Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!

Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!



The majority of those hiding arcane masters could not even see what happened. Another black-robed arcane master flew back from a loud explosion while his chest area was burning.

Only at the next moment, Moss, holding the Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun, showed up.

“What a charging speed! What kind of arcane skill can allow him to reach such a charging speed!?”

“It’s the same as the information we got. The charging speed of this red-haired kid is too fast to react. If we are to face him, we need to deploy defensive arcane skills......”

In that instant, the difference in response between those who obtained information regarding the Holy Dawn Academy team and those who did not was shown.

Losing two members in an instant, the remaining three black-robed arcane masters were horrified.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three screeching sounds of rapid arcane energy gathering rang out at the same time.

One of the black-robed arcane masters manifested four black scale shields around him.

Another black-robed arcane master had a black eyeball-like gem floating in front of each of his hands.

The last black-robed arcane master held a curved longsword.

Those materialized weapons constantly emitted auras of black snakes!

“Black Snake Weapons?!”

“These guys are not from the Black Crow Team, they are the Black Snake Team that disguised themselves as the Black Crow Team!”

Some arcane teams immediately became serious, while some were gloating.

The Black Snake Team was a famous mercenary arcane team in the border of the Kingdom of Doa. From their past records, they should be stronger than the Black Crow Team.

They disguised themselves as the Black Crow Team in order to make the Holy Dawn people misjudge their strengths. However, the Holy Dawn group did not care whether they were Crow or Snake.

Those materialized weapons the Black Snake Team held were all from the Snake Mercenary Band during the Magus Era.

The five-member arcane team coincidentally obtained the inheritance of the Snake Mercenary Band and received their own materialized weapons. They then practiced supporting arcane skills for their weapons.

The nickname of those five people matched their specialized weapons. They were: Black Snake Shield, Black Snake Eyes, Black Snake Whip, Black Snake Sword and Black Snake Piercer.

The remaining three were obviously Black Snake Shield, Black Snake Eyes and Black Snake Sword.

The instant those three took defensive stance, Black Snake Sword suddenly felt something. The curved longsword in his hand slashed forward while his body did a 180 degree turn as if it had no bones.

At the tip of the curved longsword, two balls of red light suddenly glowed. Those two balls of light looked bewitching, making the slashing longsword look like several snake shadows twisting together, unable to distinguish the real from the fake.

“Boneless Snake Body!”

“Gleaming Snake Twist Slash!”

Two signature skills from the Snake Mercenary Band in the past.

Chris was right behind the snake longsword.

With that turn, Chris appeared to be colliding into that ball of twisted sword shadows instead.

The Black Snake Team lived up to its name.

The majority of those hiding arcane masters imagined Chris getting splattered.


However, they held their breaths as the sword shadow slashed past.

Chris’s body was splattered. However, it was only an afterimage that was left in everyone’s sight!

“What footwork is this!?”

Black Snake Sword was astonished. His instinct told him that Chris used a unique footwork. She used that footwork to perform an astonishingly fluent evasion in an extremely small zone.

In the current era, not even the best cultivation hall had heard about such an amazing close-range evasion footwork!

An extremely dangerous presence came from Black Snake Sword’s left side, he was also forced to perform better than his usual limits at that moment.

He accurately sensed the direction of Chris’s fist from the wind breaking sound, his empty left arm swiped towards it.


Just as Chris’s fist made contact with his arm, Snake Sword’s arm emitted a layer of black oil, becoming slippery.

“Snake Oil!”

Another signature skill from the Snake Mercenary Band. It not only diverted the force of impact, it also made the opponent difficult to defend against him.

However, at that moment, Chris’s fist became a palm. Her palm tapped his arm.

Black Snake Sword’s pupils greatly contracted.

His body lost its balance in that instant. He uncontrollably spun towards one side.


His abdomen stung, power seemed to instantly drain from his body.

The moment he forcefully turned his head, he only saw Chris’s afterimage of retracting a materialized weapon that looked like a piercer from her other hand.

Meanwhile, blood spurted out from his abdomen like a fountain.

“This is Spinning Top Leaf?”

“Her close-range combat skill has already reached this standard?”

