Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again

Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again


“Evil Dragon......”

Wurinlan was the first to feel the presence of Evil Dragon bloodline particles. However, right after that, she screamed in shock, “Vengeful Spirit form!”


Seeing the figure of Lotton appearing not far behind Fujen, Stingham cried out in relief.

Lotton’s lifeless appearance looked unbelievably cute in his eyes at that moment.

“Moss! How are you?”

Ayrin shouted out.

“Ayrin......” Moss replied after falling onto the ground, but he was too heavily injured to stand up.

“Damn it, hang on!”

Ayrin’s fighting spirit and rage became even fiercer.

Although Lotton had successfully ambushed Fujen and gravely injured him, Moss had suffered heavy damage to the point of not being able to get up.

He also understood that if it did not reach the point where they could not handle matters themselves, Lotton would not make a move even if he was there.

These people are truly strong.

But I can at least keep you in check! I can already feel the tiny chance of victory!

Ayrin appeared behind Leyu once again.



Fujen spat out a mouthful of blood while falling forward. However, he clenched his teeth and casted an arcane skill.

Arcane power froze up the wounded area on his back and.

That patch seemed to have become a dead zone on his body.

However, the great loss of blood and weakening of the body in that instant caused him to faint.

“Heart Turning Blade: Soaring Lotus!”

Wurinlan knew that it was too late to stop Lotton’s casting. She could only attack in full force and force Lotton to protect himself in order to prevent him from killing Fujen.

Two materialized weapons that looked like transparent lotus appeared in her hands as she chanted.

Pssh! Pssh!

The two materialized weapons slashed towards Lotton with astonishing speed.


A shadow coffin suddenly blocked the path of the two materialized weapons.

“Great! Cover them! Lotton, this arcane skill of yours is specialized against materialized skills, right!?” Stingham exclaimed like an audience.


However, he immediately shouted again.

Just when the coffin’s lid closed up to trap Wurinlan’s materialized weapons inside, Wurinlan’s gaze greatly shook.

The two transparent lotus-like materialized weapons appeared to have split and another two similar transparent lotus blades shot out, albeit even more transparent.

“Pssh...... Pssh......

The two transparent lotus blades travelled in bizarre paths as if they were alive and slashed Lotton’s arms.


Stingham was astonished.

Lotton’s arms were cut open, almost dropping down.


However, at that moment, Wurinlan drew a sharp breath.

Lotton’s arms were cut open, but the interior was filled white particles that looked like cream. Those white particles released terrifying Evil Dragon aura. Each arm’s white particles transformed into a head that looked like a zombie and bit Wurinlan’s materialized weapons.

“How can there be such powerful Evil Dragon particles!?”

“Does he possess Evil Dragon Bishop level bloodline!?”

Lieufuzen was greatly shocked. Just as he was distracted, Rinloran’s figure disappeared before him again.


He immediately felt a numbing threat. The two dark red crystal swords transformed into a sword swirl on his back and he leapt forward as fast as he could.

“Not there?”

However, he was drenched in cold sweat as Rinloran’s attack did not come.

He took a side step and turned to the side. Two dark red crystal swords became a sword flash barrier around him. However, he could only see Rinloran standing still behind him.

Pale blue and pale green light flowed like water on Rinloran’s injured arm. The sword scar on his shoulder was rapidly closing up. His left hand already held a pale blue flower sword.

“I can see it clearly.”

Rinloran coldly stared at him, “Your sword swirl relies on arcane energy rapidly spinning on the palms of your hands. It allows your swords to spin rapidly when you attack, hence appearing like a sword swirl. The rapidly spinning swords have strong penetrative force like a drill, and can mitigate the majority of impact!”

“A layer of arcane energy separates your hand and sword handles when you strike! The rapid spinning of the arcane energy layer can easily be done through practice. It’s simple, the key point is the rapid vibration of your arms at the speed of hummingbird wings. That is the secret to your sword swirls!”

“You actually saw through the secret of my sword swirls from just two to three exchanges...... but sword swirl is not my strongest technique.”

