Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass

Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass


Under the setting sun, the entire Eclipse Moon campsite became boisterous again.

The patrolling arcane teams had reported that the Holy Dawn Evil Six would arrive soon.

Almost every Eclipse Moon member stopped whatever they were doing and prepared to welcome Liszt’s group.

The Holy Dawn Evil Six already owned the title of the number one arcane team in the Kingdom of Eiche. However, it would not cause such a great commotion originally.

Right now, nobody would doubt the strength of the Holy Dawn Evil Six after they exterminated the Maelstrom Team.

There was only reverence.

A few silhouettes passed through the fog and appeared before everyone.

“Teacher Liszt!”

Ayrin shouted in excitement first.


However, Ayrin and the other Holy Dawn Academy team members were surprised in the next moment.

A familiar pink-haired figure appeared before them.

“Gh...... Ghost......”

Stingham was so scared that he caught his tongue.

“Ferguillo, you’re alive?” Ayrin finally reacted and leapt to Ferguillo excitedly.


Stingham carefully ran towards Ferguillo behind Ayrin. He poked Ferguillo’s hand and heaved a sigh of relief, “It’s warm, looks like he’s really not a ghost.”

“Teacher Liszt! Teacher Minlur, Teacher Rui! Why are there only you three? Where’s Teacher Ciaran and Teacher Carter?” Ayrin called out again.

Apart from Ferguillo, there were only Liszt, Minlur and Rui showing up. There were no signs of Ciaran or Carter behind them.

Rinloran, Chris and the others were also getting anxious, they had a bad feeling.

“Let’s sit down first.”

The Eclipse Moon old shaman invited Liszt and the others who had just made their way to the campsite to sit down.

House Eclipse Moon had prepared the highest standard hospitality. Not only did they set up a big hall using plants, all food and drink served were treasures from the primeval forest. They were nourishments for arcane masters.

“We didn’t have an easy time in this battle. Teacher Ciaran doesn’t have any major problem, but Teacher Carter is gravely injured. Hence, they were sent back to Holy Dawn Academy to receive treatment first.” After some polite greetings with the old shaman, Liszt told Ayrin and the rest.

“Teacher Carter......”

“The Eclipse Moon senior has already told us your deductions.” Liszt raised his hand to stop Ayrin and the rest from asking. He spoke straight to the point, “Carter’s treatment coincidentally requires an item in the Kingdom of Doa. Hence, all of you need to go to the Kingdom of Doa.”

“What does Teacher Carter’s treatment need?” Ayrin asked again.

“Passion Fruit.”

Liszt looked at Ayrin and the others with a serious expression and explained, “Because Carter’s injury is too severe, we made him go into cryostasis. However, due to the lengthy treatment period, he may not be able to wake up even if his body has recovered. According to our knowledge, there is a Passion Fruit Tree in the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Then we need to infiltrate into the Green Dragon Divine Temple? Isn’t the Green Dragon Divine Temple inside the Kingdom of Doa’s Palace? Then we need someone who is familiar with the Palace......” Ayrin analyzed on reflex.

“Won’t she do?” Stingham pointed at Meraly who was in a corner.

“Are you really infiltrating? That’s impossible......” Meraly immediately shook her head, “The Doa Palace’s security is too strict.”

“Why is it impossible? Didn’t we manage to infiltrate into your House Roland to kill the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye?” Stingham nonchalantly spoke.

Meraly was rendered speechless.

“You need to divide into two teams. One team will try to obtain the Passion Fruit in the Green Dragon Divine Temple and investigate the matter about Jean Camus. The other team needs to go to the Eternal Winter Forest that connects the borders of the Kingdom of Eiche and the Kingdom of Doa.” Liszt continued.

“Divide into two teams? Eternal Winter Forest? Teacher Liszt, what mission needs to be done there?” Ayrin and Chris asked in surprise.

Due to the conversation involving the secret missions, there were only the Holy Dawn people, as well as the old shaman and the potential guide Meraly left in the hall.

“One of Belo’s retainers is an arcane master from the Bat Corps. However, we knew that the Bat Corps was exterminated from his story. Our initial investigation showed that it was due to a sudden assault by many powerful undead creatures. Those powerful undead creatures were said to be able to devour fresh corpses and strengthen themselves as well as patching up their wounds. The Bat Corps called them Ghouls when they first discovered those undead creatures.”

After taking a sip of the drink, Liszt continued, “This type of undead creature usually attacked at night. Before the Bat Corps was exterminated, they could not ascertain how those Ghouls looked like despite having several skirmishes. The only thing they could confirm was that those Ghouls had strong arcane resistance and endurance. Also, their eyes would release snow-white glow at night.”

