Chapter 422: Learn And Apply

Chapter 422: Learn And Apply


“What a sharp gaze! What sword skill is he going to use next?”

Just as Leyu’s materialized skill was broken by Ayrin, Rinloran felt a fatal threat in his mind again.

Under such pressure, his concentration was highly focused and his body sensations completely surpassed the normal limits.

Lieufuzen’s expression completely calmed down.

It was a realm only top arcane masters possessed.

In Rinloran’s eyes, Lieufuzen was becoming a sword.

The most dangerous part was when an arcane master showed not a trace of hastiness and completely integrated into the arcane skill he used.

In Rinloran’s eyes, the air suddenly showed a pale wave.

The heightened senses allowed him to sense Lieufuzen’s movement beforehand.


The instant the sonic boom transmitted, Lieufuzen had already closed in. A dark red sword flash sharply thrusted towards Rinloran’s chest.

Rinloran immediately accelerated to the limit and dodged that sword flash, while cutting towards Lieufuzen’s flank.

“This is......?”

However, Rinloran’s heart greatly contracted at that moment. His concentration surpassed the limit once again.

Sword flashes shot out from Lieufuzen’s body. A silhouette of Lieufuzen made from sword flashes was created, holding one of his dark red crystal swords. The silhouette launched a thrust with even greater speed than Lieufuzen himself, aiming at Rinloran’s back while giving off sonic booms.

A pale blue sword swirl also immediately appeared on Rinloran’s back.


A cracking sound.

Lieufuzen and Rinloran crossed each other.

Two trails of blood spurt out from Rinloran’s body.


Stingham shouted in worry and wanted to run to Rinloran.

“Don’t come here! You need to protect Moss!”

Rinloran demanded Stingham at the same time.

A nasty slash wound and stab wound appeared on Rinloran’s left flank and back respectively.

“As expected of the Moonlight Swordsman within the elven bloodline who are best at swords. Not only did you see through my sword swirl’s secret, you even managed to imitate it. However, you won’t be able to imitate the best sword skill I have created myself, the Sword Clone!”

Lieufuzen’s gaze rapidly flickered, constantly locking on to Rinloran’s moving position.

A silhouette that looked like crystal held his other dark red crystal sword nearby and readied itself.

“This is a materialize skill?”

“This guy’s materialize skill is the same as Charlotte's? A person? And it can use a sword?”

Stingham obediently jumped next to Moss after getting reprimanded by Rinloran. However, seeing Rinloran’s tattered state caused him to uncontrollably tremble.

It was not due to fear this time.

“If this sword skill is used to assassinate Belo and Chris...... They won’t be able to defend...... Only I can hold you back...... Stingham, if you can’t protect Moss and the rest...... I won’t forgive you......”

Rinloran kept blinking around to change his position.

Blood was still flowing from the two fresh wounds. He did not cast any healing skill, because he knew that Lieufuzen would immediately deal the fatal blow during the slight pause when casting healing skill.

Lieufuzen’s Sword Clone could attack from a different spot, and was even more agile than Lieufuzen himself.

What can I do to defeat such an opponent?

In Rinloran’s perspective, only himself and his own swords, as well as Lieufuzen and his Sword Clone remained.


Leyu and Ayrin clashed once again.

Bam! Bam!

Along with two clashing sounds, Leyu’s body began spinning again.

“Go die!”

However, Leyu let out a roar. He stretched out his arms horizontally and began spinning like a hurricane.


“What’s this combat skill!?”

In the corner of Ayrin’s eyes, Leyu’s arm was cleaving towards his head like a machete. Ayrin instinctively retreated back. However, Leyu’s arm suddenly grew by half a meter at that moment.


Ayrin was barely able to put an arm between his head and Leyu’s fist.

A terrifying impact was transmitted to his arm and head. He blacked out for an instant and was knocked away.


When he landed, half of his face was swollen. One of his eyes was unable to open due to the swell, while the other was bloodshot, making his sight blurry.

“Watch out!”

Stingham shouted a warning.

Leyu had already caught up with Ayrin. A foot stamped towards Ayrin like a meteor along with terrifying wind pressure.


