Chapter 408: Come, It's Dragon Slaying Time

Chapter 408: Come, It’s Dragon Slaying Time


“Oi, we are going to slay a dragon. This is an epic mission...... Won’t you give us some super powerful artifacts?”

“I don’t have any super powerful artifact. If I do, we won’t be constantly losing against House Roland and Baratheon.”

“That’s impossible. You have lived for such a long time, you must have collected many extraordinary things.”

“Even during the Magus Era, things like the Treasured Book of Sealing and Treasured Book of Time you have are also things that come by pure chance...... Those artifacts you carry are already the best ones......”


Stingham pestered the old shaman. The old shaman seemed to be unable to endure the pestering, he reluctantly took out a small blue crystal bottle and gave it to Stingham, “I only have this bottle of good stuff.”

“What good stuff is this?” Seeing that even the bottle was made of precious material, Stingham became excited.

“You just need to consume this medicine after you reached the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s nest and you will understand.” The old shaman looked at him and spoke with a serious expression, “It does wonders.”

It seemed to be something that was specialized against the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon or provide immunity against some attacks from the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon!

Stingham’s eyes shot out golden light, he quickly kept the medicine bottle close to him.

“This is Red Alkalic Volcano.”

The old shaman solemnly took out an old leather scroll and passed to Ayrin, “If your team is going to slay the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon, the most important key is you. This secret skill is especially for resisting the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. Although this skill cannot block all of its power, it can neutralize the lethally poisonous dragon breath of corrosion. This arcane skill doesn’t have much use at other times, but since your learning ability is so strong, learning this arcane skill should not waste too much time and effort.”

“You need to lay low.” The old shaman then advised Belo, “The beastman bloodline is not a threat to the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. Its body can resist any negative effect of mixed blood. If you are fighting Emperor Evil Eye, then your ability can be of use.”

“Where are your teachers? Will they act together with you?” The old shaman asked next.

“We also don’t know where they are.” Ayrin spoke the truth, “Before we entered the Hunting Forest, we separated with them.”

The old shaman was surprised, “In that case, they won’t be helping when you go kill that Emperor Evil Eye?”

“That should be the case.” Ayrin nodded.

“I think I understand their intention a little.” The old shaman frowned in thought, the wrinkles on his face increased, “House Roland has some secret skills and arcane energy detection devices, so they can sense arcane masters with high arcane level closing in. All of you have low arcane level, so if a team comprised of only you lot were to infiltrate into their territory, the possibility of getting discovered is lower instead.”

“Then what about our chances of slaying the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye?” Stingham was a little scared. After all, a true dragon was a peak existence in Doraster regardless of era.

“I feel that it will be 100%.” The old shaman gave a smile.

“100%?” Stingham looked at the old shaman suspiciously, he felt that the old shaman was lying.

“Your teachers should know your strengths better than anyone. Since they dare to let you lot hunt Emperor Evil Eye by yourselves, it means they feel that you can do it.” The old shaman nodded, “In that case, with the help of specialized arcane skills, I feel that slaying the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon won’t be a problem either.”

“Also...... An arcane team like yours which has gathered various top-notch bloodlines......” The old shaman’s gaze swept pass Ayrin, Rinloran and the rest one by one. He could not help but shake his head and sigh, “A team with such a lineup is most likely a legendary team in any era after the Era of the War with Dragons.”

“Haha, is it?” Stingham immediately reveled in the praise and began his strange laughter.

“Then we can prepare to set off!”

Ayrin could not wait anymore. However, he suddenly remembered something and called out to Merlin who was outside the tent, “Merlin, come over here. This gramps may know your origin!”

“Do you know about the Devil Corps from the Era of the War with Dragons? She crawled out from the ruins of the Devil Corps. She can also repair herself, as well as change her arms. The box Merlin carried is made by herself.” Ayrin introduced as he watched the old shaman with anticipation.

“There’s actually such an ancient metal clockwork war avatar? Devil Corps?” The old shaman only noticed Merlin’s existence just now.

