Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!

Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!


“Chris, you can integrate this Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline soon? We really slew a dragon...... it was so simple?”

Moss watched Chris and Belo casting their arcane skills. He still could not really believe that his team became a dragon slayer team.

Dragon slayer teams in history could all be called legendary teams.

“Simple huh?”

Belo, with a face full of crimson bronze blood tattoos, snorted and pointed to the back, “It’s you who’s simple. Look at them.”


Stingham and Ayrin were still embedded into the wall paralyzed.

He had never seen the two beaten up to that extent in his memory.

Especially Ayrin, cracks seemed to have appeared on his body, as if his body was going to shatter.

“Don’t touch them first. Getting embedded works as a splint, it will be easier to treat them!”

Moss’s first reaction was to dig Stingham and Ayrin out. However, Rinloran immediately blocked his path and stopped him.

“How are they?” Moss asked with worry.

“They have monstrous life force and recovery, so they should be fine. It’s just that after treating them, I would not have much fighting power left. So we must retreat immediately, or else we won’t make it out if we get blocked by a team like the Goat Horn Team.” Rinloran sternly and quickly explained.

Hearing that Stingham and Ayrin would be fine, Chris did not hesitate and produced arcane particles from her hands.

A ring of holy white light fell onto that crimson bronze-colored blood drop which was giving off gem-like radiance.

The crimson bronze blood drop seemed to burn up in an instant. With a boom, it appeared as if a glowing mini dragon rushed out, then became countless glitters and seeped into Chris’s hands.

Chris’s body shuddered. She jumped up as countless streaks of crimson gold light rushed out from her body at the same time.

The arcane energy generated naturally in the surrounding allowed Chris to lean backwards and float in midair.

“This is the power of a true dragon bloodline?”

Chris could feel strong power constantly radiating outwards from her blood. Every cell in her body was changing.

Although every person knew that pure human bloodline had much weaker physical strength and tenacity compared to other bloodline, Chris did not really feel the difference. However, right now, Chris’s body could clearly feel how weak it was in the past.

It was totally a leap.  A huge improvement that could not be achieved no matter how much progress she had made in the past.

For a moment, Chris felt like crying from the achievement.

“Merlin, what are you doing?”

At that moment, Ayrin and Moss asked in surprise.

Chris was also surprised.

Merlin had changed her arm again. Furthermore, she put down her metal box and crawled into the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s mouth.

“Merlin, why are you crawling into its stomach? Even if you don’t want to live anymore, don’t suicide like this. I never thought of suiciding despite ending up so miserable.”

Stingham, who was receiving Rinloran’s treatment, also shouted.


Chris suddenly exclaimed.

All of a sudden, she could clearly feel the existence of the fourth gate within her.

She had already surpassed the third gate for a long time. However, she had always felt that her improvement was moving at a snail pace, with the fourth gate still a far-off goal. However, when the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline was remodeling her body, the improvement in her physical and mental strength shot through the critical point for the fourth gate like poking through a piece of paper!

The improvement was not simply a physical strength improvement like Ayrin. Once the bloodline was completely integrated, Chris would have sufficient quantity to open her fourth gate when she refined her arcane particle. She would become the first four-gate arcane master in Holy Dawn Academy’s team, even faster than Ayrin!

“What’s wrong?”

Chris’s exclamation caused everyone to feel nervous, thinking that something might have gone wrong during the integration.

“It’s nothing. I can feel the fourth gate, integrating the bloodline has allowed me to reach the critical point for advancement.” Chris explained excitedly.

“You are going to become a real elite arcane master with four gates! Our Holy Dawn Academy team is going to have a four-gate arcane master! Ayrin will be next soon!” Moss’s body uncontrollably trembled in excitement.

Although they were in the same team, Moss honestly felt that his teammates’ improvement speed was incredible.

The Holy Dawn Academy team was morphing out of a weeds-level team.

“Chris, a god-like girl, are you about to become a four-gate elite arcane master? Then you can already be an assistant teacher in Holy Dawn Academy! I better work harder as well!” Ayrin excitedly shouted. He swung his fist which was just able to move.

Moss and Rinloran became speechless.

Haven’t you worked hard enough?

Suddenly, a cutting sound came from within the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s body.

“Did Merlin crawl into its body to get some good stuff?”

Ayrin only realized the situation now.

“Oh right, that sword......”

Ayrin’s body suddenly shook.

His gaze fell onto the crimson gold longsword stabbed diagonally into the ground.

Is this a materialized sword?

Is this the materialize skill used by the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon?

As he recalled the scene just now, Ayrin could no longer control himself.


