Chapter 417: Invisible Thread Execution

Chapter 417: Invisible Thread Execution


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

More than ten Roland arcane masters leapt through the Banshee Queen Forest at full speed.

“What kind of monsters are those Holy Dawn Academy people? They have bottomless stamina!”

Those Roland arcane masters were drenched in sweat and panting heavily. They had terrible expressions.

Even though they had verified the escape path of their enemies, they were unable to catch up after getting physically exhausted during their pursuit.

All of a sudden, several dark red silhouettes overtook the Roland arcane masters and disappeared into the distance.

The Roland arcane masters drew a cold breath.

Some even started coughing due to the disturbance in their breathings.

“Were they Sir Lieufuzen and Sir Fujen?”

“Sir Lieufuzen’s team is indeed out of our league......”

The moment the Roland arcane masters realized what had happened, they collapsed from their fatigue.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

The Holy Dawn Academy team was also running at full speed. Moss, who had the lowest stamina, and Dark Queen Mermaid, who had to fly with arcane energy, were already unable to follow. They were carried by Ayrin and Merlin.

Even so, Ayrin and Merlin maintained the lead.

After receiving special training in River Bend Academy, Ayrin’s physical strength grew immensely. His stamina was unparalleled.

Merlin’s performance was even more shocking. Her body seemed to be able to naturally resupply arcane particles. Furthermore, she depended on her metal elasticity for movement. Hence, if she wished, she could continue at full speed indefinitely.

Following close behind Ayrin were Belo and Chris.

Belo had received an even harsher Poisonflame Emperor Egg special training than Stingham and Rinloran. He had maintained his beastman transformation while running at full speed. The blood in his body had undergone unknown evolution and reduced his stamina exhaustion. He was only falling behind Ayrin due to inferior speed.

Chris’s training quantity was four times that of a normal arcane master. The long period of overloaded training allowed her stamina to be four times greater than normal arcane masters. After she integrated the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline, her physical strength grew several times more.

As a result, Stingham and Rinloran were at the last.

“Ayrin, why don’t you carry me!? I really can’t run anymore!”

Stingham felt that the further behind he was, the more dangerous it was. He cried to Ayrin for help.

“Brave warrior Stingham, you can keep up, don’t get lazy.”

“Also, I’m helping Moss because I need to ensure his stamina. Moss is very important in an assault. You just need to stand there and get hit in a fight, so you can stand there and rest.” Ayrin replied.

“Getting hit while standing is counted as rest?” Stingham cried, “My foot cramped.”

The rest continued to run without stopping.

“Even this can’t deceive you all?” Stingham lamented.

“Do you take us for an idiot like yourself?” Rinloran scolded.

They still ran at full speed. The Banshee Queen Forest was way behind them, Eclipse Moon’s Hunting Forest was right before them. In that area, the number of Roland arcane teams had greatly reduced. It would be difficult to form an encirclement.

There was no abnormality.

However, all of a sudden, Ayrin felt his body touched a few cold threads while running at full speed.

The instant that cold sensation registered in his brain, his body already felt threatening danger.


He stomped his feet into the ground like a pile bunker. The ground beneath him greatly caved in, and dragon-scale glints appeared on his body.


A few streaks of blood spurt out from his body.


At the same time, Merlin’s body also reflected crisscrossed transparent threads and metal clashing sparks.


Chris’s instinct surpassed her mind when she sensed the fatal danger. Her hands pressed forward and two gusts of air forcefully stopped her body and blew herself backwards.

However, at that moment, Belo did not react in time and passed by Ayrin.


His chest and neck showed shocking cuts at the same time.

His entire body was almost cut into pieces!



Stingham and Rinloran stopped behind the rest, their face turned pale.

Belo fell down weakly.

Two dark red silhouettes appeared behind Stingham and Rinloran.

Meanwhile, another two dark red silhouettes appeared in front of Ayrin and Merlin.

“What a powerful dragon aura!”

Before Ayrin’s team could see the faces of the four arcane masters who blocked them off, everyone could feel the powerful dragon aura emitting from those arcane robes.

The arcane robes were actually made with materials from some dragon!

