Chapter 427: Creepy Smile

Chapter 427: Creepy Smile



Before Liszt and the transparent silhouette spoke, a flame pillar smashed into Rintucci’s team at a speed surpassing the meteor.


The solid magma surface beneath their feet was shattered by the terrifying force.


Rintucci, Rindy and Rinchenson felt that the flame pillar was a person, and the target was Demonic Blade Rinbowen. However, that astonishing speed and timing did not allow them to intercept.

“He actually......”

The instant the power from that flame pillar shattered the solid magma, blade flashes shot out from Rinbowen’s skin despite him being unable to open his eyes due to the heat. The blade flashes made him look like a blade himself.

However, when those blade flashes hit the incoming person, they seemed to be blocked by the other party’s skin and could not cut through.

Who has such a monstrous arcane resistance!

Just as such a thought passed through Rinbowen’s mind, blood spilled out from his mouth. Many bones within his body were fractured and he was flung back like a meteor.

“Hell’s Shackle!”

“Peerless Heavy Ion Blade: Decapitate!”

Rintucci and the rest leapt out by stepping on the shattered magma rocks. Meanwhile, their arcane energy greatly fluctuated.

A dark green sacrificial flame that could burn the mind instantly trapped the attacker.

At the same time, a thin but dense crescent blade that made the air scream chopped heavily on the neck of the attacker.


However, Rintucci and Rindy screamed in disbelief. That person’s body seemed to have become a pure golden metal of some kind.

Any arcane power that hit his body was completely ineffective and scattered.


The attacker became a sky soaring flame pillar and flew up.

“It’s Minlur!”

“Invulnerable Golden Body!”

“It’s an internal domain arcane skill that makes the caster invulnerable against any arcane attack for three seconds!”

At that moment, Rintucci and the others finally realized what happened. Their face turned sour.

Their Maelstrom Team had no record of any member getting heavily injured for the past five to six years!

The invisible figure of that fifth member of the Maelstrom Team seemed to be standing still. However, his real body silently appeared on Minlur’s retreating path.

The golden color on Minlur’s skin rapidly faded.

That invisible person was about to attack.

However, at that moment, four similar black shadows appeared around the invisible figure!

A transparent flame made a revolution and shattered the four shadows. However, a black stick flew out from the shattered shadows and smacked the invisible person.


A clear glass-shattering sound could be heard from that invisible person.

Countless crystal-like glittering fell down.

The invisible person suddenly became visible. He appeared to be around twenty-seven or twenty-eight. His face was snow white, just like his hair. He also had the unique yellowish storm pupils of Baratheon.

His eyes became half-closed as if they were afraid of light. However, his expression was still calm and proud.

“As expected of the Master Scoundrel Rui, is this the lost Shadow Servant?”

He asked.

The silent Rui who kept a low profile also appeared not far from his left side.


At that moment, Demonic Blade Rinbowen had just crashed into the ground.

“One for one and half, we have benefited.”

That Maelstrom Team member who seemed to have albinism spoke as he looked at the almost powerless Liszt and the heavily panting Minlur, then shook his head.

“Evil Six, you live up to your name. Even without the Ever-standing Meat Shield Ashur, you can still display such fighting strength!”

At that moment, Rinchenson, who had the nickname Demon of Calamity within the Maelstrom Island region, spoke.

He was just talking and showed no sign of chanting. However, the instant the first syllable came out from his mouth, his body released countless water vapor.


A revolving sea current appeared above his head.


Powerful arcane energy fluctuation shook the air. A huge nine-headed snake carrying a unique abyssal aura showed its figure within the revolving sea water.

Abyss Lord!


Almost at the same time, another dark green monster with a whale-like butt and thick legs crawled out.

Tidal Lord!

Rinchenson summoned two lord-level monsters at the same time.

However, it was not over.


Just like an underwater volcano eruption, a black current and gigantic fire pillar rushed out from the tornado along with magma.

What appeared was a monster that appeared to be stacked up with burning charcoals and grew a pair of huge burning membrane wings.

Flame Lord!

Rinchenson summoned three lord-level monsters at once!

Before the three mountain-like monsters, the Holy Dawn Academy teachers looked extremely tiny.

