Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!

Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!


“Shadow Dance: Shadow Sea!”

The three lord-level monsters summoned by Rinchenson were killed by Carter in one strike. However, he also showed a creepy smile instead.

His yellowish storm pupils suddenly became black.

The lower half of his body also became black, as if countless vicious black water flowed out from his feet. The bottomless black light rapidly radiated out from him.

In an instant, the plain everyone stood on became unreal, as if they were standing on some illusion.

Everyone stood on an absolutely smooth black surface. That blackness extended to the horizon.

Rinchenson’s figure silently disappeared.

“Endless Styx: Bind!”

Hell’s Emissary Rindy also showed a similar creepy smile. He just maintained the emission of his arcane particles to sustain that binding arcane skill and bound the Lich Dragon Carter transformed into within his river.

“Shadow Dance: Shadow Wrap.”

The fifth member of the Maelstrom Team, the arcane master who looked like he had albinism also showed a creepy smile. Countless black light shot out from his body.

He seemed to have become a black sun.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!......

The several shadows around Rui were simultaneously shattered by the black light.

The black light rays became a silhouette that looked exactly the same as the fifth member of the Maelstrom Team and wrapped around Rui, binding him in place.

Rui could not move.

The fifth member of the Maelstrom Team also could not move.

It was also at that moment, a completely transparent figure suddenly appeared behind the immobile Rui.

A transparent materialized dagger with dangerous arcane energy fluctuation reverberating from it appeared in that figure’s hand, slashing towards Rui’s throat.

At the same moment, Demonic Blade Rinbowen, who laid on the ground as if all of his bones were shattered, also suddenly disappeared into the black ground. The moment the blade flash reappeared, he was already behind Liszt and Ciaran!

Creepy smile appeared to be the display of the Maelstrom Team’s tremendous strength and confidence. In that instant, the legendary Maelstrom Team finally revealed its menacing power like a real monster.

Rui, Liszt and Ciaran were attacked at the same time!

At that moment, Carter was bound by Rindy, Minlur and Rintucci knocked each other back in the clash and both spewed out a large amount of blood. Neither Carter nor Minlur could support in time.

“Rinchenson, you are the second Shadow Dance level arcane master hidden in the Maelstrom Team.”

However, at that moment, a voice came from Rui’s back.

A pink silhouette appeared from the huge black hole created by the ambush at the start, behind Rui and Rinchenson. Just as the transparent dagger in Rinchenson’s hand slashed towards Rui’s neck, the pink silhouette’s hand also landed on Rinchenson’s neck.

A pink sword that seemed to be soft was held in that hand.


Rinchenson’s body stiffened. A stinging chillness caused goosebumps to grow on his entire body.

“Ferguillo? How......”

Rintucci, who was still flying backwards while spitting out blood, was also greatly shocked.

“Shadow Dance: Ceaseless Stab!”

The immobile fifth member of the Maelstrom Team greatly contracted his pupils. The black shadow that originally bound Rui dispersed at that instant. As if exceeding the limit of time, it became countless black light rays and stabbed into Ferguillo’s chest, all the way to the heart.

At the moment the fifth member changed his arcane skill, Rinchenson’s dagger was less than an inch from Rui’s throat. However, when the black light rays stabbed into Ferguillo’s heart, Rinchenson’s dagger had yet to contact with Rui’s skin.

The black light rays that exceeded the limit of time instantly minced Ferguillo’s heart.


However, the albino arcane master was astonished that Ferguillo did not seem to be affected at all.


Ferguillo’s pink pupil suddenly released a bizarre power.

The albino arcane master’s body was instantly petrified. His mental strength and arcane particles seemed to be frozen.

Not far behind him, Demonic Blade Rinbowen, who appeared behind Liszt and Ciaran, also stiffened up, petrified.

Rinchenson’s dagger made contact with Rui’s skin.


However, what he heard sounded like a fountain.

He suddenly felt that his body became strangely light.

His body seemed to be floating up, yet he could not control his hands.

