Chapter 413: Corpse Forest

Chapter 413: Corpse Forest


“What’s the matter?”

“Ayrin can actually absorb the materialized particles on this sword? Then wouldn’t this sword become his materialized sword?”

They saw the crimson gold longsword becoming smaller and smaller as Ayrin blasted it with his own arcane particles. Furthermore, the materialized sword particles clearly did not scatter. Everyone was taken aback.

It was a true dragon’s materialized weapon. The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon at its peak strength should be equivalent to an arcane master with six gates opened. Such a materialized weapon...... it was definitely a weapon that only those legendary arcane masters during the Era of the War with Dragons could own.

“Ayrin, are you really a troll that eats anything!? You can even eat a sword like this?”

Stingham was enraged again, “All of you have gotten some loot. Even Ayrin can absorb this sword. It’s only me who got nothing!”

“Idiot, if you want, you can drag the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon away. You can definitely make an armor with it.” Rinloran spoke with disdain.

“It’s so big, how can I drag it along!? And we need to run away, or the arcane teams from House Roland will definitely surround us!” Stingham complained.

“The idiot is actually using his brain.” Rinloran snorted without even looking at him.


“What’s that sound?”

“The sound came from the dragon nest?”

“Poisonous Dragon Lord Dirat is moody and getting angry for no reason again?”

“We better not go there. Ever since Lord Dirat knew that we allied with Emperor Evil Eye, it had been moody all the time. Last time, Woody’s team was beaten up for no reason. Three of them died and two wounded......”

An arcane team from House Roland landed on top of a huge flowering tree and looked at the direction where the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon resided in with shocked expressions.

Suddenly, they could vaguely feel arcane energy fluctuation transmitting towards them like a breeze.

“Arcane energy fluctuation is coming from there!”

“What exactly is happening?”

“Did someone fight against Lord Dirat!?”

The few House Roland arcane masters changed their expressions. They shot out a dazzling fire pillar towards the sky. At the same time, they rushed towards the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s nest at full speed.

“Lord Dirat!”

At the entrance of the cave, they could clearly feel the remnants of powerful domains. It only worsened their expressions. However, they did not dare to enter at the moment, and shouted from the entrance.

“Let’s go in and check!”

As they heard no response, the arcane team captain clenched his teeth and issued the order. Light flashed across their bodies, they used defensive arcane skills before rushing in.


“Lord Dirat......”

Is this Lord Dirat!?”

The instant they saw the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, the House Roland arcane masters could not believe their eyes.

The violent and powerful Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon Lord Dirat who would often kill arcane masters for no reasons, had its body completely caved in. As if it became a piece of dragon skin laid out on the ground!

It was definitely not a natural death as the surroundings had clear signs of a fierce battle. Furthermore, there were many obvious human-shaped holes on the walls behind!

“Lord Dirat has been killed!”

“There’s enemy!”

After spacing out for a few seconds, those House Roland arcane masters shouted out as if they had just woken up from a nightmare.

“What? Lord Dirat was assassinated!”

“It’s only left with its skin? Even the dragon crystal and Lethal Poison Dragon Pearl were taken away!”

“Lord Dirat had signed a contract with our House. We will cooperate and let it become a Dracolich. And it will give us its materialized sword! That sword is a true masterpiece. It is the concentration of essence from its dragon bones and dragon crystal, and it just disappeared! It dispersed!”

“Which arcane team managed to infiltrate into our territory? We must find them!”

The entire territory of House Roland, every patch of land in Banshee Queen Forest went mad. Countless House Roland members were wailing and searching for intruders with madness.

The Banshee Queen Forest was a core territory of House Roland, a place where every generation of the House lived in. However, the buildings House Roland lived in were built by various kinds of bones.

Especially the stairs in front of most buildings, they were laid by skulls.

Those skulls were all from their enemies.

House Roland was known as the Headhunting House for that reason.

Whichever building had more skulls in front, it meant that the arcane master was more powerful and had higher standing in House Roland.

In a living area of House Roland, there was a building with four connected blocks. The entire roof of the building was laid with skulls!

In one of the rooms, many important figures from House Roland surrounded an arcane master wearing dark red arcane robe.

The dark red arcane robe that arcane master wore maintained a layer of natural arcane energy protection. It was clearly made from the skin of a huge monster with arcane resistance on the level of lords.

