Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell

Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell


One arcane master left the battlefield.

Golden glow flowed on his body, making him look like a golden statue. All the blood rays shining onto his body were burned into cinders.

Several seconds ago, a berserk arcane master was cut into three sections by the golden glow flowing from his hands.

Anyone who could easily kill an arcane master was considered a peak expert in the Doraster Continent.

“Golden Statue Kanhur?”

Suddenly, a voice called out not far in front of that arcane master.

The golden statue-like arcane master immediately stopped.

Three silhouettes with different heights walked out from the scattering grass and dust, standing in his way.

“Who are you? What’s the meaning of this?”

Golden Statue Kanhur narrowed his eyes and coldly spoke.

“We are the righteous Silver Team trio!”

“You are a criminal arcane master who always robbed merchants. We are going to execute you in the name of justice!”

The voice of the trio connected together in different pitches.


Golden Statue Kanhur felt that the trio was being nonsensical. He had never heard of the Silver Team. He also showed murderous intent while feeling nonsensical.

“Seven Absolute Golden Saber!”

Seven streams of golden fluid flew out from his body, instantly becoming seven golden sabers and slashed towards the trio.

Arcane energy reverberated between the golden sabers, becoming something like domain power, repelling any foreign arcane power.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

Three streaks of silver light flashed.

The seven golden sabers were split apart.

The third streak of silver light slashed onto Golden Statue Kanhur just as he was shocked.

He seemed to have returned to normal, but his abdomen was cut into half by the silver light.

“It’s simultaneous triple strike!”

“It’s Silver Fox Team!”

Golden Statue Kanhur could not make any sound, but there were other arcane masters screaming out in the distance.

The three streaks of silver light seemed to be casted by three different people. However, the three streaks were connected one after the other with a specific distance apart, yet was so close that they seemed seamless.

Yugou, Fesh and Manguu each held a silver longsword that looked like a crescent moon.

“We were found out.” Yugou regretfully looked at the fallen Golden Statue Kanhur, shook his head and spoke.

“Told you it’s meaningless to change the name.” Fesh and Manguu looked at him in disdain.

“It’s that weird arcane team which robbed the bandit teams, sold the loots to merchants and distributed the money to the poor?”

“The Silver Fox Team trio that seemed to be a single entity?!”

“Aren’t they specialized in robbing us!?”

Even more shocked voices shouted out.


At that moment, some random strong individual felt a fatal threat and attacked. A similarly blood red-colored huge chain rolled out from midair and pressed down towards the trio.

The end of the huge blood-red metal chain was connected to a five-meter-long arm full of green hair.

“It’s the Demonic Monster Team Captain Yazan’s attack!”

“Run! They’re all monsters!”

“Even those perverts are here!”

Many arcane masters ran in panic.

“Are we perverts?” Yugou muttered to himself.

However, a silver cross glitter appeared in his eyes.


He rushed out first and made a huge silver flame cut with the crescent longsword in his hand.


Silver flame and the blood red metal chain collided. The chain was shaking from the impact, while the silver flame could not hold out and began dissipating.

However, at that moment, Fesh had also slashed out his crescent longsword.

Another silver flame rushed forward.

The blood red metal chain was shattered into pieces.

Manguu attacked.

The third silver flame slashed out.

The hairy arm behind the broken chain seemed as if it was electrocuted. It trembled in the air and retracted.

A grunt could be heard.

A strange man wearing a unique furry coat who seemed to have not bathed for years appeared. The hairy arm returned to his side as if it was his weapon.

Yugou, Fesh and Manguu silently stared at the man.

The trio either made no attack, or attacked together with unique rhythm, as if all three of them were a single entity.

The unique cooperation between the three and the stacking up of power were extremely strange. They could easily handle an opponent one level above them.

“Your combination skill is very powerful. If you join hands with me, we will surely be able to kill those Holy Dawn people and exchange for the Dragon Egg.” Demonic Monster Team Captain Yazan looked at the trio with a dark expression and slowly spoke.

“What a joke! We are the righteous Silver Team! We would never work with people like you!” Yugou shrugged his shoulder and rejected.

“Regardless of Silver Fox or Silver, trying to stop me is equivalent to death!”

Yazan snorted.

The hairy arm reached out again. At the same time, countless black hair also flew out from the unique furry coat he wore and shot towards the trio.

