Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation

Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation


“Wasn’t it the Holy Dawn Evil Six that took out the Maelstrom Team? Why is even the Academy team so strong?”

The attitude of Ayrin, Rinloran and Belo, as well as Meraly’s frustrated shout had completely enlightened the four Crane Team members.

It must have been a mistake due to experience, they hit a solid wall this time!


The thinnest member amongst the four, vice-captain Lulin immediately let out a quick howl. The air around him shook. The unique Crane arcane robe caught the wind and was about to fly up.


Dazzling flame suddenly surged before his eyes. The terrifying impact with the raging gale pressured him to the point that he could not breathe.

“White Sand Formation!”

Lulin’s was startled. Arcane particles flowed out from his hands with a speed surpassing the normal limits. Countless fine white sand danced before him.


However, at that moment, a ball of flame assaulted him from behind and ruthlessly slashed his back.


His spine was almost completely shattered. A mouthful of blood spat out from his mouth.

“Such assaulting speed......”

Only then, he was able to see the flaming giant coming at him from the front while a huge materialized weapon hit him from the back.

“Battle Explosion!”

A deafening roar came out from Moss’s mouth. The terrifying sound shockwave made Lulin twist his face.

Lulin was knocked out by the shockwave.

“Moss has also improved...... He can actually use the technique I used when fighting him in the past to assist the charge.” Ayrin’s shout came from behind Moss.

“Ayrin you bastard...... Stop looking down on me, I’m about to reach my breakthrough also!” Moss rapidly shrank back. The Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun disassembled into particles and swarmed into his body. The burning particles caused Moss to twist his face in pain. However, his eyes were filled with excitement and pride.

He could also vaguely feel the opening of the third gate.

“Even vice-captain......”

The remaining three Crane Team arcane masters were drenched in cold sweat.

If they had seen through the Holy Dawn Academy team’s true strength from the start without losing a single member, they might still have the confidence to fight. After all, the opponents did not have a high arcane level, they were only specialized in some areas.

However, due to insufficient information and mistaken judgement, two strongest members were lost while the opponents were still unharmed. Those three Crane Team arcane masters lost their courage to fight.

“We surrender!”

The three Crane Team arcane masters simultaneously raised their hands and shouted.


Ayrin, Rinloran and the others were taken aback.

They had never encountered an opponent that would surrender without even running away.

“Flat-chest girl, do arcane masters in your Kingdom of Doa have the habit of surrendering when they can’t win?” Stingham turned to Meraly and asked.

“Not many, but quite a number of freelance arcane teams that belonged to Corps and Houses would do that.” Meraly had yet to recover from her astonishment and did not notice Stingham calling her flat-chest once again.

“Then how should we handle them based on regulation?” Ayrin asked.

Facing opponents that did not even resist, he was unsure what to do.

“Usually speaking, we can loot from them and interrogate them, or make them into retainers. According to regulations, after they cooperated to provide valuable things, they will be spared. This regulation is followed because the victorious team themselves might have to surrender to others one day. If everyone followed the regulation, everyone’s life would be spared.” Meraly looked at Ayrin and answered.

“Giving up dignity in exchange for a chance to live?” Belo snorted and retracted his foot, “Those guys aren’t qualified to lick my foot.”

“Is it really the ancient ceremony? Qualification is needed to lick foot?” Meraly unconsciously gripped her Golden Holy Sword tight. She felt that she was an elegant lady in the past, but staying with those Holy Dawn bunch kept giving her the urge to chop them with the sword.


Golden light beamed from Stingham’s eyes, “We can legally rob them? Quick, hand over all the good stuff you have. Also, your arcane robes can glide, that seems nice. Undress them now and give us!”

“You idiot, according to regulation, you must let them exhaust their arcane particles first. This is to prevent them from suddenly attacking!” Meraly felt her veins popping on her forehead again.

They are the infamous Crane Team, there is a five-gate arcane master in the team!

Without wasting any time, the three Crane Team arcane masters exhausted their arcane particles, then took off the arcane robes they wore. They did not miss out the dead Baish and Lulin either. Everyone took off their arcane robes and obediently handed over to Stingham.

Meraly saw Stingham and the others immediately gathered up and discussed something while inspecting.