He listened to Ayrin’s introduction, then checked the unique decoration on Merlin’s body, and was utterly shocked by the facts.

“Creation Deva!”

“There’s actually a Creation Deva that survived!”

Seeing the round metal trinket hanging embedded at Merlin’s chest, his body uncontrollably shuddered and his voice changed.

“Creation Deva? What does that mean?”

“She’s not the clockwork war avatar of the Devil Corps, she belongs to the Creation Corps!”

“What?” Ayrin and the others were confused. They looked at Merlin, but Merlin was as quiet as ever.

“Creation Corps is a metal clockwork war avatar corps created by some ancient Draconic Scholars during the Era of the War with Dragons. Those ancient Draconic Scholars were also the earliest and best artificers during their era!” The old shaman spoke in astonishment, “Creation Corps clockwork war avatars were the strongest metal clockwork war avatars during that era. They are able to repair themselves and record all kinds of arcane skills. They also possess powerful close-range combat ability. Most importantly, these metal clockwork war avatars contain unique memory crystals, gaining the ability to learn and evolve. The more battles they experienced, the more they learn and the further their fighting ability and techniques strengthens. Even......”

“Even what?” Ayrin’s group were more and more surprised as they listened. Hearing the old shaman pause, they could not hold back their curiosity.

“It was said that some amongst them can even learn human emotions. They can possess emotions just like us.” The old shaman drew a deep breath, then slowly continued while looking at Merlin, “Those artificers called creators during that era did not seem to have created a powerful metal war machine at all. What they created is more like a new metal life form.”

“......” Ayrin, Rinloran and the others were completely speechless.

They felt that it was not nonsensical as Merlin gave them a weird feeling most of the time. Just like the initial reawakening by fighting spirit, Merlin gave them a feeling that she could think by herself and had her own emotions.

“According to records, the Devil Corps was destroyed by the Creation Corps. However, the Creation Corps also seemed to have vanished during that campaign. The battle was extremely gruesome, there were multiple corps arriving as reinforcements. Many powerful arcane masters were killed in action.” The old shaman was still astonished, “Hence, she is not a surviving war avatar under the Evil Dragon’s metal clockwork war avatar corps, she’s a survivor from the Creation Corps!”

“No wonder she did not attack us and instead fought together with us. Is it because she thinks that we are not Evil Dragon followers?” Ayrin looked at Merlin with great respect, “Merlin, you are a true brave warrior.”

“However, she is partially damaged and can’t remember much.” Chris also adored Merlin and cared about her. She described the arcane skill diagram and smoke spewing events to the old shaman.

“It might be due to her memory crystal getting damaged. That’s the most fragile part. Even if you can find such crystal which has become extinct over the history, it would be useless. Because, even if you replace a new one, it will be blank. She will no longer be the original she.” The old shaman regretfully shook his head.

“It’s alright. A true brave warrior just needs to remember the mission and bravely fight on even with broken memories!”

However, Ayrin passionately swung his fist, “Just like Chris. Although she has facial blindness and could not recognize anyone at times, as long as she fights on together with her teammates for her dream and belief, she is happy. Merlin, as long as you fight against evil together with us, you are happy, right!?”

“Right your head. Who’s so perverted like you? I want to enjoy sleeping and sunbathing if I’m free. Most importantly, the happiest would be to waive all training.” Stingham watched the battle maniac Ayrin and grumbled.

However, he and the rest opened their eyes wide in shock.

Merlin, who had stayed quiet without any reaction, nodded her head at that moment. Her silver eyes seemed to emit a different glint.

“Brave warriors, let’s go! We are slaying a dragon!”

Ayrin showed a bright smile and shouted.

“Are we really going to slay a dragon?”

Although Moss knew it was going to happen, he was still unable to believe it.

If I’m with these fellows, it really feels like we can do anything...... If we can really kill House Roland’s guardian dragon...... Mother will definitely feel proud if this news reaches St Lauren.

“These children should be fated to become legends...... The Baratheon had never feared antagonizing anyone, would they be feeling regret soon?”

The old shaman watched those youths burning with fighting spirit and revealed another pleased smile.

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