Chapter 446: Strange Discovery

Chapter 446: Strange Discovery


The intimidating presence spread out in the air, rapidly becoming a storm.

They were three shining figures. Waves of arcane energy became several dazzling golden huge swords around the three.

Along their path of advancement, any withered grass that came into contact with the light around them were minced into powder and burned. Even the soil beneath their feet was upturned by the powerful output and became three trenches like plowed ground.

“It’s the Champion Sword Team!”

“It’s the strongest arcane team in the Sword Sky Village of the Kingdom of Doa. They are also attracted by the Storm Dragon Egg!”


The chilling air at the Northern border of the Kingdom of Eiche suddenly became heated. A terrifying domain aura spread out from the three shining arcane masters.

Every hidden arcane team was shocked.

They immediately used the strong defensive skill ‘Champion Sword’, then released a terrifying domain power right after that. It was not the impulsive behavior from greed, it was the attitude of the absolute strong that wanted to kill Chris and the others with overwhelming power.

“A defense created by many revolving swords. Are they sword users? It’s a pity Rinloran and Ayrin aren’t here.”

However, facing that incoming pressure, Belo was a little disappointed. He pushed up his spectacles and turned to look at Chris.

Chris nodded as if she understood from just that.

“I don’t know what domain that is...... But it seems that I can only use the Dark Destruction Dragon to clash against it......” She took a deep breath and rolled up her sleeves.


In the next moment, her body seemed to suddenly stretch in the wind. She did a crazy acceleration using her physical strength.

“......” Almost every lurking arcane master was stunned.

Chris’s petite body was dashing towards the shining trio and the raging wave of domain power instead.

The domain power immediately manifested.

A huge bowl-like light film pressed down. Countless lightning bolts were instantly generated in the air, becoming huge lightning swords!

“Lightning Sect: Secret Sword Domain!”

Every lightning sword was a hundred times larger than Chris’s body.

All of those lightning swords automatically slashed towards Chris.

The unique arcane law in the domain even expelled other arcane energy, making anyone almost impossible to use any arcane skills inside!


However, at that moment, the bandages around Chris’s left arm completely broke apart!

Black flame soundlessly seeped out from her arm.

In an instant, the black flame destroyed the domain law exerting on her.


A crack seemed to be opened in space, huge tremor followed!

A terrifying black flame became a huge black dragon and marched forward while destroying everything along the path. It directly shattered every lightning sword that slashed down and tore the domain apart.

“This is the Dark Destruction Dragon......”

“She immediately used the Dark Destruction Dragon...... Dark Destruction Dragon is truly as powerful as told in the legend, powerful enough to destroy domains......”

Every lurking arcane master was shocked.

Dark Destruction Dragon rushed out from the domain and continued towards the center person amongst the trio.

“Heavenly Thunder Sword!”

Three huge sword flashes cut forward at the same time onto the Dark Destruction Dragon.

Dark Destruction Dragon scattered countless black particles, seemingly about to stop.

“What a destructive attack. As expected of the most powerful pure attack type arcane skill...... However, the trio from the Champion Sword is too strong. This arcane skill can only be used once, and it didn’t cause any fatal damage......”

Every spectating arcane master could imagine the outcome.

Perhaps, the trio would immediately throw another powerful domain to show their might.


“What’s going on!?”

“Dark Destruction Dragon should only be able to be used once...... How can she still possess such power!”

However, at that moment, the countless lurking arcane masters could not hold back their voice.

Innumerable curved light rays appeared around Chris.

A ring of spiral waves carrying the same terrifying power as the Dark Destruction Dragon directly shattered the three huge sword flashes.

“Ah!” “Ah!”

Two cries of pain could be heard.

Two out of the trio flew back. The center man’s body was even torn apart and fluttered in the air. The remaining one was scraped by the edge, his bones were shattered along with the shattered Champion Swords surrounding him, spilling out blood non-stop.

“What the heck!”

Even Fugou, who was the calmest person in the Silver Team, shuddered and almost stabbed the monocular into his own eye.

“God-like girl, such an overwhelming power. To be able to fight alongside you...... This is my glory!” Bat watched the petite Chris, watched the huge collapsing light figures before her. His hands remained stable, but his face was filled with pride.

“She......” Snake Charmer Hiruka and Black Snake Eyes trembled uncontrollably.

Such a scene had a soul-shaking effect.


Countless sword flashes flew out and the last Champion Sword member’s body disappeared in the air.

Many lurking arcane teams were speechless.

