Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision

Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision


“Speak up! Tell us the place that treasure is hidden, it better be along the way!” Ayrin also threatened.

Along the way?

Meraly’s expression further darkened. Who the heck are these Holy Dawn people? Isn’t that demand too much?

The three Crane Team arcane masters were teary-faced.

“It’s the inheritance of Psychic Style......” One of them spoke.

“Psychic Style? What’s that?” Ayrin and Stingham had never heard of the name and looked at each other in confusion.

“Impossible!” Meraly screamed, “Psychic Style has gone extinct long ago!”

Ayrin and Stingham immediately focused on her.

Meraly obediently explained, “Psychic Style is the strongest in the mental and subconsciousness field. It’s similar to my Banshee Soul Cleanse. However, the strongest factor of Psychic Style is that not only can it completely isolate the opponent’s mind and make the opponent unable to sense the outside world, it can also make the opponent fight in a virtual world created by the user. It can even plant a seed in the opponent’s mind and activate at a certain time, allowing the user to control the opponent’s body and consciousness for a period of time.”

“Mental illusion and hypnotism type forbidden skill?” Rinloran was also shocked.

Hypnotism type forbidden skill was extremely rare even during the entire Era of the War with Dragons. Most could only make the opponent enter a slumber state or greatly damage the opponent’s mind to knock them out. A forbidden skill that could control the opponent’s body and consciousness during a specific period of time was never heard of.

“The Sky Psyche Academy in the ancient Kingdom of Doa passed down that skill originally. However, during the Magus Era, that dangerous forbidden skill had been lost in the Sky Psyche Academy. It was said that the holy artifact that could pass down the Psychic Style had been accidentally destroyed, how can there be any inheritance of Psychic Style outside!” Meraly glared at the three Crane Team arcane masters in disbelief and emotionally spoke.

“We deduced that the holy artifact used to pass down the Psychic Style in the Sky Psyche Academy was not destroyed. There might be a riot during that era and it was brought outside. Because it was certain that the existence of Psychic Style was real, the Sky Wolf Team was annihilated after discovering its existence and tried to obtain it! They died from the Psychic Style forbidden skill!” The three Crane Team arcane masters desperately explained.

“Sky Wolf Team?” Ayrin and Stingham looked at Meraly again.

The astonished Meraly carried on with the explanation, “It’s also an assassination arcane team. However, their strength should be similar to Teacher Wurinlan’s team.”

“On the same level as the Blood Shadow Team?” Stingham immediately opened his eyes wide. He stared at the three Crane Team arcane masters and shouted, “Even if the Psychic Style really exists, even arcane team of that level has been annihilated, are you asking us to go die!?”

“Didn’t you defeat Teacher Wurinlan’s team......” Meraly was speechless by Stingham’s antic.

More cold sweat formed on the three Crane Team arcane masters’ forehead instead.

“Speak slowly, what happened?” Rinloran looked at the three Crane Team arcane members, telling them not to mind Stingham.

“During an assassination request the Sky Wolf Team received outside the Three Spring City, they coincidentally encountered an old man and a handicapped youth. As their assassination target was a person from a certain big House, they wanted to silence the old man and the handicapped youth in order not to leak any news. In the end, they paid a heavy price. That handicapped youth possessed the Psychic Style holy artifact while that old man was someone who could use the Psychic Style. Only two members of the Sky Wolf Team managed to escape. Afterwards, we met those two. The Nightmare Amethyst we handed over came from them.” One of the three immediately explained.

“So you obtained that information from extorting them.” Stingham interrupted, “Even if what you said is true, that old man is so strong that he can handle the Sky Wolf Team himself. Are you trying to borrow his strength to kill us?”

“After obtaining that information, we have secretly trailed after that old man and the handicapped youth for a long time. We not only know that their residence is in the Spear Spring Village in the Village area next to the Three Spring City, we also found out that the old man is too old. He was also gravely injured from the battle against the Sky Wolf Team. He should be dying soon.”

“Hence, you want to kill us first, then go back and snatch the Psychic Style artifact after that old man died?” Ayrin realized their plan.

“Then who requested you to kill us?” Rinloran’s gaze flickered and continued the question.