In the next moment, he finally felt bottomless fear. That was because his head was floating up, separated from his body. He was decapitated by Ferguillo!


Rintucci’s eyes opened to the widest. Every cell in his body was violently screaming.

His expression was even more shocked and unbelievable than the decapitated Rinchenson.

Ferguillo was killed by him!

Even if Ferguillo had the Undying bloodline, he could not have survived in that situation.

However, Ferguillo appeared right at that moment and killed Rinchenson in one strike!

The hidden second Shadow Dance level arcane master in their team was assassinated by Ferguillo!

“Petrification Stare!”

When Rintucci was shocked to the point that every cell in his body was screaming, the albino fifth member and Rinbowen who appeared behind Liszt and Ciaran recalled those two words.

Liszt remained calm and did not move.

Ciaran also did not seem to be affected. The moment Rinbowen was stiffened behind her, she turned around and spat out another wave of the terrifying Elemental Erosion.


Blade flash poured out from every pore of Rinbowen’s body. Silver white metallic fluid seeped out from his pores. He looked like a silver white metallic human in an instant. However, he was blasted back by the Elemental Erosion. His silver white body appeared to have countless colorful gems embedded on them, glittering non-stop. He screamed painfully.

“Shadow Wave!”

With a loud crash, the calm black surface suddenly raised a huge wave, pushing every member of the Maelstrom Team backwards.

“It’s useless. This is the land of life and death. There is only one team who can walk out alive.” Liszt’s body began emitting the unique aura of refining and replenishing arcane particles. However, he could still talk.


While he was speaking, countless green and blood red light rays spread out from the vast sky.

A huge light ball made of green and blood red light separated all of them and the outside world.

“Blood Sacrifice Domain: Land of Life and Death!”

Rintucci completely lost his calm. He roared, “Are you crazy? How many arcane masters have you killed? You actually used this deployment!”

“You still underestimated the enthusiasm and friendship of those youths...... Especially him.” Liszt looked at the beheaded Rinchenson’s corpse, “He thinks that killing Redwin is like squashing an ant. However, he didn’t know that Redwin is not only the son of Rapids City’s Lord, he is also the boss of countless River Bend Academy students...... He may look dumb, but he has the influence to make countless brothers willingly shed blood for him.”

“You think that us taking you on by ourselves is suicidal from the start. However, we aren’t taking you on with just us alone.” Liszt calmly looked at Rintucci’s team, “You have hidden Shadow Dance level arcane masters, we also have the unexpected Ferguillo, the person whom you thought is dead. We also brought the blood and will of countless youths from River Bend Academy. Those hot-blooded youths from River Bend Academy are willing to become feeble in order to gather their blood essence for us to deploy this restriction domain. So that none of you can escape......”

“If this restriction domain only allows one team to walk out. Then that team won’t be yours.”

The albino fifth member slowly spoke.

“Get into formation!”

His body suddenly released a snow-white light pillar.



Rindy and Rintucci also stopped completely. A black and a blue-red dual colored light pillar rose from them respectively.

The three light pillars joined up in midair.

A pyramid-shaped transparent light film was created first, covering the three.

“Ciaran, let’s begin.”

Liszt turned his head and told Ciaran.

The moment he spoke, ghostly flames were already lit around Ciaran.

The arcane particles within her body ferociously rushed out from the top of her head.

Those arcane particles mixed with arcane energy, but did not become the power of arcane skill. They swarmed into Liszt instead.

At that moment, she seemed to have relinquished all of her power and arcane energy into Liszt.


Liszt’s surrounding let out a dangerous arcane energy boom again.

Holy Gate of Life activated again.

Seven gates opened again!

“Elemental Sword!”

A light ball immediately appeared at the intersection point of the three light pillars.

A dazzling elemental huge sword rushed out from the light ball.


The three Maelstrom Team members watched in astonishment as the Elemental Sword brutally slashed apart the intersection point of the three light pillars.

The three Maelstrom Team members were blasted away again.

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