Chapter 439: Belo Acting Strange, The Land Of Eternal Winter

Chapter 439: Belo Acting Strange, The Land Of Eternal Winter


“This guy actually has retainers?”

Meraly opened her eyes wide in disbelief and sized up the two retainers Belo had recruited from the underground arena, Snake Charmer Hiruka and Bat.

Usually, only a lord would possess retainers. More importantly, regardless of Snake Charmer Hiruka or Bat, she could feel a dangerous aura from them.

Not just their arcane levels, that cunning, cruel and bloodthirsty aura could only be owned by arcane masters wh survived countless life and death battles.

Simply speaking, the two arcane masters are not mob characters. They would be extremely difficult opponents in the Hunting Forest!

However, such arcane masters would actually become Belo’s retainers?

Holy Dawn...... What kind of monsters are you bunch!

Just as Meraly evaluated the two retainers who came, Belo just pushed up his spectacles. His calm expression suddenly flashed a blood thirsty glow.


Belo looked at Bat, who had scars on both corners of his mouth, with stern and impulsive expression, “I don’t know your real name, so I will call you Bat for now. Are you ashamed that you are the sole survivor of your Corps? Did you become a deserter during battle? But as long as you live, if you feel shameful for living, you must fight with even more desperation. You must take revenge for your fallen comrades, until the last drop of blood is drained from your body.”

“Do you dare to follow me to the Eternal Winter Forest? To investigate the truth of the Ghouls that caused the downfall of your Bat Corps? To avenge your Corps? Then don’t show me that sorrowful face, let me see your hatred and anger. If you want to live the rest of your life in seclusion, forever ashamed of yourself for running away due to the strength of the enemies that exterminated your Corps, then I will abolish the master-retainer relationship here. You did not complete the ritual properly after all.”

Hearing Belo’s speech, Bat unconsciously raised his face.

He could see a trace of an unusual flame in Belo’s eyes. That trace of flame seemed to allow him to clearly see Belo’s character. It also seemed to be looking at his own pettiness and cowardice from somewhere.

“Dying in fear, isn’t this what the weak...... is best at?”

Belo seemed to have silently spoken that line.

“Bat Corps’s deserter...... is willing to serve you!”

Bat held his breath, but his body seemed to have regained heat, and the fire was relit. “As for my name, I will tell you after I avenged the Bat Corps, or when the final drop of blood flowed out from my body.”

Bat did a military salute that represented the pledge in the Bat Corps towards Belo.

Meraly uncontrollably opened her mouth, but no words came out. The figure of Bat at that moment and Belo’s demeanor caused her heart to throb violently.

“Belo’s mission this time seems different from usual.”

“Is it my imagination?”

Ayrin and the rest looked at each other. They felt that Belo emitted a glow never seen before.

“I should be able to encounter you this time and settle everything......”

Belo turned around and moved on. The blood thirsty glow seemed to have completely disappeared. However, that chilling sentence resounded in his heart.


“Even these Corps are threatening us from this chance?”

Within the Storm Castle of House Baratheon, dangerous aura loomed around. The yellow-colored clouds constantly formed into huge hurricanes in the sky.

In the conference hall, the middle-aged man that looked similar to Rinsyi looked at the few Baratheon lords below. He sneered, “Did they think that we are powerless against them after the downfall of the Maelstrom Team?”

“Release the Black-Market Bounty.”

That calm and majestic middle-aged man coldly ordered, “As long as they can kill the Holy Dawn Academy team’s members, they will be rewarded a Storm Dragon Egg from Baratheon.”


The Kingdom of Doa.

Within the depth of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, a green building that looked like an enormous dragon head was shrouded by a layer of grey film.

Jean Camus looked at the grey film outside the door. Although his expression was calm, his anxious feeling was becoming stronger and stronger.

A bewitching figure appeared behind the grey film, then crossed the film and walked up to him.

“Why don’t you just kill me? You should know that trapping me here is even more painful than killing me.” Jean Camus looked at the Divine Temple Priestess who walked to him and spoke.

“This is your perspective. I have told you before, you are only my son in my eyes, and nothing else.” The Divine Temple Priestess watched Jean Camus and gently spoke, “And you have never encountered any hardship in your life yet. I feel that giving you some hardships like this will be more helpful to you.”

“As for trapping you here...... You can think of it from another perspective.” Her flawless face revealed a grin, “I never intended to trap you here. As long as you are strong enough to break this domain, you can leave anytime.”