A silhouette suddenly appeared before Ayrin. While Leyu’s stomp was blocked, a clear bone cracking sound could be heard.


Stingham uncontrollably trembled again.

Belo was the one who blocked the attack for Ayrin. His arms seemed to be fractured, even his chest was slightly dented from the impact of Leyu’s stomp.

“Beastman boy, your blood is useless against me...... If you rush in yourself, it saves me the time to get to you.”

Seeing Belo’s blood repelled by his own power brand and Ayrin who just got up, Leyu’s face was filled with even more violence.

You think you can beat me after learning some close-range combat skill that disrupts the opponent’s balance?

I am the combat instructor for the entire House Roland!

The inheritor of Ring of Wind Fist and Secret Demonic Ape Fist!


He launched his fists towards Ayrin once again.


Ayrin’s body was hit and blasted away once more.

“A close-range combat skill that used the instantaneous stretching of the muscle to lengthen the reach...... It not only lengthened the arm reach during spinning, the speed of a punch will also become faster......”

Stingham’s trembling worsened. It looked like a one-sided fight, Ayrin was no match for Leyu. Ayrin would be beaten to death if he continued.


However, Stingham was shocked that Ayrin had not a trace of fear after getting up. He only wiped the blood dripped out from his mouth and dashed towards Leyu again.

“You can still fight?”

“Go die!”

Leyu let out another roar. His entire body began spinning. A ring of wind made of fists violently crashed into Ayrin.

“I see it!”

At that moment, Ayrin’s sight was blurry. However, the sensation that exceeded the limit allowed Ayrin to clearly feel the approaching two fists and Leyu’s stretching arms.

Bam! Bam!

Ayrin and Leyu separated within two explosive sounds.

“He didn’t get beaten this time?”

Stingham was surprised.

Ayrin stood there properly, only retreating a few steps. He had a brilliant smile on his face.

Leyu’s arms trembled non-stop. It seemed as if something snapped within those two arms.

Stingham then noticed the shape of Ayrin’s hands.

Those hands looked completely like a bird’s beak!

“What the hell is this combat skill!?”

At that moment, Leyu yelled in disbelief.

“Sonic Pecker!” Ayrin and Stingham answered at the same time.

“Sonic Pecker...... The muscle severing technique lost during the Era of the War with Dragons......”

“You think you can beat me with this?”

Leyu was shocked for a moment, but let out another thunderous roar.

“Cannon Fist Thrust!”

His entire body stretched to the limit within an instant.

He appeared to be parallel to the ground. He thrusted towards Ayrin with his right fist at the tip like a spear.


However, a clear pecking sound was heard on that arm.

The pain of muscle tearing and extreme shock were sent to Leyu’s brain again.

The power in that arm was further weakened!


Leyu roared out first.

At that moment, Ayrin’s hand was quite a distance away from him, Ayrin should not be able to hit his arm!

Secret Demonic Ape Fist!

He then realized what happened.

Ayrin’s arm also stretched out in that instant. Before his fist could hit Ayrin’s body, Ayrin’s hand had already hit his arm!

Then Ayrin borrowed the recoil to move back!

It was his Secret Demonic Ape Fist!

“Impossible! How can you use my Secret Demonic Ape Fist?!”

Leyu’s right arm uncontrollably trembled. His left hand unconsciously held onto the painful part of his right arm. He was getting emotional and roared out again.

“Learn and apply!”

Stingham became excited. He shamelessly answered before Ayrin.

“I learned it from the battle against you just now.” Ayrin looked at Leyu as if everything was natural, “This combat skill isn’t so difficult...... It’s much easier than Sonic Pecker......”

“He...... He actually learned Leyu’s strongest close-range combat skill during a fight?”

“His learning ability...... What kind of monster is he!?”

At that moment, Wurinlan was circling Lotton in rapid speed, her body almost becoming a transparent shadow.

Lotton calmly stood at the center of the encirclement and did not seem to dare make a hasty move.

However, the change in Ayrin and Leyu’s fight caused a stir in Wurinlan’s emotion. She felt the possibility of Leyu’s defeat.


The instant she showed that opening, arcane energy fluctuation scattered from Lotton’s body.

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