Chapter 431: Golden Girl

Chapter 431: Golden Girl


“Wurinlan and Leyu actually asked us to ally with House Eclipse Moon and fight House Baratheon together?”

“House Baratheon’s arcane teams have retreated. Why?”

“Is it because they are afraid of Holy Dawn’s Evil Six? Those guys don’t care about us at all!”


Within the conference hall of House Roland in the Banshee Queen Forest, it was a scene of chaos.

Originally, they already had a great advantage in the war against House Eclipse Moon. However, in just one day, the situation completely turned around.

“Young Miss has returned!”

Suddenly, a Roland arcane master rushed into the conference room and shouted in excitement.

“What? Young Miss has returned?”

Anyone who was still seated in the conference room immediately stood up.

In just a few seconds, a ball of dazzling gold light appeared at the entrance of the conference room.

There was a beautiful girl with snow white skin, similar face as Megan, but with golden long hair instead. She looked around sixteen to seventeen, about the same age as Ayrin’s group.

She looked young, but wore a pure gold set of majestic armor that shined like sunlight. A golden sword strapped at her waist, and a square golden shield hung on her back.

“It’s really Miss Meraly! Miss Meraly really returned!”

The Roland elders immediately became tear-faced.

“Even Teacher Wurinlan and Teacher Leyu have betrayed us?” That young-looking yet majestic girl also had tears in her eyes.

“Betray......” Every important figure in House Roland pondered the meaning of the girl’s sentence, but none of them responded immediately.

“What’s your intention? Have all of you decided to lower your heads to House Eclipse Moon?” The golden girl held tears in her eyes. However, she stared at everyone present with a determined gaze, “Lord Dirat and Emperor Evil Eye are both gone. Even Teacher Lieufuzen and Fujen are...... But have you forgotten how our House have fought in the past? Have you forgotten how my father died in battle?”

“But Miss......” A middle-aged Roland arcane master moistened his lips and awkwardly spoke.

“Are you trying to tell me that the opponent is too strong?” The tears in that blonde girl’s eyes seemed to be evaporated by the golden light exuded by her armor, “Father took great efforts to send me to the far away Golden Academy in the Kingdom of Doa, all for the sake of bringing out all of my potential to defeat House Eclipse Moon. I have completed the promise with my father and passed the God of war Trial in the Golden Academy. However, what did I see when I return? Our House Roland is going to surrender just because the enemy is strong?”

“I don’t care what you want to do......” The blonde girl unsheathed her golden sword and pointed at the people in the hall, “If they want me to surrender, they have to conquer this sword in my hand!”


“I’m stuffed!”

“Haha, I’m the most handsome!”

“Get lost, idiot!”

The fully-bandaged Holy Dawn Academy team quarreled around in House Eclipse Moon’s canteen without any manners.

This bunch of children can actually kill Emperor Evil Eye and win against the Blood Shadow Team, it’s unimaginable.

The old shaman could not help but shake his head after seeing that commotion.

His gaze fell onto Stingham who was barely injured.


He suddenly thought of something, a glint flashed across his murky eyes.

“Stingham......” He walked next to Stingham and called out.

“Is it about training? I’m not interested!” Stingham just gave a quick glance and replied.

“......” The old shaman almost fell down, “How did you know I am going to talk about training?”

“It’s obvious. The way you walk towards me is the same as the teacher when I was still in Golden Lion Academy.” Stingham flicked his hair and answered.

“Then why aren’t you interested?” The old shaman speechlessly looked at him, “Didn’t you say that you will properly train in future so that they won’t get this injured again when all of you returned yesterday?”

“I changed my mind now. Training is too tiring, and the powerful enemy has been defeated anyway.” Stingham laughed.

“......” The old shaman was almost enraged.

“Making Stingham train is as hard as making sheep not eat grass.” The other Holy Dawn Academy students muttered at the same time.

“Training? I’m interested! Gramps, is there any good training!?” Ayrin immediately became excited after stuffing himself full.

“These two are polar opposites...... One is a super lazy child who hates training, the other is a natural training maniac......”

The old shaman shook his head in resignation.

Seeing the excited Ayrin, a mysterious flame was lit in his eyes.

There seemed to be one training that would suit Ayrin the most.

“Ayrin, there is indeed a type of training.”

He became serious and told Ayrin.

“Is it?” Ayrin’s gaze became even more fervent. He did his signature fist swinging, “Gramps, what kind of training is it?”

“Stone golem sensing training.” The old shaman looked at Ayrin and spoke in a serious tone.

“Stone golem sensing training? What’s that?” Putting aside Ayrin, even Chris and Rinloran also became curious.

The more they saw experts like Emperor Evil Eye and Blood Shadow Team, the more their desire to get strong became.