The last Champion Sword member was freaked out and immediately escaped. That appearance was a great gap compared to their entrance.

“He just ran huh?”

Yugou rubbed his eye which was hurt by the monocular and mumbled, “Now should be the last chance to make a move. If any arcane team follows up to attack, there is a high chance of defeating Chris and the others......”

“But I suppose nobody will dare to make a move now.” Manguu spoke with a serious expression, “Nobody can be sure if Chris can shoot out another Dark Destruction Dragon. Also, the information seems to be wrong, Chris has obviously opened the fourth gate. Dark Destruction Dragon already gained the power to annihilate most arcane masters.”

“Her breakthrough should be just recent. It seems that no arcane team dares to attack now...... Human nature......” The skinny Fesh snorted as if he was forever sarcastic.

The plain became quiet again. Even though there were over thirty arcane teams in hiding, there appeared to be nobody apart from Chris’s group. No arcane team dared to show up immediately.

“Chris seems to have reached her limit. She’s obviously starting to refine arcane particles, but why does nobody dare to go!?”

“Apart from Chris, the others don’t seem to have any domain destroying power. As long as a team goes, we will go next!”

The majority of arcane teams were waiting nervously. They had the same thought, but no team dared to be the spearhead.

This time, without Belo saying anything, Hiruka automatically went to the two fallen Champion Sword members and began taking the loots.


A clear breath-drawing sound came from her nose.

“What’s wrong?”

After regaining his meaning for living and fully determined, Bat had completely taken on the vice-captain role of the retainer team. He immediately went next to Hiruka and asked while keeping alert.

He saw two transparent gems with golden decorations amongst the loots, three sapphire-colored potions and a fist-sized peacock-blue metal.

“This is Peacock Metal!”

Hiruka took a deep breath and tried to maintain her calm.

At that moment, Moss and Belo also went to her. Hearing Hiruka’s speech, Bat and Moss were surprised, “The Peacock Metal that can integrate with materialized particles using arcane particles to strengthen the materialized weapon?”

“I can be sure of it. Only the legendary Peacock Metal constantly released this inward metallic glow!”

Hiruka’s hands uncontrollably trembled.

It was a priceless metal even during the Era of the War with Dragons. The treasure for any arcane master that had materialized weapons. It had not shown up in the shops and auctions of various big cities for countless years. It could greatly improve the sharpness and hardness of materialized weapons, an absolutely shocking loot. The unlucky Champion Sword Team should have just obtained it not long ago, they did not even have the time to use it in their own cultivation.

“Not bad, looks like the underground arena not only trained your ability to use various artifacts, you also obtained a decent appraisal ability. However, I must remind you, as the retainer team captain, what you must do as you use your appraisal ability is to report every loot in a list. Then, you need to quickly make the proper distribution arrangement and prepare for the next battle.” Belo’s cold voice directed towards her.

At that moment, Belo looked like a real general despite his youthful face.

“This is Dazzling Gem, these are Berserk Potion.” Hiruka unconsciously nodded, “Dazzling Gem will glow according to the rise in arcane master’s body temperature. The glow from the Champion Sword Team should be from this Dazzling Gem. Chris and Moss can keep these two Dazzling Gem on them, because they do close-range combat most of the time. It allows them to disrupt their opponent’s sight. These Berserk Potions can be kept first. Whoever is exhausted during battle and cannot hold out can drink one. Although it’s just a stop-gap measure, it may help us to pull through the most difficult times.”

“Not bad.” Belo finally nodded in satisfaction, then turned to look at Moss, “Since it’s Peacock Metal, Moss, you can try smelting it. This Peacock Metal should be enough for you, Rinloran, Ayrin and Chris to use.”

“Sure!” Moss’s excited voice was even trembling.

During the Era of the War with Dragons, Draconic Scholar’s Peacock Corps became famous due to the Peacock Metal. However, there was only one set of armor and two materialized weapons that used the Peacock Metal within the Corps. Now, we actually obtained a chunk of this legendary metal by coincidence. In addition, Ayrin’s materialized sword itself is already astonishing. If it integrated with the Peacock Metal particles, there is probably no materialized armor he could not cut.

“The blood......”

At that moment, Hiruka suddenly noticed a strange factor after relaxing.

She noticed that the blood of every enemy they killed did not change color. The blood stayed as vivid as when they just died and did not dry up even as the wind blew.

She unconsciously turned to look at Belo.

“It’s still far from enough......” She seemed to hear Belo mutter so as blood red glow flashed in his eyes.

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