Chapter 434: Sword Match

Chapter 434: Sword Match


“What’s that Ayrin pervert doing?”

Stingham was the first to notice Ayrin’s work. He realized that Ayrin was making words with those Huge Soldier Ants blown away by him. Connecting the words, it became, “Fight! Brave warrior!”

“Ayrin that guy......” Chris and Rinloran were also speechless.

“After forming the words, he begins drawing now? Can Ayrin get even more bored?”

Stingham then realized that Ayrin was making a picture with Huge Soldier Ants.

After about ten minutes, there were less and less Huge Soldier Ants surrounding Ayrin. Meanwhile, the ants blown into a putty by Ayrin was shaped into a person.

“Who is this? Who did you draw, is it Belo?” Stingham examined for a while and asked.

“Ah? No.” Ayrin looked a little embarrassed.

“Oh, the hair is a little long, it looks a little like Rinloran.” Stingham suddenly realized.

“I drew Charlotte......” Ayrin became even more embarrassed. He scratched his hair with one hand and blew away the charging Huge Soldier Ant with the other.

“......” The Holy Dawn bunch almost fell down.

“Ayrin, your drawing skill is too poor! If Charlotte sees that you drew her like Belo, she will break up with you!” Stingham pointed at the picture that looked like Belo or Rinloran, “This is Charlotte?”

The Holy Dawn bunch felt that Ayrin’s drawing skill was really too poor. However, the feeling of Meraly, Roland and Eclipse Moon arcane masters at the scene could not be described.


Meraly had a teary expression, “Don’t think that you can humiliate me with that talent and ability. This is only the first challenge!”

“What? You’re stopping? There are still many of these Huge Soldier Ants.” Ayrin looked at Meraly strangely and spoke, “I didn’t humiliate you.”

There are only a few Huge Soldier Ants left, are you really trying to make them go extinct...... You even displayed those words and that picture, isn’t that humiliating? What kind of insensitive talent is that?

Every Roland arcane master had the urge to vomit blood. Even Eclipse Moon arcane masters lamented after seeing the sparse number of Huge Soldier Ants left.

“Then there’s a second challenge? What’s the second challenge!?” Ayrin became excited again after stopping.

What exactly is this guy?

Is he really trying to make Meraly surrender?

He obviously looked like he wants as many challenges as possible from Meraly!

Ayrin’s response made those Roland and Eclipse Moon arcane masters speechless again.

“I want to have a sword match! If you want us to stop our fight with you, you must first win against my sword!” The pale-faced Meraly declared.

“Sword match? You want to have a sword match against us?” Stingham could not hold back his laughter, “You actually want to have a sword match. If it’s sword match, you definitely can’t win against Rinloran’s sword!”

Rinloran lamented, “You’re the bitch!” (TLN: This pun was mentioned before in Chapter 406.)

Those Eclipse Moon and Roland arcane masters became speechless once more.

It’s supposed to be a negotiation that determines the fate of the two houses. But why does it seem like a slapstick after these Holy Dawn people meddled?

“I also have a sword!” What made them almost fall down was that Ayrin shouted such a line with excitement.

“And it’s a good sword.” Ayrin added.


Meraly was about to explode from anger again. Her chest heaved up and down, “Who is going to have a sword match against me!” She almost screamed out.

“Rinloran, you’re still heavily injured. Let me go, I should be able to learn a few things.” Ayrin discussed with Rinloran.

“Fine, you can compete in bitchiness......” Rinloran lamented.

In such a ‘bitchy’ atmosphere, he really did not want to go.

“Come! Let’s see whose sword is better!” Ayrin immediately shouted towards Meraly in a manner that was asking for a beating.

At the same time, a crimson gold sword appeared in his hand.

“You bastard! ......I will break your sword in one hit!”

Meraly was completely on rampage. The instant Ayrin’s materialized sword took form, she could not hold back any longer and screamed in her heart.

“War God Charge: Eye Blinding Slash!”

Without any unnecessary movement, she was basked in dazzling light. Within the blinding golden light, the arcane particles that rushed out from her hand also released powerful golden rays, allowing her sword to instantly reach Ayrin like a golden sun.


She intended to break Ayrin’s materialized sword. Due to her slashing speed and the blinding golden light’s effect on sight, Ayrin could not make any unnecessary movement and swung his sword to intercept. In a clear metal clashing sound, two figures retreated at the same time.

“What great strength!”

Meraly held the sword with both hands. However, that clash caused her hands to feel a little numb.

“It didn’t break?”

“Why is there such a powerful dragon aura!?”

However, in the next moment, she saw Ayrin’s crimson gold longsword remain intact. And the longsword released a powerful true dragon aura!


At the same time, she suddenly felt something wrong with the golden sword in her hands. When she took a glance, she screamed in disbelief.

There was a grain-sized nick on her sword edge!

Her gaze fell back onto Ayrin’s crimson gold longsword on reflex.

Ayrin’s longsword did not show any sign of damage, not even a trace of scratch.


