Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis

Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis


Rinloran’s expression was very grim.

Not because of fear, but he could clearly see that those corpses had a few obvious cut marks on their bodies.

Emperor Evil Eye not only sucked the blood of arcane masters, it also liked to eat fresh meat. Hence, those corpses were not withered because Emperor Evil Eye had sucked their blood dry, but they were cut open by Emperor Evil Eye to eat the flesh and then hung up the skin like drying clothes.

That unique hobby was extremely brutal and cruel.

“There should be many Eclipse Moon arcane masters here. If we kill it, we can avenge those arcane masters eaten by it!”

Burning fighting spirit and anger dwelled in Ayrin’s eyes.

“Emperor Evil Eye is more troublesome than the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. We need to make a plan.” Chris spoke in a serious tone.

“When House Roland’s arcane team obtained captives, they will offer the captives to it. I heard that if they want to invite it to fight for them, they must offer a living arcane master first.” Ayrin pondered, “Looks like we can disguise ourselves as the arcane team sending the captive and do a surprise attack.”

“That’s a great plan!” Chris and Rinloran nodded, then turned their gaze to Stingham.

“What are you guys doing!? Why are you looking at me like that!?” Stingham shuddered.

Chris spoke, “Stingham, you will disguise yourself as that captive.”

“Why me again!? I won’t!” Stingham wanted to cry, “Why not Ayrin!?”

“That’s because you are the most suitable candidate. You have the least fighting strength now.” Ayrin naturally explained, “You can’t even use the Lover’s Corpse now. You have little defense and seem heavily injured, just like a captive. Otherwise, if a captive still has great fighting strength, it will definitely suspect us.”

“Even if I have no defensive power left, I can still attack. I can still use Water Dragon!” Stingham cried out.

Ayrin looked at him, “I can also use Water Dragon.”

Stingham lost his words.

A flash of light came from Rinloran, and a string of vine tied Stingham up.

The group pushed the tied-up Stingham and advanced towards the eerie Evil Eye Cave.

After crossing the deathly Corpse Forest and entering the cave, what appeared before them was a wooden pier.

The shaky pier spanned over two hundred meters. Beneath the pier was the bottomless pitch-black abyss.

On the other side of the pier, there was a stronghold erected alone in the abyss.

The lone stronghold looked common, its style appeared to be from the Magus Era. However, there was no sign of erosion on the surface, thus it was definitely built not long ago.

A growling sound suddenly came from Ayrin’s stomach.

“No way, Ayrin you pervert, you even want to eat Emperor Evil Eye?” The tear-faced Stingham turned around and almost fainted after seeing Ayrin getting hungry.

“No, it’s just that I remembered Professor Kennedy’s laboratory in River Bend Academy after seeing this stronghold.” Ayrin gulped, “Did House Roland make this stronghold specially for Emperor Evil Eye? It’s even bigger than all the strongholds in River Bend Academy.”

“Don’t talk anymore. Emperor Evil Eye has a huge range of senses. It’s possible to hear what we say.” Rinloran cautiously warned.

The stronghold was built in a royal castle style during the Magus Era. The gate the pier connected to was just a huge arch corridor. The interior did not immediately connect to the hall, it was connected to an outer castle, just like the main street of a castletown.

During the Magus Era, the lord, with all of his servants and soldiers, lived in the outer castle of the stronghold. The outer castle was also no different from normal towns, with all kinds of shops and markets.

“This guy......”

The instant they walked into the outer castle, their expressions froze.

There were all kinds of shops and markets, and there were even people standing around. It was like a physical museum of the Magus Era, allowing people to feel the culture of that era. However, those people were all withered corpses, and they were even wearing shop owner, servant clothes. They were treated as models and placed there.

“Is there finally a fresh offering?”

Just as Ayrin’s group held their breaths, an arrogant voice came from the inner castle.

A silhouette exceeding two meters calmly strolled out like an important figure.

“This is Emperor Evil Eye?!”

Stingham was too scared to utter anything.

A dangerous aura immediately swept past them.

What appeared before them was a grey-robed arcane master at a glance. However, the ‘grey robe’ on his body was actually membrane wings that looked like arcane robe.

Emperor Evil Eye’s membrane wings were not spread out, they curled on his sides, forming into the shape of a tall-collared arcane robe.

A layer of strange grey ripple constantly coursed through his body surface.

His appearance looked just like a human except for being bald. Two fangs were exposed outside his mouth, and the center of the fangs seemed to be hollow, just like straws.

