Chapter 424: How Should We Survive

Chapter 424: How Should We Survive


“Roland: Dedication!”

Seeing Lieufuzen nod, Fujen’s despaired expression turned pious and solemn instead.

The countless particles in his body seemed to be chanting at the same time, combining into a strangely sonorous voice.

“What’s that arcane skill!?”

“Watch out!”

Stingham almost stopped his breathing. He desperately waved at Belo, asking Belo to take shelter near him.


At the same time, Lotton’s body also shook.

A pale white shadow seemed to have flown out of his body. It crashed into Fujen before Wurinlan could intercept, as if it broke through time and space.

Countless pale white particles instantly enveloped Fujen.

Fujen’s flesh and blood rapidly vanished, revealing the bones within.

However, at that moment, innumerable purple flame sprouted from Fujen’s body.

Rinloran’s pupils instantly contracted.

Lieufuzen’s left eyepatch burned and became ash.

Beneath the eyepatch was a hollow eye socket.

Meanwhile, the arcane particles within Lieufuzen’s body spewed out from that eye socket.

Lieufuzen’s left eye socket became a strange swirl.

The countless purplish flame from Fujen swarmed into that eye socket.

Fujen fell forward and died.

Lieufuzen’s hollow eye socket was filled by the purple light, its surface becoming like a smooth purplish glass.


Black smoke expelled out from Lieufuzen’s body.

Belo’s blood particles that invaded his body were completely exorcised.

“Fujen...... Captain......”

At that moment, innumerable strips of muscle on Leyu’s body were snapped. He was standing in a strange posture, unable to move. However, tears spilled out of Leyu’s eyes.

“Fujen used a certain sacrificial skill...... Lieufuzen used a certain absorption skill......”

“Rinloran, be careful!”

Ayrin suddenly felt danger approaching while being shocked at the scene. He warned Rinloran.


Merlin had already reached in front of Rinloran before Ayrin’s warning.


A purplish wave slapped away Merlin and Rinloran.

A mirror-like shield was already opened up from Merlin’s left hand. However, even her shield could not fully sustain the damage, cracks began to show on the shield.

She collided into Rinloran and both slammed into the ground.

“All of you are indeed respectful opponents. I have never seen a team full of potential like you, having such fighting strength at your age. However, all of you must die.”

Lieufuzen did not look at Rinloran and Merlin first. He only glanced at the dead Fujen with a sorrowful gaze and slowly spoke.

“It’s finally my turn?”

“All of you have fought so hard in order for me to replenish my arcane particles...... There had never been a team that could beat up our Holy Dawn Academy team to this extent!”

A petite figure dashed out from behind Ayrin. Her crisp and determined voice made Lieufuzen stiffen.


Ayrin and the others turned around, only to see Chris wearing the arcane robe Merlin tossed to her.

“God-like girl, so pretty, so domineering!”

Ayrin praised in surprise.

The arcane robe was plain and solemn. It enveloped Chris in layers of crimson bronze-colored grey colored glow, appearing like a Valkyrie told in legends.

“Ayrin you pervert, saying such flirtatious words at such times. Chris, be careful of this guy. I don’t know what kind of monstrous skill he used, he has integrated his teammate’s power......” Stingham warned.

Although Lieufuzen was still a five-gate arcane master in his True Sight, Lieufuzen’s aura was extremely shocking. Arcane energy fluctuation lingered around like demonic aura.

“Rinloran, treat yourself and Moss. Leave this guy to me.”

Chris nodded and jumped in front of Ayrin with firm determination.

“Come! Let’s settle this!”

The god-like girl immediately entered battle state without any wasted action. She began advancing in a pattern less fashion.

In an instant, there appeared to be five or six Chris advancing in different posture towards Lieufuzen.

Lieufuzen’s expression became even more grim.

It was supposed to be a battle between different arcane levels. However, Chris’s confidence gave him a dangerous feeling.

Furthermore, his current power...... was exchanged with Fujen’s life.

Such a battle did not allow for any carelessness!

Come! Fujen, I will avenge you with your power!

A tragic presence burned in his bosom.


He suddenly stretched out his left hand, a purplish light was emitted from his palm.

Chris’s rapid assault abruptly came to a halt.

The afterimages disappeared, leaving only a single Chris’s figure that was jumping up.

However, in the next moment, Chris seemed to have been lifted by an unknown force and was dragged towards Lieufuzen’s palm.


Stingham was also uncontrollably sliding towards Lieufuzen.