Golden Academy’s strongest weapon, the Golden Holy Sword forged with Golden Dragon’s blood...... How can it lose against that guy’s materialized sword!

“Could this be......?”

During that pause, many Roland arcane masters could clearly see the condition of the swords. The aura released by Ayrin’s longsword almost made them scream in astonishment.

“Even the Golden Holy Sword......”

Meraly’s lips flattened on reflex.

The Golden Holy Armor and Golden Holy Sword were not her personal belongings. Those were the rewards the Golden Academy gave to students after passing the God of War Trial. She only had the right to use them. Once a new champion passed through the God of War Trial in Golden Academy, she had to return the Golden Holy Armor and Golden Holy Sword.

“That’s a powerful sword skill!”

“The golden ray not only makes the opponent unable to see the real sword, it also seemed to be able to change the gravity, making the user lighter but the opponent heavier. It has the use of making evasion difficult!”

Just as she was about to cry, Ayrin shouted out as if he found a treasure.

“Let me try!”

“War God Charge: Eye Blinding Slash!”

Ayrin chanted.

The longsword in his hand also released a dazzling light.

A ring of scorching light instantly reached Meraly.


Every Roland arcane master was petrified by the situation.

It was the similar Eye Blinding Slash, but just because of the different materialized sword, Ayrin’s longsword released crimson gold light.


Another metallic clash rang.

Meraly and Ayrin separated once more.

“How can this be possible? Why do you know our Golden Academy’s Eye Blinding Slash! This is the secret skill of our Golden Academy! How did you learn it!?”

Meraly’s trembling voice could be heard.

Her gaze fell onto her sword at once.

“Golden Holy Sword......” Her lips flattened again.

Another obvious nick was added to the Golden Holy Sword.

“Oi, your sword is clearly inferior to Ayrin’s.” Stingham spoke without sympathy, “Perhaps the Golden Academy thinks that you are an outsider, so they gave you a sword skill that anybody can learn and lied to you that it’s a specialized forbidden skill in the Golden Academy.”

“Stingham, stop lying to her on purpose.” Ayrin reprimanded Stingham, then explained to Meraly in a serious tone, “It’s because this sword skill of yours isn’t difficult, so I learned it immediately.”

“You learned it during battle after seeing it once? Do you really think that I have no brain despite having a small chest? You liar!”

Meraly yelled shame shame, she was already a little incoherent.

Ayrin could only scratch his head, “I’m telling the truth......”

“Truth your head! Glory: Golden Sword Waterfall!”

With a scream, the beautiful blonde girl released countless golden sword flashes from her sword and formed into a golden waterfall, crashing towards Ayrin.

“What an incredible sword skill, but it also looks simple. Let me try!”

“Glory: Golden Sword Waterfall!”

The ground beneath Ayrin greatly dented. He leapt backwards to dodge the attack. Before the golden waterfall-like sword flashes reached him, he also chanted and swung his sword.


A crimson gold waterfall was generated and clashed against the golden waterfall.

The golden waterfall immediately shattered.

With a loud crack, not only did the Golden Holy Sword in Meraly’s hand receive another nick, Merlay was also repelled by the impact due to her inferior strength.

“She’s shaming herself......” Stingham also began to feel pity for Meraly and shook his head.

“Impossible, how can he even know Glory: Golden Sword Waterfall!”

Meraly had completely lost her ability to think.

“Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike!”

The instant she landed, she chanted hysterically. Her entire body released a powerful arcane energy fluctuation. The brilliant golden sword flash reached before Ayrin again.


Ayrin was shocked.

Just when the golden sword reached in front of him, a golden sword flash was condensed from the body of that sword and slashed towards his throat from below, in a completely different path.

Meraly’s sword skill brought out two sword flashes with one strike.

One slashed from above, the other slashed from below at an extremely close range as if it was another person’s attack.


Ayrin’s afterimage was slashed open. His rapidly retreating body showed a trail of pale bloodstain.

From his chest to his throat, a pale sword wound appeared.

“He’s hurt?”

“What’s this sword skill? So strong?”

The Holy Dawn bunch was shocked.

“Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike!”

Meraly’s sword flash advanced again. Ayrin retreated again, his chest was injured once more.

The Holy Dawn bunch was even more shocked.

“What? You finally can’t humiliate me? Do you really think that my brain is tiny because my chest is small? Do you think you can scare me by telling me that you can learn my arcane skills during battle?”

“Although I don’t know where you learned Eye Blinding Slash and Golden Sword Waterfall...... But let’s see if you can use Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike.” Seeing the Holy Dawn bunch’s expression in the corner of her eyes, Meraly showed an elated expression. She stared at Ayrin and spoke with smug.

“Let me try.”

“Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike!”

Ayrin looked at her apologetically and chanted.


Meraly’s smug instantly disappeared. Two sword flashes came at her from top and below.

Crack! Crack!

Two metallic striking sound could be herd.

Meraly wobbled backwards.

“My Golden Holy Sword...... Golden Holy Armor......”

Meraly looked at her Golden Holy Sword with an additional nick and her Golden Holy Armor that gained a scratch. She wanted to cry.

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