Chapter 415: Big Reversal

Chapter 415: Big Reversal


Nails as sharp as blades cut Chris’s skin.


Everyone’s heart jumped a beat. The vile-looking Emperor Evil Eye suddenly screamed and retracted his hand as if he was electrocuted.

“Damn, you actually integrated the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline. All of the arcane particles in your body contain corrosive flame and lethal poison now. How can I feast on them!?”

Emperor Evil Eye looked at his nail and lamented.

Apart from blood, there was clearly a crimson bronze-colored flame glowing on his nail. The sharp nail showed signs of decay and became ridded with tiny holes.

Everyone felt relieved for the time being.

At least Chris would not be devoured immediately.

“Who’s next?”

Emperor Evil Eye’s creepy single pale purple eye swept across.

Apart from him, the rest were motionless.

The surrounding was the street during the Magus Era, the shops and streets had various similarly unmoving corpses.

The Emperor Evil Eye before them looked at them like choosing barbeque meat.

“Don’t eat me! I haven’t bathed for days.” Stingham turned totally green from fear and shouted nonstop.

As his mouth was slowed to the point he could not even feel, only his vocal cord vibrated. Hence, Stingham’s voice was extremely strange.

However, Emperor Evil Eye actually seemed to understand.

“You idiot, I don’t even want you when you were offered to me just now. Who’s going to eat you?” Emperor Evil Eye glanced at him with disdain.

“Thank you boss!” Stingham was elated.

“I like beautiful female arcane masters. Since the sweet girl is out, then I shall start from you.” However, Emperor Evil Eye’s gaze stopped on the Dark Queen Mermaid next to Stingham.

“Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Stingham was dumbfounded, he desperately shouted.

“What the hell!”

“What exactly are you?”

Emperor Evil Eye completely ignored Stingham. However, even before his nail touched the Dark Queen Mermaid, he suddenly shuddered and shouted in disbelief.

“Dark Queen Mermaid?”

“You’re actually a Dark Queen Mermaid?”

His gaze lowered to the ground and finally noticed that the ‘beautiful female arcane master’ had a fish tail instead of legs, with foggy dark arcane energy wrapped around it.

“If I eat the Dark Queen Mermaid, I will be half-burned by the dark rays. What the hell is wrong with you all!”

Emperor Evil Eye’s expression became very grievous.

There were so many delicious prey, yet the two greatly appetizing prey were lethal. His mood dropped to the bottom.

“What a spoil of appetite!”

Emperor Evil Eye turned around with a displeased face, his pale purple gaze fell onto Belo.

“A quiet and nerdy young man is also rare, then next shall be you.” Emperor Evil Eye walked towards Belo.

“Ayrin still can’t move huh!”

“Wasn’t he able to break all those domains in the past?”

Rinloran’s teeth gritted. His gaze completely focused on Ayrin. However, when he heard that Emperor Evil Eye chose Belo, his eyes immediately turned strange.

“Damn it, break!......” Ayrin was also desperately struggling. He could feel his body loosened a little, the arcane particles in his body were greatly multiplying. However, he still could not break the domain anytime soon.

Emperor Evil Eye was an existence a level higher than those lord level demonic beasts. The power within his domain far exceeded domains like Water Rendering Boundary.

“He chose Belo?”

However, seeing Emperor Evil Eye walk towards Belo, Ayrin was also surprised for a moment, and his eyes also turned strange.

Belo watched Emperor Evil Eye without any movement.

Emperor Evil Eye’s nail stabbed into Belo’s chest.


Emperor Evil Eye suddenly screamed even louder.

He jumped back as if he saw a ghost, and looked at his own nail with disbelief.

The tip of his nail melted like snow melting, yet looked as if countless tiny red ants munched on his blade-like nail.

In less than a second, his nail was completely gone. Next, the countless particles creeped up from the base of the nail like tiny ants.


Emperor Evil Eye’s face paled. He cut his right fingertip with his left nail. A few drops of blood spewed and he directly cut away his right hand’s nail base.

“Someone who already possessed the high evolution trait of the beastman bloodline! You are actually someone who already possessed the high evolution trait of the beastman bloodline!”

Emperor Evil Eye zoned out for a second before finally realizing.

He finally became enraged.

“What the hell is wrong with this team!”

“One had the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline! One had the Darkness bloodline! Another had the evolving beastman bloodline even more poisonous than the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline! What the hell is wrong with you all!”

“You want to toy with me huh!”

“You all did that on purpose right!? You all have purposely offered yourselves to me, so that I can die from eating right!?”

“Haha!” The current atmosphere and scene remained creepy. Everyone still could not move, but seeing Emperor Evil Eye suffering like that, they could not help but laugh out.


“I don’t believe that all of you are monsters that can poison me to death!”

“Huh? Another female arcane master?”

Emperor Evil Eye stopped his yelling, he looked behind Ayrin in surprise.


Everyone was surprised for a moment, then roared out an even louder laughter.

“What an idiot!” Stingham laughed.

