Chapter 411: Do Your Best

Chapter 411: Do Your Best



Stingham was blown away by the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon right after getting near.

“Come, hit me again!”


“Kill me if you can!”


“Come, let’s duel!”



Ayrin and the rest blanked out from the scene.

It seemed that they had to give the other party a chance to speak even if they were going to beat the other party up.

Stingham was clearly enraged by the beating. The scene became that of a duel between him and the dragon. He would rush back every time he was slapped away.

There had never been a case where a person could jump back so quickly after getting slammed into a putty on the wall.

“Are we a little cruel for just watching them?” Moss weakly asked.

“Oh yeah!”

Ayrin suddenly realized, but he soon shook his head with a serious expression, “Wait a little longer!”

Merlin, who had been standing next to Ayrin without taking any action, also nodded.

“Wait? What are we waiting for?” Moss could not understand.

“Stingham can jump back very quickly. It means he can still hold up for a while longer.” Ayrin stealthily pointed at the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, “It really does seem to be getting too old. Its speed and power have started to deteriorate.”

Merlin nodded again.

“It does seem to be the case.” Chris also chided with a serious tone.

Although none of their attacks had actually landed on the dragon, the dragon’s body and breathing had become heavier after continuously casting arcane skills. Both its casting speed and physical attacks started to become slower.

“Why the hell are you guys just watching without helping!?”

After a few seconds, the enraged Stingham also felt something amiss. He saw the unmoving group and complained.

“Sorry, we don’t really know this guy. Boss Dragon, you just need to beat him up.” Ayrin shouted at the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.

“I don’t know this idiot.” Rinloran turned his head away.

“I...... I also don’t really know him.” Moss spoke with a little hesitation.

“Hehe......” Chris giggled.

“What’s with that ‘hehe’!? You guys are inhuman!” Stingham wailed with a face of blood after getting slapped away once more.


At that moment, Belo elegantly took out a pair of spectacles from his arcane robe and wore them.

“You called my name...... There’s finally someone who has some conscience...... I never thought that Belo would be the one at the crucial times......” Stingham’s gaze fell onto Belo.

“Do your best, make it kneel down and lick your feet.” Belo pushed up his spectacles and nonchalantly encouraged Stingham without moving an inch.

“Do your best?”

“You’re just cheering without helping? You bunch of bastards! I will fight you first!”

Stingham could not believe them as he stared at the unmoving group. He was enraged once more. He leapt out of the human-shaped hole and was about to rush towards the group.



However, the moment he jumped up, a ball of dragon breath violently crashed into him.

“Do your best! Stingham.” Belo elegantly pushed his spectacles again and encouraged.

“What’s your business!? I’m going after them, yet you still hit me!” Stingham was enraged once more and desperately jumped towards the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.

“Don’t help him, this is our strategy. Otherwise, we may all die here, you also can’t save him.” At that moment, Ayrin spoke in a serious tone towards the Dark Queen Mermaid who could not bear to watch any longer.

The Dark Queen Mermaid also hesitated. She carefully analyzed the current situation, then eventually made a gesture of ‘fight on’ to encourage Stingham.


A wave of terrifying arcane power suddenly swept towards Ayrin’s group.

Still unable to kill Stingham after so many hits, the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon felt something amiss. It decided to kill the group that was waiting for a chance.

“World of Water!”

“Fragment of Absolute Frost!”

“Essence Burning Stone!”


Despite the slower casting speed of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, as well as their readied arcane skills and artifacts countering in time, they were still blown away by the overwhelming power in an instant.

“That’s what you get for hitting me! Try hitting me again!”

However, at the same time, the swollen-faced Stingham landed right in front of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.

His right foot hit the right eye of the dragon.

Three layers of transparent eyelids blocked the eyeball, but extreme anger was conveyed in its gaze.


A wave of terrifying dragon breath roared out from its mouth and blasted Stingham.

“I will shake you to death!”

The glow of Lover’s Corpse on Stingham’s body completely disappeared. However, a powerful shockwave was transmitted into the right eye of the dragon through his sole.


Stingham was blown away again and created another hole in the nest wall. He was spasming and could not get up again, yet he still mumbled, “Try hitting me again...... Do your best...... Best your head...... Inhuman......”


However, at the same time, the right eyeball of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon burst open. Yellowish black fluid flowed out from the yellowish gem-like eyeball!