In less than half a minute, Stingham fiercely shouted towards the three Crane Team arcane masters with a menacing face, “Speak! Where did you hide all the good stuff? There’s not a single decent item here!”

The three Crane Team arcane masters wanted to cry.

If they had legendary artifacts like the Treasured Book of Sealing, they would have been able to run away and not just surrender.

Also, they had surrendered the White Crane Shield and a Nightmare Amethyst.

The White Crane Shield was an instantaneous trigger type defensive artifact. It could defend against the arcane skill of a five-gate arcane master.

The Nightmare Amethyst could contain an extra gate’s amount of arcane particles. Although it could not raise the arcane particle quality, the user could carry it around after filling it. It would be equivalent to having an extra gate’s amount of arcane particles when fighting. It would be a treasure in a battle of attrition!

They were an arcane team owning two treasures of such a level, yet the Holy Dawn bunch said that there was nothing decent.

“We really only have these. There’s really nothing hidden......” The three of them promised with a teary face.

“Impossible!” Stingham claimed with certainty, “How can you only have these junks!?”

Hearing Stingham saying that those items were junks, the three Crane Team arcane masters were completely speechless.

“We should kill them after all!” Stingham complained, “Since Belo doesn’t even want them to lick his foot.”

“Don’t, we can at least provide some information!” The three Crane Team arcane masters shouted in fear.

“Information is not treasure, it’s not valuable.” Stingham did not seem to care.

Meraly’s expression darkened again.

How is information not valuable? The Crane Team isn’t a weak team. They only ended up like this because they did not obtain any information on the Holy Dawn Academy team.

“Don’t kill us, we can provide the information of a treasure!”

However, Stingham’s attitude caused the three to be even more scared. They desperately pleaded.

They were totally scared of the weird personalities and unorthodox way of handling matters.

“Oh? Where is it? What’s the item like?” Stingham was immediately interested, golden light beamed from his eyes again.

“It might be the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon!”

The three Crane Team arcane masters immediately answered.

“White Dwarven Artifact Cannon?” Meraly exclaimed in shock.

That name seemed to have triggered Merlin’s memory. Strange silver glow released from her eyes.

Even Stingham noticed Merlin’s behavior.

“What kind of good stuff is that!?” He immediately asked with excitement.

“It’s a product during the peak era of Artificers in the ancient Kingdom of Doa, a masterpiece by the Dwarven smiths and Artificers. It has great firepower, yet quick charging speed. Every arcane power shot only exhausted a little amount of arcane particles.” Meraly hastily spoke, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the famous Dwarf ranger Swotch only had an arcane level of three gates. However, he killed many five-gate arcane masters with this weapon.”

“Such a powerful artifact?!” Ayrin was also greatly surprised.

“Where did you hide it?” Stingham fervently scanned the three Crane Team arcane masters.

The three immediately felt goosebumps.

“It’s not hidden by us, but someone discovered a ruin. Many people, including the Divine Temple Corps from the Kingdom of Doa, deducted that it was the ruin of the Horte Mountain Dwarf Tribe that Dwarf Ranger Swotch belonged to. Many arcane teams are heading towards that ruin in preparation of searching and competing. We only received that news coincidentally.” One of them immediately explained.

“What? It’s just a possibility? And even if there is, there are many arcane teams preparing to snatch it?” Stingham was depressed, “Are you joking?”

“Don’t kill us!” The three Crane Team arcane masters immediately pleaded without any dignity.

“You need to ask who sent them to assassinate us at least.” Meraly gripped her Golden Holy Sword tightly and squeezed out those words.

“Sure, then we will ask them first before killing them.” Stingham nodded in agreement.


The three Crane Team arcane masters were helpless when encountering someone like Stingham who did not follow the regulation and had a screw loose in the head.

“We will tell you why we want to assassinate you. We will also tell you the location of another treasure that definitely exists, as long as you don’t kill us.” A Crane Team arcane master spoke with a trembling voice.

“Oh? What treasure!? Speak!” Stingham immediately looked triumphantly at Meraly, “I knew that they are hiding good stuff. If I don’t threaten them, they won’t confess.”

Meraly was completely speechless. It seemed that letting a brainless fool like Stingham cause a commotion really did show the best effect of interrogation.

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