Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins

Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins


“The Peacock Metal is so powerful!”

“As expected of the treasure for arcane masters regardless of level!”

Killing three strong individuals in an instant was a shocking record. However, most arcane masters were only more fired up.

With just a little bit of the Peacock Metal, it allowed Moss to break through Jizashun’s defense.

If a little more Peacock Metal could be integrated, even a common materialized weapon could become a forbidden level artifact!

Several presences locked on to the advancing Chris at that moment!

Although three members were lost, the two teams were not weak.

Psst! Psst!

However, at the same time, red light surged out beneath every assaulting arcane master’s feet.

“What a grand move!”

Yugou gave praise.

Belo had seeped a large amount of blood into the ground unknowingly and attacked everyone at that moment!

Boom! Boom! Boom!......

Many explosions and flames could be seen and heard. Those arcane masters were clearly prepared. The red lights were blocked by various arcane skills and artifacts.

However, just that interruption had allowed Chris to reach within five meters of that arcane master who lost his bow!

“Flame Soul!”

That arcane master felt a fatal threat. The arcane particles in his body flowed out without reservation. Strange green flames took form before his body and rushed towards Chris as if they were attracted to her.

“This...... Impossible! What’s with that arcane robe......”

That retreating arcane master stopped still.

A section of black piercer tip stretched out from within the green flame.

He watched the black piercer stab into his throat and cut horizontally.

In his blurry sight, he vaguely saw the soul flame he produced unable to burn through Chris’s arcane robe.

Blood scattered.

That arcane master lost all signs of life.

Chris retracted her piercer and retreated with great agility. She sidestepped and landed right behind the huge metal ball that fell from Jizashun.

“What material is Chris’s arcane robe made of?”

“Could it be the part of a Dragon that has the highest arcane resistance!? It actually has such a strong arcane resistance! But dragon mail should not be so light!”

Such a scene caused many arcane masters to stiffen.

“It’s impossible to do many cooperation trainings like those war-hardened arcane teams at such a young age...... But your teamwork is so synchronized because you have always been fighting against stronger opponents. You have always been fighting under the threat of death. Hence, even if there had been less battles, it created this synergy?”

Yugou held the monocular and rubbed his chin as he muttered.

Moss’s role was clearly the ‘Charger’. Chris would be the invincible ‘Main Attacker’, and Belo’s current role seemed to be a qualified ‘Formation Guard’.

The cooperation between the three could only be said as perfect.

Bat was also a close-range combatant. His trait limited him to be the ‘Protector’ next to Belo in such a battle.

“What about you? What role are you going to play?” Yugou’s gaze stopped on Hiruka who had not made a move yet.


In the next moment, that Silver Team Captain who did not seem to care about anything screamed. His eyes popped open and his nose started bleeding non-stop.

Hiruka had finally made her move at that moment.

That was because there were already three arcane masters less than forty meters away from her, Belo and Bat.

Terrifying aura had already enveloped her. In that distance, most arcane skills could be used and would not miss.

There was no powerful arcane energy fluctuation. The white bracelets on her hands suddenly flashed. In an instant, a hundred different beautiful nude women rushed out!

Belo, Bat and she disappeared within the sea of nude women!

“Bewitching Bracelet!”

Yugou wiped his nosebleed.

They actually had such an artifact.

Although he was not a lecher like Songat or Stingham, the appearance of a hundred nude women that suited every possible fetish was unbearable for any normal man.

Especially when the well-made ancient goblin monocular showed a zoomed in image of certain parts with greater clarity.

The three approaching arcane masters also paused for a moment.

“Succubus Devil Earring!”

A soft chanting could be heard.


Arcane particles madly rushed out from one of the arcane masters and grew into countless ice spikes on his hands. He smacked his hands on his body and began harming himself.

“Soul Appease: Evil Exorcism!”

“Crow Rush!”

The other two arcane masters were shocked and chanted at the same time. A ring of holy light covered the self-harming arcane master to dispel the negative effect.

At the same time, countless black crow-like flames became a huge wave and shredded the nude women.

“What a pity...... But if we obtain that pair of Bewitching Bracelet and use it ourselves, it should raise our mental resistance.” Yugou mumbled.

“What a poor taste. We are an upright arcane team.” The skinny Fesh snorted.

“You’re thinking otherwise.” Mangu coldly judged.


Within the Crow Rush, Bat let out a groan as he blocked for Belo. Bat was repelled backwards and a few trails of blood flowed out from his mouth.

