Chapter 447: Bloody Night

Chapter 447: Bloody Night


The night gradually arrived.

They achieved an astonishing feat of defeating the Black Snake Team and Champion Sword Team consecutively.

Meanwhile, as Chris’s arcane particle replenished, no arcane team dared to make an appearance.

Within the darkness, Moss’s arcane particles constantly blasted onto the Peacock Metal. Some particles separated from the Peacock Metal. Those particles did not seem colorful under the strong sunlight, but the originally blue particles released a bewitching jade glow in darkness.

Jade glow shone brightly before Moss. The blue dot at the center looked like a peacock opening its tail.

“Peacock Metal!”

“Moss is holding Peacock Metal. He’s using arcane particles to fuse with Peacock Metal and integrate into his materialized weapon!”

Like a pack of wolves suddenly discovering a bloody lamb in the dark night, every lurking arcane team became feverish!

“Is it the loot from those unlucky Champion Sword Team members? They actually did not get the chance to use such a treasure, and ended up gifting to others. Great...... The Holy Dawn bunch has a higher chance of survival now.” Yugou muttered while holding the monocular.

“There should be over forty arcane teams in hiding, why is their survival chance higher instead?” The skinny Fesh glanced at him and grumbled.

“Originally, getting this bounty was easy. All they need to do is to kill the group before everyone else. With so many teams on scene, there wouldn’t be any conflict. Baratheon will also admit it. However, things are different now. With a treasure like Peacock Metal, the treasures that Holy Dawn group owned will cause a great scramble. It is highly likely to cause an infighting amongst those arcane teams.” Yugou put down the monocular and analyzed.

“That’s right. Those arcane teams which stood a chance would not want other teams to get the kills and backstab those arcane teams that gained advantage. Now that such a grade of treasure is added, it will become more chaotic. Even if they really killed Belo’s group, there would probably be a huge battle royale afterwards.” Manguu grunted.

“Too bad not many of them had thought this through. Most smart people are blinded by greed, thinking that they can obtain it. Dark night makes it even easier to make a mistake...... The cover provided by darkness gave people a sense of security, as if their actions would be more secretive. However, be it night or day, it’s the same.” Yugou looked at the scenery far away in pity and sighed, “A bloodbath is about to begin again.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

The instant he sighed, rapid wind breaking sounds continued to rang.

At least ten groups of powerful arcane energy fluctuation reverberated at the same time.

Two arcane teams appeared at the same time. The two teams seemed to have reached a consensus and spread out evenly, rushing towards Chris and the others from all directions.

Boom! Boom!

Their faces could not be seen clearly, but two powerful domain powers smashed down like two planets.

One domain was an enormous silver light pillar, lighting up the entire plain. Under the blinding light, those assaulting arcane masters became even more blurry black dots instead.

The other domain became a huge skull. Countless skeleton soldiers with wings swarmed out from the eye sockets of the skull.


The destructive aura became a tide.

Every arcane master uncontrollably trembled. It was obvious that Chris immediately used Dark Destruction Dragon again.

A huge dark flaming dragon pierced through the silver light pillar and rushed towards the person with the strongest arcane energy fluctuation within the two assaulting teams.

The huge skull pressed down.

Another destructive aura blasted out, shattering that huge skull.


The strongest arcane master amongst the two teams manifested a huge purple metal ball before him.

The purple metal ball was his materialized weapon. Its diameter exceeded four meters, the surface was full of dents, as if it was a miniature galaxy.

“Jizashun! It’s Dark Star Team Captain!”

“The mysterious team that always conducted robbery on merchants at the border and even assassinated arcane teams from Corps!”

The unique materialized weapon immediately revealed the identity of one of the teams.


The Dark Destruction Dragon’s aftershock could not shake the huge metal ball and was scattered.


However, every arcane master felt chills and some even screamed.

The destructive aura relentlessly spread out in the sky.

Another Dark Destruction Dragon flew past the metal ball.


A Dark Star member next to the metal ball was unable to block it and was riddled with holes by the Dark Destruction Dragon, dying without a scream.

“She...... can continue to shoot off Dark Destruction Dragon!”

The two attacking arcane teams were petrified by the change, cold sweat flowed non-stop.

Every lurking arcane master was almost going mad as well.

The second Dark Destruction Dragon Chris shot out felt less powerful. It was probably several times weaker than the first, but it was still the Dark Destruction Dragon, it contained the unimaginable piercing power of the Dark Destruction Dragon!

Who could be sure if Chris would shoot off another one later?

Chris heavily panted and secretly kept the Nightmare Amethyst in her hand. She held the Snake Whip in one hand and the Snake Piercer in the other, and began her pattern less high-speed movement.

