Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow

Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow


A huge shadow suddenly loomed over Wurinlan.


Countless images appeared before Wurinlan’s eyes.

Images of her carefreely playing around when she was little; her first head hunting; the first time her teammate died......

More and more faces of arcane masters she killed appeared before her.

Countless grey torrents, which were actually transparent energy reflecting a grey hue, danced around her and surged towards her.

“What’s this arcane skill?”

“It actually draws Wurinlan’s mental strength to attack herself!”

Fujen turned even more pale.

“Divine Wind: Soul Protection!”

He chanted again.

Sixteen green light pillars shone around Wurinlan. Waves of unique mental power exorcised the grey mental power around Wurinlan.

“Flurry Blade Fog!”

Wurinlan covered herself with countless tiny transparent blades and flew back.


A mouthful of sticky blood rushed out from Fujen’s mouth.

As Blood Shadow Team’s formation guard, he did his job and helped Wurinlan break free. However, the huge exhaustion of arcane particles and mental power caused his body to suffer even greater injury.


Leyu yelled.

Ayrin’s hand pecked his right arm once more.

Leyu’s right arm was almost completely powerless. The snapped muscles spasmed, it was visible from the surface.

Half of Ayrin’s face was still swollen. However, his body became stronger and more agile instead.

If I hit once more, you won’t be able to lift that right arm anymore, right?

Your body has already lost its balance, right?

You’re the combat skill instructor of House Roland...... But Merlin is equivalent to the instructor of a legendary corps during the Era of the War with Dragons...... How can your combat skill compare to Merlin’s?


Ayrin stared at Leyu and exhaled. His entire body suddenly began to spin quickly.

Bam! Bam!......

Countless pecking sound came from Leyu’s body all of a sudden.

Ring of Wind Fist plus Sonic Pecker!

Stingham’s eyes popped open to the widest.

He saw Leyu letting out an even louder yell. However, many parts of Leyu’s body were hit by Ayrin. Each part left startling red dot. The muscles around the red dot were spasming in strange positions.

“He actually......”

Wurinlan, who was covered in tiny blades and flying back to prevent Lotton’s pursuing attack, blanked out.

The Leyu she remembered was very powerful. He would rush into any arcane team’s formation and instantly destroy the formation. Any arcane master who could not get away from him in time would be knocked down by his fist.

However, Leyu was no longer Ayrin’s opponent now. The muscles on his body snapped one after, making him yell in despair.


Psst! Psst!

Two streaks of light crossed each other in midair once more.

Two trails of blood spurt out from Rinloran’s body once more.

A deep slash wound appeared on his right flank and another stab hole on his back.

The continuous blood loss caused his pale face to almost look transparent. The sweat seeped out due to weakening dripped down his hair like pearls.

His body began to feel cold in contrast.

His body was already sending warning signals through such method.


However, at that moment, Rinloran’s eyes flashed a glint even more dazzling than sword flash.

He finally saw through Lieufuzen’s Sword Clone!


He shouted again.

The Thousand Storms Sword’s sword flashes disappeared. Meanwhile, a pale blue crystal-like flower sword appeared in each of his hands.

Psst! Psst!

Rinloran and Lieufuzen crossed each other again with a speed naked eyes could not catch.

Swords flashed. Before the sword flash disappeared into thin air, another burst of blood spurt out from Rinloran’s body as he appeared at one side.


Stingham shouted after seeing that despite feeling relieved about Ayrin and Leyu’s fight.

Sword wounds appeared on Rinloran’s left cheek and back.

Especially the wound on his left cheek. The flesh was upturned and blood dyed half of his face, making him look horrifying.

“Idiot! What are you shouting for!? Now is the time to end this fight!”

Rinloran could feel the wound on his face.

However, the burning fighting spirit in his heart made the blood on his face feel like rainwater and not blood that flowed out from his own body.


His body instantly accelerated with a speed faster than ever, exceeding his own visual limit.

The flower swords in his hands disappeared and countless tiny white swords covered his body again.

“Sword Swirl!”

Lieufuzen’s heart was thumping crazily as if spasming. He could not see Rinloran at all, only feel the assault of sword flashes.

A dark red sword swirl appeared before him to intercept Rinloran’s sword flash.


