Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?

Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?


“This idiot is actually the legitimate prince of the Kingdom of Doa?”

Rinloran took a glance at Stingham, then at Meraly. He was speechless.

“Impossible! That’s definitely impossible!”

Meraly was also unable to accept the situation. She desperately shook her head, “The prince has yet to be born in the Kingdom of Doa. If he is the legitimate Green Dragon Prince, how can he be exiled!?”

“Could there be some palace coup d’état or conspiracy causing Stingham to be exiled?” Ayrin spoke. He felt that it was the most plausible explanation.

“That’s impossible. The Kingdom of Doa has been peaceful for the recent hundred years. King Haris has been ruling for over thirty years, there has been no coup d’état. Even if there is, they would only kill the prince straightaway and not just seal his memory in his subconsciousness.” Meraly had temporarily forgotten her objective of negotiating with the Eclipse Moon and explained.

“But it’s also possible that in order to protect him, they sealed his subconsciousness and memory and let a normal arcane master adopt him.” Moss mumbled.

“That’s right, this is a possibility.” The Eclipse Moon old shaman spoke with a serious expression, “After all, I also know that only the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s purest Green Dragon royal bloodline has the talent to cast the strongest Deep Green Domain. I also know that a real Forest Goddess will manifest from the true Deep Green Domain. That powerful strength can even regress an area into a primeval forest tens of thousands of years ago.”

“No way? Am I really the prince?” Stingham opened his eyes wide and flicked his hair, “Then I will be even more handsome.”

“An idiotic prince like you is only a misfortune to the Kingdom.” Rinloran snorted, “I’m suspecting that they used the forbidden skill to seal even your subconsciousness and throw you as far as possible because you are too idiotic.”

“Nonsense, unless they are jealous that I’m too handsome.” Stingham snorted back.

“Oh yeah, I forgot something!” Ayrin suddenly shouted and searched around his body.

“What thing? What is this letter?”

Rinloran and Stingham looked at Ayrin strangely, only to see him taking out a sealed letter.

“This is the letter Jean Camus asked Morgan to give me. He asked me to only open it after a period of time. It has been long enough, but due to the continuous battles we had, I have almost forgotten about it if not for the mention of the Kingdom of Doa.” Ayrin embarrassedly laughed and scratched his head, “I hope it’s not some emergency. Otherwise, I would have delayed it.”

“Forgotten? This guy is also as unreliable as Stingham......”

The group almost fell down.

“Jean Camus? The number one genius in the Kingdom of Doa?” Meraly was shocked once again.

Although she was also an elite student amongst all the Academies in the Kingdom of Doa, she knew just how great a difference she had with Jean Camus after studying for many years in the Kingdom of Doa.

In the mind of her and the other elite students in the Kingdom of Doa, Jean Camus was an unreachable existence. However, Jean Camus specifically passed a letter to Ayrin?

“Don’t tell me Jean Camus also likes men and fell for you?” Stingham screamed in disbelief instead.

“Let me see what it’s about.”

Ayrin quickly opened up the sealed envelope.

“No way?”

Ayrin’s expression immediately turned strange.

“What did Jean Camus write inside?” Rinloran felt that the matter was not simple. People like Jean Camus would never leave a mysterious sealed letter to someone if not for some extremely special matters.

“He said that he noticed something during our Fallen Shadow Valley Campaign, he has some suspicion...... He suspects that Evil Dragon followers are lurking within the Kingdom of Doa, especially his own mother might be one of the Evil Dragon Bishops......”

“What! He’s suspecting that his mother is an Evil Dragon Bishop?” Before Ayrin could finish, Meraly’s shocked scream interrupted him.

“What now? Why the fuss?” Stingham despised that blonde flat-chest girl.

“Jean Camus’s mother is the holiest Divine Temple Priestess!” Meraly hysterically shouted, “Only the most pious Divine Temple believers can become the Divine Temple Priestess.”

“It isn’t difficult for Evil Dragon Bishop to disguise as someone.” Rinloran’s expression turned grim, “Ayrin, what else did Jean Camus say?”

“He said that he will return to the Kingdom of Doa to investigate. If he is certain that it’s a misunderstanding, he will personally come to the Kingdom of Eiche to destroy this letter. But if after such a long time and he has yet to come to the Kingdom of Eiche to look for Morgan or us, or that there isn’t any news of his activity in the Kingdom of Eiche, he must have encountered some incidents during the investigation. Then his suspicion is most likely true.” Ayrin quickly answered.

“A celebrity like Jean Camus would definitely be noticed if he is in the Kingdom of Eiche. Since he left this letter to you, even if he couldn’t make it within the time limit, he will definitely think of a way to cause some commotion and let us know about his news! If there’s no news of him at all...... Then he might have encountered some incident......” Rinloran’s face paled.

If it was just as Jean Camus guessed, that even the Divine Temple Priestess in the Kingdom of Doa was the Evil Dragon Bishop, then how many Evil Dragon followers would exist within the Kingdom of Doa?

If the Kingdom of Doa was already controlled by Evil Dragon followers in the dark, the result would be unimaginable.