The male and female arcane masters appearing before Ayrin and Merlin were the captain of the Blood Shadow team, Lieufuzen, and the Reaper, Wurinlan.

The two on the other side were Leyu and vice-captain Fujen.

“I was hoping to finish off two or three, but I only got one in the end.” Wurinlan looked at the fallen Belo and Ayrin who had several wounds on the chest, then suddenly panted heavily. She supported herself on her knees to rest, “But you really have astonishing stamina...... Even I can feel tired from chasing?”


“What are those threads...... Is it her materialized skill!? But even if it’s a materialized skill, there should be arcane energy fluctuation. Why wasn’t there any sign!?”

Nobody knew that the surrounding was filled with those creepy threads. They held their breaths and looked at Belo.

“If this guy is killed like this, I won’t forgive myself......”

Ayrin clenched his fists so tightly that his arms were trembling.

If he had reacted a bit faster, he should be able to stop Belo.


Rinloran had reached next to Belo. However, he stopped at that moment.


Even Wurinlan was shocked.

Belo, who was almost chopped up, did not die. Countless blood cells became particles and squirmed around his wounds. Countless flesh sprouts grew out and sewed up the cuts.

“What an astonishing beastman bloodline evolution.”

The slightly panting Lieufuzen next to Wurinlan showed a grim expression. He did not care if Ayrin and the others heard him, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, only two or three highest rank ancient beastmen tribes’ bloodline could obtain such ability. Even if he was decapitated, as long as his body was near, he could reattach it and survive. Be careful not to let his blood touch you. Even a tiny drop of blood is like a mutated organism.”

“He won’t die even from almost getting cut into pieces?” Stingham exclaimed, “Belo’s ability seems to have improved again.”

“You want me to die?” Belo, who was lying like a corpse, suddenly spoke, “Did you think that the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye bloodlines were for nothing?”

“Looks like we have to fight.”

Ayrin drew a deep breath, fighting spirit burned in his eyes, “With those strange threads, we can’t escape.”

Chris nodded, “We can only fight here.”

“You need to prepare?” Ayrin looked at Chris again and asked.

“Sure.” Chris nodded.

“An interesting team.”

Wurinlan looked surprised.

She seemed to be surprised that Ayrin’s team was not despairing, but burning with fighting spirit at such a moment.

“Watch out!”

However, Stingham suddenly screamed in fear at that instant.

He suddenly dashed to cover Rinloran.


Several transparent light rays flashed on his body, then immediately blocked by the Lover’s Corpse.

“You ambushed Rinloran!”

“These strange invisible threads are not only used for traps, they can be controlled!”

Moss instantly changed his expression.

“You can actually see them. Did you use the True Sight of the Green Dragon bloodline?” Wurinlan and the other three arcane masters frowned.


At that moment, a domain power emitted from Ayrin’s hand.

“Domain of Time?”

Lieufuzen coldly spoke. The four Blood Shadow Team arcane masters did not attack immediately. They retreated ten meters back instead, forming a square encirclement surrounding the Holy Dawn Academy team.

Stingham did use the True Sight of the Green Dragon bloodline.

He saw those transparent threads. They seemed to be a combination of special material and arcane skill. He could see arcane energy flowing inside the thread, but the material of the transparent threads did not leak out any arcane energy fluctuation. Wurinlan had one thread attached to each of her fingers. A total of ten transparent threads danced around them.

“Five gates...... All...... All...... All of them are five gates...... five gates......”

Stingham also took a glance at the Blood Shadow Team members with True Sight.

The fear twisted his expression.

All four members of the Blood Shadow Team were existences with five gates opened!

“They are all arcane masters with five gates huh?”

“No wonder they are so strong!”

Ayrin was also getting nervous.

The opponents obviously saw through the Domain of Time he released from the Treasured Book of Sealing.

If the opponent used arcane skill at that moment, it would be difficult to hit his side under the effect of the domain.


At that moment, the arcane energy fluctuation emitted by Chris drastically rose.

“Chris officially broke through. She has opened her fourth gate and is preparing for battle.” Rinloran and Moss realized what happened.

“She actually suppressed her arcane level on purpose. She had already opened her fourth gate and was resupplying arcane particles.”

The four Blood Shadow Team members also realized.

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