Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl

Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl



“That Le something or Wu something, who’s Meraly?” Stingham called out to Leyu and Wurinlan in a bossy tone.

“Miss Meraly, she......” Wurinlan and Leyu were taken aback, they started to tremble.

“Meraly is the daughter of Medy, the original House Roland Chief and the strongest arcane master of Roland.” The old shaman had a bad feeling. He immediately answered Stingham’s question in place of Wurinlan and Leyu, “I heard that she has the strongest bloodline of House Roland. In order to develop her strength, Medy sent her to the Golden Academy in the Kingdom of Doa. She should have completed her training and just returned...... Although Medy was dead, she still has great reputation and leadership in House Roland. The situation does not look good.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s run, we are all so tattered......” Stingham immediately changed his expression and looked about to run away.


Perhaps getting used to Stingham’s idiotic behavior, Rinloran did not feel angry after seeing another one of Stingham’s antics. He just scolded emotionlessly.

“Looks like they will talk before fighting. The matter about the Blood Shadow Team and the Maelstrom Team have probably caused an internal conflict within House Roland. Otherwise, she will definitely make a surprise attack.”

Wisdom dwelled in the old shaman’s eyes, “She must be trying to rebuild the confidence in House Roland to fight against us.”

“Great shaman, you look so cunning. But it’s still too dangerous, why don’t we run away?” Stingham looked bitter.

Rinloran and Chris directly ignored Stingham.

Boom! Boom!

At that moment, loud booming sounds could be heard in the location where Ayrin trained with the two stone golems. Two strange and powerful currents swept past.

“What happened?”

Everyone was shocked, then ran towards the place where Ayrin and the two stone golems were.

The instant they saw Ayrin and the two stone golems, they became speechless.

Two rings of light were rapidly shrinking. Many tiny particles were seeping into Ayrin’s body.

Meanwhile, Ayrin looked excited and satisfied within the light rings.

“Could it be that you have already clearly sensed the arcane particle flow in the stone golems and activated the hidden power?” The old shaman exclaimed in disbelief.

“Haha, yeah, it’s so easy.” Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head and laughed.

“How is that possible!” The old shaman pressed on his chest. He felt that his aged heart might not be able to handle the stimulation.

“It’s simple.” Ayrin looked at the shocked old shaman and took out a few sticks of barbeque meat, “I just need to add a little bit of barbeque meat oil along with the arcane particles. Then I can easily sense where the arcane particle is through smell.”

“What!” The old shaman and the rest almost popped their eyes out.

“Didn’t you say that I just need to clearly sense where the arcane particle has flowed to, and make the two flows gather in their body? I just tried it and didn’t think that it really worked.” Ayrin was full of smiles, “There really is a mysterious power. I can feel my hearing and smell becoming more sensitive.”

“Ayrin, that’s cheating!” Stingham screamed as if he just woke up from a nightmare.

“You can smell the meat fragrance within? You can even smell it through such a thick stone?” Rinloran speechlessly looked at Ayrin and asked.

“I can.” Ayrin sniffed hardly a few times, “Even if I closed my eyes, I can see the barbeque fragrance from inside. When the arcane particle flowed inside with barbeque fragrance, it’s just like barbeque meat moving inside.”

Rinloran and the rest got close and sniffed, but they could not smell anything.

“Ayrin, you glutton!” They pointed at Ayrin and scolded in frustration.

“He can actually use this method......”

The old shaman’s forehead was full of sweat.

Why hasn’t House Eclipse Moon thought of such a simple method?

Originally, sensing arcane particle flow required hearing, smell, touch, various senses. The two stone golems also had the mysterious power of improving the hearing and smell...... Why didn’t anyone think of using such a simple method like adding a fragrance?

It’s probably because House Eclipse Moon treated the two ancient stone golems as treasure, so nobody thought of doing that?

This kid really dares to do anything! He can think of any kind of method!

“The special power in these two stone golems seem to have disappeared, Is it only a one-time use?” At that moment, Ayrin shouted in shock.

