Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards

Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards


“Sacrificial Transfer! Ciaran actually knows this legendary forbidden skill!”

“Casting this arcane skill will sacrifice one arcane level forever!”

Rintucci’s team once again thought that Holy Dawn’s bunch were complete lunatics.

“Do you still not understand? We are different from you. Your only goal is to make yourselves stronger. However, we...... can sacrifice everything for our beliefs. What’s the big deal about just losing one arcane level?”

Ciaran looked at the astonished expression of Rintucci’s team. Her power was completely exhausted, extreme feebleness and fatigue assaulted her body. However, her face radiated an even brighter light.


Minlur’s body became a flame pillar once again. The instant the light pillars were shattered by the Elemental Sword, that flame pillar crashed into Rindy.


Rindy crossed his arms before his body and countless sucker-like swirls appeared on his arms. However, that was not enough to stop Minlur’s brutal power. In a bone-cracking sound, the bones in Rindy’s arms and chest were all fractured.

The snow-white hair of the fifth Maelstrom Team member fell off completely at that moment.

Every strand of hair immediately became a snow-white ice thread. Every thread contained powerful arcane energy fluctuation.

Those ice threads did not target Minlur, but went towards Ferguillo and Liszt instead.

Although Ferguillo’s casting speed was no match against the Maelstrom Team and could easily be killed by any of them alone, the cooperation from the Holy Dawn allowed Ferguillo to show great performance.

Although Liszt exhausted his power once again, his existence remained a huge threat.

The fifth member believed that Feruillo and Liszt were the two he must eliminate first.


A huge dragon bone spear suddenly fell down from midair.

Without Rindy’s continuous output, the endless Styx river dissipated. The Lich Dragon Carter transformed into grabbed the huge dragon bone spear once again and threw it out with all his strength.

Countless snow-white ice threads collided with the dragon bone spear.

The ice threads shattered one by one, the dragon bone spear was also stopped midair and shaved apart layer by layer.


The Lich Dragon also began to collapse.

In a moment, the gigantic Lich Dragon disappeared. Carter fell from midair. Countless bloodstains appeared on his body. His flesh and bones had exceeded the limit and began breaking from inside. He was on the verge of destruction.


Arcane particles rushed out from Ferguillo’s body into a box-like artifact in his hand.

A chilling domain power rushed out and enveloped Carter’s body.

Carter’s body froze.

A transparent blue ice crystal that looked like a coffin froze Carter inside.


A black stick suddenly smacked the back of the fifth member’s head soundlessly.

That bald arcane master’s body suddenly stiffened.


His body collapsed like snow.

At the same time, a ball of white silhouette appeared in front of where he was. That was his true body.

The fifth member used some unknown secret skill to escape that attack. However, even so, there was a dent on the back of his head. A trail of blood dripped down from his snow-white lips.

“Snow Woman Substitution?”

“Haha, you are still injured despite that...... Idiot, is it because Rui has such a low presence that all of you forgot about him?”

Minlur’s haughty laughter roared out.

“Evil Six, you lived up to your name...... You’re much stronger than our expectations.”

“Your strength has already advanced to Shadow Dance level.”

The snow white fifth member turned around and saw Rui’s figure that appeared not far behind him. In addition to his baldness, he became expressionless. Hence, he gave off a feeling that he was an ice sculpture.

“If we can’t kill all of you, even if we managed to escape, it will be a humiliation to Baratheon that can never be redeemed.”

“Baratheon’s honor is greater than anything!”

As the fifth member voiced out, countless snow-white particles flew out from his body as if he was really melting.

“Is it time for the final clash...... Rui, it’s time we show them our final attack.”

Liszt’s expression turned stern. When the entire Maelstrom Team was gravely injured, it would be the most crucial moment of the battle. The opponent would use all of their strength without holding back.

The black stick before Rui shook to produce countless black illusions, but Rui was rapidly retreating instead.


A rapidly revolving holy light swirl suddenly bloomed above Rui.

