Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu

Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu


“He also turned into a giant?”

“Does he also have a Giant bloodline?”

Stingham exclaimed again.

Leyu had become a giant three to four times bigger than a normal person. However, different from Moss, Leyu’s skin was yellow, like hardened yellow crystals.

“That’s not Giant bloodline. He should have learned some secret skill which is similar to bloodline integration. He integrated the arcane power from the helmet on his head into his body.”

Rinloran hastily spoke, “That helmet should be some powerful arcane core.”

“A close-range combat type that isn’t affected by Domain of Time huh?”

Seeing Leyu who had become a yellow crystal giant, Ayrin immediately felt a bad premonition.

Leyu suddenly started a dash.

His violent footsteps hammered into the ground. Each step left a huge crater, waves of mud surged like waves. The ground tremored.

“What power!”

Ayrin’s eyelids twitched.

That power made him feel helpless.

Countless tiny white swords appeared on Rinloran’s body again.

It was unknown if Thousand Storms Sword could pierce through the opponent’s defense and stop the furious charge.

“Raging Wind Veil!”

However, vice-captain Fujen chanted quickly at that moment.

Several wind walls appeared in the surroundings. Leyu’s figure immediately disappeared from Rinloran’s sight.


Ayrin suddenly felt something and raised his head.


Before he could react, a huge yellow figure smashed into the center of Ayrin’s team like a real meteor.


The instant Leyu hit the ground, there was a violent explosion.


As Stingham cried, Ayrin and the rest lost their balance and were knocked away.

Leyu’s robust body appeared in everyone’s sight again.

With his body as the center, a crater of over ten meters in diameter and three meter in depth was created.

Ayrin and the others were scattered around the edge of the crater.

“He actually......”

Rinloran could not catch his breath for a moment due to astonishment.

That new team was much stronger than the Goat Horn Team. Not only were they stronger individually, they also had perfect teamwork.

“How about it? Astonished?”

Vice-captain’s gaze coincidentally landed on Rinloran’s pale and astonished face. He revealed a meaningful grin.

“Compared to us, even you people are just flowers in a greenhouse, right?”

“Leyu is our formation destroyer. Any arcane team cannot keep their proper battle formation when they encounter us......”

“Watch out!”

Stingham suddenly yelled.

He could see several invisible threads quietly stretching for Chris’s neck.

With a loud squeak, the invisible threads twined on Stingham’s body again as he blocked the path before Chris. At the same time, Chris pushed off the ground with her hands and leapt back.

“Having a guy like you here is really so troublesome.” Wurinlan sighed in regret not far away.

“Chris, continue to refine arcane particles! Leave the rest to us first!” Ayrin shouted.

“Is it?”

Leyu suddenly showed a menacing laughter.

His robust body glowed yellow and pressed towards Ayrin. A huge fist threw at Ayrin with dangerous wind pressure and power brand.

“Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin roared. The shadow ball floating next to him instantly shot out.

“What...... How can it contain such power!?”

Leyu’s expression abruptly stiffened.


His fist was completely out of league against the shadow ball. He was blasted backwards.


At the same time, Ayrin dashed forward without a pause, a fist heavily landed on Leyu’s chest.

“What happened?”

“Necromancy! This guy’s shadow ball has absorbed Emperor Evil Eye’s power, hence it contained such strength!”

The change also caused Fujen and Wurinlan to be shocked.

They assumed that Ayrin would be blasted away by Leyu. However, it was Leyu who was blasted away instead.

“What a dense body...... This guy......”

Ayrin felt like hitting a small mountain after hitting Leyu.

As he chased his sight after Leyu, his pupils uncontrollably contracted.

Within the dust, Leyu did not fall down. He landed firmly and regained his posture immediately. An even more menacing expression appeared on Leyu’s face. Ayrin’s attack did not cause any significant damage.

“Very well, let’s see if you can take my next punch.”

Leyu’s gaze locked onto Ayrin.

Rinloran’s sword flashes had already begun to shine. All of a sudden, he felt a fatal presence behind and vanished from the spot.

Lieufuzen, who still had black smoke sprouting out from his body, appeared not far from where Rinloran was while wielding two swords.