Jean Camus took a deep breath and kept quiet. He was calming down the anxiety in his mind.

“Child, ultimately, you are not strong enough. Before my child is strong enough, isn’t sheltering him so that he doesn’t do anything foolish something every mother should do?” The Divine Temple Priestess looked at him and continued, “As for perspective, you don’t have a choice sometimes. To me, I was born a daughter of the Evil Dragon follower. I naturally need to protect my family, protect my father and relatives. As for you, you are also the son of an Evil Dragon Bishop. Are you going to protect your family, or protect the justice of an arcane master? What’s the justice of arcane masters? Isn’t it to protect their family?”

“You still have a choice.” Jean Camus took a deep breath and resolutely shook his head, “Evil Dragon follower is just a definition you gave to yourself. You can choose not to become a dominator that wants to control everything.”

“It’s still a bout of strength. If you are strong enough to trap me in such a domain instead, there won’t be any argument between us. I also wish to witness such a day coming, seeing you obtaining such strength to protect me, my son...... For now, please stay here and train.”

The Divine Temple Priestess grinned again, “But I need to remind you, my son. Don’t cause further unnecessary deaths due to your mistaken choices. You should have left some messages to your friends in the Kingdom of Eiche, hence there are rumors saying that I am an Evil Dragon follower. Your friends should be on their way to the Kingdom of Doa. Meanwhile, the closer result is that those things you have done caused two riots in our Kingdom of Doa. The most recent one happened in the palace. A total of almost three hundred arcane masters died, including Uncle Kilur you’re most familiar with and Instructor Hwoncheter.”

A trace of pain flashed across Jean Camus’s eyes, but he regained his usual fortitude and calmness immediately. He raised his head to look at the Divine Temple Priestess and spoke in a serious tone, “Even if you hold absolute authority in the Kingdom of Doa, any arcane master who died for his own belief will feel proud when he died. And I also believe that you will eventually fail, these arcane masters also died believing so.”

“I agree with some of your points, but I doubt this era.”

The Divine Temple Priestess gently looked at Jean Camus and slowly spoke, “Our victory or defeat depends on whether there are more arcane masters sharing the same belief as you or having different beliefs than you. Your friends should be coming to the Kingdom of Doa. If they are your hope, they would probably be surrounded by more enemies and Baratheon’s pursuers, right?”

Jean Camus did not say anything anymore.

The Divine Temple Priestess slowly turned around and disappeared behind the grey film.

“What kind of domain power is this? Even my talent domain...... has no effect?”

Jean Camus continuously took in deep breaths. He concentrated his mind to the limit to sense the surrounding power.

The grey film gave him a feeling that it was not arcane power at all, yet it was a unique domain power.

After conversing with his mother, the only thing he agreed on was that the conflict would end up in a showdown of strength.

If he could train and obtain the power to break through the domain, everything could change.

“Ayrin...... While you are coming to the Kingdom of Doa, you must also become more powerful!”

As Jean Camus thought so, his anxiety calmed down. There were only himself and the grey film left in his own perspective.



Ayrin sneezed loudly.

A gust of chilling wind swept past, snowy plain could be seen from afar.

“Rinloran, you said that Teacher Rui has a way to completely change my girlfriend into our form?” Stingham rubbed his chilled face and asked while looking at the Kingdom of Eiche’s Northern border scenery.

“Idiot, you have asked that question dozens of times along the way! Just go find your girlfriend if you miss her!” Rinloran glared murderously at Stingham.

“Haha, maybe Teacher Rui lied to you. Your girlfriend may have been eaten.” Ayrin purposely fanned the flame.

“Ayrin, I will kill you! You dare make such a joke!” Stingham desperately choked Ayrin’s neck.

“Do you guys really not know fatigue?”

The feet of Snake Charmer Hiruka and Meraly trembled non-stop as they fell to the end of the team.

Those Holy Dawn bunch had not taken a single long rest from the Hunting Forest all the way to the Northern border.

“Why is this guy getting more and more energetic instead......”

Their gaze fell onto Belo who walked at the front most.

The closer they got to the Eternal Winter Forest, the more energetic Belo seemed to become. He seemed to be in a constantly excited state.

“Take a rest, Ayrin. We should be parting here, you guys continue to head to the Kingdom of Doa’s Royal City. We will help you get rid of some trouble in the meantime.” However, at that moment, Belo’s nose twitched unnoticeably, and he turned around to tell everyone.

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