Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secret

Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secret


“Sorry, your sword skill is very strong.”

Ayrin looked at the nick-riddled Golden Holy Sword and the scratch mark on the Golden Holy Armor and felt a little apologetic.

“Haha, use your Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike again. Are you here for negotiation or for teaching Ayrin sword skills?” Stingham’s face distorted from laughter.

“Is his learning ability really so frightening that he can directly learn his opponent’s arcane skills during battle?” The Roland arcane masters turned pale.

“Meraly, do you know why Leyu and I made such a decision now?” Wurinlan looked at the depressed Meraly with a complicated gaze, “Because they are true monsters......”

“Not fighting anymore? Is this challenge over? Or is there another challenge?” At that moment, Ayrin spoke with anticipation.

Who the hell is this guy?

Battle maniac is written on his face. He isn’t coming for negotiation but to fight, right?

Seeing Ayrin holding his sword and getting ready to continue, Roland and Eclipse Moon arcane masters felt sweat dripping down from their head.

“Ayrin, you are indeed a pervert. Are you a sadist?” Stingham gave Ayrin a white eye and complained.

“Shut up!”

Meraly screamed and pointed her Golden Holy Sword at Stingham.

“What? Are you really going to continue the challenge and fight him? I didn’t know that you’re a masochist despite looking so small......” Stingham was taken aback.

“You’re the masochist!”

Meraly was furious. It took her a long time to calm down, “Teacher Wurinlan, Teacher Leyu.” She turned around to look at Wurinlan and Leyu while still pointing her sword at Stingham, “I admit that Ayrin is indeed a monster like you said. However, I don’t believe that every member of their team is a monster. If this most idiotic person in the Holy Dawn Academy team is also a monster like what you said and make me concede, I will believe your judgement. I will also choose to ally with Holy Dawn and Eclipse Moon to fight against Baratheon.”

“You want to challenge Stingham?” Ayrin and the rest were surprised.

“What?” Stingham screamed in disbelief, “This flat-chest girl is so stupid. I’m the most handsome, intelligent and divinely skilled person in the Holy Dawn Academy team. You dare to say that I’m the most idiotic?”

“Do you dare to duel against me? If you can defeat me, I will ally with all of you.”

Meraly looked unable to bear with Stingham any longer. She pointed her Golden Holy Sword at Stingham and emphasized every word.

“I don’t have a sword, how do I fight you?” Stingham complained.

“This guy is a real bitch......” Rinloran, Moss and the others were speechless. Meraly only said fight, she did not say with swords.

“You bitc......” Meraly forcefully suppressed her rage, “You don’t have to use sword, you can use any method you are good at as long as you can defeat me.”

“Bullying a flat-chest girl? That doesn’t sound nice.” Stingham seemed hesitant.

“......” Meraly almost lost it.

“Brave warrior Stingham, didn’t you want to save the world? Now is your chance! The peace between Roland and Eclipse Moon all depends on you.” At that moment, Ayrin called out to Stingham.

“That’s right. Although I don’t have a sword, I’m not afraid of your sword. Come.” Stingham seemed enlightened and immediately said something stupid.

“Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike!”

Meraly could not endure any longer. Two golden sword flashes sped towards Stingham from top and below like thunder.


The ground beneath Stingham trembled.

Stingham was not affected by the two slashes from Meraly, but Meraly was pushed back by the recoil from the collision.

“This is......?”

Every Roland arcane masters behind Meraly uncontrollably contracted their pupils.

The terrifying defensive power of the Lover’s Corpse that seemed to automatically manifest on Stingham’s body caused all of them to shudder.

“Shield Glory: Stun!”

Meraly clenched her teeth after her ineffective attack and the sun-like golden shield on her back flew up.


At the same time her left hand grabbed the shield and heavily slammed onto Stingham, a powerful mental shockwave also spread out from the golden shield like a tide.

Meanwhile, the sword body of the Golden Holy Sword on her right hand also smacked onto the shield.


A ring of visible sound shockwave also spread out from the golden shield.

“It’s actually a power type blunt attack that carries a mental shockwave and sound shockwave effect......”

Rinloran and Chris sharpened their gaze.

The true fighting power of that blonde flat-chest girl seemed to have far exceeded their estimation.


When the blunt attack and mental shockwave hit Stiingham, he did not feel anything. However, when the powerful sound shockwave hit Stiingham, he immediately covered his ears and screamed.

“I will shock you to death!”