“Those Ghouls can exterminate an entire Corps? The Bat Corps in the Kingdom of Doa has a long history just like the Shadowfiend Corps, they also had great fighting strength!” Ayrin and Rinloan were shocked.

“The Bat Corps were exterminated?”

Meraly opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

As the most elite student in the Golden Academy, she knew better than anyone here what kind of existence the Bat Corps was.

It was a Corps that had a seven to one recruitment failure rate!

Only one in seven new recruits that passed through the preliminary test from the various academies in the Kingdom of Doa could stay in the Bat Corps after entering the army to become a Bat Corps arcane master!

Furthermore, the Bat Corps arcane masters wore an ancient metal-base armor that specialized in sudden assaults. The Bat Corps that was one of the three major Corps in the Southern part of the Kingdom of Doa was exterminated?

If Liszt did not personally relay this news, she would absolutely not believe it normally.

Liszt then continued, “The Southern part of the Kingdom of Doa is connected to the Northern part of our Kingdom of Eiche. Regardless of either Kingdom, many Corps were deployed within the Eternal Winter Forest to prevent infiltration from the other side. Now that the Bat Corps had been exterminated in that boundary zone, it may pose a great threat to our Kingdom of Eiche’s Northern side. Especially when the Bat Corps’s downfall did not cause any commotion in the Kingdom of Doa, as if nobody actually knew anything. This is definitely an abnormal event. It seems as if someone in the Kingdom of Doa is purposely hiding the truth and not letting the outside world know. Hence, we must investigate what exactly happened in the Eternal Winter Forest.”

An important Corps’s downfall did not cause any commotion in the Kingdom of Doa, and not many people even knew at all? Could it be that something serious happened in the Kingdom of Doa and the outside world did not know?

Ayrin and Rinloran could not help but look at each other. They both had a bad feeling about it.

“I will go to the Eternal Winter Forest.” At that moment, Belo suddenly spoke with conviction.

There seemed to be a strange blood thirst dwelling in his eyes.

“You, Moss, Chris and your retainers should form a team.” Liszt’s eyes also showed a mysterious glint, “Ayrin, Rinloran, Ferguillo, Stingham and Meraly form a team.”

“This is obviously an imbalance of strength.” Stingham took a glance at Meraly and mumbled, “You should let this flat-chest girl join Belo’s team.”

“I’m not voicing my objection, yet you’re objecting? Do you believe that if you call me flat-chest again, I will kill you!” Meraly’s expression instantly became more menacing than the evil witches drawn in books.

“You can’t beat me anyway.” Stingham pouted, “You were also running away from me in nude.”

“You......” Meraly jumped up in fury. She unsheathed her Golden Holy Sword and was about to get back at Stingham.

“It’s nicked.” Stingham reminded Meraly about the nicked Golden holy Sword.

Meraly almost passed out from anger.

“Teacher Liszt, what about that House Baratheon, we don’t need to care about them now?” Ayrin asked with worry, “What if they come to fight House Eclipse Moon?”

“The downfall of the Maelstrom Team caused their strength to fall greatly. Many major Houses are putting pressure on them. They won’t be able to get free for a while. Though, in order to prevent any major change in situation, we will stay in the Kingdom of Eiche and monitor.” Liszt threw a map to Ayrin and Belo each, “After the two teams reach the location marked on the map, there will be a contact at the site.”

“Contact? Teacher Liszt, there is only location on the map, but no description of the contact.” Ayrin took a glance at the map and asked.

“Don’t worry. Your contact is someone you’re familiar with, you will naturally understand once you see them.”

“Familiar? Who are they?”

“It’s a secret for now. Won’t you hold more expectations like that?”


The Holy Dawn bunch were speechless.

“Teacher Liszt, should we leave now?” Ayrin looked in a hurry, “Jean Camus might be in great danger.”

“Sure.” Liszt’s gaze fell onto Ayrin and the rest again.

“Your strength allows you to handle most of the elite arcane teams. However, remember one thing, if you encounter Evil Dragon Bishop level enemy and do not gain an upper hand from the start, you better run immediately...... You still need more time and training to be able to handle opponents on that level.”


Ayrin nodded with force.

His fist tightened even more.

“Jean Camus...... We are coming to the Kingdom of Doa soon, you better stay alive!”

He turned towards the direction of the Kingdom of Doa with burning eyes and shouted in his heart, “Before I surpass...... beat you, you better not die!”

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