Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers

Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers


“What a powerful arcane energy fluctuation!”

“Why is there such powerful arcane energy fluctuation!?”

Several House Roland arcane masters dashing through the forest suddenly stopped. The clay doll-like artifact in the hand of one of them suddenly rang.

The Roland arcane masters with worsened expression searched around in four directions. In one of the directions, the clay doll-like artifact rang louder.

“It’s Emperor Evil Eye’s stronghold!”

“Could it be that the Holy Dawn Academy team went to Emperor Evil Eye’s stronghold right after killing Lord Dirat?”

The Roland arcane masters looked at one another in shock.


Pillars of flame immediately shot out from their hands into the sky.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

Many comet-like streaks of silhouettes flew to the entrance of the Evil Eye Cave.


“They actually......”

The moment they saw the Corpse Forest outside the Evil Eye Cave, they stood still and exclaimed.

There was no need to enter the stronghold inside.

Emperor Evil Eye was right inside the Corpse Forest before their eyes.

The usually unparalleled Emperor Evil Eye had also become a corpse and was displayed at the entrance of the Corpse Forest.

Furthermore, the most valuable pair of super arcane resistant wings were cut away. Its pale purple eyeball, which was its arcane energy source equivalent to dragon crystal, was also missing.

Emperor Evil Eye without its wings looked as bizarre as a featherless chicken. Yet it was still put in a posing posture!

Emperor Evil Eye had always been acting as the deterrent force for House Roland. In the countless clashes against House Eclipse Moon, House Eclipse Moon had never owned any individual fighting force able to rival Emperor Evil Eye.

However, Emperor Evil Eye was killed and was put into such a funny pose.

The few Roland arcane masters at the scene could neither cry nor laugh about this matter.

Another four dark red silhouettes soundlessly appeared next. The Roland arcane masters only realized it after the four dark red silhouettes arrived right behind them.

“Sir Lieufuzen, Sir Fujen......”

The moment they noticed the identities of the four dark red silhouettes, those Roland arcane masters shuddered and bowed in respect.

The four arcane asters all wore dark red tight arcane robes with natural arcane protection coursing through. They were the famous Blood Shadow Team from House Roland.

The four members of the Blood Shadow Team were all existences with the strongest individual fighting strength in House Roland. They were also the instructors of all elite arcane masters in House Roland.

The one who had a slim build, an eyepatch on the left eye and carrying two longswords crossed on his back was the captain of the Blood Shadow Team, Lieufuzen.

The one who had long untied green hair, handsome appearance and no artifact on him was the vice-captain of the Blood Shadow Team, Fujen.

The one with a petite body, short silver hair and wore a dark red crystal mask on her face was the ‘Reaper’ Wurinlan.

The last one with a robust build, centipede-like scars on his left and right cheek and wore a smooth crystal helmet that looked like a skull was the instructor who specialized in teaching Roland arcane masters in defensive skills and close-range combat skills, Leyu!

Usually, two or three of the four Blood Shadow Team members would stay in exotic and dangerous places to train. Them appearing together was a huge astonishment to Roland arcane masters who knew of Blood Shadow Team’s strength.

“Not much value left, very professional.”

The four members of the Blood Shadow Team ignored those shocked Roland arcane masters and only took a glance at Emperor Evil Eye. Captain Lieufuzen gave a comment and turned around.

“They have not left for long, let’s go.”

The four Blood Shadow Team members vanished before those Roland arcane masters’ sight before captain Lieufuzen’s emotionless voice faded.


“Emperor Evil Eye’s eyeball is equivalent to its core, the source of its arcane energy storage and arcane skill casting? So strange...... It actually became like this.”

The Holy Dawn Academy team was dashing through the Banshee Queen Forest. Stingham was very curious about the pale purple crystal in Great King’s hands.

Emperor Evil Eye was probably one of those experts who died in the most depressing way. It had just learned Super Delay: Domain of Stillness which would make him stand toe-to-toe with the peak experts. However, it backfired. In addition, Rinloran’s Thousand Storms Sword and Ayrin’s materialized sword could actually break through its defense.

After it was killed, its unique eyeball immediately shrunk into a pale purple crystal the size of half an egg. There were grey glitters inside the crystal which looked like tiny pupils.

