Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feast

Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feast


Bat’s figure rushed out from the grey hurricane.

Within the chaos where one could not determine the location of friend or foe, he was able to appear right next to Belo like a loyal guardian.

The two black blades stabbed firmly into the ground beneath him. His feet also stabbed deeply into the soil. He looked like a bent bow as he resisted the explosions and chaotic hurricane.

The blood spewing out from Belo’s body rapidly became tiny blood particles in the raging hurricane.


“What’s going on!?”

“What’s this arcane skill!?”

Regardless of the arcane masters scattering around in the hurricane and explosions or the still lurking arcane masters, all of them raised their heads in shock.

The originally snow-white moon in the sky suddenly became an eerie blood red color!

The instant the moon became blood red, the grey hurricane also became blood red. The entire dark sky became red!

At the same time, chaotic arcane energy and the chilling wind seemed to be humming a choir, yet sounded like countless beasts yelling, forming a unique symphony!


Cries raised one after another in the blood red hurricane.

Even arcane masters not caught up in the hurricane felt their blood boiling just by looking at the blood red moon. Rampaging thoughts constantly assaulted their minds, causing their consciousness to be blurred.



Many roaring sounds and screams broke out one after another. Many arcane masters went mad with bloodshot eyes and even attacked teammates next to them.

“Blood Moon Feast!”

Many sane arcane masters were shocked. They quickly casted arcane skills.

It was the legendary beastman forbidden skill.

It allowed chaotic blood to shine down like moonlight. By changing the blood cells in the arcane master’s body and stimulating the mind, it made the arcane masters lose control and go berserk like a wolf’s berserk under the full moon.

“He actually used such a forbidden skill!”

The Silver Team trio stood up from the bush. A ball of silver light covered the three of them. Countless streaks of silver flame burned inside the silver light, constantly vaporizing the red aura seeping through the silver light.

“But according to my knowledge, even the most outstanding arcane master amongst the beastman blood line will die from drained up body after using this forbidden skill. This is a suicidal arcane skill. The Holy Dawn beastman boy clearly has a long-term goal and is ambitious, there’s no way he will kill himself here.” Yugou held his chin with a serious expression and mumbled to himself.

“Perhaps his beastman blood made him too impulsive.” After Fesh stood up, he looked even skinnier. However, his pony-tailed hair still looked iconic, “The beastmen during the Era of the War with Dragons were also like that.”

“I don’t think so. He gave me a feeling that his ambition surpasses his impulsiveness.” Manguu shook his head and coldly spoke.


At that moment, a scorching fire python surged from the side, the scorching sparks lit the bush around the trio.

It was a berserk arcane master. His eyes were bloodshot and reflected creepy light.

“Don’t disturb us, we are discussing things!”

Yugou nonchalantly called.


Fesh moved his hands and a ball of arcane energy solidified into an astonishing black anchor.

That scorching python was immediately smashed apart. The berserk arcane master was mowed to the ground and became a putty.



At the same time, Hiruka shivered non-stop at the center of the battlefield.

Her body was also showing signs of berserk. However, every time she was about to lose herself, a warm current flowed into her body from her nape and calmed her down.

It was the power of beastman bloodline factor Belo bestowed upon her when she became his retainer.

However, while she and Bat could remain sane under such a situation, what about Chris and Moss?

“You don’t care about your teammates!?”

Hiruka could not help but scream at Belo.

“What? Care about Chris and Moss? You finally showed concern for a team?” Belo turned around to look at her, his face was paled to the point of almost transparent, “Relax, no matter how berserk the god-like girl becomes, she will be a berserk god-like girl, still stronger than others. As for Moss, this berserk will actually stimulate his deeper level of berserk. The stimulation from Blood Moon Feast is more effective than any berserk potion. This stimulation...... will also bring great benefits to Chris and Moss after the battle.”

Is this the confidence he has for his teammates?

Hiruka had no time to think further. She felt Belo’s body heat slowly dissipating.

It was the body getting drained. He was dying!

“Bastard! There’s no point telling me if your two teammates will die or not! My life is connected to yours. If you die, I will also die!”