Meraly’s expression was instantly filled with pleasure. She rooted herself to the ground to stabilize herself. At the same time, she heavily smacked her sword onto the Golden Holy Shield again.

A golden dragon brand appeared on the Golden Holy Shield.

A ring of even more powerful sound shockwave spread out from the brand.


Stingham’s eyes were clearly popping out. He looked as if something choked his neck and punched his ears.

“You still dare to mock me?! I will shock you again!”

Meraly became even more excited. She smacked her sword against the shield once more.

“Ah...... That’s enough, you’re still doing it!?”

Stingham raised an even more painful cry. However, he also seemed to have been enraged by Meraly and jumped at her. At the same time, powerful arcane energy fluctuation surged out from his body.

Meraly was startled and jumped back a few times.

Every Roland and Eclipse Moon arcane master became petrified again.

Grass and trees quickly grew out from Stingham’s surroundings.

A small forest was rapidly taking shape around Stingham.

“Demonic Foxvines!”

Stingham chanted.

“Haa......” Ayrin and Rinloran sighed.

This guy never grows after all. He can only use that for counterattack.


Ayrin and Rinloran clearly knew Stingham’s powers. However, Meraly screamed in shock.

A vine that was covered in green fluff which looked like a fox tail suddenly wrapped around her. She could also clearly feel that the countless roots of that vine penetrated her Golden Holy Armor.


Feeling those roots almost touching her skin, golden light exploded as Meraly ejected out from the Golden Holy Armor into the sky with a scream, then jumped back.

“Even the Golden Holy Armor......”

Meraly blanked out after escaping the roots of the vine.

Crack crack crack......

The Golden Holy Armor let out cracking sounds. As the green vine continued to drill its roots into the armor, the Golden Holy Armor began to form cracks and pieces of the armor began to fall off.

In the battle against Ayrin, she was already heartbroken when there was a scratch on the armr. However, the Golden Holy Armor would be completely broken by foxvines!

“They’re really small......”

“That’s what she wore inside huh......”

“Did Stingham do that on purpose?”

The Holy Dawn bunch looked up and locked onto the landing Meraly. Those comments kept entering her ears.

Meraly had only regained a little reasoning. She suddenly remembered that she only wore swimsuit-style underwear in order to keep the interior of the Golden Holy Armor breezy and cooling.


An even louder scream came from her mouth.

She desperately covered her chest with her arms.

“No need to cover...... There’s nothing to see anyway......”

What’s even more cruel was the muttering from Belo or someone else entering her ears.

“What? You don’t have to run naked even if you can’t beat me.”

Stingham crawled out from the forest. The moment he saw Meraly, he was also surprised.


Meraly quickly wore the arcane robe Roland arcane master threw to her. She was truly unable to control herself anymore.

“You dare to destroy my Golden Holy Armor and make me embarrass myself. I will kill you!”

As she screamed hysterically, an orchid-colored flame rushed out from her forehead. It seemed to have crossed time and space and hit Stingham’s forehead.


A light sound could be heard from Stingham’s forehead.


A layer of purplish black light ring suddenly appeared on his body.

Meraly’s body fell backwards, two trails of nosebleed rushed out from her nose.

“What’s happening?”

“Is it a mental forbidden skill?”

“What forbidden skill is that? How did it become like this? Even though Stingham had the Spirit Obstruction Gem, it should only let him defend against mental attacks but not cause any counterattack. Why did she look like she suffered a backlash?”

Ayrin, Rinloran and Chris opened their eyes wide in confusion.

Meraly was clearly suffering the backlash of some mental attack, but there should not be anything on Stingham that could cause that effect.

Also, the Spirit Obstruction Gem clearly did not have any effect on Meraly’s attack, the unique mental attack had reached inside Stingham.

“You can even get a nosebleed by just looking at me. Looks like I’m too handsome.” Stingham flicked his hair, “I’m the most handsome!”

Ayrin and Rinloran almost fell down.

“Impossible, Banshee Soul Cleanse should not be blocked by anything! What exactly is residing in his body!?”

Meraly stared at Stingham in fear. The forbidden skill she casted was a skill that infiltrated the subconsciousness, no anti-mental attack artifact could defend against it. However, at that moment, her mental attack seemed to have collided into a purplish-black net.

“What’s wrong?”

At that moment, Stingham’s body also stiffened.

He could feel that something like a net in his body opened up a crack.

Many hazy images suddenly rushed into his head.

“Spirit Sealing! Could it be that some unbelievably strong individual had casted Spirit Sealing on him before?”

At the same time, Meraly’s body shook as she realized what happened.

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