Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush

Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush


“Bastard! You just have to make a mistake at such a moment......”

“You still dare to use an immature technique against such an opponent......”

The rest of them were anxious.

If such a scene occurred during the tournament, they might laugh at Ayrin’s mistake. However, a careless mistake in the current situation could cause them to be annihilated.

“Wind Shackles.”

When Ayrin was blown away, vice-captain Fujen, who had remained still and looked relaxed chanted emotionlessly.

Several rope-like green wind suddenly appeared around Stingham.

Wind Shackles was just a normal wind type arcane skill. However, Fujen’s astonishing casting speed did not allow Stingham time to react.

As it was cast with Fujen’s arcane level, Stingham could not break free.

“Chris, watch out!”

Stingham furiously shouted.

In his True Sight, Wurinlan was weaving her invisible threads towards Chris.

A silhouette suddenly blocked in front of Chris.


Bursts of blood mist spurted out.

Belo, who blocked the attack, was pierced by ten invisible threads. However, he still looked calm and pushed his spectacles with one hand.

“This guy......”

Stingham was completely shocked.

“How impulsive...... As expected, being overly impulsive is a high beastman bloodline’s basic instinct...... I can kill you properly this time, right?”

Wurinloan showed a pitied gaze. She slightly vibrated her finger to make the invisible threads in Belo’s body cut him into pieces.


However, she suddenly felt a fatal danger approaching at that instant. The invisible threads before her fingertips seemed to flash a creepy red light.


Her breath abruptly stopped. She released the invisible threads connecting to her fingers and shot them out.

“This guy...... purposely allowed me to penetrate his body and let his blood flow along the invisible threads...... He had such an ability. He could have used it when he was cut by me at the start...... but he didn’t. He only launched a surprise attack on Lieufuzen using that ability. This guy... Because he thinks that Lieufuzen is stronger, he didn’t use this method to force me to release the invisible threads!”

Although the invisible threads were gone and that danger immediately went away, Wurinlan felt cold sweat soaking her back.

The beastman bloodline youth is definitely the creepiest guy in the team!

“There’s no way to fight...... The opponent still has a formation guard......”

Rinloran felt a little anxious.

Fujen was completely free, there was nobody on Rinloran’s side that could cause a threat to Fujen. It meant that just three of the opponents had restrained all of them. Fujen could support as he liked and control the entire battlefield. If Fujen was left free to act as he liked, Rinloran’s side would soon suffer casualty.

“Stingham, ask your girlfriend to fight against that green-haired guy!”

Feeling the shadow of death looming over the entire team, Rinloran yelled at Stingham.


At that moment, Lieufuzen suddenly disappeared from Rinloran’s sight.

Rinloran also immediately became a pale blue sword flash.


However, when Rinloran reappeared, a deep sword wound appeared on his left shoulder and blood instantly dyed half of his body red.

“I warned you.”

Lieufuzen calmly looked at him a short distance away, “In your current condition, you will be killed by me if you get distracted again.”


Seeing Rinloran half-dyed with blood, Stingham was shocked, “Dear! Attack that green hair, or we will all die here.”

“Idiot, do you have to be so intimate when asking for help!?”

Rinloran gritted his teeth. However, he kept all of his attention on Lieufuzen.

All other things in Rinloran’s sight disappeared, only Lieufuzen’s figure and the two dark red crystal swords in his hands remained.

“Bastard, you want to treat me as a dummy for training and refining your sword technique?”

Rinloran also realized Lieufuzen’s intention.

Lieufuzen chose to duel with him in order to gain more insight in sword techniques before killing him.



The entire space bizarrely shook again.

A domain filled with darkness aura instantly descended.

“A lord level existence isn’t enough to be a threat.”

The casual-looking Fujen just stroked a strand of his green hair when facing against Dark Queen Mermaid’s domain.

“I am the vice-captain of the Blood Shadow Team......”

He gave a proud and bewitching smile.

His green hair suddenly fluttered in the air, each strand of hair poured out green particles.


A green gate opened up behind him.

A gust of wind that seemed to be from far away blew out.