Black Snake Sword held his wound with his left hand, but was unable to stop the blood from pouring out. His legs were uncontrollably wobbling and gave out. That skill name appeared in his gradually hazy consciousness.

“What a god-like girl! How much time did she spend on foundation training? Her body reaction and close-range combat has actually reached this level! Even those people famous in close-range combat...... might not be her opponent in their expertise.”

Almost every arcane master turned serious.

In just one moment, Black Snake Sword, who had used several signature skills and seemed to be in advantage, was crushed by Chris.

“Black Snake Sword!”

Black Snake Eyes let out a scream. When Chris rushed to the back of Black Snake Sword, he was already prepared to cooperate in killing Chris. However, a man wearing bat-base armor stood before him.

The sole survivor of Bat Corps, the ‘Bat’ who was too ashamed to speak of his name!

Psst! Psst!

The snake eye-like gems flew out from Black Snake Eyes’s hands, shooting towards Bat’s eyes like two streaks of black lightning.

Clang! Clang!

Two half-meter long black stabbers ejected out from Bat’s arms and protected his eyes.

The two gems were repelled with some sparks.

However, when they reached behind Bat, a snake pupil-like yellowish thread appeared from the center of each gem.

The two threads connected together and instantly released metallic glow!

A thin metal thread was formed connecting the two gems.

Black Snake Eyes’s gaze flashed. The two gems flew back to him while bringing the metal thread towards the nape of Bat!

Bat suddenly accelerated!

The metal pieces under his feet released metal creaking sound.

The two stabbers shot out from his arms and aimed at Black Snake Eyes’s chest!

“This guy...... he doesn’t care about his life?!”

Every strand of hair on Black Snake Eyes’s body stood up.

The opponent did not care about the thread, it was a mutual sacrifice way of fighting!

He was certain that if he controlled the thread with full focus, the instant his thread followed the opponent’s armor gap to cut off the neck, the opponent’s stabbers would pierce his own heart!


As B;acl Snake Eyes cursed in his heart, arcane particles rushed out from his feet. With a loud boom, his body was pushed back by the force and a huge cobra with chilling black scales blocked before Bat like a shield.

At the same time, the thread connecting the two gems snapped after losing control.

“Are you scared?”

“Are you afraid of dying?”

“I am someone who should have died...... The reason I’m living is to fight to the last drop of my blood!”

“Leader...... Captain...... Sorry, I won’t be afraid of death anymore. I will be like all of you and fight to death!”

Determined and burning glow dwelled in Bat’s eyes. His hands were extremely stable.

The instant the metal thread snapped behind his head, he forcefully retracted the two stabbers and stabbed them backwards.

Clang! Clang!

The two stabbers accurately stabbed into the gems, repelling the gems away.

Psst! Psst!

Without any pause, he crossed his arms before him and swung the stabbers with astonishing speed, heavily cutting onto the body of the huge black cobra.

Two streaks of sparks appeared on the heavily-armored cobra. The cobra and Bat repelled each other.

A snapping sound came from the cobra as it bit empty air due to its body getting repelled backward while trying to bite Bat’s head. Sparks flew out from its fangs.

“This is Bat Corps arcane master?”

“Is he just a common bat-base armor arcane master? When did a common bat-base armor arcane master become so powerful! His attacks are so accurate!”

Many hiding arcane masters were shocked.

In a few exchanges, Bat gave them the feeling that his every action was stable and precise to the extreme.

In some sense, arcane level did not represent the fighting strength. Meanwhile, the stability and precision during battle held great meaning!

“Grey Bat Shadow!”

The repelled Bat remained extremely stable.

Grey smoke surged out from the gaps of his armor, completely shrouding him.

The grey smoke rapidly split and became four similar grey smoke clouds, rushing towards Black Snake Eyes.

Black Snake Eyes screamed in shock.

He was shocked by the opponent’s calmness and cold heartedness. Hence, he was unable to see through which cloud contained Bat’s real body for a moment.

“Have you also started burning in the end? That is how my retainer should be! ......Looks like I don’t need to care about your battle.”

Belo pushed up his spectacles. His reddened gaze fell onto Black Snake Shield with floating shields surrounding himself.

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