Chapter 440: Rinloran’s Breakthrough, The Team Becoming Stronger

Chapter 440: Rinloran’s Breakthrough, The Team Becoming Stronger


“There are already pursuers looking for trouble?”

Rinloran’s eyes immediately turned chilling.

“If we are parting here, then leave the opponents to me this time.”

He looked at Belo, “It’s not far from here to the border of the Eternal Winter Forest. If you help us to intercept the pursuers, you will not be in the best condition for the battles soon after. We are still a distance away from the Kingdom of Doa’s Royal City, so we have sufficient time to rest. Also, if they are opponents of sufficient level, it may allow me to breakthrough.”

“Belo has already discovered pursuers?”

Ayrin had not felt nervous from the start, he seemed eager to fight. However, after hearing Rinloran, he exclaimed in surprise, “Rinloran, are you almost reaching the critical point for opening the fourth gate also?”

Rinloran nodded.

“So fast!” Ayrin shouted excitedly.

Chris also happily spoke, “Your improvement speed is so fast, you’re almost ready to open the fourth gate.”

The expressions of Rinloran, Moss and the others darkened.

You two already opened four gates. Are you two saying that on purpose?

“Moss, you’re just reaching the third gate, right? You had displayed a decent fighting strength by relying on your Giant talent and sudden assault. If a battle breaks out later, why don’t you participate as well? Perhaps you will open the third gate soon. If you can open the third gate, your power will receive a great improvement......” What’s even worse was that Ayrin told Moss such a thing at that moment.

“He’s definitely doing it on purpose......” Moss wanted to cry, but a flame immediately lit up in his heart.

I do seem really close to opening three gates.

I must not be looked down by Ayrin.

“Oi! We are executing an important mission. Shouldn’t we try to avoid the enemy and preserve our strength?” Seeing the Holy Dawn bunch looking like battle maniacs, Meraly could not help but object.

“Flat-chest girl, you cannot understand true brave warriors like us.” Stingham proudly spoke.

“I have warned you already, I’m going to kill you!”

Meraly unsheathed her Golden Holy Sword and rushed towards Stingham.


The sword flashes shone like the sun, Meraly desperately slashed at Stingham while moving around him.

“So unreliable.” Ayrin and Rinloran shook their heads.

“Isn’t it your team that’s unreliable?” Snake Charmer Hiruka had the worst expression.

“Enough, stop fooling around, they’re coming.”

Belo suddenly snorted.

Meraly, who was furiously slashing at Stingham, suddenly stiffened.

A chilling killing intent surged towards them like a tide, causing her skin to feel stinging pain.

Five silhouettes glowing in cold white light landed from the sky. They wore strange white gliding suits.

Their elegant figures looked like dancing cranes.

“Crane Team!”

Meraly shouted out the name of the arcane team in shock.

“Flat-chest girl, what’s this Crane Team about?” Stingham walked next to her unknowingly and stood next to her.

“You......” Veins bulged from Meraly’s forehead. The delicate and beautiful girl looked like a scary witch again. However, she managed to hold herself back after raising her Golden Holy Sword. After all, she could not hurt Stingham no matter how she hit.

“The Crane Team is an assassination team in the Kingdom of Doa, they specialize in bounty hunting. Preys they had their eyes on never survived.”

“Then how do they compare to the Goat Horn Team?” Ayrin asked.

Meraly was shocked again after just holding herself back to do the explanation.

Although arcane teams on such levels had no real way of comparing, the Crane Team...... should not be much stronger than the Goat Horn Team no matter how powerful they could be?

If the strength of every arcane team was to be divided into Epic level, Legendary level, Monstrous level, Peak level, Elite level and Normal level, the Maelstrom Team should be Legendary level. The Goat Horn Team should be a Monstrous level in this era, since they were the peak level team of Baratheon. They were one level higher than normal Peak level teams.

However, even the Goat Horn Team was finished off by the Holy Dawn Academy team.

Meraly calmed down from the shock by the Crane Team’s reputation.

“Pure assassination arcane team huh, then I won’t feel bad for killing any of them. There’s no need to hold back......” Rinloran’s chilling voice rang in her ears.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh......

Five air currents hit the ground.

