Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Out

Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Out


The instant those five silhouettes appeared, the countless withered grass fluttering in the air suddenly accelerated.

Horrifying screeching sound was produced by the friction between the drastically accelerated withered grass and air. Meanwhile, the withered grass was set ablaze due to friction, becoming countless trails of flame in the air as if apocalypse was approaching.


A unique domain power was created from the trails of flame. Countless fiery lines formed an enormous multi-sided crystal frame over a hundred meters tall and rapidly contracted inwards on the four Maelstrom Team members.

“Flame Entrapment Domain?”

Amongst the four Maelstrom Team members, Demon of Calamity Rinchenson sneered. Countless black dots flew out from his yellowish swirling pupils.

Four enraged giant-like green figures immediately manifested around the four.


Countless green gales gushed out from the mouths of the four giants as if they roared at the same time.

Four domain auras immediately erupted.

They became four similar miniature domains and clashed against the contracting domain power.

Countless fiery lines and green gales were smashed into pieces.

All domain power rapidly vanished like a retreating tide.


However, the ground beneath the Maelstrom Team violently exploded. The originally normal plain surface suddenly disappeared. The surrounding hundred meter instantly became a black hole of unknown depth.

The four members lost their footings all of a sudden and began a rapid descent. However, none of them showed any changes in expression.

Demonic Eyes Rintucci’s eye glowed red. Countless red lines shot out from his hands.


Countless burning magma were drawn from the surrounding and quickly cooled down. The solidified magma became a lid to cover the black hole beneath them.

Almost without a pause, a huge silver eyeball appeared above them.

A gigantic silver light pillar crashed down along with a strong domain power.


A single blade flash swept upwards like a reverse waterfall.

The huge silver eyeball and the gigantic silver light pillar instantly shattered.

Countless silver flickers floated in the air like flower petals.

“How troublesome......”

Red and blue light flashed from Rintucci’s eyes. Countless blue and red particles were released from his body.

The particles did not dissipate, nor became arcane power. The particles merely surrounded them like mist.

However, the arcane energy fluctuation in the air was gradually calming down.

“So that’s the plan. By making us assume that all of you had entered House Roland’s territory with those students, you set up an ambush here...... Your plan is decent, this is indeed the place where we are more exhausted. Furthermore, you have set up so many ambushes that greatly deplete our arcane particles. However, the famous Holy Dawn Evil Six only dare to fight against us after using those trickeries?” Rintucci watched Liszt and the others disappear into the raging gale and dust and mocked.

“Compared to you assassinating a student levels lower than yourself, we are already much better.” Carter no longer showed his friendly expression, his face was chilling, “A true arcane master always waits for the junior to challenge him. You are the ones afraid of a genius’s growth.”

“Waiting for the opponent to grow, then surpass you, and eventually get killed?” Rintucci shook his head in sympathy, “What foolish theory is this?”

“True growth is only obtained through constant challenging and getting challenged. This is our theory. Using conspiracy and Household power to kill opponents will never let you grow into a true peak expert.” Carter stared at Rintucci and coldly spoke.

“This is the path you Evil Six follow? What you seek is to become the strongest arcane masters in Doraster?” Rintucci looked at Carter and the others with a funny expression, “I’m just curious. What gave you the confidence to ambush us with just you five?”

“Certainly, you never made use of River Bend Academy’s power and not even Clan Tarly’s power, creating a false image of just you and your students rushing into House Roland’s territory for a raid. As a result, we never realized and allowed you to successfully ambush us, exhausting some of our power...... However, are you really sure that just you five can defeat us?” Rintucci shook his head. His arcane energy fluctuation began to rise slowly, the red and blue particles slowly rubbed against one another and collided.

“Confidence...... It’s really a strange thing......”

Liszt suddenly spoke up with his lazy tone.


Terrifying arcane energy fluctuation suddenly erupted from his surroundings.

Seven strange lights shone on his body.

The extremely terrifying arcane particle eruption made Rintucci and his team change their expressions.