“Jean Camus requests us to continue investigating this matter if there’s no news of him.” Ayrin continued.

“To think that such a thing can happen!”

The old shaman forcefully rubbed his head and spoke coldly, “Then with the letter by Jean Camus, some huge incident might have really happened in the Kingdom of Doa. Stingham might really be the royal bloodline exiled from the Divine Temple. Since from how it looks, even the Green Dragon Divine Temple is controlled by Evil Dragon follower.”

“This......” Meraly was also completely petrified.

“In that case, we must immediately contact Teacher Liszt and the others. Then we should listen to Teacher Carter’s advice and find out if we should go to the Kingdom of Doa immediately or do something else!”

Ayrin’s face was full of regret and anxiety.

He wished that he could rush to the Kingdom of Doa even a moment faster.

Although his contact with Jean Camus was short, Jean Camus had always been the target he was chasing after in his heart. He had already seen Jean Camus as his friend.

“Jean Camus, you better not die from any accident before I surpass you and beat you!”

Such voices were calling out in his heart.

“Gramps, can you help us contact Teacher Liszt and the others immediately? We need to meet them now.” Chris turned around to look at the old shaman, ready to leave any moment.

“House Roland and us are still......” One Eclipse Moon arcane master tried to remind them.

“Oh yeah, we are still negotiating with House Roland!” Ayrin and Chris also realized.

“......” The countless Roland arcane masters that had been forgotten in a corner were speechless.

“Oi, brave warrior girl! Does your word count? If not for us stopping it, Stingham would have killed you. You have been defeated by Stingham, so can you be our ally now?” Ayrin immediately swung his fish and shouted at Meraly.


Meraly was stunned for a moment, then stomped her feet with ashen face and screamed as if she was venting her anger, “Fine, I will!”

“Are we really allying with House Eclipse Moon?”

Hearing Meraly’s voice, even the pro-fighting faction in Roland arcane teams also felt the burden lifted off their chest along with the lost hope. Nobody stood out to object.

“You should have done it from the start, you even wasted a set of Golden Holy Armor.” Stingham mumbled.

Meraly’s face immediately turned black and yelled, “Don’t think that I succumbed to your strength. I’m allying with you because the Evil Dragon followers are our greatest enemy. Also, as a student in the Kingdom of Doa, I have pledged in the Green Dragon Divine Temple that I will defend Doa’s peace with my life and dignity. I am a Green Dragon Divine Temple arcane master that has received conferment, I am fighting for the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

“Anyway, the result remains the same. You have to obediently ally with us.” Belo pushed up his spectacles and mumbled.

Meraly’s face became even more black.

“Then, if I’m the inheritor of the Kingdom of Doa’s throne, the real prince, you Green Dragon Divine Temple arcane masters should listen to my commands, right?” Stingham’s eyes shone instead.

“Divine Temple arcane masters do......” Meraly had a bad feeling.

“Really? Then massage my head now. That freaky forbidden skill of yours made my head feel dizzy!” Stingham immediately commanded.

“You idiot! Prove that you are the Kingdom of Doa’s Green Dragon Prince first!” Meraly screamed hysterically.

“What a carefree idiot...... Is it really caused by a portion of his subconsciousness being sealed?” Rinloran speechlessly looked at the proud Stingham, then turned around to the old shaman, “Great shaman, does this seal have any effect on Stingham now? Is there any arcane skill that can completely release it?”

“The powerful seal in his body has lost its balance from Meraly’s forbidden skill attack. Just like any other arcane skills, once it loses its structural balance, the seal will gradually fade away without the need to cast any other skill. I also think that it’s better not to do anything to it and let it fade away naturally. Because this is equivalent to slowly awakening his memory. Otherwise, if too many images rushed into his brain, it might cause his mind to be in chaos. Also, those memories have been sealed for a long time, just one accident and he might never recall what happened when he was young.” The old shaman watched the group and explained.

“Of course, if you can return to the place where those images came from, if you can go to Doa’s Green Dragon Divine Temple, perhaps he can awaken memories in the deeper layer. He may be able to remember what happened...... Perhaps, he may even obtain the power of the Deep Green Domain!”

“Deep Green Domain?” Ayrin and Rinloran were astonished by it once again.

That was because Liszt and the other teachers had told them that it was an unparalleled legendary domain power many times before.

“Deep Green Domain is a forbidden skill. Not every Green Dragon bloodline can cast it. Him being able to activate a portion of the Deep Green Domain’s power only proved that he had received Deep Green Domain’s teaching when he was young and knew the method to cast the Deep Green Domain. Hence, he managed to use the Deep Green Domain in his subconsciousness...... If his memory is fully awakened and knows the complete method of casting the Deep Green Domain, with a higher arcane level, he may really be able to use the true Deep Green Domain’s power.” The old shaman was also excited, he took in deep breaths repeatedly, “I have sent people to contact your teachers already. They should be meeting up with you soon.”

“Even a lazy guy like him can become an arcane master that possesses the forbidden Deep Green Domain?” Ayrin and Rinloran were speechless. They felt that it was too unfair, it totally destroyed the arcane master’s belief.

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