Ayrin struggled out of the human-shaped hole himself along with many shattered stones.

That sword was way too sharp.

It should be the strongest weapon of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. However, it seemed to require a vast amount of strength, so it was unwilling to use. In the end, when it tried to use it, its brain had already suffered severe damage and could not lock on to the opponent. Hence it missed.

Otherwise, he and Stingham might have been bisected.

“With the same level of treatment, even a high green dragon bloodline like Stingham can only obediently lie down......”

Rinloran watched Ayrin jumping out and shook his head.

This guy is a real monster, right?

“So heavy!”

Ayrin pulled out the crimson gold longsword and immediately shouted.

The simple yet majestic crimson gold longsword emitted an orderly arcane energy fluctuation. It was clearly formed by materialize skill like Rinloran’s pale blue flower sword.

However, the weight of the crimson gold longsword was extraordinarily heavy. Even with Ayrin’s current physical strength, he could only barely swing the sword.


Right at that moment, another change occurred.

The enormous body of the dragon suddenly collapsed. Its torso instantly caved in as if all the bones inside were shattered. It looked like a suit of dragon skin flopped on the ground, unable to see its original form.

“What happened?”

As everyone was shocked by the change, the mouth of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon suddenly opened up. Merlin’s petite metallic body crawled out from the floppy mouth like crawling out from a sack.

Merlin’s left hand had five sharp blades replacing the fingers. Those five blades were currently holding a dark green gem about the size of a fist.

Just seeing that gem at one glance, Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ already flew towards it with glowing eyes.

When everyone saw a blur and realized the gem disappeared into thin air, the faerie dragon with a pouch on its neck was already examining the gem.

“Isn’t the dragon crystal outside?”

“Where’s the dragon crystal?”

“Great King, you have even kept the dragon crystal without us knowing?”

“Then if there is already a dragon crystal, why would there be a gem inside its body? What gem is this?”

Moss and Chris were curious.

“It’s Lethal Poison Dragon Pearl! During battles in the future, Great King should be lending it to me.” Belo’s impulsive voice called out.

“Lethal Poison Dragon Pearl?” Everyone’s gaze immediately focused on Belo.

“Some poisonous type, especially powerful beasts who feed on poisonous prey, will produce such things inside their bodies. However, it’s rare to see one from the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, perhaps it’s because of the long lifespan...... The Lethal Poison Dragon Pearl it has should be the best one.” Belo looked at the pearl in Faerie Dragon’s paws and commented.

“Belo, you can use this?” Ayrin excitedly asked.

Belo nodded.

“Then why would the dragon body collapse? Merlin, you see, the dragon body has become this mess because of you.” Stingham also regained his mobility by now and finally struggled out of the human-shaped hole.

Merlin and Faerie Dragon shook their heads at the same time, and pointed at the crimson gold longsword Ayrin was holding.

“What you mean is that the body of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon suddenly collapsed...... is not because of your digging, but because of this materialized sword?” Ayrin realized the situation and looked at the sword in disbelief.

Merlin and Faerie Dragon nodded at the same time.

“It’s a cool sword, why don’t you give it to me!? I will look super handsome carrying it!” Stingham excitedly ran up to Ayrin, “All of you have your loot, only I don’t.”

“If you want to waste your stamina, then you can carry it. Idiot.” Rinloran sneered.

“What do you mean?” Stingham was confused, “Waste my stamina?”

“Any materialized weapon...... is similar to arcane particles. They won’t exist forever, they will disappear.” Moss reminded Stingham, “Unless you can absorb these materialized particles into your body like the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, they will vaporize into the air. Also, the process of materializing this sword is rather strange, there seems to be many arcane particles coming from the dragon crystal...... Also, for some unknown reason, it caused the bones in its entire body to shatter as if they were corroded. It's a very bizarre phenomenon. Even if Chris integrated its bloodline, she may not know how to absorb it into her body. After you carry it out, this sword should be dissipated into countless particles and scattered.”

“Oh yeah!” Stingham was very frustrated.

“This is probably the strongest weapon amongst the materialize skills, right? It may be on the level of some expert arcane masters’ weapons during the Era of the War with Dragons.” Chris also felt that it was a pity. It was such a strong weapon, but the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon only displayed its power for an instant before it would vanish from the world of arcane masters.

“Absorbing the particles...... is it similar to arcane particles? If it’s more special......”

Moss’s explanation gave Ayrin an idea.


In the next instant, Ayrin started to smack the sword with all his strength, making his own arcane particles scatter around.

“It really works!”

His eyes opened wide.

He could feel that a good number of particles on the sword was absorbed by his body.

His body clearly contained many crimson gold-colored particles!

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