“House Baratheon has conveyed the bounty for all of you throughout the Kingdom of Eiche and the Kingdom of Doa using the News Bird. The bounty is a hatchable Storm Dragon Egg. The Kingdom of Doa spread news that all of you may be going to the Doa Royal City, so we rushed here as soon as possible......” The three Crane Team arcane masters had the worst expression as they reached that point.

They were purely blinded by greed. A hatchable Storm Dragon Egg was too shocking, it would soon make them become the strongest Dragon arcane masters in the entire Continent. They were afraid that the others might get ahead of them, hence they rushed over without even obtaining information about the Holy Dawn Academy team.

It was also bad luck for them. The battles that happened in House Roland’s territory did not really spread out. Otherwise, if they had known that even the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye, as well as the Blood Shadow Team were defeated by the Holy Dawn Academy team, they would never have the courage to fight against the Holy Dawn Academy team.

“Where is the ruin you said that might have the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon?” Rinloran asked the next question while looking at the three.

“It’s in the Chalk Forest, about two days journey from the Doa Royal Palace.” The three quickly replied.

“The three of you are not allowed to speak. Now draw the exact location of the Psychic Style duo and the Dwarven Ruin in the Chalk Forest!” Meraly felt that the Holy Dawn bunch was unreliable, she was afraid that the three arcane masters might be tricking them. Hence, she ordered the three to turn around and gave them three blank scrolls for them to draw.

“They’re the same, it should be correct.”

After checking the content given by the three, Meraly was relieved.

“Is there any other good stuff or information?” Stingham happily kept the three scrolls and continued to threaten those three.

“There’s absolutely no more!”

One of them raised his hand to pledge.

Bam! Then that arcane master heavily smashed his own head and fainted.

“There’s really no more!”

Bam! Bam! The other two also fainted the same way.

Stingham looked at the three arcane masters that knocked themselves out and was bewildered, “Flat-chest girl, what did they do?”

“This is regulation. Otherwise, if they immediately leave, there is a chance of leaking the information to others. So, by following the regulation, they can avoid getting killed. Now we can use some method to make them stay unconscious for dozens of days, that will also avoid killing them while not letting them leak any information.” Meraly suppressed the urge to butcher them and shouted.

“Regulation is so troublesome. Killing them would be the easiest.” Stingham mumbled.

“Idiot, if there’s no promised regulation between arcane teams, can you obtain so much useful information!? If you don’t follow the regulation, no arcane teams will follow the regulation for you!” Meraly stared at Stingham, “I thought that they are just calling you idiot for fun, but you are really an idiot! Out of the three identical scrolls, you can destroy two and keep one. Why are you keeping three identical scrolls so carefully? Also, those places can be memorized after taking a look!”

“......” Stingham became speechless after just keeping the three identical scrolls.

“If it’s near the Three Spring City, it really is along the way to the Doa Royal City.” Ayrin examined the map of the Kingdom of Doa in his hand and commented.

“Are you really going to rob that old man and handicapped youth?” Meraly felt that such an act was despicable. She grumbled.

“Why must we rob? I can ask them to teach me and learn from them.” Ayrin seemed as if it was natural.

“If it’s a unique inheritance of a forbidden skill, how can they teach outsiders!” Meraly felt that Ayrin was definitely just saying without meaning it.

“Then let’s split up here.” Belo’s nail scratched the three unconscious Crane Team arcane masters. Their body immediately showed a strange red color and they entered a deeper unconscious state. They appeared to be in suspended animation, even their breathing seemed to stop.

“Even if they wake up, they will feel dizzy for many days. They won’t immediately remember what happened here.” Belo pushed up his spectacles again and added.

“Great! Then, Belo, Chris, Moss, be careful!” Without any chattering, Ayrin and his group continued their journey.

“They actually used a dragon egg as the bounty reward......” Seeing Ayrin’s group slowly disappearing, Belo’s spectacle glass flashed a cold glint.

“Belo, we aren’t leaving?” Moss asked with a little fear, “With such a bounty and the traces of battle here, there will be many arcane teams coming if we don’t go now.”

“Let’s wait for them here.” Belo walked towards the dried grass patch not far away and laid down the army ground sheet.

“We’re waiting here?” Moss was completely shocked, unable to decipher Belo’s intention.

Is he thinking of suicide by falling into an encirclement of countless arcane teams?!

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