“Teacher Liszt mentioned before that the arcane structure inside this Evil Eye Gem is fixed and cannot be activated. However, it can be made into Evil Eye Spectacles. Everything will slow down when looking through the Evil Eye Spectacles. Doesn’t Belo like to wear spectacles? The Evil Eye Spectacles will suit Belo the most.” Chris excitedly spoke.

They had killed the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye one after the other and spectacularly completed their mission. They also had a great haul.

Apart from the Evil Eye Gem, the pair of membrane wings kept inside Merlin’s big metal box could also be made into arcane robe with strong arcane resistance.

“I’m wearing spectacles because I have myopia, not because I like to.” Belo pushed his spectacles and snorted.

“A high beastman bloodline like you has myopia?” Stingham and the others could not believe it.


Belo suddenly frowned and showed an impulsive glare.

“What’s wrong?”


Ayrin and the rest became tensed and held their breaths.

Belo’s figure suddenly moved.

He dashed towards the left side at the back.

At the same time, a pale green silhouette also quickly retreated.

Belo’s speed seemed unable to match that pale green silhouette. However, at that instant, Belo took off his spectacles and countless blood spurts squirted out of his eyes.

That pale green silhouette stiffened up and fell onto the flower bushes.

“This is?”

Ayrin and the rest also quietly followed behind.

What dropped onto the bush was a pale green snake. It was as thick as an infant’s arm, with a ring of strange flesh thorns growing on its head. It also had two membrane wings on its back.

“You serious? Belo, we are on the run right now, yet you still want to catch a snake to eat?” Stingham mumbled his complaint.

“They already have their eyes on us. This is Astral Language Snake. Its sense of smell is tens of times keener than a Wind Wolf. It won’t dare to tail us unless it is tamed by an arcane master.”

Belo gave Stingham a side glance and sneered.

At the same time, he slit his sharp nail on a fingertip and a drop of blood fell onto the head of the pale green snake.

The pale green snake spasmed for a moment and immediately flew again.

“They already have their eyes on us?” Stingham immediately turned green, “Then why did you release that snake?”

“Idio, Belo is obviously controlling the snake to mislead the pursuers and buy us a little time.” Rinloran felt an urge to leave the idiot alone in that place.

“It won’t buy much time. Since our general location has been confirmed, we are definitely within their hunting range.” Belo pushed his spectacles and spoke.

“Ayrin, what do we do?” Chris immediately looked at Ayrin and asked.

“Run! We should run at full speed.” Ayrin’s gaze flashed, “Teacher Liszt and Teacher Carter said that the key to success is speed. Even if they discovered our general location, if we run away at full speed, they will still take time to catch up. Also......”

“Also, we can run well at least.” Stingham bitterly shouted in place of Ayrin, “After all, we went through special training in the past, so we can run well. If we can tire our pursuer out, we can at least gain some chance of surviving.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Belo snorted. He suddenly transformed and dashed out.

“What are you idling there for!? Run, don’t stop!”

Stingham could not react to the sudden change. Rinloran gave him a kick and became a pale shadow before Stingham.

“Wait for me!”

Stingham shouted in fear. The Holy Dawn Academy team began their desperate sprint.


“He has actually evolved enough to be able to produce neurotoxin and control the Astral Language Snake. That high beastman bloodline kid is stronger than our expectations.”

Several minutes later, captain Lieufuzen and Wurinlan, the sole female arcane master in the Blood Shadow Team, appeared behind the flying Astral Language Snake. Wurinlan took a glance at the Astral Language Snake and gave an emotionless comment before a cold glint flew out from her hand which severed the snake into two.


In another location, the other two members of the Blood Shadow Team appeared at the place where Belo and the Holy Dawn Academy team discovered the Astral Language Snake. Vice-captain Fujen examined the surroundings and grinned, “Full speed withdrawal, looks like they want to exhaust our stamina.”

“They are looking for death.”

The robust Leyu coldly commented. He pointed on the tree next to him and a mark that looked like a tree scar immediately appeared on the trunk.

In the next moment, he and Fujen also began their full speed pursuit. Their figures constantly blinked through the Banshee Queen Forest.

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