Chapter 418: The Start Of The Hardest Fight

Chapter 418: The Start Of The Hardest Fight


“What’s Merlin doing again?”

“Changing arm again?”

At that moment, they heard a metal clicking sound. Everyone saw Merlin opening her metal box again.

“What an ancient metal clockwork war avatar.”

The Blood Shadow Team examined Merlin, not in a hurry to attack.

Arcane skills would be displaced within the Domain of Time. It would be difficult to cause any threat to Ayrin’s group. It was better to wait for the Domain of Time to disperse first.

Although Chris could definitely refine a portion of arcane particles, the longer the time dragged on, the more disadvantageous it was for the Holy Dawn Academy team.

That was because House Roland and Baratheon had absolute advantage in the zone they were at. There was a high possibility that powerful arcane teams from Baratheon would arrive.

Of course, to Lieufuzen and his team, there was no need for other teams’ assistance.

“She actually......”

“She can create artifacts directly? What exactly is that metal clockwork war avatar? Why can she make artifacts?”

However, their expressions immediately stiffened and turned unbelievable.

Ayrin and the rest were also surprised.

Merlin took out the pair of membrane wings from Emperor Evil Eye and sized up on Ayrin and the others. Then she sized up the shape of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon crystal. After that, she put her left hand in the metal box for a few seconds and took out the dragon crystal.

Next, she quickly changed her left arm. The fingers on that new arm ejected various strange tools.


Sparks scattered. Merlin was using various tools on the dragon crystal and wings. She was clearly using the materials to make artifacts!

“Try to keep them alive.”

Lieufuzen’s cold gaze immediately turned hot.

An ancient metal clockwork war avatar that could create artifacts was priceless.

He naturally thought that Ayrin’s group had a method to make the metal clockwork war avatar register a master.

“Ayrin, that eye-patch guy seems to be the boss, and he had a strange presence in his body...... He should be the strongest. While he believes that we can’t attack now...... let’s get him first.”

Belo’s faint voice suddenly sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Attack him?”

Ayrin and Rinloran were surprised.

Dealing a fatal blow with their power when the other side was fully on guard was too difficult.

If the attack didn’t show any effect, they would waste plenty of arcane particles as a team.

“Second secret attack method. But I will be the main attacker this time.” However, Belo’s confident voice rang again.

“Second secret attack method? What second secret attack method? What’s first? Why don’t I know anything?” Stingham was speechless.

“You will witness the second secret attack method soon. As for the first, you may witness it during this fight.” Belo snorted.

“Ayrin?” Moss turned to Ayrin, looking very nervous.


Ayrin’s eye flashed. He decided to trust Belo.

“Thunder Blaze Wall!”

Ayrin chanted without any hesitation. A powerful arcane energy fluctuation emitted from his body.

Countless thunder blaze immediately assaulted Lieufuzen.

“They actually attacked first?”

Lieufuzen did not use any arcane skill himself.

“Crystal Wind Divide!”

The green-haired handsome vice-captain, Fujen, expressionlessly chanted.

His arcane skill activated earlier than Ayrin’s.

Countless crystal-like tiny wind blades cut through the thunder blaze. Those crystal-like wind blades actually had an insulation effect against thunder type arcane power. Ayrin’s Thunder Blaze Wall did not cause any damage.

Lieufuzen stood still. Hot air gushed past his body and fluttered his hair. However, not a tiny ember fell onto his body.

“They have flawless cooperation, how do we fight!?” Stingham had such a thought.


At that moment, Moss disappeared in a loud explosion.

Wurinlan’s eyes immediately glowed.

She shifted her fingers and ten invisible threads crossed before Lieufuzen.

Moss’s charge also exceeded the limits of her eyes and senses. However, she could clearly feel that Moss’s charge targeted Lieufuzen.


Stingham turned pale.

His True Sight remained activated. Although he could not see Moss, he could sense a ball of arcane particles was rushing towards those invisible threads.

He could only imagine countless flesh pieces bursting in the next moment.