“Why did you call out a rat, to scare my girlfriend? Despicable!”

Stingham was shocked and cursed.

A green ‘rat’ appeared next to Fujen along with green gusts of wind.

“S...... S...... Stingham...... That’s not a rat, that’s Raging Wind Lord!” Moss stuttered. He was scared yet speechless about Stingham’s ignorance at the same time.

“Raging Wind Lord?” Stingham dazed out.


The green fur on Raging Wind Lord’s body fluttered.

Its original appearance looked like a half-meter rat, but when its fur fluttered, its body appeared to be wrapped in a ball of green wind.

It looked like a green ball of cloud.

At almost the same time, a powerful domain aura exuded from its body.

The surrounding between it and Fujen became slopes that slanted upwards, forming into a pyramid shape. Dark Queen Mermaid’s domain power was deflected upwards along the slopes, unable to hit Fujen and the Raging Wind Lord.


“You can still stand up?”

On the other side, Leyu showed a mocking expression again.

Ayrin slowly stood up within the cloud of dust.

A trail of blood flowed from Ayrin’s mouth.

However, he immediately straightened his body, and fighting spirit burned even brighter in his eyes. He swung his fist, “Again!”


Terrifying fist pressure appeared next to Ayrin again.

Bam! Bam! Two impacts sounded.


Leyu’s pupils contracted.

His body lost balance once again. His hands pulled his body into a left spin uncontrollably. However, Ayrin disappeared from his sight.

“An interesting combat skill...... But you are still too weak.”

Fujen’s gaze stopped on Ayrin at that moment.

“Dark Queen Mermaid can only fight against Raging Wind Lord. Fujen is still free......”


At that moment, Moss also suddenly felt something, causing his heart to almost cramp.


The air beneath Moss exploded, bringing him towards Fujen.


However, his body was abruptly stopped at least twenty meters away from Fujen.

He crashed into a blade net made by several dozens of transparent blades.


The Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun in his hands completely shattered.


The remaining force of impact caused his body to continue pressing on the blade net. The hard rock skin was cut open, leaving dozens of deep blade scars on his body.

“Moss......” Stingham blanked out.

He had already broken free from the Wind Shackle. However, he did not know what he could do.

Fog-like arcane energy fluctuation lingered around Wurinlan’s hands.

“My nickname is the ‘Reaper’...... Did you think that I can only control invisible threads?”

She watched Moss’s stiffened expression and proudly grinned in her heart.

“You can die.”

A powerful green arcane power swept out from Fujen’s front like a tail.

In his eyes, Ayrin was already a corpse.

With the teamwork of the Blood Shadow Team, the moment he killed Ayrin, Leyu would instantly defeat Chris or attack Belo.


However, everyone felt terror at that instant.

Fujen’s body uncontrollably stiffened.

A strange sense of unspeakable fear instantly filled his brain.

A huge shadow rose from his back.

“It’s Lotton?”

“He’s here?”

“Could it be that he......”

Before the Holy Dawn Academy team had such a thought.


A pale white arcane power that looked like a huge worm slammed onto Fujen’s back.

“There’s actually a hidden member!”

“Who’s that!? We didn’t feel anyone at all!”

“What a creepy arcane power!”

Lieufuzen, Leyu and Wurinlan changed their expressions!

Fujen was propelled forward.

The area on his back that the pale white arcane power hit became a fist-sized hole. All flesh and blood within instantly disappeared.

Countless tiny pale white particles rapidly devoured his flesh, enlarging the hole on his back.


A painful scream came from Fujen.

“Wurinlan!” At the same time, Lieufuzen sternly shouted.


Countless transparent blades immediately cut into Fujen’s wound.

The flesh that was contaminated by pale white particles were carved off, then expelled out by the power within Fujen’s body.


At the same time, a sword flash appeared before Lieufuzen.

Lieufuzen dragged out several afterimages in the air.

A trail of blood spurted out from the left side of his neck.

“Your opponent is me...... You also can’t afford to get distracted......”

Rinloran coldly stared at him not far away and returned his words.

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