Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham

Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham


“So big......”

“Can we really penetrate those dragon scales?”

After rushing in behind Ayrin and the others, Moss’s gaze instantly froze.

It was an enormous being of over thirty meters long, a real dragon.

The scales on its body were like chunks of huge crimson bronze. However, a layer of pale-yellow arcane energy lingered on its surface, just like translucent flame.

Even the eyes, which were supposed to be the most fragile area, had four layers of eyelids. Apart from a layer of crimson bronze-like eyelid, the other three layers were transparent. They were like three layers of transparent gem shields.

The gales they felt were actually caused by the breathings of the dragon.

The dragon was still lying calmly now. However, along with its breathings, the arcane energy in the air before it continued to gather into floating arcane particles, releasing a terrifying aura.

“Belo, Chris, you two handle the Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpions, we will handle his Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.” Seeing such a dragon, Ayrin’s fighting spirit was burning even fiercer.

The gaze of the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon before them was powerful, crafty and cruel. It looked at them as if looking at prey.

As Ayrin was giving out instructions, its yellow gem-like eyes suddenly became chilling. It felt that it was taken as a fool.


Nobody could keep up with its casting speed. Countless crimson bronze particles suddenly gathered in front of Stingham, violently slamming onto him.


Stingham cried out.



On the ceiling of the dragon nest behind everyone, a human-shaped hole was created.

Stingham was embedded into the hole, literally became a putty on the wall.

“It actually started the fight straightaway! What a fast casting speed, it’s much faster than those Goat Horn team members!”

“Domain of Time!”

Ayrin did not even check on Stingham. Taking the chance when it was attacking Stingham, he used the Abel Academy’s Treasured Book of Time.

A unique domain power suddenly filled the entire space.

A loud and mysterious draconic incantation suddenly chanted.


A new domain power erupted inside the nest.

“What domain power is this!?”

“Domain of Time just got crushed like that...... There’s actually a specialized domain against it!”

Moss’s feet trembled uncontrollably.

The Domain of Time immediately dissipated. There was also a feeling of reversed gravity, arcane particles rampaged in their bodies.


Ayrin’s hand was already holding onto the Treasured Book of Sealing. Facing such opponents, they had to use their most powerful attacks first. Even if they could not deliver much damage, restricting the opponent’s attacks and depleting energy were also fine. However, after breaking the Domain of Time, the remnant negative effects brought by the opponent’s domain slightly delayed his casting.


At that moment, many shattered stones fell down. Stingham jumped down with a cry.

The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon showed a surprised look.


Before Stingham could land, he was blasted away again. Another human-shaped hole was added onto the cave ceiling behind everyone.

“Stingham seems to be really attracting this dragon’s hatred...... It hits him first every time......”

Moss could also notice it. The wonderful potion that Eclipse Moon old shaman gave Stingham should be something that made Stingham release an aura of the food the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon liked. It might also have great benefits for the old dragon. However, when those scorpions brought Stingham to it, it realized that the aura was released by such an idiot and felt fooled by Stingham. Hence it showed great hatred towards Stingham.

“Spiritual Wheel, Domain of the Lost!”

Using the chance when Stingham was blown away again, Ayrin used the Treasured Book of Sealing.

What he released this time was the domain he sealed from an arcane team in the Fallen Shadow Valley.

This domain would compress the opponent’s mental strength within a certain area. It would make controlling arcane skill difficult for the opponent and cause them unable to lock on.

Ayrin had obtained this domain for a long time. He was reluctant to use it all those while. However, the opponent this time was too powerful, and the battle had to be finished as soon as possible. They could not drag it on, as they would be cornered if House Roland’s arcane teams surrounded them.

The moment this domain activated, the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon immediately showed obvious signs of delay.

It did not have a domain to break the current one.


However, the ground shook. Its body which was lying down suddenly moved forward.


At the same time, countless Poisonous Fiery Scorpions crawled out from the surrounding sandy ground and marched towards everyone.

Belo snorted and suddenly transformed. He became a huge beast with stiff hair throughout its body and sharp nails extended from his hands.

Chris’s gaze flashed. Materialized particles surged out from her hands, becoming her materialized weapons: two thin piercers.

“Forest Herding: Grassland Imprisonment!”