“Your opponent is me...... We were also like you guys. We don’t think that arcane level determines the fighting strength. We have killed countless arcane masters with higher arcane level than us. With my body’s current condition, it would be a fair fight against you. But I suggest that you better not get distracted by other battles, or you will be killed by me immediately.” Perhaps they both trained in sword techniques, and the Thousand Storms Sword greatly astonished Lieufuzen, Lieufuzen only stared at Rinloran but did not attack immediately.

However, Rinloran knew that what he said was true.

If he did not fully concentrate on an opponent like Lieufuzen, a slight mistake in evasion would cause his death.

“Stingham! You handle that woman!”

Staring closely at the incoming Leyu, Ayrin shouted again.

“You must be kidding. What does it have to do with me? I can only see! How can I beat her!? I won’t go!” Stingham complained.

The domain of time began to dissipate.

It was hard to tell if Wurinlan’s expression was a smile or not.

Ten invisible threads swam towards Moss.

“Water Dragon!”

With a loud burst of waves, Wurinlan’s body shook a little. Stingham blocked in front Moss and stopped her invisible threads.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t come?” Wurinlan looked at Stingham in doubt.

“I can’t help it.” Stingham was tear-faced.

“It’s here!”

“Holy Body Ignition!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

At the same time, an enlarging fist filled Ayrin’s sight. With a loud boom, Ayrin’s body also seemed to explode as he met the fist with his own.


The clash between fists produced a drum hitting sound.


Ayrin slid back on the ground. His feet dug into the ground and left two trenches.

“I can’t even match his strength with this!” Half of Ayrin’s body was aching.

“What’s that bloodline? Such power!” Leyu, who had repelled Ayrin, was also slightly shocked. His right arm was also numb from the exchange.

“Holy Possession: Twin Serpent Fist!”

Without any pause, arcane particles rushed out from Leyu’s arms as his fighting spirit swelled.

Only at that moment, Leyu seemed to have truly used the arcane particles in his body.

His dazzling arcane particles immediately combined with arcane power to become countless yellow spiraling streams. The streams then immediately became two yellow serpents.

The serpents entwined on his arms, as if two strips of muscle grew on his arms.


The air surrounding his arms was violently compressed, becoming streaks of bright yellow power brands.

“You want to stop me alone? Then let’s see if you block my fist again!”

Leyu dashed forward again and appeared next to Ayrin. Both fists violently punched out!


Everyone could see the air around Ayrin exploded and Ayrin was blasted away by a fist before crashing into the ground.


Leyu snorted.

The obstacle had been cleared.

Before him was Chris who was fully concentrated in refining arcane particles.


However, his pupils contracted at that moment.

Ayrin, whose arms were still spasming, had already got in front of Chris with mud still stuck on his outfit.

“What a powerful punch!”

“Is this the strength from using amplification device and arcane skill together? I have never met an opponent with such great power...... but I will definitely defeat you!”

Ayrin was panting heavily. The red aura surrounding his body looked like a blazing flame. He stared at Leyu with a burning gaze and shouted.

“You can’t even raise your arms...... Let’s see how many hits you can take......”

Leyu snorted.


Thunderous noise exploded before Ayrin again. Two terrifying fists approached Ayrin.

Bam! Bam!

Two exploding sounds were generated.

However, Ayrin was not blasted away.

Ayrin shifted his body, seemingly to Leyu’s flank. Meanwhile, Leyu seemed to have lost balance and spun a little on the spot.

“Spinning Top Leaf?”

“That was Merlin’s combat skill. He has already learned a bit?”

Moss and the others were surprised. They were shocked by Ayrin’s monstrous learning ability once again.

“Shit...... I got the wrong side......”

However, Ayrin cried out at that moment.

He was right in front of the spot Leyu was spinning towards.

“This guy......” Moss and the rest realized what happened.

Originally, that combat skill had to make the opponent spin in the reverse direction of where the user stood. Then the user would appear to be constantly behind the opponent. The opponent had to turn around to fight, giving the user a little time. However, Ayrin was clearly a beginner in Spinning Top Leaf. The amateur practitioner actually got the wrong direction and ended up right in front of Leyu.


Like a block of wood blown away, the moment Ayrin cried out, he was blasted away by Leyu’s fists.

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