Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins

Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins


“If we enter the Eternal Winter Forest like this and encounter that man, we won’t even have the chance to escape.” Belo sat down on the military-use ground sheet. The excitement in his eyes from the travelling slowly extinguished.

“That man? Could it be that Belo knows what kind of opponent we will face in the Eternal Winter Forest? Is that the reason Teacher Liszt made him team with us?” Moss was taken aback.

“Are you preparing to get stronger through continuously fighting here?” Chris realized Belo’s intention. She kept the White Crane Shield and Nightmare Amethyst Ayrin and the others gave her before they left, “Belo, is your arcane level reaching the critical point?”

Belo nodded his head.

“Belo, do you know who we will encounter in the Eternal Winter Forest?” Moss asked.

“It’s possible.” Belo nodded.

Moss looked at him, “Who?”

“Someone that we cannot even escape from with our current strength.” Belo answered.

“......” Moss was speechless. Belo’s answer was no different from not answering.

However, the only thing he could be sure of was that Belo’s condition was definitely different from usual. Also, that person Belo mentioned definitely had a significant relationship with Belo, just that Belo was unwilling to mention it.

“I agree with waiting for the arcane teams here.” Chris thought for a moment and sat down as well. She rested as she spoke, “The downfall of the Maelstrom Team caused House Baratheon to be in turmoil. It disrupted the balance between the nine Houses. Even if House Baratheon still had arcane teams as powerful as the Maelstrom Team, they would not dare to send them after us.”

“But even arcane teams on the level of the Goat Horn Team are already difficult to handle...... Also, every team has their own specialties. Every battle will contain a great risk.” Moss’s face paled, he could not imagine the result of staying there.

“Then, do you want to leave?” Belo glanced at him.

“We are a team. Also, if I said I want to leave, Ayrin will laugh at me......” Moss rebuked on reflex.

“Is he really a lunatic?” Snake Charmer Hiruka could not look any worse.

The temptation of a hatchable dragon egg was sufficient to make most daredevil arcane teams lose their reasoning. Even if they were not strong enough, they might come to look for chances.

If they stopped there, it would end up as a horde of dogs attacking a lion.

No matter how fierce the lion was or how easily it would be to kill a dog, if the lion got wounded and showed fatigue, it would end up getting bitten to death by the swarm of dogs!

“Did you think that we will definitely perish this time?”

At that moment, Belo’s gaze fell onto her.

Snake Charmer Hiruka was stunned.

Belo looked like a meek boy, but his tone and expression were strangely mature.

“Even for death, wouldn’t dying in a grand war that would astonish countless people better than dying in an underground arena that could never see light?”

Belo emotionlessly continued.

“Of course, even if you can be a brave warrior for a few minutes, it is better than dying after living a weak and cowardly life.” Chris sweetly smiled, “This isn’t said by me. It is the preface in the Dragon Slayer Kuron’s Autobiography during the Era of the War with Dragons.”

At that moment, Chris was also wrapping her limbs with bandages calmly.

After integrating the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline, her physical strength had greatly improved. Especially after opening four gates, her body did not experience much backlash after using the Dark Destruction Dragon. However, due to the habit of protecting her own body, she was keeping up with such act.

Chri’s calm attitude and bandage wrapping caused Snake Charmer Hiruka to be further taken aback.

Besides Belo, Bat also took a deep breath and sat down to rest.

Seeing Chris wrapping the bandage, an indescribable flame was lit in his heart as well.

Her action seemed as natural as breathing.

Just how much training and how many times of bandage wrapping did she have to go through to reach such an extent?

As expected of a god-like girl...... The experience of fighting alongside these people will probably become my lifetime’s pride.

This time, I won’t let the Bat Corps’s name be shamed!

I will absolutely remain standing on this land until my last drop of blood is drained.

The Bat Corps is only left with me!

Hot tear flowed down from the sole survivor of the Bat Corps.


“They’re here?”

“There’s already a battle? They actually stopped here...... It’s Belo, Moss and Chris, who are the other two?”

“What are they doing stopping here?”

Three arcane masters wearing silver leather arcane robes laid prone in a bush. A black-haired young arcane master held a bronze-colored goblin monocular and peeked at the situation.