“What!? That’s a metal clockwork war avatar?”

“What’s wrong with you all? Dark Queen Mermaid and metal clockwork war avatar, why are you wearing arcane robes like arcane masters!?”

After clearly seeing the metallic face hidden inside the hood of the arcane robe, Emperor Evil Eye was enraged once again.


At that instant, Merlin’s silver pupils shot out two rays of burning silver light pillars!


Emperor Evil Eye cried in pain.

Nobody saw what happened clearly. Emperor Evil Eye had already retreated several dozens of meters away. He pressed his hands on his single eye, a trail of pale purple blood flowed out from the gaps between his fingers.


Ayrin was surprised at the sudden turn of event.

However, at the same time, he knew that Emperor Evil Eye would not remain so casual. It would be a quick fight to death next.


He roared in his heart, the blood and cells in his entire body seemed to be boiling.

“What’s happening? My Super Delay: Domain of Stillness!”

Emperor Evil Eye suddenly felt that his domain lost its stability. His eye was burned and could not see, but he could feel that Ayrin’s body seemed to be burning with countless hot particles, destroying and devouring his domain. It even broke down the domain into primitive arcane energy and arcane particles, allowing Ayrin to devour them.

“What the hell is with this team!”

At that moment, Emperor Evil Eye changed from the boring attitude of not putting the team in his eyes and playing around with them into fear.

“Chris, prepare!”

However, at that moment, Ayrin shouted.

The Domain of Stillness that was clearly not destroyed suddenly disappeared in an instant.


Emperor Evil Eye shuddered. Almost unconsciously, a trail of grey icy crystal ray shot out from his body aiming at Ayrin.


However, at that instant, a terrifying flame surged out from Chris’s left hand.

The instantaneous black flame immediately became a black dragon and rushed forward. It clashed heavily against Emperor Evil Eye within ten meters in front of everyone.

A ring of terrifying shockwaves spread out. Everyone was pushed backwards after just regaining their mobility.

“Watch out!”

Moss, who flew back the most, flew all the way onto the pier, almost falling into the abyss.

“Just that arcane level can actually release such a terrifying arcane skill!”

Emperor Evil Eye was also knocked backwards by the shockwave. However, he had already removed his hands from his eye. His eye seemed to have stopped bleeding. Merlin’s attack only caused a temporary burn to him.

“Too bad your power is too weak!”

“Even if I can’t eat you, all of you must die!”

Emperor Evil Eye’s figure suddenly disappeared.

They could only see a few trails of pale grey smoke but not Emperor Evil Eye’s figure. There was only the dangerous churning of arcane energy fluctuation in the air.

“Too quick!”

“We can’t keep up with his casting speed. He’s a league different from the old Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon!”

Rinloran’s face turned ghastly pale, he could feel death approaching.

“Is it!?”

“See how you stay fast now!”

However, at that moment, a powerful wave of domain energy erupted from Ayrin’s back along with his voice.

The unique domain energy instantly descended in the area before them.


A person suddenly appeared from thin air.

Emperor Evil Eye’s body stood stiffened before them.

“Super Delay: Domain of Stillness! Ayrin actually used the Treasured Book of Sealing to return this domain back!”

Rinloran immediately comprehended.

“He can actually resist against this domain with brute force?”

A powerful arcane energy fluctuation exploded from Emperor Evil Eye’s body again.

A layer of brilliant grey light appeared on Emperor Evil Eye’s body. Especially his membrane wings, they became dazzling with glow.

He seemed unable to completely ignore the effect of the domain, but his body was still able to move. His movement speed became much slower than normal arcane masters, like slow motion.

“It’s the bloodline’s natural arcane resistance.”

Belo pushed his spectacles and impulse dwelled in his eyes again, “Even Dragon’s arcane resistance is no match to his, he can actually neutralize a portion of the domain effect with brute force.”

“It’s useless!”

“Do you think you can oppose me by using an artifact to seal my domain and use it against me?”

“My bloodline allows me to possess the strongest arcane resistance skin throughout the Doraster Continent. I can even neutralize a portion of the domain. You will never break through my defense with your arcane level. Not even if I stand here and let you hit me. Once this domain clears up, you all are dead!”

Emperor Evil Eye maniacally laughed.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”


Emperor Evil Eye’s laughter abruptly disappeared.

He looked at his own chest with disbelief. A tiny hole appeared on his chest, pale purple blood was flowing out.

“You......” He raised his head in disbelief and looked at Rinloran whose body was glowing with sword flashes.

“It’s useless, this domain won’t last long. This kind of sword skill will not cause much fatal wounds. Next, I will......” Emperor Evil Eye laughed again, but his voice suddenly paused again.

Crimson bronze-colored light appeared in Ayrin’s hand.

A crimson bronze-colored longsword emitting dangerous flame appeared in his hand.

“This sword should be able to cut through......”

Ayrin spoke to himself with full fighting spirit.

“Why do you have the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s...... Ah......”

Emperor Evil Eye cried out a despaired scream.

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