However, at that moment, Lieufuzen’s body greatly shook as if he received electrocution. His face was filled with disbelief and the sword swirl before him completely disappeared.

The dark red crystal sword stopped midair and began shattering bit by bit.

At the same time, a bone fracturing sound came from his wrist. Sharp pain rushed into his brain!

Rinloran’s attack directly destroyed his sword swirl, shattered his Blood Fang Sword and broke his wrist!

How can this be possible?

Blood Fang Sword is a sword forged from the Shadow Blood Dragon’s dragon fang, how can it be shattered!?

The Sword Swirl skill should be able to neutralize the majority of impact.


Seeing the pale silhouette of Rinloran, Lieufuzen suddenly thought of something. He focused his vision on the tip of the other Blood Fang Sword in his Sword Clone’s hand.

A trail of weak moonlight reflected in his eyes.

Moonlight Sigil!

Lieufuzen uncontrollably trembled.

In the exchange before, Rinloran was willing to suffer another two wounds in order to leave behind Moonlight Sigil on his swords.

Rinloran’s sword technique and skill were insufficient to break through his sword swirl defense and hit him.

Hence, Rinloran used such a method to destroy his sword first.

The Thousand Storms Sword actually managed to strike the tip of his Blood Fang Sword with precise accuracy!!

Rinloran was able to leave Moonlight Sigil on the tip of his swords in that instantaneous exchange!


“You have one more sword. Are you going to continue or escape?”

Rinloran briefly stopped, his own body was also reaching the limit.

However, he stared even more intensely at Lieufuzen.

Strong fighting spirit allowed his will to support his body.

“Leyu is defeated...... Even Captain’s sword skill......” Wurinlan had retreated next to Fujen.

There was no confidence left in her eyes.

The weak-looking team was already becoming undefeatable in her eyes.


At that moment, a unique arcane energy fluctuation erupted before Merlin’s body.


Everyone was shocked speechless.

Merlin had changed back into her original arm and was packing her treasured cubic metal box.

Meanwhile, the membrane wings of Emperor Evil Eye and the dragon crystal of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon had completely changed.

The dragon crystal was cut into various big and small crystal shards or crystal pearls. They were embedded onto the membrane wings. The membrane wings were cut and sewn into an arcane robe.

The chest area of the arcane robe had a round sunflower-like engraving just like her own.

A layer of crimson bronze-colored and a layer of grey-colored arcane protection films reverberated on the simple-looking arcane robe.

“Merlin, aren’t you a genius?”

“You actually made an artifact within such a short time?”

Stingham exaggeratedly exclaimed.

However, nobody thought that he was exaggerating.

Apart from Merlin, there was probably no other artificer in the entire Doraster Continent that could create an artifact in such a short time.

Even the best artificer from the Office of Special Affairs had to first draft a design and practice with other materials. Only after ensuring that there would be no mistakes, the artificer would then carefully create the artifact while being extremely careful on every tiny detail.

Was she able to make sure that there would be no mistake?

Merlin did not seem to care about the astonishment she caused.

She nonchalantly threw the arcane robe she finished to Chris.

Taking a glance at the fights with her silver pupils, she seemed to show a proud expression.

She seemed to feel proud that the team was able to hold out despite meeting such a strong opponent.

Chris did not catch the arcane robe thrown to her side.

She was still fully immersed in refining arcane particles.

Her arcane energy fluctuation was becoming stronger and stronger.


“We actually......”

Blood Shadow Team’s vice-captain Fujen despaired.


He took a glance at Wurinlan, then shouted towards Lieufuzen.

Lieufuzen stiffened for a moment, but did not answer.

“It can’t be helped......” Fujen’s despairing gaze swept across Ayrin and the others, “These guys...... all possessed top-notch bloodline...... Even an Evil Dragon Bishop level bloodline is fighting alongside them...... Furthermore, despite looking weak with inferior cooperation, support and fighting techniques, the result is as you see...... They have the determination to risk everything for victory. They have the resolve to sacrifice their lives for their teammates...... Captain, we have no other choice...... hurry!”

“What does that mean?”

Ayrin and Rinloran felt presence of danger again.

Could it be that Lieufuzen still reserved something powerful?

Lieufuzen’s expression was suddenly filled with sorrow.

However, he nodded as Fujen pleaded.

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