Chris’s neck was grasped by Lieufuzen’s hand.

“Got you!”

However, Chris did not show any fear.

Even though Lieufuzen could easily snap her neck, she did not show any fear.


An unimaginably terrifying black flame shot out from her hand.

Lieufuzen was swallowed by the Dark Destruction Dragon before he could exert strength on his hand.

The terrifying flame only became a fearsome dark dragon after passing through Lieufuzen, then shot forward into the distance.

Chris’s body was also repelled backwards from the recoil.

Originally, casting at such a close distance would probably cause her body to explode into pieces.

However, the arcane robe she wore had absorbed the majority of the power. Her face paled slightly, and a trial of blood trickled down her mouth.

Lieufuzen’s figure gradually appeared from the dissipating flame.

He was still standing properly.

A layer of purplish crystal-like barrier slowly shattered.

“God-like girl...... This is the god-like girl in Holy Dawn. As expected of the god-like fighting power, you dare to close in like this...... Using a forbidden skill like Dark Destruction Dragon at such a close range...... It’s a pity that this kind of forbidden skill can only be used once...... Otherwise, I would have been defeated...... Fujen, I cannot even remain standing here without your power...... Now, let me avenge you with my remaining power by killing all of them!”

Lieufuzen’s gaze was filled with sorrow and determination again.


However, it was also at that moment.

Chris dashed out without a pause. The light around her bent in as if the entire space collapsed.

Even Lieufuzen was unable to hold his ground and was pushed towards Chris by the currents.

“What’s happening!?”


Lieufuzen’s pupils contracted to the limit. Even Wurinlan screamed in disbelief.


A spiral-shaped wave appeared in front of Chris.

The arcane power from the wave vaguely formed into a champion charging forward.

Crack crack crack......

The strong power directly destroyed the remnant barrier around Lieufuzen. The arcane particles emitted by Lieufuzen were also scattered. He could not block the attack and was launched backwards by the impact.


The muscle and bones in Lieufuzen’s body were instantly shattered, countless trails of blood spilled out from his body.


“Impossible! It doesn’t make sense! Even though she had used Dark Destruction Dragon, how can she deal another attack on the same level as Dark Destruction Dragon!?”

Wurinlan completely lost her reasoning and screamed.

“I know!” Stingham grinned and spoke the answer, “That’s Dark Emperor Destruction!”

“Idiot, you’re even snatching the answer now!” Lying powerlessly on ground, Rinloran coldly scolded.

“You guys are not bad, want to lick the foot of this great me?”

The meshed-up Belo also excitedly shifted his feet towards Wurinlan and Leyu and asked.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin, still full of fighting spirit, chanted.

An evil halo fell onto the body of Lieufuzen who collapsed onto the ground without any movement. A shadow ball with purplish flame floated back to him.

Ayrin’s burning gaze locked onto Wurinlan.

“Wurinlan, run!”

Leyu let out a thunderous roar. He twisted his body and moved again.

“Leyu, let’s give up. Where can we run to?” However, Wurinlan’s voice caused Leyu to stiffen again.

“We are already the strongest in House Roland...... Lord Dirat is dead, Emperor Evil Eye is also dead, Fujen and Captain Lieufuzen are killed in action...... In just one day, the three strongest powers of House Roland were all annihilated.” The arcane energy fluctuation on Wurinlan’s body completely disappeared, she had given up resisting. She looked at Leyu, “Even us could not kill this team. A team with such potential...... With such an enemy, how will our House Roland survive?”

“Let’s surrender......” Wurinlan lowered her head, “Not for ourselves, but for House Roland......”

“Are you crazy!? There’s still the Maelstrom Team!” Leyu’s enraged roar exploded, his eyes turned bloodshot, as if he wanted to tear Wurinlan apart.

“What if the Maelstrom Team is also annihilated?” Wurinlan looked at him and asked.

“Im......” Leyu wanted to tell her that it was impossible. However, thinking about their own state, thinking that the other side was just an academy team, he could not finish his sentence.

“Can you accept our surrender and sign a pact with us?” Wurinlan looked at Ayrin, Chris and the rest, and spoke in a sorrowful tone, “However, the condition is that the Maelstrom Team must be defeated.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying that if the Maelstrom Team is defeated by us Holy Dawn, you will surrender? If they weren’t, you would continue fighting against us?” Stingham speechlessly shook his head, “Do you think I’m an idiot? Would we let you off like that?”

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