Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Out

Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Out


“Haha, I know.” Stingham suddenly spoke with pride.

“What do you know?”

Ayrin and Rinloran looked at Stingham dubiously, the usually idiotic guy suddenly became smart?

“He must be joking. Don’t you find it funny to be able to cast Dark Destruction Dragon twice? Haha.” Stingham flung his hair and laughed.

“Idiot!” Rinloran felt fooled by Stingham.

Ayrin checked the old shaman’s expression, “You’re probably not joking.”

The old shaman nodded, “Of course I’m not joking.”

Ayrin heaved a sigh, “Then you’re really too old and has gone senile.”

“......” The old shaman almost collapsed.

“Oh right. You’re from the Magus Era, magi during that time always liked to act mysterious and scare people.” Stingham supplemented.

“You actually compare me to those fraud magi who deceive people using divination!” The old shaman almost got a heart attack from anger due to their rude comments. The purple grass on his head kept trembling. It took a while to calm down.

“Beneath the vast sky, amongst all creations, what is the most important? It’s balance.” The old shaman finally calmed down. He had well witnessed the peculiarity of the rumored new Evil Six group. He directly began his anecdote, “In a way, the existence of arcane master is also to maintain Doraster’s balance. From the micro territorial balance of not triggering riot and war, to the macro scale of not allowing some evil organization completely take over the entire Doraster Continent. The same can be said about arcane powers. Just like this forest, if there’s a power that blows all the fresh air away, there will be new fresh air flowing in to fill the gap, recreating the balance.”

“Another mystifying speech?” Stingham mumbled.

The old shaman ignored him and continued while looking at Chris, “By the same principle, you are drained of an astonishing amount of arcane energy when using Dark Destruction Dragon. It will cause an imbalance between your body and the surrounding space. The arcane energy void and arcane structural collapse created will also make lots of arcane energy fill the gap quickly. During the Era of the War with Dragons, a certain forbidden skill can make use of the arcane energy sucked in by arcane energy void and arcane structural collapse to produce a terrifying blow!”

Stingham was shocked, even he had also made sense of the story.

“But gramps, according to this principle, won’t any arcane skill cause some arcane energy void, making it possible to make use of them?” Ayrin thought of the principle seriously, then asked.

“That is the theory. But just like this forest, if the fresh air blown away isn’t fast enough, the new fresh air flowing in can at most generate a strong wind, but not a terrifying hurricane. Hence, only forbidden skills with great instantaneous explosive power on the level of Dark Destruction Dragon can create arcane energy void and arcane structural collapse big enough to utilize this arcane skill. Even during the Era of the War with Dragons, arcane skills on the level of Dark Destruction Dragon do not exceed ten. In the current Doraster Continent, there are probably at most two to three left.” The old shaman lamented.

“Is there really such an arcane skill which can make use of the arcane energy sucked in by the instantaneous arcane energy void and arcane structural collapse?” Ayrin, Chris, Rinloran and the rest were completely motivated. If it was really true, Chris would be able to release two Dark Destruction Dragon consecutively. How powerful would that be when used against the enemy?

Furthermore, Chris would be able to rid herself of the identity of an arcane master who could only deal a single sure-kill attack.

“The forbidden skill is called Dark Emperor Destruction. It is a forbidden skill created by the leader of the Dark Emperor Corps under the Evil Dragon. When Jano’s team brought back news of your friendship and the Hat of Concealment, I have already gotten it out from my collection. I’m prepared to hand it over to Chris who is suitable for this if you come. But to think that you have come during our most difficult times again, and along with the ability to annihilate the Goat Horn Team.” The old shaman gratifyingly smiled, took out a scroll with metal grey base and passed to Chris.

The metal grey scroll base seemed to be made of common grey iron. However, precise carvings were made on the thin iron sheet. It was a huge Evil Dragon and a densely-packed army. A vague purplish black aura was emitting from it.

Emitting such aura could only be possible when the scroll was carried by someone strong enough that even the surrounding air around carried a unique aura for a long time. By immersing in the unique aura, the common material was also mutated into something extraordinary like materials used for amplification devices.

“It’s a forbidden skill of an expert arcane master under the Evil Dragon...... There’s really such an arcane skill!”

Rinloran was utterly astonished. The aura emitted by the scroll was definitely an epic aura in the current era.

“Chris, quick, open it. Check if it’s real.” However, Stingham was grumbling even now.

“Can I take a look now?” Chris did not suspect it. However, she felt an uncontrollable sense of excitement and curiosity, urging her to check the contents of the forbidden skill.

“Of course. The earlier you learn this forbidden skill, the more powerful you can become.” The old shaman nodded with a smile.

Chris quickly opened up the scroll.

The leather interior also emitted the same powerful aura. The words were all ancient draconic characters used during the Era of the War with Dragons. However, the Eclipse Moon chief shaman was well prepared. He had covered the leather with a sheet of translucent paper and made a translation using the current Doraster common language.

“The arcane energy sucked in by the arcane energy void and arcane structural collapse is also different from most arcane energy...... It is a unique dark matter arcane energy...... You just need to use a minuscule amount of arcane energy to activate this forbidden skill. Then, just like arcane energy devouring itself to mutate, it will create a large amount of destructive dark particles, forming the Dark Emperor Destruction......”