Lieufuzen slowly breathed. His eyes slightly narrowed. There was no sound, but the arcane particles in his body gathered at his feet.


“Even my Heart Turning Blade: Soaring Lotus was broken......”

Wurinlan retreated a dozen meter back. Her ‘Heart Turning Blade: Soaring Lotus’ was a unique materialized skill that could be controlled by her mind. However, she could not call back the weapons locked down by Lotton.


Fujen called out in an extremely stern voice.

The arcane energy fluctuation from Chris had become stronger and stronger. Her refining speed was extremely shocking.

Meanwhile, Wurinlan did not seem to be Lotton’s opponent in a one on one.

Lieufuzen was stalled by Rinloran, their entire team was in great danger.

The only one who seemed to be able to turn the situation around was Leyu.

Leyu turned around and stomped the ground with terrifying speed, obviously charging towards Lotton.


However, Ayrin abruptly appeared before him with a loud explosion.

“Trying to go after others? Your opponent is me!”

Bam! Another loud explosion.

Ayrin’s hand had collided with Leyu’s fist. Leyu began spinning uncontrollably again.

“I can only handle that Vengeful Spirit after killing you huh!”

“A close-range combat skill that makes others lose balance......”

Leyu knew that he could not break free from Ayrin. His face distorted, waves of metallic snapping sound came from his body.

Countless bronze-colored materialized particles suddenly surged on his body surface, instantly becoming a heavy minotaur armor.

Pssh! Pssh!

The moment that heavy materialized armor took form, two dents appeared beneath his feet. The weight actually caused him to sink half a meter into the ground.


A double-edged heavy axe also appeared in Leyu’s hands. That heavy axe immediately slashed towards Ayrin with a terrifying wind pressure.

“Materialized skill? This guy’s materialized skill is actually a heavy armor and heavy axe!”

“Never mind, I just need to treat his axe as fist!”

Ayrin did not falter, his fist accurately landed on the axe after retracting and stretching his body.

However, Leyu did not start spinning according to the momentum of the axe like he imagined. There was only a humming sound.

The weight of the axe and the force of the slash was far too little compared to Leyu’s body weight.

“Not good! It’s too heavy!”

The moment Ayrin had such a thought, Leyu already let out a kick and landed at Ayrin’s chest.


A mouthful of blood spat out from Ayrin’s mouth.

“Does this guy not know pain? Is he unkillable!?”

However, Leyu’s mouth was slightly twitching.

Ayrin crashed heavily into the ground. However, almost without any pause, he jumped up again and dashed towards him.

“You want to die huh! I will grant you death!”

Leyu was also filled with anxiety and rage.

He let out a thunderous roar. The huge axe slashed at Ayrin with astonishing speed.

“You have materialized skill, I also have materialized sword!”

“This sword should be able to cut apart your armor!”

Ayrin was dripping blood, but showed a confident smile and fanatic fighting spirit.

A powerful dragon aura bloomed from his right hand.

A crimson gold longsword appeared in his hand and was swung towards Leyu.


Leyu felt the weight in his hands lightened.


His heavy axe was cut apart by Aryin’s sword!

“As expected, it’s an incredible sword!”

“I slash!”

Ayrin was elated. He jumped up and slashed down again.

Leyu unconsciously tried to block, but immediately jumped back.

A large chunk of armor on his right arm was cleaved away, along with a layer of his yellow crystal skin. Blood spewed out rapidly.

“I slash again!”

Ayrin swung the sword with even greater excitement.


Leyu could not evade in time and his left shoulder was cleaved, almost revealing his bones.

“What a sharp sword! I slash again!”

Ayrin was completely addicted. He slashed towards Leyu’s body again.


Leyu was furious. With a loud roar, his materialized armor vanished. After regaining his agility, he fiercely punched the flat side of Ayrin’s sword.

“Oh no!”

Ayrin was repelled back along with the sword. His wrist almost fractured and could not hold the sword.

“Looks like I just can’t fight with a sword.”

“Then let’s settle this with fist. You also shouldn’t use materialized skill anymore.”

However, he shook his painful wrist and showed a wide grin while calling out to Leyu.

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