A raging gale from far away rushed out from the holy light swirl.

“Summoning passage?”

The eyes of Rintucci and the rest greatly twitched.

That insignificant-looking Rui not only has a Shadow Dance level ambushing ability, he is also a summoner?

What kind of monster will a summoner at his level call out?


At that moment, the arcane power of the fifth member had completely taken shape.

A smooth white light film suddenly opened up near the ground.

It seemed to be the abyss behind the light film. However, a horrifying dragon aura oozed out from within.

Endless wind blade and lightning flashed inside the abyss.

A yellow-colored Dragon leaned onto the light film, as if it was going to pass through the film any moment.

The strong arcane power reverberating on that Dragon’s body completely exceeded the Maelstrom Team members by a level.

“Destiny Projector!”

Ferguillo’s body shuddered.

That was the guardian Storm Dragon of House Baratheon, Fujuru!

No arcane master could use his own power to open up an energy swirl that could allow such a level of Dragon to pass through. However, Baratheon’s Destiny Projector could open an abyssal projector barrier and allow the Storm Dragon to project its enormous arcane power to here!

Ferguillo did not know what the Evil Six’s final trump card was.

He also did not know what kind of monster Rui would summon.

However, the strongest Dragons of the nine Houses were already the peak individuals within the Kingdom of Eiche or even the entire Doraster Continent. There was no monster that could exceed the power of that Storm Dragon!

A small black dot appeared from the holy light swirl above Rui.

An elderly figure wearing black robe fell from the sky.


Even Ferguillo was shocked.

Rui did not summon any monster. He summoned an elderly wearing black robe.

The librarian of Holy Dawn Academy’s library, Professor Plum!

“He actually......”

Even Rintucci and his team felt unbelievable and ridiculous.

However, a powerful threat caused their hearts to spasm.

Their instincts told them that the elderly in black robe had stronger arcane energy fluctuation than Rui and the others. When the holy light swirl dissipated, they could feel that the other end of the swirl had stronger power.

Rui’s arcane skill seemed to have only functioned as an energy marker. The majority of power used to open the transfer swirl came from that black-robed elder!

Was that elder the Draconic Scholar that made a flashy display when the Evil Dragon followers attacked the Athlete Village?

The Baratheon Storm Dragon behind the Destiny Projector also felt a fatal threat at that moment.


A terrifying dragon breath of ten meters in diameter rushed out from the light film, as if the space itself collapsed.


Many terrifying lightning pillars fell down within a hundred miles on the plain.

Those thick lightning pillars formed into a network in midair and condensed into one spot. The condensed pillar swarmed towards the Holy Dawn Academy people like a huge stick.

It was an unimaginable majesty.

While the huge lightning pillar travelled, the atmospheric pressure also seemed to have been altered. A huge hole opened up above the plain. The cold air in the sky also became a pillar and pressed down towards the Holy Dawn Academy people.

The entire plain seemed to be groaning and trembling.

Professor Plum remained stern when facing such terrifying threats.

He began a rapid but mysterious incantation. Every syllabus was ancient Draconic Language.

Countless mysterious light sigils appeared around him.

Those light sigils remained absolutely still despite the raging gale.

A strong domain power was formed as more light sigils appeared.


Professor Plum was enveloped by a huge holy light pillar.

That holy light pillar rushed up to the sky. An ancient aura that exceeded time was released from the pillar.

“Ancient: Predecessor Domain!”

Rintucci shuddered and screamed out.

A huge Silver Dragon suddenly rushed out from the holy light pillar!


Rintucci and the others were frozen still.

At the same time, the Storm Dragon behind the light film also retreated in shock.


The Silver Dragon completely manifested. It drew a dazzling trail of light in the sky and collided with the lightning and wind pillar.

All lightning and wind were scattered.

Silver glitter rained down. Even the arcane power of the Destiny Projector lost its balance and shattered.


Just like the shattering light film, the fifth member of the Maelstrom Team let out a despaired scream.

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