Chapter 430: News of Victory

Chapter 430: News of Victory


“Silver Dragon!”

“Impossible! It should have been vanquished for over a thousand years!”

“There’s no way the Silver Dragon bloodline exists. Even a domain like Ancient: Predecessor Domain can never gather the power of the Epic Silver Dragon!”

Rintucci and the others became hysterical.

The fact that the old professor of Holy Dawn Academy was a Draconic Scholar was already shocking. However, what’s even more shocking was that using the ancient Draconic skill like Ancient: Predecessor Domain required the caster to come into contact with the bloodline inheritor and preserve that aura in order to gather the power of the ancestor that had been lost in the river of history.

There had only been one Silver Dragon in the entire Doraster history.

It was the Epic Silver Dragon that cooperated with the Legendary Hero Issen to kill the Evil Dragon!

However, the Epic Silver Dragon’s inheritance had been discontinued for a thousand years.

The arcane masters in the Doraster Continent had already forgotten the talent and power of the Silver Dragon. How could that Holy Dawn Academy’s old professor come into contact with a pure Silver Dragon bloodline!?

How could he use that domain to gather the power of the Silver Dragon!?

“That guy...... So that’s his bloodline?”

At that moment, Ferguillo finally comprehended as he watched the dissipating domain power and silver light in the sky.

Ayrin’s passion, fighting spirit and his unwillingness to give up flashed across his mind.

In the end, you are the strongest trump card of Holy Dawn Academy...... You are the inheritor of that bloodline. The person who found you and passed down the bloodline to you has great insight.

“This is the real showdown between the strongest...... Unfortunately, the Storm Dragon of Baratheon is no match against this Epic Silver Dragon during the Era of the War with Dragons.” Liszt lazily stretched and showed a slackened smile.


“How can Holy Dawn Academy possess the Silver Dragon bloodline inheritor!”

The fully exhausted fifth member of the Maelstrom Team began yelling like a madman.

His skin was falling apart like snowflakes.

“Never underestimate your opponent’s strength. You must understand that our Holy Dawn Academy’s history is as ancient as Baratheon. Also, as an arcane master, you must maintain your dignity even when death comes. Is it because all of you only fight against arcane masters weaker than you that you can’t even maintain your dignity?”

Professor Plum’s arcane energy fluctuation had become weak. However, the instant his voice echoed out, countless cold glints surrounded the fifth member of the Maelstrom Team.

The glints stabbed into the fifth member like wolf fangs.

The supposedly strongest existence in the Maelstrom Team immediately lost all signs of life, fell, and torn apart.

“Are you going to do it yourselves or let me kill you?”

Rui’s voice could be heard.

He had been the most insignificant member of the Holy Dawn team. However, what he spoke as he stared at Rintucci’s team was even more arrogant than Rintucci’s claim.


Rintucci was about to curse.

However, he was just able to say one word before a shadow soundlessly appeared behind him.

A black stick smacked the back of his head.

His voice abruptly stopped. The back of his head was completely caved in and he fell forward onto the ground.


Rindy spat out blood from anger.

Rui was asking if they would do it themselves or let him kill them. However, Rui already made the move when asking.


A portion of blade flash suddenly stabbed through Rindy’s back and penetrated his heart.


Rindy turned around in disbelief. He saw Rinbowen, who was still corroded by the Elemental Erosion that made him unrecognizable as a person, and spat out a word with difficulty.

“That old man was right...... What we can do now is only to preserve the final dignity as an arcane master.”

Rinbowen’s blade churned inside Rindy and severed all signs of life. At the same time, his other hand stabbed another blade flash into his own heart.

Pssh! Pssh!

Rinbowen and Rindy both fell onto the ground.

“Ciaran has lost an arcane level. Minlur, your physical body will also start to deteriorate after this battle...... Carter is in cryostasis. It’s unknown if his injuries can be cured...... I also can’t fight anymore with my physical condition.”

Seeing the destruction of the opponent, the stern Professor Plum turned around and glanced at everyone. He expressionlessly spoke, “The Maelstrom Team is indeed the strongest team of Baratheon. The price our Holy Dawn has paid is really expensive.”

“What’s the big deal? As long as those bunch of kids are there, our Holy Dawn will only become stronger......” Liszt lazily glanced at Ferguillo and then at the faraway forest. He smiled in satisfaction.


“What happened in that direction?”

“How powerful are the arcane masters in that battle?”

In Eclipse Moon’s Hunting Forest, many arcane teams lost their calm after seeing the enormous lightning in the sky far away.

“You Eclipse Moon are so stingy! We have helped all of you to kill the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye, yet you only sent one team to welcome us?”

The Holy Dawn bunch sat inside a huge basket.

Beneath that basket was a giant armored lizard.

The fog-shrouded valley not far in front would be House Eclipse Moon’s camp for the injured.

Just as Stingham complained, “Ohohoho,” An elderly voice could be heard within the fog. Immediately after that, the great shaman with purple grass on his head and several Eclipse Moon arcane teams appeared in sight.

“Your Holy Dawn Academy team is powerful and super cool. You obviously wouldn’t need many arcane teams to help you.” The great shaman looked at Stingham and grinned.

“Of course!” Stingham immediately laughed. He flicked his hair and the gloomy expression on his face completely disappeared.

“Can you stop being so idiotic? I feel ashamed to be in the same team as you.” Rinloran nudged away from Stingham.

“What’s wrong with me?” Stingham could not understand.

“Gramps, have they sent the news back? Wurinlan and Leyu agreed to be our hostages. As long as we can eliminate the Maelstrom Team, they will make House Roland help us fight against House Baratheon.” Ayrin popped his head out from the basket, pointed at Wurinlan and Leyu who sat outside the basket and spoke.

“We received the news.” The old shaman’s smile disappeared. He looked at Wurinlan and Leyu with a complicated expression, then nodded, “Since you have made such a decision, I will support your condition. As long as you become Holy Dawn’s allies, our House Eclipse Moon can also let go of the grudge and focus on Baratheon first. The grudge between us will wait until after Baratheon falls.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several hurried figures suddenly shot out from one side of the forest.

Three Eclipse Moon arcane masters rushed to the old shaman. They seemed overly excited as they could not even speak properly.

“What happened?”

A ring of green light was released by the old shaman and fell onto the three Eclipse Moon arcane masters.

The three finally calmed down a little.

The oldest arcane master amongst the three stutteringly spoke, “Holy Dawn’s Liszt and his team...... already...... already asked the sentry teams on the frontline...... to pass back...... pass back a message. The Maelstrom Team...... Maelstrom Team has been annihilated!”

“Teacher Liszt?”

After hearing the first part of the report, Ayrin and the others were already getting excited. After hearing the end of the report, they immediately jumped out from the basket.

“The Maelstrom Team was annihilated?”

“The Maelstrom Team has already been annihilated?”

In an instant, the entire forest was in a great commotion.

“The Evil Six actually......”

Leyu lost all blood on his face. He turned around to look at Wurinlan. Only at that moment, he believed that Wurinlan made the right choice.


“The Maelstrom Team was annihilated by Holy Dawn’s Evil Six!”

“What? Baratheon’s strongest arcane team was destroyed by the Evil Six?”

At the same time, the same news was also rapidly spreading throughout the Kingdom of Eiche from that plain.

The news was a tremendous earthquake to the Kingdom.

“The Maelstrom Team has been annihilated. It’s time to exert some pressure on House Baratheon and get some payback.”

The news reached the River Bend region. A chilling order was immediately issued from Clan Tarly’s Castle.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline! Impossible!”

Within the Baratheon Castle, some astonished voices could be heard.

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