Streaks of silver flame constantly flashed.

Yugou, Fesh and Manguu continued to swing their swords.

The continuous silver flame sword flashes not only deflected all the black hair shooting towards them, the hairy arm was also shaved down layer by layer.

Soon, the hairy arm lost its palm and became a bare arm.

Yzan suddenly let out a menacing laughter.

“Chain: Arcane Particle Scattering Domain!”

Countless arcane particles suddenly rushed out from his body.

The scattered black hair and shards of the huge arm suddenly burned and became trails of arcane power.

A domain suddenly shrouded the trio.

Dazzling magenta arcane particles continuously flowed out from their body and scattered in the domain.

After a moment, the domain disappeared.


Black smoke rolled out in front of Yazan and became a black skeleton wielding two sabers. It charged towards the trio.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three streaks of silver flame slashed out.

Just like cutting vegetables, the black skeleton was split apart.


Yazan took a step back in shock.

“A domain that draw out the opponent’s arcane particle by using the same amount of arcane particles? You actually thought that our arcane levels are much lower than yours and have less arcane particles than you huh......” Yugou looked at the shocked Yazan with pity and shook his head, “But our arcane level isn’t lower than you...... We just prefer this three-in-one battle style.”

“You three perverts!”

Yazan cursed in disbelief and turned to run.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three streaks of silver flame caught up to him


As Yazan screamed in despair, his body was severed into two and fell to the ground.

“Bad guys, don’t run!”

“Can you be more professional? Aren’t you here to kill people for the Dragon Egg!? How can you run away before achieving your goal!”

Yugou leaned his sword on his shoulder and called out with boredom. At the same time, he chased after several escaping arcane masters.



Moss finally could not keep up after having four to five materialized weapons stabbed into his body and fell.

A heavily panting arcane master rushed to him, the burning saber in his hand aimed at Moss’s neck to decapitate Moss.

With a loud clang, two crossed piercers blocked the flaming saber.


That arcane master’s pupils just began to contract.

In the next moment, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen and blood spewed out from his mouth.

He was kicked away by Chris.


However, at the same time, Moss’s large hand also slapped onto Chris’s back with a yell.


Chris spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chris rolled on the ground a dozen times before barely getting up.


Chris supported her body on her knees, she felt her arms and legs slowly getting numb.

The severe physical exhaustion was already beginning to affect her neuro system. No matter how strong her willpower was, she was beginning to lose control of her body.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw Moss’s gigantic body twisting on the ground, but unable to get up.

“Belo...... Why aren’t Bat or Hiruka coming to support...... What are you preparing...... Moss and I are at our limits......”


“In a few minutes, this guy is going to die, and so will I!”

At that moment, Hiruka could no longer endure the psychological pressure. Her hands were uncontrollably stretching out, wanting to kill Belo.

The red glow in Belo’s eyes gradually faded.

His body was extremely cold, just like a corpse.

Bat blocked before Hiruka.

“I am the same as you, he is not dead yet!” Bat looked at her and firmly spoke of those words that others could not understand.

Belo’s head hung down at that moment.

“Is he dead?”

Hiruka’s heart greatly contracted.

However, she realized that no change came to her. She was not dead yet, meaning that Belo was not dead.

Belo’s gaze stopped at the ground beneath his feet.

The soil under him was drenched by blood. Blood was even oozing out.

“It’s about time...... So many people died...... It’s a real hell......”

Hiruka seemed to hear Belo muttering so while she was in a daze.

At that moment, the red glow in Belo’s eyes completely disappeared.

The last bit of blood concentrated in his brain and eyes became countless thin red threads and rapidly circulated in his body.

Hiruka and Bat stiffened at the same time, their mind became a total blank.

The countless thin blood threads in Belo’s body seemed to have merged together with the blood on the ground in the entire area.


The blood within the area suddenly began spinning, becoming a huge blood swirl!

“What’s happening!?”

Every surviving arcane master stopped in shock.

Extremely chaotic arcane power reverberated within the blood swirl and became connected, releasing a creepy domain aura!

Hiruka and Bat regained their breaths and consciousness.


They saw countless waves of blood swarming into Belo’s body and flowed out again at the center of the swirl. Belo’s body became completely blood red, as if he was made of blood!

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