The light rings on his body completely disappeared. The radiance on the stone golems also completely disappeared. The two stone golems that originally emitted strange arcane energy fluctuation seemed to have become common stone sculptures.

“They can only be used once?”

Stingham realized something and turned to the old shaman, “That means, your House Eclipse Moon has never ever thought of such a simple method? You never thought of a method that even an idiot can think of?”

The old shaman, “......”

Stingham added as if he was not satisfied, “How stupid.”

“Great shaman, Meraly and the large group of Roland arcane masters have reached the warning line. They demand a formal meeting.”

At that moment, Jano and some Eclipse Moon arcane team captains also came.

“The two stone golems!”

After seeing Ayrin and the two stone golems, Jano and those captains were also shocked.

They clearly felt the change in the two stone golems.

However, how long had Ayrin been training here?

“Great shaman, House Baratheon seems to be spreading the news that Ayrin has the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. Does he really have the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?” As the group walked towards the outside of the camp, two Eclipse Moon captains quietly asked the old shaman.

“It’s already spreading outside?”

Light flashed in old shaman’s eyes. He turned around and quietly answered, “Does it matter what kind of bloodline a monster like him has?”

The two Eclipse Moon captains were taken aback.

They looked at the cheerful and passionate Ayrin in front.

A youth who treated harsh training as the greatest bliss, who never gave up, who always maintained a steel will, would he not be an impressive arcane master regardless of the bloodline he had?


Meraly and over a hundred Roland arcane masters stood not far from the fog-filled camp.

Her face looked young, unspeakable sorrow dwelled in her eyes. However, the armor, sword and shield on her body emitted scorching light.

Before her, there were similarly over a hundred arcane masters who glared at Meraly’s side with hostility at the edge of the fog.

Suddenly, the Eclipse Moon arcane masters split up and created a passage.

An elder that looked like an old tree and a few youths wearing green arcane robes appeared in her sight.

“These are the members of Holy Dawn Academy team that won the championship of the national tournament and forced us into a corner?”

Meraly’s gaze fell onto Ayrin’s team, then immediately looked past them and fixed on Wurinlan and Leyu who were behind Ayrin’s team.

Wurinlan and Leyu slightly trembled. They looked at Meraly who was wearing golden armor and felt sourness in their nose.

Is this Miss?

Although she has not lost her youthfulness, she already looks prim and proper. Is that dignified lady really the little girl who always had snort flowing out, pestered them to teach her, and secretly watched them train?

Has she really grown so much? Has she already passed the trial in the Golden Academy and returned?

“Teacher, are you really going to betray us and side with our enemies? Have you forgotten how our kin had died? Are you really going to be my enemies?” Meraly also showed a painful expression. She gripped the golden sword in her hand tighter and tighter.

“Is that Meraly? The one with the best talent in House Roland?”

“She looks weaker than Megan......”

Voices of criticism passed into Meraly’s ears at that moment.

The Holy Dawn people were pointing at her and criticizing as if they saw something rare.

“Why is she wearing such heavy armor? Is that pure gold? Wouldn’t wearing it all the time waste stamina?” Ayrin examined Meraly’s armor and muttered.

“Haha, that’s right. It totally doesn’t match. It’s fully golden and heavy. It’s as if she buried herself in gold.” Stingham laughed, “Not handsome at all. So this isn’t a fight, but to show off her wealth?”

“So little? Not interested.” Belo pushed his spectacles and spoke.

“That’s enough!”

Meraly was furious as she could clearly hear them.

What kind of bizarre team is that!

“This is the sole Golden Holy Armor in the Golden Academy that can be obtained after clearing the God of War Trial in the Golden Academy! It’s forged with the Golden Dragon’s blood. You dare say that I don’t know how to match!? You dare say I’m little! Aren’t you also children!?”

“But, be it Golden Holy Armor or what, it’s still heavy......” Ayrin muttered quietly.

Belo pushed his spectacles and stopped his gaze at Meraly’s chest area, “I’m not talking about your age......”

Meraly dazed out.

Ayrin, Rinloran and the rest were petrified!

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