The five Crane Team members with different height surrounded Ayrin’s group from five directions, creating an encirclement.

Murderous and violent aura were released from those five people like a tide, rushing towards Ayrin’s group in waves.

“You are......”

Within the five people, the man with a skinny long face was the captain of the infamous team, Baish. Seeing those prey, his chest was filled with killing intent. It was a wonderful feeling.


However, at that moment, his voice abruptly stopped. His black pupils became white from the sword flash’s reflection.


The other four confident Crane Team members also suddenly changed their expressions.

An astonishing sword flash that only left a trail in their sight rushed towards Baish!

Before that rapid and sharp sword flash, Baish’s body seemed to have been rooted on the spot. His body was unable to make the evasion in time.


The jade token-like artifact in front of his chest suddenly released countless white feather-like light, becoming a spread-winged crane and blocked the front.

Baish’s stiffened heart gradually softened.

Luckily, I have a powerful defensive artifact, the White Crane Shield.

You actually started an attack immediately without even going through the usual questioning.

I will show you who’s the boss next!

Baish’s body emitted powerful arcane energy fluctuation, a trace of menacing laughter appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The counterattack arcane power quickly took form with his expenditure of arcane particles.

All of a sudden, a gas-leaking sound could be heard.

His entire brain felt electrocuted.

A sword flash stabbed in from his forehead and rampaged in his brain.


The refined sword flash broke out from the back of his head.

He was dragged back in a stiffened posture.


What’s this sword skill...... How can it have such penetrative power......

How can the White Crane Shield that can block the arcane skill from a five-gate arcane master fail to defend it?

Those became the final thoughts in his head.

Before his body fell to the ground, he had died.


Meraly’s mouth opened to the widest.

The Crane Team’s captain is actually killed in one strike?

This weak-looking high elven bloodline guy actually possesses such sword skill!

No wonder that idiot Stingham said that I’m no match against Rinloran in swords.

Meraly looked at Rinloran in a daze.

The image of Rinloran had completely changed in her eyes. He became insurmountably tall, like a huge sword that could cut apart anything.

The other four originally confident Crane Team arcane masters turned ghastly pale.

Not any of them could stop that strike.

He can actually kill someone without saying anything.

What kind of prey are we hunting this time?

Meanwhile, what made Meraly and the others even more speechless was that Rinloran’s chilling gaze contained a trace of joy.

“I did it...... I can feel the existence of the fourth gate.” He looked and Ayrin and Chris as he quietly spoke.

“My Thousand Storms Sword has also improved...... Brother Redwin, the Maelstrom Team has been exterminated. However, one day, my Thousand Storms Sword will pierce through Baratheon’s throne.” Rinloran kept the rest in his heart.

“Combination skill: Devouring Sand Domain!”

Only at that moment, the four Crane Team members recollected themselves from the shock of their captain getting killed by one strike. The four Crane Team arcane masters unleashed their arcane particles. The unique combination instantly created a domain. Countless yellow sand appeared in the air and rapidly accelerated.

“Treasured Book of Sealing!”

Ayrin shouted excitedly.


Only cloth-fluttering sound could be heard as the domain instantly disappeared.


The four Crane team arcane masters were petrified as they saw Ayrin holding the Treasured Book of Sealing with an excited expression.

“Are you idiots? Even when I returned to House Roland to fight against them, I have at least investigated their information. I know that they have an artifact like the Treasured Book of Sealing, so I won’t rashly use domain power against them. You guys don’t know anything and you come to assassinate them? Why are you so unprofessional?” Meraly shouted in anger.

A few seconds ago, Meraly was still terrified by the reputation of the Crane Team. However, after a few seconds passed, Meraly felt that the team should be renamed into the Crap Team.


At that moment, Ayrin, Stingham and the others focused their gaze on Belo.

Also, Ayrin’s team had a sly look.

“What?” Meraly could not understand what the current situation had to do with Belo.

“......” However, she was speechless as Belo stretched out his foot and pushed up his spectacles, “Oi, you guys. Do you want to lick my foot?”

“Haha, Belo has said it.”

“Phew, looks like Belo didn’t become so strange. He isn’t sick......” Ayrin and Stingham immediately felt a little relieved.

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