Not fear, but surprise and incomprehension.

Liszt had a high standing within the entire Office of Special Affairs. It was because he was the single fatal shot type arcane master. In a sense, he was like a single-use weapon of mass destruction during mission.

Such a weapon was usually used when the battle was in a stalemate or to break the balance.

Hence, Rintucci’s team thought that Liszt would absolutely be the last to attack.

Liszt attacking first was definitely abnormal.

In a situation where none of them were injured and could cast arcane skills as a team, they had an extremely high chance of blocking Liszt’s attack regardless of how powerful that forbidden skill was.

Was he aiming to wipe out one enemy from the start?


Rintucci’s temple viciously twitched. The air before his heterochromatic eyes mysteriously clashed and released strange noises.

At that moment, cold sweat drenched his back, he felt as if all of his internal organs were twitching.

He was the one who did the most eye-catching things before them. Hence, Liszt would most likely target him if Liszt wanted to wipe one person out.

“Demonic Eyes: Demonic Flower Feast!”

The blue and red particles surrounding Rintucci collided into one another with tremendous speed.

In an instant, countless blue flowers with red stamen bloomed in the air. Extreme heat and extreme chill clashed together, eventually becoming a terrifying severing and crushing power which rapidly spread out in the space.

“Intangible Shield!”

“Forbidden Storm Eyes!”

Fixation: Proton Destruction!”

Demonic Blade Rinbowen, Demon of Calamity Rinchenson and Hell’s Emissary Rindy rapidly emitted their arcane particles without daring to preserve any.

At that moment, Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life was obviously completely. All of his arcane particles surged out of his body and integrated into his arcane power. It was impossible to fake an attack.

Liszt’s attack had the power to kill any one of them. However, if they could block it, Liszt would become useless in the following battle.

A black gold-colored translucent shield erected before Rintucci’s team. It covered Rintucci’s team like a domain.

A terrifying yellowish eye of storm was fiercely spinning outside the huge translucent shield. The air in the entire plain was sucked in and became countless huge tornadoes.

A stream of dark yellow particles directly landed before Liszt and hammered down on the integration point of Liszt’s arcane particle and arcane power.


However, Rintucci and his team were bewildered by the huge purplish black head ejecting out in front of Liszt.

That purplish black head looked like a woman’s head. However, its hair was purplish black and waved like overgrown seaweed.


That purplish black-haired head shattered the dark yellow particles in one bite.


In the next instant, that head exploded. However, countless grey particles emitting evil aura rapidly spread out, becoming a huge particle rush.

The aura released by those grey particles immediately became purplish black color in the air, and formed into fist-sized shiny purplish black particles!

“Siren Domain! The domain that can crush the opponent’s arcane power and counterattack! This is a domain only Evil Dragon followers at Bishop level can learn. How can Liszt learn it!?”

“Evil Dragon particle! Impossible! How can Liszt possess Evil Dragon particles even more refined than Evil Dragon Bishop!?”

Rintucci’s team could not believe their eyes, they almost screamed in shock.

The huge yellowish eye of storm and the monument-like black gold-colored translucent shield they used could not defend against the invasion of Evil Dragon particles. Their arcane skills rapidly eroded away and disappeared.

“Cleanse: Holy Rainbow Path!”

Just as Rintucci’s team was unable to react, an incantation could be heard from empty space.


A rainbow-colored light film wedged itself between the grey Evil Dragon particle rush and Rintucci’s team.

The sky seemed to have been cut open by that rainbow-colored film. Those grey Evil Dragon particle rush swarmed towards that cut along the film.

Countless huge purplish black balls bloomed in the sky like fireworks.

Liszt’s aura rapidly weakened. However, his expression was still calm. A transparent silhouette was glowing about thirty meters to the left of Rintucci’s team.

“Hi, Maelstrom Team’s fifth member.” Liszt calmly spoke.

“Evil Dragon crystal?” That transparent silhouette exclaimed at the same time.

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