Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 1)

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 1)

“Giant bloodlines can really transform into giants...” Ayrin dumbly stretched his hand out and waved it at a Moss who'd now become a hill giant. “Hey, do you still recognize me?”

“Idiot! What do think I've turned into, did you think I'd lose my brain? This is the giant bloodline's Multi-Size Technique!” The already fierce-looking Moss turned even more fierce-looking. “Only those with at least a third of giant blood can use such an innate blood power! But anyway, no matter what... You're dead now!”

“Rock Smash!”

His giant, heavy body suddenly jumped up explosively like huge boulder catapulted into the air, then fired a punch from high above down towards Ayrin.

This punch was so fast it seemed like a meteor!

Ayrin still had time to dodge at first.

Seeing Moss' tremendous figure and explosiveness however, seeing the rock-like muscles covering the surface of his body, he was suddenly filled with curiosity. He wanted to try for himself just exactly how strong this punch coming from the now giant Moss would turn out to be.

He didn't dodge. Crossed his arms in front of him like a shield.


Moss' fist, as big as a saucepan, struck his arms dead center, landing at the intersection of his arms.

“So strong!”

Ayrin immediately felt his arms go numb. A gigantic force descended on him, sending his body sliding backward on the ground without giving him any time to react.


He slid seven to eight meters before stopping, his feet plowing two deep trenches on the ground.

“He can actually block a punch of mine frontally, just like this?”

“Even his strength is actually also so great? He can actually still stand there as if nothing happened?”

The fierce-looking Moss stared blankly for an instant.

“Ah! It hurts!”

“It hurts it hurts!”

The next second however, his arms crossed in front of him, standing as if nothing had happened, the Ayrin who very much had the style of a master started to jump in place, wagging his arms as if his life depended on it.

Moss was speechless all of a sudden.

“Idiot, do you surrender now?!”

“Dream on! I'll beat you for sure! Careful, brave warrior, I'm coming again!”

Ayrin wagged his hands, an eager excitement filling his eyes. His feet stomped on the ground at an alarming frequency as his figure charged straight forward once more in Moss' direction without any trickery whatsoever, sending a punch flying at Moss.

“Idiot! Don't tell me you think you can face me with brute force!”

“Weighty Hill Punch!”

Moss flung his arm back, the motion slightly bending his upper body backward, then he sent another punch at Ayrin's seemingly-flying figure.

A boom exploded.

Fist against first, the strike once again sent Ayrin back seven or eight meters.


This time, Ayrin's fist even seemed swollen as he again hopped nonstop in place.

“I just don't buy it, I'm sure I can beat you! One more time!”

He was still unwilling to admit defeat, immediately charging toward Moss with a loud shout.

“I've never seen anyone with such a dumb fighting style!”

“Is recklessness the only thing you've got!”

Moss watched Ayrin, speechless. He once again shot a ruthless punch, trying again to pound Ayrin away.


However, Ayrin's body actually marked a slight pause the instant Moss' arm stretched out. He flung his left arm and brought it in front of him, shielding himself, while his right fist shot out at an even greater speed.

“Explosive Air Surge!”


A blast of air ferociously struck Moss' face.


Moss suddenly screamed, tears and snot streaking wild on his distorted face, while Ayrin borrowed the impact on his blocking arm to retreat back once again.


Seeing Moss clutching his face, tears and snot beaten out of him, Ayrin couldn't resist holding his belly and laughing out loud, a slightly swollen hand even slapping the ground nonstop. “You bastard, you really think I'm so dumb to fight you head on and clash with brute force the same way every single time? How about it now, brave warrior of the starry skies, can you still fight!”

“Ayrin, I'm going to kill you!”

Moss was thoroughly out of control after having his intelligence mocked by Ayrin.

“Heavy Jumping Slash!”

His body jumped nonstop, his pair of hands continuously striking at Ayrin's body.

This was an arcane skill that originally required the cooperation of a Materialization skill or a heavy axe, but it was already terrifying with Moss' current strength.

Ayrin dodged nonstop. The ground shook nonstop every time Moss' strikes hit its surface.


Ayrin staggered all of a sudden, about to stumble down on the ground.

“You're dead now!”

Moss roared in anger and struck a punch down.

“Haha, you fell into the trap again!”

Just at this instant, Ayrin suddenly bounced up from the ground in an incomparably nimble motion and landed a punch on Moss' chin with a “Pa.” His shoulder once again cruelly crashed on Moss' face after that, then he borrowed the impact and flipped backward without the slightest pause.


Moss suddenly screamed, squatting down and clutching his face.

“Heavy Jumping Slash!”

His eyes now resembling a panda, Moss once again leaped toward Ayrin.


He saw Ayrin once again looking as if he were going to fall down, so he immediately took a hand back, ready to protect his front and defend against Ayrin bouncing in his direction.

“Gale Spin!”

Ayrin didn't leap this time, however. Instead, he propped himself on the ground on one hand, his body starting to spin. His two feet swept on Moss' ankle.


Moss suddenly lost his balance and crashed like a hill on the ground with a rumble, his vision filling with little stars from the fall.

“Why do you have so many insidious moves!”

“Haha, brave warrior, is that insidious? Enemies will be even more insidious than me, resign yourself to your fate!”

“You're forcing me to use my real killing move!”


Moss once again stood up. Ayrin tensed up. He could feel a genuinely dangerous aura radiating from Moss' body.

“Er, his chest is bulging up, what's he trying to do now?”

Ayrin immediately noticed that the muscles on Moss' upper body were clearly to bulging up once more.


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