Rinloran chanted. A ring of green glow drastically expanded with him as the center.

Countless grass as thin and long as ropes quickly grew out from the sandy ground, restraining sandy ground around them. Those Poisonous Fiery Scorpions could only crawl out from their surroundings, but not directly underneath them.

Boom! Boom!

Two red balls of flame rushed out from the sides Ayrin’s group, becoming two miniature red volcanoes. The volcanoes constantly spewed out white particles which looked like lime powder.

Ayrin used the Red Alkalic Volcano immediately.

“Why do you keep hitting me!?”

Stingham’s eyes were blackened. He struggled out from the human-shaped hole and just managed to shout that line.

He suddenly realized that the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon was already rushing towards him with a raging gale.


Stingham opened his eyes to the widest. Just when he screamed, a huge dragon claw slapped onto his body.


He was slapped away again, embedded into the wall behind, only deeper this time.

“What powerful physical strength!”

“No wonder Teacher Liszt and the other teachers mentioned that the scariest part about dragons is not just the powerful arcane energy gathering ability, there’s also the tremendous physical strength...... And the size...... Because it’s too big, normal wounds are not a threat to them!”

For some unknown reason, seeing such a scene caused Ayrin to feel a blood boiling urge to rush in and compete in strength against the dragon.

It was also at that moment, nobody realized that the Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ with a big pouch hanging on its neck had appeared behind Rinloran.

A small paw quickly pushed a yellow gem into Rinloran’s right hand.

Rinloran did not hesitate and immediately poured arcane particles into the gem.


The ground beneath the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon suddenly rotated, becoming a huge swirl.

The advancing Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s body sunk down.

In a frequency just like consecutive arcane skill casting, another small paw pushed a deep blue prismatic gem into Rinloran’s left hand.


A stream of glaciers surged out from the ‘Glacier Shard’ in Rinloran’s hand.

Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon was countered in both domain power and physical strength, causing it to become even more furious. The entire nest shook as a wave of terrifying dragon breath gushed out before its mouth.


Everyone, including the Poisonous Fiery Scorpions surrounding Ayrin’s group, were thrown backwards like leaves. Impact sounds came from everywhere.

Countless silhouettes smashed into the wall behind, and fell like pieces of tiles.

“......What a powerful dragon breath!”

Ayrin’s body also slid down from the wall. All his bones felt like cracking.

Although the corrosive element in the dragon breath seemed to have been neutralized by the Red Alkalic Volcano he cast beforehand, the tremendous impact could not be blocked.


Pale blue and pale green light flowed out from Rinloran’s body like streams of water.

Ayrin’s body was the next most endurable after Stingham so he did not suffer much damage. However, that one strike from the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon had killed over half of the Poisonous Fiery Scorpions. Blood was flowing out from the nose and mouth of Chris and Moss. They had suffered heavy injuries.

“Isn’t this too powerful?”

“I told you not to go dragon slaying!”

Stingham popped his head out from the human-shaped hole on the wall at that moment.

As the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon always hit him first and could also blast everyone away in one hit, it was too powerful for them. Hence, Stingham decided to stay inside and stick to the wall like a putty as he thought that he would be attacked first again if he went out.

However, Stingham did not expect that just by popping his head out and not even going down, the dragon released a yell at him. A ball of terrifying dragon breath instantly swallowed his body.


Another large hole appeared on the solid dragon nest wall.

“Ayrin, what do we do?”

Chris wiped the blood that flowed out from her mouth and asked Ayrin.

The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s strength still exceeded their imagination.

It seemed not possible to even win against this dragon, let alone finishing the battle quickly.

“I had enough of your bullying!”

At that moment, Stingham let out an angry yell in the hole created by the dragon breath.

“Tell me why you always hit me first!”

“I’ve already been hit into a putty on the wall. I am already trying to hide, why must you still hit me!?”

“It’s like this every single time. I was smacked away before even finishing a sentence!”

“You really think I’m easy to bully cause I’m an idiot!?”

Tattered and with a swollen face, Stingham angrily rushed out from the big hole and jumped at the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon.


Ayrin, Rinloran and the rest became dotted eyed.

Stingham obviously became enraged after getting smacked away into the wall every time without a chance to say anything.

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