Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge

Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge



Meraly dazed out for a few seconds before understanding.

The beautiful blonde girl became speechless from anger.


Roland’s side was also taken aback.

That was a blatantly cheap provocation and humiliation.

“Sorry......” Belo still pushed up his spectacles as if nothing happened, then spoke in a natural tone, “I do not mean to humiliate you, it’s purely personal preference. I still prefer Megan’s type, those with big ones.”

“You......” Meraly, the beautiful blonde girl, almost lost her sanity from anger, and was about to rush up after unsheathing her sword.

A few Roland arcane masters hurriedly stopped her and persuaded, “Miss, calm down. If we really...... start the fight without any preparation here, we will be annihilated!”

“I will kill that guy even if we are annihilated!”

Meraly was enraged. Her body unconsciously stopped, but she still cursed out.


The air suddenly shook.

Every arcane master on Eclipse Moon’s side began emitting arcane energy fluctuation, the air instantly became dense.

One trigger and the battle would unfold.

“Didn’t you come here to have a talk?”

“So impulsive.”

“You’re still too young.”

The Holy Dawn peoples’ voice transmitted into Meraly’s ears again.

Meraly almost fainted from anger.

“Do these guys seriously not consider House Roland a threat at all?” The Holy Dawn Academy team’s banter was as usual. However, it gave off a completely different feeling to House Roland’s arcane masters.

Even the respected and feared Lord Wurinlan and Lord Leyu were just following behind those youths like servants.

“Miss Meraly, we should make peace with the Holy Dawn Academy team and House Eclipse Moon.” Seeing Meraly in that state, Wurinlan and Leyu also felt terrible. After glancing at each other, Wurinlan walked forward and spoke to Meraly.

Meraly was still gasping in anger, flames of fury burned in her eyes, “Teacher Wurinlan, I am calling you teacher now out of respect. Please give me a reason to comply with you.”

“How well-behaved, she’s naive as expected.” Stingham muttered again.

Meraly’s gasping became even greater.

“Miss, you haven’t fought against them, so you don’t know what kind of fighting strength and potential they possess. Please believe me, we don’t have any power to stop them. If we continue to fight, we will be annihilated.” Wurinlan was pale-faced, she pleaded, “Also, our battle with House Eclipse Moon has always been about each other’s territory and Hunting Forest. Now that Holy Dawn is going to be the mediator, they can guarantee that neither side’s Hunting Forest will be invaded before the battle against House Baratheon is settled.”

“How should I believe you? I suspect whether you have been mind-controlled by them! You are actually trying to make me believe that they are stronger than Baratheon? Does Baratheon only have Maelstrom Team?” Meraly’s tone became harsh, she even changed her way of address.

“Strange...... Didn’t the saying go like a big chest has no brain? Why even the small chest has no brain?”

“That’s right. If we can control the mind of arcane masters on the level of Wurinlan, we wouldn’t even need to fight. We would have just controlled her without waiting to negotiate now.”

“She doesn’t seem to want to have a proper talk, she seems to be here to pick a fight...... Should we just kidnap her?”

Even though the Holy Dawn Academy team was the team that changed the fate of the two Houses, they looked like spectators at the scene. Their mumblings kept passing into Meraly’s ears.

“Potential, strength, genius huh!”

Meraly no longer looked at Wurinlan. Her eyes had completely turned determined. The gaze that shone like sunlight landed on Ayrin’s team.

“Teacher Wurinlan, Teacher Leyu, don’t you have any confidence towards yourselves, or towards me?”

“I also don’t want House Roland to die out. However, if you want us Roland to make peace with Eclipse Moon and fight to the end against the Baratheon that would definitely take revenge, you must at least convince me!”

“Haven’t you been humiliating me from the start because you’re all geniuses? Then let me see your strength, see if you can really convince me!”

Meraly’s expression became sterner. The golden shine also became more dazzling.

“We didn’t humiliate you......”

Ayrin could not comprehend.

He was evaluating from a practical perspective. Especially after experiencing many long-distance travels, he felt that wearing such heavy armor was indeed stamina exhausting.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent. If you have what it takes, then clear my challenge.” Meraly glared at Ayrin with a burning gaze. Her golden armor began releasing blinding golden light towards the back into the distance.

A unique power spread out within the wild forest.

The ground suddenly vibrated, as if thousands of horses were galloping.

Sharp warning sound from Eclipse Moon’s arcane teams could be heard from afar.

“What’s the meaning of this? You actually prepared a large army?” Stingham had the urge to run away. The surrounding Eclipse Moon arcane teams were also astonished.