Psssst...... The sand on the ground was immediately corroded, becoming a mini poisonous pond.


The entire nest shook once more due to the pain the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon felt.

“It’s our turn!”

Ayrin immediately shouted.

Merlin also nodded.

She suddenly swapped an arm. Her entire body instantaneously accelerated, rushing towards the huge body of the dragon.

“Cover me!”

Rinloran also shouted back at Ayrin. The moment his shout transmitted, his figure also disappeared from the spot.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Water Rendering Boundary!”


A tremendous wave of arcane energy fluctuation exploded from Ayrin’s body.

The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s attention was focused on the advancing Merlin first. However, at that moment, its attention was attracted by Ayrin’s burst of power.

A ring of mysterious aura surged out before it.

Countless particles containing terrifying dragon breath condensed before its body, becoming a prismatic crimson bronze dragon crystal.


The terrifying energy within the dragon crystal exploded, becoming a crescent moon-shaped arc.

The domain energy of the Water Rendering Boundary was swept clean by it.


Ayrin’s body was also blown back and heavily crashed next to Stingham.


Ayrin felt that his whole body was ruptured, unable to move a finger.

“Haha...... You become the same as me!” Seeing Ayrin embedded next to him and spasming, Stingham, with a face swollen to the extreme, immediately gloated.


Rinloran heard Stingham’s laughter after getting close to less than ten meters away from the dragon. He sternly scolded Stingham. At the same time, countless white sword flashes suddenly appeared outside his body.

The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon drew its breath. Even before the incantation, terrifying arcane energy was already gathering in front Rinloran.

However, at that instant, a light dot appeared in its pupil.


Its chest felt an electrifying strike.

A huge burning blade and a mountain-like flaming rock giant fiercely crashed into its bosom.

Although the scales at its chest remained intact, its entire body was raised up by the impact. The arcane energy gathering was also abruptly interrupted.

“Thousand Storms Sword!”

Rinloran’s advancing body crossed path with Moss’s repelled body.


A stream of sword flash even faster than lightning violently stabbed into the other eye of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.


Countless eye fluid and blood spewed out from the left eye of the dragon!

Its brain was also severely damaged. It lost its balance and wobbled unstably.

Merlin’s metallic figure suddenly appeared on the back of its head.

Countless metal wires rushed out from Merlin’s left hand, stabbing into the two damaged eyeballs of the dragon.


The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon gave out a roar with strong frustration and fear.

Its body slanted to one side. However, at the same time, a wave of terrifying crimson gold particle beam rushed out from its mouth.

Merlin suddenly felt something amiss, and quickly retreated backwards.


Her left hand was shattered by the powerful strength.


Everyone’s pupils greatly contracted.

They could feel that the instant that particle beam shot out, the dragon crystal floating in front of it also sprayed out countless glittering particles, integrating into the particle beam.

A simple crimson gold longsword was formed.


The longsword slashed in a crooked path. Its sword flash landed near where Stingham and Ayrin were.

Countless shards of stone burst apart.

A sword scar of unknown depth was made.

“How can there be such a sword!? What sharpness!”

Ayrin could not believe his eyes. That sword was sharper than any materialized sword he had seen.


After that sword made a swing, the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon also exhausted all of its strength. Its body fell to the ground like a piece of collapsing wall.

Merlin changed her arm again with astonishing speed. A stream of cold light stabbed into the right eye of the dragon again.

The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s body stiffened, all signs of life quickly fading away.

Merlin nodded towards Ayrin and the rest, then she began collecting that broken left arm.

“We won?”

“We really killed the guardian dragon of House Roland?”

Moss could not believe himself as he got up.

“Let’s go!”

Chris regained her senses from the astonishment. She immediately nodded towards Belo. The two of them rushed to the side of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon immediately.

“Bloodline Power: Absorb!”

A blue-colored metal grail appeared on Chris’s hand.


A wave of blood red arcane energy wrapped around the grail through her hand. Then the grail immediately shot out a streak of blue arcane energy, connecting the dragon crystal and Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s body.

A drop of blood with gem-like glow appeared within the blue-colored metal grail.


Seeing that Chris had completed her job, Belo slashed open his two palms. Then he stabbed his hands into the two eyes of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.

Streaks of crimson bronze-colored blood tattoos immediately appeared on Belo’s face, seeping into his body.

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