Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision

Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision


“What’s wrong?”

Ayrin and the others opened their eyes wide.

At that moment, many tiny dark green particles came out from Stingham’s body and disappeared into the air.


The plants around Stingham grew even more rapidly. Especially that green Demonic Foxvine that wrapped around the Golden Holy Armor, it twisted violently and grew out.

Crack crack crack......

In just one second, the cracked Golden Holy Armor was shredded into pieces by the roots of the Demonic Foxvine. Meanwhile, the Demonic Foxvine actually grew into a bewitching Forest Goddess of about five to six meters tall!

Six huge vines that looked like fox tails swept out from the back of that green Forest Goddess like a mantle, violently swarming towards Meraly.

Meraly retreated back again with astonishment.

“A vine actually became a goddess’s shape...... What kind of demonic skill is that!?”

Ayrin shouted.

“That’s right. What kind of demonic skill did you use, you flat-chest!?” Stingham also desperately yelled.

“......!” The hastily retreating Meraly almost spat blood in anger.

It was obviously a mutation caused by Stingham’s power, but he claimed that it was Meraly who used some sort of demonic skill! Furthermore, he called her flat-chest!

“Not good!”


Many Roland arcane masters screamed out.

At that moment, several green roots suddenly erupted from the ground behind Meraly, entangling her in an instant.

“What’s this? Her own demonic skill backfired on her?”

Stingham was stunned.


Meraly screamed in fear.

Her body released a layer of golden glow, but it did not seem to be able to stop the countless tiny roots from penetrating.

“Idiot! Stop!”

Rinloran scolded Stingham.

“Ah? Is it my arcane skill’s problem?” Stingham only realized then, “Ah! No! I can’t control it!” However, he immediately shouted again.

He had stopped his arcane particle output, but the green Forest Goddess did not disappear immediately. Meraly’s defense was about to be fully penetrated.

“Idiot! If you kill her, then Roland and Eclipse Moon will truly be fighting to the death!”

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

Rinloran lamented. A sword flash faster than the lightning shot out from his front and stabbed into the head of that Forest Goddess.


Countless sword flashes rushed out from the Forest Goddess’s head. The Forest Goddess trembled and the roots entangling Meraly stiffened.

“Peerless Sword Technique!”

Rinloran’s figure instantly disappeared. Several astonishing sword flashes rapidly cut up the Forest Goddess.

“Glory: Golden Sword Waterfall!”

“Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike!”

Ayrin also reacted from the sudden change of situation. Golden sunlight-like sword flashes immediately crashed into the huge Forest Goddess.


That huge Forest Goddess could no longer maintain itself and collapsed.


“So beautiful!”

“What kind of arcane skill did Stingham use!?”

Everyone was mesmerized right after that.

The collapsed Forest Goddess released big clutches of green powder-like arcane energy. Countless fairy-like green butterflies took form and danced in the air.

The green powder fell onto the ground. Clutches of green moss stretched out on the ground like carpets. Countless flowers and vines grew out from the moss.

Within the ancient forest, there appeared to be an even more ancient patch of forest taking shape.

“This is definitely the strongest power of nature. A portion of the true Deep Green Domain’s power, the true Forest Goddess......” The Eclipse Moon old shaman was also astonished. There seemed to be tiny moss growing on his wrinkled face. The astonishment in his eyes caused his murky yellowish pupils to appear flashing non-stop.

“Deep Green Domain’s power?”

Ayrin and Rinloran were surprised.

“Stingham, what’s going on?” Ayrin and Rinloran asked Stingham.

“I also don’t know. What exactly did you do to me!?” Stingham whacked his head and wanted to cry.

Some strange images still flashed in his head even now.

“I......” Being so close to death a moment ago, Meraly had completely lost her arrogance. She had become speechless.

“It isn’t related to her. It’s just your own power going through some form of awakening.” The Eclipse Moon old shaman looked at Stingham and Meraly with a complicated expression. He spoke with a serious tone, “Now let’s find out what exactly happened just now.”

“What forbidden skill did you use? What did you feel?” The old shaman asked Meraly.

“I used the top-secret skill of our Golden Academy, Banshee Soul Cleanse. This is a type of domain power that affected subconsciousness, it even ignores mental strength! It can make the opponent become a mindless idiot for a short time.” Meraly bitterly explained.

“No wonder it failed...... This guy is already a mindless idiot, what effect can a skill that turns a person into an idiot have on an idiot......” Rinloran coldly commented.

“......” Ayrin and Chris had sly looks, “Rinloran, don’t interrupt at such moments. It will make you look idiotic.”