He had only one eye.

That eye grew at the center of his forehead. There seemed to be countless tiny pupils releasing a pale purple glow inside.

“Haven’t I told you not to bring them inside and just leave them at the pier outside?” Emperor Evil Eye watched Aryin’s group and spoke in a haughty tone.

“We......” Chris immediately panicked. It was obviously a loophole. If they could not overcome it, Emperor Evil Eye would definitely attack.

“All of you look so young? Looks like they purposely let you come in to observe my art collections.” However, unexpectedly, Emperor Evil Eye took a glance at them and became excited. He said, “How about it? This looks completely like a lord’s stronghold during the Magus Era. After seeing this scenery, all of you must be astonished. Surely you can feel its artistic sense?”

“Artistic sense?”

“Don’t tell me this guy actually thinks that he is an artist and purposefully shaped this place into a scenery during the Magus Era...... He likes to live in such a place?”

Ayrin’s group looked at one another.

“You...... You can actually talk?” Stingham suddenly asked.

“......” Ayrin and Rinloran were speechless. They had been talking for a while, and yet Stingham still asked such a question.

Emperor Evil Eye’s expression turned stern, a dangerous aura instantly filled the stronghold.

“This offering looked too stupid and ugly. I don’t like it, take it away!” He coldly spoke.

“What!? I’m so handsome, how can I be ugly!?”

“You don’t like an offering such as me? Are you out of your mind!?”

Stingham was taken aback for a moment, then shouted his complaint.

“......” Ayrin and the rest became even more speechless.

“This offering is stupid to a fault. Go away, if you can’t find a better offering, I won’t help you.” Emperor Evil Eye snorted, waved his hand and turned around.

“What!? What’s with your attitude!?” Stingham grumbled.


Apart from Stingham, the rest of the Holy Dawn Academy team emitted gleams in their eyes.


A huge shockwave was generated underneath Moss as his figure instantly disappeared.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

Rinloran also made a move at the same time, sword flashes faster than lightning aimed for Emperor Evil Eye’s back.


Emperor Evil Eye seemed to blink on the spot.

Nobody saw how, but Moss’s charge and Rinloran’s Thousand Storms Sword both missed!

“He actually......”

Especially Moss and Rinloran who attacked, they seemed to be doused with a pail of ice water.

Emperor Evil Eye seemed to have merely turned and dodged their attacks with just physical evasion!

“So you aren’t House Roland’s arcane team? You dare to assassinate me? Then you are House Eclipse Moon’s arcane team?”

Emperor Evil Eye looked a little surprised, “But all of you only have such a low arcane level, and yet you dare to infiltrate here to assassinate me?”

As he spoke, everyone could feel a fearsome domain power spreading out.

Everyone desperately ran backwards.


However, just as they started to move, a creepy intangible power had shrouded everyone.

“What’s this domain!?”

Moss immediately shouted.

Everyone’s body stiffened on the spot.

Their arcane particle flow and their mind seemed to be normal. They did not receive any mental attack, yet their bodies were stationary, unable to use any arcane skill.

“Bastard, why is it like this!?”

“What domain is this? So powerful, I can’t even move...... I can’t even use the Treasured Book of Sealing......”

Ayrin’s face suddenly turned menacing.

He was desperately yelling in his mind, desperately struggling. He knew that if he could not destroy this domain and if nobody could move, everyone would be killed by Emperor Evil Eye.

“So many fresh boys and girls...... What an extravagant sacrifice.” Emperor Evil Eye showed a joyful expression, and strolled towards them in a carefree manner.

“Stop resisting, any form of resistance is useless. It’s better to just show a joyful expression. At least all of you were able to witness the domain I just mastered.” Emperor Evil Eye slowly and arrogantly spoke, “This is my Super Delay: Domain of Stillness. Actually, you are able to move, just that inside this domain, your action has been delayed by many times. Your actions have become slowed to the point you can’t even feel it.”

“Now, who should I start with?”

Emperor Evil Eye stretched out a hand. On his hand, the nails also emitted a pale purple glow, looking just like sharp blades.

“I shall start with you. I love the fragrant and sweet girls the most.” Emperor Evil Eye’s finger fell onto Chris’s shoulder.

“Chris!” Everyone held their breaths.

“Chris...... I can’t make it in time......”

Ayrin became stiffened. He could feel that he would be able to destroy the domain. However, he would not make it on time.

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