However, at that moment, what was heard was an extremely sharp metallic scraping sound.

Before Moss, a burning huge blade collided with the transparent threads, generating a screeching noise.

Moss’s Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun was not strong enough. Many cracks appeared from the invisible threads’ cutting.


However, at that moment, an astonishing sword flash suddenly appeared from behind Moss.


Rinloran was launched from Moss’s back while covered in tiny white sword flashes.

“Moss charged with him? Moss carried him on his back?”

Stingham could not react.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

Rinloran’s sword flash was even faster than an electrical signal of Stingham’s brain. A terrifying sword flash aimed at Lieufuzen!

The originally calm Lieufuzen immediately turned grim.

“Storm Sword Swirl!”

The two blood red crystal swords automatically flew out and landed in his hands. His hands blurred for a moment. The two swords spun before him and became a blood red swirl. The center of the swirl was filled with sword flashes. The edge of the swirl was lined up with sharp sword tips.


A loud boom.

The swirl suddenly disappeared and Lieufuzen groaned.

“Was it blocked?”

“Was he unscathed?”

Stingham’s eyes popped open wide. He saw Rinloran flying back. Meanwhile, Lieufuzen crossed his swords before himself and his arms were just trembling without any sword wound.

“To think that Doraster had a sword skill with such piercing power...... The sword wounds on Emperor Evil Eye are caused by this sword skill, right?” Vice-captain Fujen remained expressionless. His green hair fluttered as his calm gaze fell onto Rinloran.

Arcane energy suddenly condensed between his fingers.

However, at that moment, his breath was caught and he turned to look at Lieufuzen.


Smoke and blood sprouted at the same time below Lieufuzen all of a sudden.


Lieufuzen yelled and flew back.


Leyu and Wurinlan also turned pale.

Lieufuzen’s sole actually had a rotten blood hole. And within a second, all of Lieufuzen’s blood vessels became black, looking extremely scary.

“Arcane Expunge: Internal Combustion!”

Lieufuzen was still flying backwards, but his hands had already made several hand signs. Dazzling arcane particles spun around his body and arcane energy seeped into his body. The surface of his skin released black smoke.

“Wurinlan, when you almost killed him, he has already sent a portion of his blood into the ground! He has the ability to control the mutated blood organisms, watch your feet!”

Lieufuzen warned.

“Belo can already turn his blood into mutated organisms and ambush opponents?”

“Moss bringing Rinloran for an assault, that’s the second secret attack method? But the real attack came from Belo this time......”

Stingham was drenched in sweat.

The assassination within that instant was too thrilling.

“Why didn’t any of you tell me about such an incredible method!? Belo, can you kill him with that?” Stingham exclaimed.

“Idiot, you never participated in our training. If you had participated even once in the River Bend Academy group training, you would have known!”

Rinloran was also drenched in cold sweat. He could feel that Fujen had already locked on to him just now. However, Belo’s sneak attack caused Fujen to be distracted, allowing him to retreat into the Domain of Time.

“This guy is resisting it by burning his own blood, he should not die.” Belo stood up again and pushed his spectacles. He snorted with bloodshot eyes, “He will be greatly weakened, so his fighting strength should fall at least.”

“That actually couldn’t kill him and he still has fighting strength?”

Ayrin lamented. Originally, the assault by Belo and Rinloran would be a sure-kill against a typical elite arcane master. However, Lieufuzen could safely defend against it. A powerful guy like Lieufuzen would still be dangerous even if he could only cast one or two arcane skills.

“Captain, I will attack.”

Seeing Lieufuzen painfully holding out, the robust Leyu suddenly spoke.

“Alright, since there’s the Domain of Time and the Treasured Book of Sealing, we cannot use domain carelessly. You shall go first.” Lieufuzen nodded.

Leyu narrowed his eyes.

The skull-like crystal helmet on his head suddenly glowed. Pale yellow aura like burning flame quickly swarmed into his body.


He gave a loud roar. All of his muscles swelled up and he was quickly enlarging.

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