“You bastard, using such a forbidden skill! You want to drag us with you even as you die!?”

Hiruka was shocked for a moment, then realized what would happen and frantically shouted.

“If you’re really scared of death, then guard me properly like Bat......” Belo’s voice became weaker and weaker, as if he would lose consciousness anytime. However, his tone was filled with unspeakable confidence and fervor, “Want me to die...... not so easy.”


“Why didn’t I become insane like the others?”

Chris’s body was also heating up, as if waves of magma flowed out from the core of her body. It was clearly a stimulation stronger than the berserk potion that over drafted one’s strength.

However, her mind was very clear. Under the berserk-like improvement of her body function, her reaction became even sharper and faster.

It should be the effect of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon!

Did Belo do this on purpose?

Allowing my Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline to neutralize some of the negative toxin, but keeping this berserk-like stimulation.

But using this forbidden skill by spilling so much blood...... He may die!

In that case...... I need to berserk further and end this battle even faster!


Chris appeared between two arcane masters.

At the same time the two arcane masters attacked her, her body seemed to have suddenly shrunk.

The two piercers in her hands pierced through the abdomen of the two arcane masters simultaneously.

She continued to dash forward, gripping the piercers that she plucked out and moved towards another arcane master before her.

“She’s so fast!”

That arcane master still seemed sane. However, the arcane skill he fired off in a hurry was evaded by Chris. Before he could fire a second one, Chris already appeared on his left.


As he screamed in shock, Chris seemed to have pounced on him.

Psst! Psst!

Two fountains of blood spurted out from his neck.

“Truly a god-like girl......”

That was the final thought of that arcane master.


“Got him!”

An arcane master showed an excited expression.

Several bronze-colored arcane power securely clamped Moss’s body like two huge bear traps.

Moss’s hill-like gigantic body clearly did not dare to shrink down. That was because if he changed back to his normal size, he would have been shredded by the arcane power.

Even so, his magma rock-like skin was already beginning to crack, blood flowed out.


However, at that moment, Moss suddenly slammed his own chest and let out maddening roars.

Sound waves formed rings of explosive sounds and stunned those sane arcane masters nearby.

Moss’s already gigantic body enlarged again.


The excited arcane master was filled with shock.

Moss’s body became larger again and emitted a purplish-red flame. His eyes even shot out two one-meter long red beams!


The bronze-colored arcane power that trapped Moss were all shattered, becoming countless streaks of light.

The hill-like body jumped up and pressed down on that arcane master.

Several thick shields were knocked away by Moss.

As that arcane master screamed, his body was picked up by Moss and swung left to right, constantly smacking onto the ground!

Pssh! Pssh!

Two huge materialized weapons stabbed into Moss’s back.

However, that only seemed to stimulate Moss’s rage.

Moss let out another mad roar and enlarged once more.

He turned around and disappeared in the air with a loud boom. Only two huge materialized weapons fell down.


In the next moment, an arcane master’s sight was filled by a hill-like body.

His body was slammed into the ground by Moss.


Moss then dug that arcane master out of the soil and threw him away with a yell.

“Crazy...... This giant is totally crazy......”

Many arcane masters looked at the completely crazy Moss with shock.

In the chaotic battle royale, apart from Moss, the whereabouts of other Holy Dawn people like Chris could not be determined.

Many arcane masters felt that staying in that horrifying place was meaningless, especially when domain fluctuations started to reverberate in the air. Some berserk arcane masters had already begun using domain powers to attack one another. If they were not lucky, they might be killed by a stray domain.

“What do we do, Captain?” Wrapped in silver light and defeated several berserk arcane masters, Fesh and Manguu turned around to ask the silent Yugou.

Yugou removed the two pieces of cotton stuffed in his nostrils that stopped his nosebleed.

“Although I don’t know what that Holy Dawn beastman boy is thinking...... But forcefully stirring up the encirclement of so many arcane teams into a chaotic battle royale which nobody can tell who will survive, he has my respect.”

He looked at the blood red moon and spraying blood with mixed feelings, “This battle would surely be recorded into history...... In that case, why don’t we put in our effort and help the beastman boy to complete this feast and see what he wants to do in the end.”

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