Except the weirdo like Stingham.

“Follow me.”

The old shaman led the way. It was at the deepest part of the camp, a place where the fog was the thickest. Two fiver-meter golems abruptly appeared before them.

One golem was blue, the other was green.

The two golems were sculpted roughly. Both had only a single hand, and there were only two fingers on the hand.

The outline of the golem was also crude. They barely had any facial features, but a unique arcane power reverberated within their bodies.

“What kind of use do these stone golems have? What kind of training can they be used for?” Ayrin examined the golems with curiosity and asked.

“These two stone golems were discovered by our House Eclipse Moon’s ancestors. We call them beehive stone golem. Their origin should be even before the Era of the War with Dragons.” The old shaman solemnly spoke, “This is the treasure passed down in House Roland. They can train your sensing. Although the surface looked very crude, there are countless tiny holes forming passages within their bodies. It’s just like the passages arcane particles flow through when we cast arcane skills. You can inject arcane particles into one of their fingers, then the arcane particles would flow within their body. You need to carefully sense the flow of your arcane particles in their body.”

“Improving senses through training to sense the flow of arcane particles?” Rinloran’s eyes flashed.

“Yes, the two stone golems would release some interfering arcane energy fluctuation themselves. Hence, the flow of arcane particles within their body is difficult to sense...... But by desperately trying to sense it, the process will allow you to improve.” The old shaman nodded and explained.

“Isn’t that like trying to hear the voice of a single person when ten thousand people are talking simultaneously?” Stingham pouted with disinterest, “What’s useful about this training?”

“It may be useless to other people, but it’s the most suitable for Ayrin.” The old shaman looked at Ayrin and slowly explained, “That’s because Ayrin’s talent makes Ayrin fated to become a kaleidoscope-type arcane master...... Especially now that he has opened four gates, he is already strong enough to use the majority of forbidden skills without the help of Holy Gate of Life. With his current arcane level and body condition, normal basic training will not let him improve much. Learning more arcane skills will help raise his fighting strength faster instead. With his current senses and learning ability, he can already learn some of the opponent’s arcane skills during combat. However, some complicated arcane skills and forbidden skills cannot be learned immediately. But if his sensing ability is strong enough, he may be able to learn the opponent’s arcane skills after sensing once or twice.”

“Is that so? I’m still not interested. I will go to sleep first, so tired.” Stingham mumbled without a care.

“Idiot, you just woke up from sleeping, and you want to sleep again!” Rinloran lamented.

“Gramps, you’re right. Teacher Liszt and Professor Plum also told me, once I open the fourth gate, it’s time to learn a large number of arcane skills. Although our Holy Dawn Academy has many arcane skills, forbidden skills that are useful and strong are limited in each Academy. If I can learn powerful arcane skills from every powerful opponent I encounter, I will become strong quickly!” Ayrin shouted with passion and expectation.

“Not only that, the stone golems are said to have mysterious effects. Didn’t you see that they only have two fingers? If you can clearly sense the arcane particle flow within their body, by injecting arcane particles into their other finger and capture the first arcane particle flow, it’s said that their arcane power would morph mysteriously and release a unique power. That power can greatly improve your sense of hearing and smell.” The old shaman used a mystifying tone and spoke.

“In that case, if I can finish the training by sensing the arcane particle flow within their body and inject another arcane particle flow to intercept the previous one, the collision will activate their hidden power?” Ayrin and Rinloran were surprised, “These two stone golems have such function?”

“That’s what was told in legends...... But I can’t be certain of it.” The old shaman looked embarrassed.

“Can’t be certain?” Ayrin and the rest were surprised.

“That’s because nobody has succeeded. Not a single person could clearly sense how the arcane particle flowed after injecting into their bodies.” The old shaman looked even more embarrassed, but immediately added, “However, those who trained for a long time would still improve in sensing ability despite not being able to clearly sense it. I can guarantee that, because I have also done that training.”

“......” Rinloran and the others could not help but glance at one another. Although the old shaman guaranteed, they felt that the training was a little dubious.

“Maybe I can succeed!”

Ayrin thought carefully and shouted with fighting spirit.

“Then you can slowly train with it.”

Rinloran, Moss and Stingham were not interested. That was because, Ayrin and Chris had opened the fourth gate and became elite arcane masters, they would not be disadvantageous in casting speed against other experts. Meanwhile. the three of them only had three gates or less. In such a situation, doing more physical and mental training would be more useful, allowing them to reach the critical point to open the fourth gate faster.


Not long after Rinloran and the others returned to their original resting spot, a few rushing figures entered into the camp all of a sudden.

“Great shaman! Roland’s Meraly has brought a large number of Roland arcane masters! They said that they want to talk with us!”

An Eclipse Moon arcane master immediately reported.

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