“Relax, I am not here to fight to death today. I just want to convince my kin and my ex teachers.” The beautiful blonde girl showed a determined and unyielding expression.

Psst! Psst! Psst!......

Just as she finished her sentence, countless figures wrapped in golden light rushed out from the forest behind Roland’s side like a downpour.

“Huge Soldier Ant?”

“So many Huge Soldier Ants?”

“She can actually control so many Huge Soldier Ants?”

Many Eclipse Moon arcane masters were taken aback.

What rushed out from the forest were all dog-sized Huge Ants.

Those ants were black in color, their legs and mandibles reflected cold glints like real metals. However, the forehead of those ants had a dot of golden light, like a golden brand seared on their foreheads.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Stingham and the others were shocked after seeing tens of thousands of Huge Ants rushing out instantly.

“Didn’t you say that my armor is useless and only wastes my stamina!? This is the unique ability of the Golden Holy Armor, Holy Light Summon. It can even control an entire specie to follow my commands and fight for me!”

Meraly unsheathed her huge golden sword like a real general and pointed at Ayrin with determination, “Can you defeat my Huge Ant Army? Are you confident to pass this challenge?”

“Gramps, what’s the strength of this Huge Soldier Ant you have here?” Chris asked the old shaman.

The old shaman replied, “The Huge Soldier Ant’s power and speed is about equivalent to a two-gate arcane master.”

“Miss Meraly can actually control this number of Huge Soldier Ants!”

“She can also control other species! As long as it’s similar to this level? Just the number of such species can swallow up a few arcane teams, right?”

“Miss Meraly already possesses such strength!”

Roland arcane masters were astonished by the scene. They exclaimed and lit the flame of hope again.


“You actually challenge Ayrin with this, isn’t that the same as surrendering!?”

“Haha, so funny!”

“You’re even more of an idiot than me!”

“You idiot!”

“This Miss is so humorous.”

However, after hearing the old shaman’s reply, the Holy Dawn bunch began laughing loudly. They looked at Meraly with pity.

Meraly and Roland arcane masters were a little confused.

“Are they stronger than the Evil Toutou? It’s perfect for practicing!”

Ayrin became excited. He clenched his fist and looked at Meraly with expectation and fighting spirit, “As long as I beat these Huge Soldier Ants into putty, I will pass this challenge?”

“Of course!” Meraly frowned, “This is just the first challenge I give you!”

“Then let’s begin!”

Ayrin jumped forward and took a stance.

“Let’s move. We will get a bench here and bring some sunflower seeds.” Stingham was the first to turn around, he spoke while walking.

Meraly’s face paled again from anger.

She swung her golden sword and pointed towards Ayrin with great force.

Like obedient soldiers, the Huge Soldier Ants gathered behind her desperately rushed towards Ayrin as if the horn of charging was blown.

The Roland and Eclipse Moon arcane masters moved aside to clear the area.

The forest a thousand meters around Ayrin became the battlefield for Ayrin and the Huge Soldier Ant Army.

“I hit!”

“I hit again!”


Ayrin’s excited shouts and attacks immediately rang out from the battlefield.

Huge Soldier Ants blown away by him were falling like raindrops.

“So boring...... I have watched for an hour, it’s still not over......”

“Yeah, I’m sick of sunflower seeds.”

“So boring. Is it necessary to use Sonic Pecker on these guys?”

“It’s not boring. Don’t look at Ayrin, what’s there to see from Ayrin beating those ants up. Look at the blonde beauty and those guys behind her. That little blonde beauty’s lips are flattening more and more, it’s so interesting.”

An hour later, the Holy Dawn Academy bunch who had carried a long piece of rock to act as a bench had a pile of food garbage stacked in front of them.

The surrounding Eclipse Moon arcane masters and the opposite Roland arcane masters were stunned by the situation instead.

This is really a boring fight!

But what kind of battle is this? A single person can actually keep fighting for such a long time, as if he can fight on without end!

And he can still maintain passion and fighting spirit throughout such a boring battle.

These Huge Soldier Ants are going to go extinct soon?

What kind of monster is he!

Ayrin was becoming more and more excited as he fought. He did not feel bored at all, but started to seek fun and difficulty instead.

He started to pursue not just blowing away a single Huge Soldier Ant with each punch or kick, but at least three Huge Soldier Ants with one punch or kick.

After a while, he even began trying to send a Huge Soldier Ant to a specific spot and create various shapes with those putty Huge Soldier Ants!

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