Belo’s body had several cuts. The parts of his body that were not covered by Bat were tattered.

However, even so, he remained standing still. He stretched out a hand instead and pressed onto Bat’s back to help Bat balance himself.

Hiruka was wrapped in a yellowish wind ball and floated next to Belo.

Her face was extremely pale, but a spear burning a golden blaze appeared in her hands.

The golden flame became stronger and stronger. The arcane energy fluctuation kept growing, but she did not attack.

“Chargeable skill!”

Every attacking arcane master contracted their pupils.


A huge ice hammer manifested from thin air and slammed onto the wind ball outside Hiruka.

Countless ice shards splattered out and became an ice ring.

Hiruka’s body greatly shook and blood trickled down her mouth. However, the wind ball did not shatter.

“What a powerful defense, what artifact is that!?”

Just as many people thought so, Hiruka let out an alluring voice.

“Can you bear to kill me?”

A ring of pale pink flame spread out from her left earring.

The approaching three arcane masters slowed down once more.

“Charming Voice...... This voice in addition to Alluring Earring...... This sound is really......” In the bush far away, Yugou’s nosebleed flowed non-stop again.

“Behave yourself, we are an upright arcane team.” The skinny Fesh and Manguu stared at him.

“She uses artifacts much faster than common arcane masters. She also seemed to have gone through countless battles. Using artifacts seemed to have become a natural action. An interesting ability, looks like this female retainer is not so simple......” Yugou pinched his bleeding nose and spoke with interest.

“War Goddess Spear!”

The golden spear that kept accumulating power was finally thrown.

The power of a chargeable skill was overwhelming. The three arcane masters were greatly shocked. They hurriedly deployed their strongest defense.


The bronze lion manifested in front of an arcane master was shattered.

That arcane master shot out two streaks of crystal light as his body kept flying back, finally blocking the aftershock of the golden spear.


However, at that moment, even the lurking arcane masters could not help but raise a scream.

Chris’s petite body suddenly appeared behind that arcane master. She threw the Snake Piercer towards another arcane master. At the same time, she manifested her own materialized weapon in her hand and pierced the heart of the flying arcane master before he could react.


Most lurking arcane masters watched Chris’s agile figure and felt a shiver.

Chris started as a main attacker, but she became an elusive assassin now.

Boom! Boom! Boom!......

At the same time, Moss also kept colliding with another arcane master. Although that arcane master’s defense had not been broken, he was smashed to the ground without a chance to counterattack, creating a deep crater.

In an instant, the two cooperating teams suffered heavy injuries and casualties, completely collapsing.

“Endless Dust Domain!”

At that moment, another powerful domain suddenly manifested, shrouding the Holy Dawn people as well as the two arcane teams.

Countless grey dust kept rising from the ground as if they disobeyed the law of gravity. Then, the dust disregarded the arcane masters’ defense and stuck to their body.

Every person felt that their skin seemed to be dried up in the desert and began cracking. Their body kept getting heavier and heavier, sinking into the ground.

Waves of powerful aura approached the fighting groups along with the domain.

“It finally became a chaos. Thinking that the Holy Dawn Academy group is reaching their limits, they are trying to rush for the kill......” In the bush far away, Yugou also began to show seriousness in his expression.


Hiruka let out a despairing scream and shattered the heart-shaped dark blue crystal in her hand.


A domain power spread out from her hand.

A deep blue huge ice mountain instantly took shape.

Countless grey dust stuck onto the huge ice mountain, dying the mountain grey in an instant.

Two powerful domains clashed against each other. There were explosions everywhere. Everyone was repelled by the force and both domains dissipated at the same time.

Hiruka was blown way within the grey hurricane, unable to see the surrounding.

Her heart sank to the rock bottom.

The artifact ‘Glacier Heart’ was the only power she had that could resist a forbidden level domain power. However, it was also a one-time use artifact.

“Relax, as long as you can remain standing in the end, you will obtain many more powerful artifacts.” At that moment, Belo’s voice suddenly rang in her ears.

A warm hand supported her body which lost control.

“Bastard, do you think I’m just agonizing over such an artifact!?”

Hiruka gritted her teeth. However, when she turned around, her gaze immediately froze still.

Belo pressed on her shoulder firmly with one hand to stabilize her. Meanwhile, Belo’s body seemed to be leaking blood as countless blood streams flew out like ribbons.

That astonishing amount of blood loss caused Belo’s entire body to look pale. Only his eyes were bizarrely blood red.

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