The Snake Weapon’s natural black smoke allowed her to vanish into the darkness.

Dark Star Team Captain Jizashun had no time to be shocked. His eyes glittered purple glints. At the same time his teammate was destroyed by the Dark Destruction Dragon, blazing sun appeared in front and behind him.

Jizashun knew that it was Moss’s charge after witnessing the Holy Dawn’s battle.

The burning giant’s body and the Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun assaulted from the front and back at the same time!

Jizashun’s body released a purple glow.

Purple Polar Metal Body!

His body immediately became like a pure metal clockwork war avatar under the effect of the secret skill.

Crack! Crack!

Two cracking sounds could be heard. Jizashun’s amethyst-like eyes suddenly showed disbelief.

“Peacock Metal!”

He seemed to have suddenly realized what happened and spat out those two words.


Another cracking sound came from his back.

The Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun glowing a faint peacock blue hue dug into his body. His purple metal-like skin showed countless seams.

Next, fountain-like blood spurted out from the seams.

He had accurately predicted Moss’s power. Originally, he would be able to kill Moss in the next instant.

The only mistake he made was underestimating the effect of the Peacock Metal!

Just by integrating a tiny fragment of Peacock Metal had allowed Moss’s Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun to crack his Purple Polar Metal Body!


The Dark Star Team member closest to Jizashun shouted. Dense yellowish materialized particles exploded in front of the member, instantly forming into a materialized bow the same size as his body. An arrow wrapped in magma-like heatwave locked onto Moss who was repelled backwards.

“Your opponent is me!”

A determined female voice rang in his ears.

A black dot shrouded in black smoke appeared at the left of his head without any sign.

“What happened!”

That female voice belonged to Chris. However, Chris’s body should be dozens of meters away from him. With Chris’s casting speed, there was no way she could make any arcane power appear next to him.

The threatening danger caused that Dark Star Team member to shudder. In a panic, he raised the bow.


The bow collided with the black dot. The arcane master’s hand shook and the bow was knocked away by the impact.

Snake Whip!

Only then, that arcane master could see the black whip made of countless scales which wrapped around his bow.

The god-like girl Chris could even use a rare weapon such as a whip so professionally. She managed to stab the Snake Whip from such a distance and wrapped it around his bow.

“Fire Elemental Agent!”

The shocked arcane master had no time to worry about his bow. His arcane particles rushed out and a flaming silhouette the same size as him stood up beside him.

Fireballs the size of watermelons shot out from that flaming silhouette, aiming at the approaching Chris.

Chris made continuous evasion during her rush. The fireballs were closely packed in the air, but none hit her.

Chris’s footwork was as agile as a phantom.

“Dead River!”

The other Dark Star Team member also attacked.

Several dark water currents swept towards Moss. The edge of every current became sawblades.

However, Moss disappeared within the currents. In the next moment, the afterimage that appeared in that arcane master’s eyes was Moss colliding into the bleeding Jizashun.

The Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun embedded on Jizashun’s back dispersed like countless burning sands and rushed into Moss’s body. It then shot out from Moss’s back and allowed Moss to slam Jizashun to the ground like a rocket.

A ring of dust bounced high into the air along with a strong quake!

“What kind of monsters are those Holy Dawn people! Do they not feel pain!?”

The arcane master who used ‘Dead River’ felt a shivering chill.

Moss was repelled upwards from the terrifying crash. His internal organs were hurting as if they were twisted. However, his action showed no hesitation!


A silhouette suddenly shot out from the soil behind Belo. A nearly transparent blade cut into Belo’s neck.

Belo’s neck was immediately cut open.

Belo’s eyes flashed red. His eyes were instantly filled with craze and impulsiveness. However, his body showed no movement, not a single drop of blood flowed out from his neck. His blood rapidly squirmed and produced amazing stickiness.

The arcane master that did the sneak attack showed a smirk. His action did not show any change. He was fully confident that he would not let a single drop of Belo’s blood touch him. At the same time, he was also confident that he could still sever Belo’s neck in one slash with such resistance.


However, at that moment, many blood threads flew out from Belo’s eyes and wrapped around the blade. The arcane master’s hand felt heavy and the cutting speed slowed down.

Pssh! Pssh!

Two blooms of blood appeared from the attacker’s chest.

Bat appeared behind him. Two black blades pierced through the attacker’s heart with great stability. The heart was split into three sections in an instant.

The attack’s body stiffened.

The blood that spewed out from him swarmed into Belo’s neck.

“What a powerful sneaking skill!”

“Even an assassin like that......”

Shock could be seen in the eyes of every lurking arcane masters.

The two attacking teams already lost three people to Chris, Moss, Belo and Bat!

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