Two swords hung crossed on his back. The two swords were slightly curved and also dark red in color. They were crystal clear and naturally emitted arcane energy fluctuation. The fluctuation even formed fog-like particles on the surface of the swords.

The arcane master was skinny and wore a black eyepatch on his left eye. He seemed to have lost one eye, but his expression was extremely calm. It gave off a confident and powerful feeling.

“There are so many patrolling teams and yet they have not been discovered...... Not even those arcane energy detection devices show any incongruity?” That red-robed arcane master calmly raised his head and spoke without a speck of emotion, “Since that is the case, it can only be that Holy Dawn Academy team.”

“Holy Dawn Academy team?”

Those important figures from House Roland could not believe it, “Just an Academy team cannot kill Lord Dirat so quickly!”

“Since we suspected that the Goat Horn Team was killed by them...... To be able to kill the Goat Horn Team, they naturally can kill Lord Dirat.” The red-robed arcane master looked at them, “Furthermore, all of you know about Megan’s strength. She’s a rare genius within our House. These people had less training time than her, yet they could defeat her in the national tournament.”

“There’s only a team like Holy Dawn Academy’s which has low arcane level but strange fighting power that can evade our patrolling teams and arcane energy detection device. And didn’t Holy Dawn Academy team have a high beastman bloodline? Megan lost to him if I remember correctly...... That kind of beastman was once the lord of the forest. With such a beastman leading the team, they could infiltrate any forest like a walk in the park.”

The red-robed arcane master nodded at the people surrounding him, “Megan was originally our student. And since this team can already kill the Goat Horn Team, I believe that Fujen and the rest will definitely be interested. Don’t worry, I will immediately let them stop their secluded training and ask them to move with me...... Leave this Holy Dawn Academy team to our Blood Shadow Team.”

“Is it really done by the Holy Dawn Academy team?”

“A mere Academy team without even a four-gate arcane master managed to kill Lord Dirat?”

“What? Even Lord Lieufuzen’s Blood Shadow Team is going after Holy Dawn Academy team themselves?”

“Lord Lieufuzen and Lord Fujen’s Blood Shadow Team had never been together for years. They were secretly training alone all those years. Even they are going to make a move now!”

As the news spread around, the gathering place of House Roland was also shaken by the details.


“We were definitely discovered. Don’t you all feel that it is too dangerous to kill Emperor Evil Eye now?”

“Stingham, didn’t you hear Teacher Liszt say that the key is speed? Only if we are faster than they can react, then it’s possible to succeed. Otherwise, even if we start to run towards Eclipse Moon’s territory now, we may be discovered.”

“But according to that old liar from Eclipse Moon, Emperor Evil Eye’s strength is greater than this weakened old Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. We were almost dead from fighting the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.”

“Since you know that Eclipse Moon chief shaman was lying to you, then it may also be a lie when he tells you that Emperor Evil Eye is stronger.”

“Do you take me for an idiot!? Chris, aren’t you able to open the fourth gate? Why don’t you start accumulating arcane particles immediately?”

“Because there is a high chance of getting discovered if she officially opens the fourth gate here. So it’s safer for her to keep the arcane level at three gates for the moment.”


As they got closer and closer to Emperor Evil Eye’s nest, Stingham felt less and less safe.

He definitely had not recovered. Even the Lover’s Corpse was heavily damaged and could not be felt as it slowly recovered.

Ayrin was also beaten up to the point where all his bones were almost shattered. He was clearly feeble even now.

Even though Chris had advanced, she could only maintain the level of three gates. Furthermore, she could only rely on her remaining arcane particles to fight and unable to replenish any.

“What are those...... are they all corpses? So scary...... Someone as handsome as me must never become such an ugly corpse, let’s go back!”

When they finally reached near Emperor Evil Eye’s nest which was called Evil Eye Cave by House Eclipse Moon, Stingham’s face turned green and his teeth kept clattering.

Before them was an abyss similar to the center of Fallen Shadow Valley, just many times smaller.

A grey forest stood before the flat valley near the entrance of the abyss.

That deathly forest was made up of countless corpses!

Twisted corpses that looked like withered trees formed a forest of death in the valley before Emperor Evil Eye’s nest!

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