yugou raised his head and looked at Belo with a questioning gaze, “If it’s this, I’m not interested. However...... What are you going to do next? You guys are very interesting, doing such crazy things and so generous. I’m interested in working with you.”

“Working with us?”

Belo revealed a meaningful, impulsive and sarcastic smile, “You’re interested in working with us on something that can cost your lives?”

“Something you must do despite knowing you may die?” Yugou, Manguu and Fesh looked at one another.

“What exactly is it? Can you tell us?” Yugou asked Belo again.

“We are going to the Eternal Winter Forest to investigate the reason for the downfall of Bat Corps. It was said that Ghouls appeared there, it’s very dangerous.” Chris did not want to waste time and immediately explained.

“The entire Bat Corps......” Yugou’s team was shocked.

“In that case, we should go with you all the more. That’s because we are the righteous Silver Team! Since there are such powerful monsters, they will definitely threaten the safety of civilians living at the borders.” Yugou immediately decided after the slight shock.

“Sure, if you’re courting death yourself. At least someone can escort us into the Eternal Winter Forest.” Belo was also decisive as he snorted.

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