“His subconsciousness seemed to contain an even stronger seal! It even caused an arcane power backlash!” Meraly almost became mad as she screamed.

“I can also feel the strong power that doesn’t belong to him. Your words have proven my judgement.” The old shaman nodded with a serious expression, “Only a stronger subconsciousness seal can invalidate the Banshee Soul Cleanse.”

“What do you mean?” Ayrin was surprised, “Are you saying that there has always been some sort of seal inside Stingham which he doesn’t even know?”

“This is an overwhelmingly strong evil aura......” The old shaman had a solemn look. He stared at Stingham, “How do you feel now?”

“What’s going on?” Stingham was a little scared, “There seemed to be many images stuffed into my head.”

“What images?”

Ayrin and the others asked at the same time.

“Many crystal windows...... There are metal pillars, it looks like a divine temple...... There’s also a glass ceiling with complicated patterns......” Stingham scratched his head, feeling unsure.

“Metal pillars? Divine temple? Glass ceiling with complicated patterns?” Meraly was the first to show a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong?” Ayrin immediately noticed her change in expression and asked.

“Is there anything else?” Meraly took a deep breath. She did not answer Ayrin but asked Stingham again, “What’s the color of the ground deep inside the divine temple?”

“The divine temple’s exterior seemed to be laid with dark red carpets. Inside the temple seemed to be deep green......” Stingham unconsciously spoke.

“What does that mean?” Ayrin looked at Meraly and Stingham in confusion.

“That’s the image of the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

Meraly drew a deep breath. She looked at Stingham and shouted, “Why did you see the Kingdom of Doa’s Green Dragon Divine Temple? What’s your relationship with the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

“Green Dragon Divine Temple?” Stingham, Ayrin and the others were stunned.

“What’s going on? What Green Dragon Divine Temple?” Stingham shouted, “What did you do to me you flat-chest!?”

“Idiot, shut up!” Rinloran’s expression was extremely serious. He looked at Meraly, “Are you sure that’s the image of the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

“In the Kingdom of Doa, only the royalty and the most excellent students who had passed extremely harsh trials from the Academies could obtain the qualification to enter the Green Dragon Divine Temple and receive its conferment.” Meraly looked at Rinloran and nodded, “I have also only entered once.”

“Why does the Kingdom of Doa have Green Dragon Divine Temple?” Ayrin asked in surprise.

“That’s because although the Kingdom of Doa was a human kingdom before the Era of the War with Dragons, the Green Dragon had always been the guardian god in peoples’ hearts. This tradition has been passed down. Nowadays, the citizens in the Kingdom of Doa treated the Green Dragon as a lucky charm and guardian god......” Chris quickly explained to Ayrin.

“Stingham has high Green Dragon bloodline...... Green Dragon Divine Temple...... Could it be that Stingham has some connection with the Green Dragon Divine Temple?” Ayrin was suddenly enlightened, “Stingham, are you actually from the Kingdom of Doa? Did you come from the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

“Idiot, what’s your background?” Rinloran also interrogated Stingham.

They had always felt that it was strange for a talent like him to end up in the Golden Lion Academy. However, due to privacy, nobody had specifically asked for his background.

“How can I be from the Kingdom of Doa? What Green Dragon Divine Temple!?” Stingham complained, “I have been in St Lauren ever since I am aware of myself!”

“You’re from St Lauren? You've been in St Lauren since you were young?” Rinloran looked at him, “Where’s your home? How did you end up in the Golden Lion Academy? Explain clearly.”

“I’m adopted by Uncle Bason. He’s a cleaner of the training hall in the Golden Lion Academy. That’s why I entered the Golden Lion Academy.” Stingham depressingly explained.

“You’re adopted?” Ayrin and Rinloran shouted out, “At what age were you adopted?”

“About seven. Why are you asking me non-stop? It must be her doing!” Stingham shouted.

“Seven?” Ayrin and the others looked at one another, “Then you don’t remember about yourself before you’re seven?”

“No!” Stingham resolutely answered.

“That’s so idiotic......” Rinloran’s face was filled with disdain.

“Meraly, could Stingham really be from the Green Dragon Divine Temple and was exiled to St Lauren?” Ayrin looked at Meraly and asked.

“That’s impossible!” Meraly was also at a loss, “If he was born in the Green Dragon Divine Temple...... Then he would have the purest Green Dragon Prince bloodline! Only the legitimate Green Dragon Prince can be born in the Divine Temple. And he will surely be the inheritor of the Kingdom of Doa’s royal throne! How can he be exiled!?”

“Inheritor of the Kingdom of Doa’s royal throne?” Ayrin was taken aback again.

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