However, there was no change in the expression for Liszt’s team.

Carter stepped forward.

Before the arcane power released by the three lord-level monsters hit him like a tsunami, his body drastically bloated up.

Countless streaks of dragon aura were drawn from the void around him.

The dragon aura condensed into the shape of bone dragons and dove into his body instantly.

Even the Evil Dragon crystal in Liszt’s hand that still had plenty of power remained shattered at that moment.


A huge metallic grey Dragon shadow carrying a presence that scared off the three lord-level monsters also rushed into Carter’s body.

Carter’s figure simply disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Replacing him was a huge bone dragon wrapped in grey wind currents and standing on two feet. Within those eye sockets, bewitching flame was burning. A huge dragon bone spear was held by its hands.

Its size was even bigger than the three lord-level monsters!

The tsunami-like power crashed into its body, but only made its joints crackle and it took a small step back.


The huge dragon bone spear was thrusted out. The Abyss Lord and Tidal Lord in its path were skewered like barbeque meat!

“Lich Dragon!”

“Carter, are you crazy!? Even a dying true Dragon may not succeed when using this arcane skill, you dare to use it!”

“Using this arcane skill with your body, are you not afraid of death!?”

Rintucci, Rindy and Rinchenson uncontrollably shouted.

“Who’s not afraid of death...... But even if I have to die, I must kill all of you first......” Carter calmly spoke in his mind after becoming a Lich Dragon. He continued to thrust out his dragon bone spear.

Flame Lord raised a despairing roar, the fire on its body was extinguished. The dragon bone spear penetrated its body. The bodies of the three Lords heavily crashed against one another. Blood spilled out and became a blood rain.

“You want to defeat us even at the cost of mutual sacrifice?”

After a moment of shock, Rintucci’s heterochromatic eyes became absolutely calm once again.

From the start, the Holy Dawn Evil Six had been extremely aggressive despite missing the Ever-standing Meat Shield Ahur. Their attacks were overwhelming. Despite so, he still held absolute confidence.

“Dehydration: Frostbite Domain!”

He chanted an ancient draconic incantation.

The moist water vapor in the air disappeared. Intangible heat different from normal arcane power enveloped the Holy Dawn Evil Six like a steamer.

Liszt, Minlur and Ciaran immediately began sweating profusely. They entered a dehydration state instantly.

At almost the same time, chill and heat suddenly swapped. The burning heat became freezing chill. The chill seeped into Liszt, Minlur and Ciaran’s body.

Facing the almost undefendable unique domain, Ciaran just did a habitual action.

She took a sip from the wine gourd tied to her wrist.

Then she spat it out with full power.


Countless tiny flames became a terrifying storm that instantly swept past.

Rintucci’s domain was directly penetrated, torn and crushed!

“Elemental Erosion?!”

Those two words just flashed across Rintucci’s mind.


A flame pillar passed through the hole created by Elemental Erosion and slammed into him.

“Life Chain!”

Rintucci’s expression was extremely grim. Invisible mental power rushed out from his blue and red pupils, becoming a strange glow and wrapped around him and Minlur.

Pssh! Pssh!

Both he and Minlur spat out a great amount of blood.


A terrifying roar could be heard from within the body of the Lich Dragon Carter transformed into. The bodies of the three lord-level monsters were torn by his dragon bone spear.

Within the bloody rain, the dragon bone spear was thrown by Carter and shot towards Rintucci at a speed faster than Minlur’s charge.

“Endless Styx: Bind!”

At that moment, Hell’s Emissary Rindy also roared.

A river with countless white skulls floating on it suddenly appeared, crashing into the dragon bone spear and Carter.

The dragon bone spear and Carter seemed to be frozen on spot, staying still as the river flowed through.


Perhaps due to casting at a speed beyond the limit, Rindy also spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You have actually forced us to this extent...... Is it because you had breakthroughs after the Fallen Shadow Valley Campaign...... But do you think you can defeat the Maelstrom Team with that? You are belittling the Baratheon number one team too much.”

Rintucci could not breathe. He was flung back while spilling blood from his mouth. Rindy’s forced arcane skill saved his life. However, there was no fear in his expression, and a creepy smile appeared instead.

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