He could see that Belo’s group was taking turns to sleep.

“Captain Yugou, only Moss alone is awake now. Half of the Holy Dawn Academy team doesn’t seem to be there. The other arcane teams have yet to arrive. This is a good chance, should we ambush them?” A masked and pony-tailed skinny arcane master took over the monocular beside the black-haired young arcane master and took a glance, then spoke.

“Fesh, what are you saying? Don’t forget that our Silver Team is a lawful arcane team that doesn’t break the rules of the Office of Special Affairs. Even if we are going to ambush, it will be after those unlawful teams made their moves and we will snatch the trophy from them.” The black-haired arcane master grinned, “Only then will we not be pursued by the Holy Dawn or Office of Special Affairs.”

“We may be killed if we go.”

The last man spoke. He had disheveled hair, as if there was a bird nest on his head.

“Manguu, did you see something?” Captain Yugou, the black-haired arcane master, immediately asked with interest.

“These people are clearly prepared for battle. They have an aura of killing whoever comes. Also, although the Maelstrom Team died in the hands of the Evil Six, the Holy Dawn Academy team was able to exit Roland and Eclipse Moon’s territory safely. They have also caused Baratheon to announce such a bounty...... This team’s strength is definitely extraordinary.” Manguu analyzed.

“A great analysis, full score.” Yugou even clapped for him, “However, some foolish teams seemed to have gone to them.” He smiled and spoke that sentence.

Then his smile immediately disappeared, “Looks like many teams have arrived. If this continues, it will be a carnage......”

There was no need to use monocular to see five shadows rapidly dashing towards the place Belo and Chris were at.

At the same time, a silver mirror-like artifact next to the black-haired arcane master displayed many red dots in groups of three to five.

It was a unique Arcane Energy Detection Device. It would only sense arcane masters with at least four gates opened.

Although there were only five silhouettes running towards Belo’s group and nobody else visible, the device showed at least seven arcane teams arriving at the scene.

“There’s finally someone unable to endure?”

Belo was sleeping at that moment. However, without Moss notifying, he sensed the arrival of enemies even faster than Moss and opened his eyes.


Chris jumped up from the ground sheet.

When she just woke up, she seemed in a daze. However, after rubbing her face, she immediately became energetic.

“I’m so scared......” Moss mumbled.

“Are you kidding!?” Snake Charmer Hiruka was more certain that those people were lunatics. The reason was despite Moss saying that he was scared, he was clearly showing great fighting spirit. Even his body temperature was rising.


Belo’s right fingernail slit open his own left wrist. Large amount of blood flowed out soundlessly along his fingers and seeped into the ground in five streams.

Moss and Chris immediately realized what Belo did. However, they remained silent and concentrated on the five incoming silhouettes.

The five arcane masters had different heights, but all of them wore baggy black arcane robes. They wore black-colored metallic mask, even their hands were kept inside arcane robes.

“The Black Crow Team?”

“They were originally a bandit team that fought against the Maelstrom Team in Maelstrom Island...... Now they are actually coming for the Holy Dawn people for the bounty......”

Many hidden arcane teams clearly saw the crow sigil sewn onto the arcane robe collar.


“Wave Domain!”

Without any unnecessary opening, the battle immediately started.

One black-robed arcane master facing Belo’s group chanted. A terrifying domain power immediately took form.

The calm air began to violently vibrate, as if it was becoming a formless huge wave.

“Not bad...... Immediately using domain to restrict them, it’s a good method of taking on those students with insufficient arcane level...... Those Holy Dawn youths are strong, but they should not have learned any domain......” In the bush far away, Yugou mumbled.

There was no sign.

There was not even any arcane energy fluctuation.

A streak of blood suddenly rushed out from the soil and stabbed into the sole of that arcane master an instant before the domain completely took form.


A painful cry could be heard along with the sudden shattering of the domain.

That black-robed arcane master was spasming non-stop and blood flowed out from his orifices.


Many arcane masters hiding in the surroundings were frozen still.

“They failed the initiative, begin counterattack!”

Flame was lit in both Chris and Moss’s eyes, they disappeared from the spot at the same time.

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