Chris was immersed in studying. Her eyes shined and she had already forgotten the existence of people around her.

“Alright, Chris, get ahold of yourself first. I have another suggestion regarding your training.” The old shaman coughed to gather her attention. He stretched out his hand to block the scroll, dragging Chris’s attention away from the content.

“What suggestion? Is there a way to make Chris even stronger?” Ayrin exclaimed. He seemed even happier than Chris herself.

“If I did not preserve this forbidden skill scroll which can support the Dark Destruction Dragon by coincidence, the training path your Holy Dawn Academy teachers provided is indeed the best choice. The Emperor Evil Eye bloodline not only strengthened your common human bloodline’s body to withstand greater damage, the most important part is its unique slow-motion sight. It allows your Dark Destruction Dragon to have a greater chance of hitting.” The old shaman nodded and looked at Chris, “But I think that you have a better choice now.”

“A more suitable bloodline?” Ayrin opened his eyes wide. He immediately understood what the old shaman was saying.

“Apart from Evil Dragon Eye, House Roland also has a Crimson Dragon.” The old shaman nodded.


The Holy Dawn bunch exclaimed.

Ayrin’s expression was full of shock and fighting spirit, “Gramps, House Roland really has a true Dragon? What you are saying is that we should go kill that Dragon and help Chris to integrate a Dragon bloodline?”

“Stop joking. You are definitely trying to make use of us, right?” Stingham desperately shook his head, “Killing a true Dragon you say, do you take me for an idiot? Want us to suicide?”

“It’s not so serious. The Crimson Dragon House Roland has is a greatly weakened one on the verge of death by old age. Its strength is already reduced to about the same as Emperor Evil Eye. That’s exactly the reason why it had not come out to fight for a long time, hence the outside world doesn’t know. Just that......”

“Just what?” Stingham shouted.

“Just that the food it loves is the Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpion. So the nest it lives in is originally a large Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpion nest. Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpion’s strength is about similar to a fresh three gate arcane master. Furthermore, they can dive underground without leaving a presence and conduct an ambush. They also come in great numbers, so they are very troublesome.”

“Isn’t Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpion also called Poisonous Fiery Scorpion?” Rinloran was taken aback, “Isn’t that Crimson Dragon a fire type dragon? Why would it eat these?”

“It’s not a fire type dragon, it’s a poison type dragon.” The old shaman gave him the answer.

“It’s actually a Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon!” Rinloran was greatly shocked.

“What kind of dragon is a Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon?” Ayrin asked. He had never heard of such a dragon.

“Its blood is the most corrosive fluid. The dragon egg requires the mother’s fresh blood, which is also the most corrosive fluid, to melt the shell for it to be born. Its talents are all powerful corrosive arcane skills containing lethal poison. Apart from that, the bones of such dragons are crimson gold in color, harder than any metal produced by the best alchemists in Doraster. During the Era of the War with Dragons, it was said that the strongest arcane berserker from the Kingdom of Doa donned a full set of armor made from Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s bones. The shield and lance were also made from those bones.” Rinloran took a deep breath, “This is a rare type of dragon that cannot transform into humanoid form. It’s also said that their personalities were similar to poisonous snakes: sinister, ruthless. They could not even live peacefully with other dragons.”

“Then never mind.” Stingham immediately rejected.

“Don’t worry, brave warrior Stingham. Isn’t it already weakened to the level of Emperor Evil Eye?” Ayrin watched the old shaman and excitedly continued, “Why is the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline more suitable for Chris?”

“There are many benefits.” The old shaman spoke, “Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline can greatly strengthen Chris’s skeletal structure, allowing her to endure greater impact. Also, a Dragon bloodline is worth its name, the speed of improvement from training is better than Emperor Evil Eye in all aspects. Its unique bloodline allows her arcane energy to contain corrosive attribute, improving her arcane skill’s destructive power. Most importantly, Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon is also called Instant Cast Poisonous Dragon. Its unique bloodline allows the arcane particles to flow faster, the casting speed will naturally shorten.”

“Think about it, if her casting speed becomes astonishingly fast, there’s probably no arcane master who can evade her two consecutive strikes, right?” The old shaman was getting excited himself as he analyzed.

“Chris, I think the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline is certainly better than Emperor Evil Eye.” Ayrin turned and looked at Chris, “What do you think?”

“I also feel the same.” Chris nodded.

“Wait, are you sure you want to go slay a dragon?” Stingham watched their expressions and almost cried.

What was the concept of dragon slaying? It was a feat only achievable by arcane teams in legends.

“Then are you sure you want to slay that Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon?” The old shaman nodded in satisfaction.

Under the similar degree of risk, he was sure that if they could obtain the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline, Chris would grow to be even stronger.

“We also want Emperor Evil Eye!” Ayrin swung his fist and spoke with determination.

“What?” The old shaman became dotted eyed.

“Since we are fighting against them, then obviously we cannot leave a single one out. Chris can only integrate the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline...... but Emperor Evil Eye bloodline is also useful to Belo. Belo can also use its bloodline talent and integrate some of the Emperor Evil Eye power.” Ayrin spoke with certainty.

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